Kiddopotamus PoshPouch Premium Baby Carrier Cover Faux Seude & Fur, Graphite
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Product Description

When it's time to take baby out into the elements, you'll want Kiddopotamus and Co PoshPouch Premium Carrier Cover to keep her or him protected and warm. Regardless of the weather, your baby will stay warm and dry in this wind- and water-resistant cover. Designed for use with babies from birth up to 22 pounds, this luxuriously soft cover will keep your baby cozy and dry.

The PoshPouch Premium Carrier Cover offers:
  • Wind and rain resistant shell protects baby from the weather
  • Lined with soft faux fur for cozy warmth
  • Pops over infant car seats and strollers

The PoshPouch zips open for quick cooling and easy access to baby.
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Warmth and Protection For Infants
The PoshPouch features a wind and rain resistant outer shell that's completely lined with velvety soft faux-fur. For additional protection against cold and wind, the fleece-lined collar pops up to surround baby's face. Easy to use, the PoshPouch zips completely off for quick access to baby and for easy cooling if the temperature starts to rise. There's also elasticized edging that snugs around the carrier for quick and efficient on and off. As stylish as it is comfy, the cover has a distinctive look that reverses from faux suede to ivory sherpa fleece.

Fits on Strollers or Car Seats Without Excess Bulk
The PoshPouch pops over infant car seats and standard size strollers so baby can be relaxed and comfortable on any outing. It also eliminates the need for bulk between baby and the safety harness. For added convenience, a pocket stores small necessities such as pacifiers, tissues and wipes when you're on the go.

  • Wind and rain resistant outer shell is completely lined with luxurious faux-fur to keep baby warm and dry no matter how bad the conditions get
  • Fleece-lined collar pops up to protect baby's face from the cold and wind
  • The PoshPouch zips completely open for quick access to baby and for easy cooling, and the elasticized edging easily snugs around the carrier to slip on and off easily
  • A convenient pocket stores small necessities such pacifiers and tissues when you are on the go
  • Birth to 22 pounds

Customer Reviews:

  • Best Purchase yet!
    This is so easy to use, I can't believe that I didn't purchase it sooner. The product is machine washable, fits over most car seats and my child loves it. Now I don't have to layer my child before going out, I just put her in the car seat, zip and go....more info
  • Haven't used it yet
    Haven't used it with baby yet, but happy with it so far. Fits well over the top of the carrier (Graco SafeSeat) and doesn't interfere with the straps or function of the seat at all. ...more info
  • Great Buy
    Very useful in the cold weather. Covers the baby's head so no need to wear a hat. (Mine does not like to wear one) Clever design, great material. The baby seems very comfy inside. I'm buying 2 more for my new mom friends. ...more info
  • Does what it should
    We like this cover because it does not impede with the safety of the car seat we use. We haven't had to use the full bundle mode yet, but the product fits our Chicco seat just fine. ...more info
  • Does it's job
    This product works great for keeping my daughter warm and cozy. She was always nice and warm when I got her out. My biggest complaint was before she could hold her head up it would fall to the side and the fuzzy part would be in her face. While driving this was scary because I couldn't see her to make sure it wasn't smothering her. Good product but just keep it unzipped and out of the way when you're not watching your child. ...more info
  • Must-have for cold weather
    Keeps my baby very warm--no extra layers of clothing needed. My baby can actually get sweaty in it so I make sure to unzip him when we get indoors. Fits on my Chicco KeyFit 30 fine. The sunshade attachment doesn't really fit over the cover very well, but still workable....more info
  • Poah Pouch
    This is a terrific item. This is a repeat purchase of this item for another great-grandchild. Mother of first baby raved about this gift. ...more info
    this product DOES NOT float in water,my child and i are very disappointed. good thing i had twins! ...more info
  • LOVE IT!!
    I love this carrier cover! I was tired of always messing around with blankets when it got cold outside and decided to look up infant seat covers. This particular one fit my Graco infant carrier just fine. My son looked so cute in it! And most importantly it kept him warm. I just made sure to unzip it in the car though, he got kinda too warm. Whenever we were out and about, people would ask where I got it.
    I am very happy with the purchase. ...more info
  • Made winter a breeze!
    We live in Northern Michigan and didn't have to squeeze our new baby into a snow suit once the whole winter. On really cold days we'd put a blanket over the baby before zipping him up... a MUST HAVE in cold climates. ...more info
  • Perfect for keeping the little one warm
    I believe that this is an essential item for those that will have a child in an infant carrier during the colder months. You can keep them warm while not bundling them up in too many layers. I have used this brand as well as by NoJo and I loved both. This brand has more variety with color/fabrics but otherwise both do the job. ...more info
  • Worth Every Penny!
    Bought this for a winter trip to Germany. Easy to install and keeps my baby extremely warm. When temperatures warmed up, I was able to unzip the product and still utilize. Would definitely recommend this product if you would like to keep your baby warm without spending a fortune....more info
  • Does this fit a Graco Safeseat infant seat (rather than the snugride)?
    I think this product is awesome as I have given it as a baby gift before. Now I'm expecting and have already purchased a graco safeseat 1 for my infant carseat. It is a little bigger than other infant carseats, so I'm wondering, does anyone know if this product will fit my carseat??? PLEASE HELP!...more info
  • Great warmth and safety for our li'l guy
    We bought this before our son was born and found that once the winter hit, it was absolutely perfect for us. We live in NY where it gets pretty cold, and we found we never needed his snowsuit once. We also loved that we didn't have to place anything in the buckles of the car seat that might interfere with his security once buckled in. We have a Chicco Keyfit 30 and it fit just fine on the larger infant seat. My only complaint was that when it was raining/snowing, the rain/snow would get on his face even with the flaps upright (seriously though - how often were we outside with him in truly bad weather for a long period of time?).

    Great looking, great price, truly great and useful product....more info
  • PoshPouch vs BundleMe - BundleMe the Victor
    I received both the PoshPouch and BundleMe for my baby shower. For what it's supposed to be, I much prefer the BM over the PP and here are a few of the reasons:


    -The "collar" of the PP constantly falls inside the carrier. This is a design flaw. While it doesn't affect the performance of the PP, it's an annoyance. The collar, from the day I started using the PP, falls constantly. While it looks like, in the pictures, the collar will resemble a shirt collar, after use, it looks like an extraneous fabric flap with no real purpose...and that's what it is. It doesn't even look good. This isn't a problem on the BM.

    -When closed, my baby can only see up into the sky. She couldn't look to the left or right, nor straight ahead unless we unzipped the PP. With the BM, the baby can see in all directions.

    -The PP is simply a cover that fits around a car seat, whereas the BM is an actual pouch that you zip around the baby. So, in the winter the BM is much warmer than the PP. This could be a negative too.

    -The PP doesn't close all of the way. So in a downpour, your baby's face (and body) will be wet when closed completely. The BM has enough fabric that in a downpour, you can shield your baby by covering them.

    -The PP, because it's a 'cover' is only suitable for a car seat. Think of the PP as a shower cap, split in the middle with a zipper and a collar. Therefore, it can not fit most strollers. I have a Chicco Cortina Keyfit travel system. I can not use the PP on the stroller. However, I can use the BM on both the car seat and the stroller.


    -The PP is, in my opinion, meant for spring/fall (and probably only fall since it rains in the spring often) and the BM meant for only the winter. This is an advantage for most of the year over the BM and therefore a better value. However, with the BM I didn't have to layer my child excessively during the winter because it's very warm.

    -The PP is more "airy" - meaning air can circulate in the car seat much better than the BM.

    The PP is a good concept, but the aesthetically-pleasing-yet-non-functional "collar" really irked me. I found myself pulling it off of my daughters face too often. The BM has limited use (for the winter only), but it's all functional. ...more info