Bonica Snapper XP S5, 5.0MP 8x Zoom Digital Still Camera with Underwater Housing, Rated to 180'.
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Product Description

Bonica's Snapper-XP digital underwater camera is the latest entry into the growing marketplace for digital imaging. The innovative XP system * (stands for eXtra Protection) safeguards against moisture by having a completely water-tight silicone skin around the camera, much like a dry suit. While inside the Skin, itis an all-weather camera fit for any outdoor activities. The Skin protects the camera from rain, snow, sand and scratches. Put it inside the hard housing, it is ready for any submerged use. In case moisture gets inside the housing, the digital camera is fully protected. The huge 2.5" LCD makes viewing easy. With protection in and out of water, the Snapper-XP offers unmatched versatility in both worlds.

  • Snapper S5 All-Weather Camera with a Rain Coat
  • Snapper Skin of flexible Silicone Rubber
  • Skin Allows full control of the camera
  • Tempered optical glass lens port
  • Replacement Skins available in Many Stylish Colors