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  • get the Leatherman Juice CS4 instead (but the file is awesome on this)
    All the tools on the Squirt S4 (scissor version) and Squirt P4 (plier version) are the same except the S4 has a nice twizzer and an awful fingernail file (with ruler) whereas the P4 has a really really nice and useful 2-sided file and a very small awl. I wish Leatherman would replace the finfernail file on the S4 with the P4's 2-sided file. I also don't see much need for the tiny awl on the P4. Maybe the S4's twizzer would be better. Rather than buy the Squirt P4, buy Leatherman's Juice CS4 or similar. That should take care of most of your pocket and purse and glove compartment tool needs.

    The new Squirt S4 is a nicer design (of tool locations) but the Micra supposedly has a superior scissors and I tend to agree with that. The Micra is a little longer than the Squirt and the twizzer on it is a much worse design. The knife blades are the same. The finger nail file is the same on both except the Squirt has a ruler (on the opposite side of the file). The phillips screwdriver is the same on both and I do not like the design. Instead of the crossed points it has a flat tip phillips. The bottle opener on the Micra also has a small flat-tip screwdriver. I don't like this design either. I prefer the Squirt's design of bottle opener and medium flat-tip screwdriver. On the Micra the medium flat-tip screwdriver is a stand-alone tool and on the Squirt S4 the small screwdriver is stand-alone (which I prefer). The stainless-steel body of the Micra is far more appealing and durable than the aluminum handles of the Squirt S4 which are easily dinged. In the end, I prefer the look of the stainless steel Micra but the overall design and tool components of the Squirt S4.
    ...more info
  • best pocket multi-tool
    I bought one for my dad for fathers day with scissors and was incredibly jealous of the build quality compared to my Gerber clutch so i dumped the Gerber on to my little brother and bought one of these its so much better the pliers don't feel like they're going to brake the knife is decently sharp and the opening action is much smoother. I've owned it for over a year and it still looks good i admire it every time i take it out...more info
  • This little leatherman is GREAT!
    This tool has helped immensely in everyday life. From fishing screws, usb flash drive caps, even hair clips out of hard to reach places, minor household repairs or working with computer hardware, these pliers do a great job. I also work as an electrician, so these pliers have come in handy in many situations. Just the small size (can fit in the little coin pocket of your jeans) makes this tough leatherman a great buy for your money. Even though it is small, the quality of the tool is superb. I use it everyday and it has always worked fine. Just a fine piece of craftsmanship and ingenuity. ...more info
  • Gift item
    I purchased this as a gift specifically to replace one my father had lost. I'm not sure about how it compares to other less expensive brands, but this is the one he wanted. He likes it because he can carry it in his pocket and it is always handy when he needs it for quick responses to small problems. I would have liked it if the price was a bit lower but was willing to pay for it because of the specific request from dad. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I made the mistake of going through airport security with my Squirt P4. There was no real consequence except feeling foolish for not taking it from my key ring before boarding... and having to surrender it to the inspector. I soon replaced it with a competitor's brand of multitool, because the Squirt P4 was no longer carried by the retailer where I had bought my first one. It wasn't even close to the same quality though it was the similarly priced. Soon I was ordering a new Squirt P4 from Amazon and putting the other multitool in the drawer to gather dust....more info
  • Very Handy Little Tool
    Handy, well made tool. I expecially like the spring load pliers. The wire cuter works well. The only fault I have is the knife blade. Like so many of the utility pocket knives today, it's only sharpened at about a 10 degree angle on one side. The other side is flat. The good news is, that with a diamond stone, you can bevel the flat edge to give you a nice sharp edge. As the old saying goes; you're more apt to accidently cut yourself with a dull blade, than a sharp one....more info
  • Great little tool
    My kids got this for me for Christmas. I wasn't sure at first how much use it would see given its size but it has turned out to be a very handy little tool. From computer maintenance to small repairs, my full toolkit has been mostly collecting dust ever since the Squirt P4 was attached to my keychain.

    The P4's moment to shine was about 15km out on a bike ride when a pedal fell off. The threads were pretty stripped and I needed a pair of pliers in order to have any chance of getting it back on. My bike tool had everything except those unfortunately but I remembered the P4 and dug it out of my pack. It easily did the work of a full-sized set of pliers and saved me the hassle of pushing the bike home....more info
  • leatherman squirt
    Excellent. The best pocket knife I've ever owned, with the emphasis on pocket. It's rounded corners and small size make it comfortable to carry. And at the same time, it is a real tool. The screw drivers and pliers can really get things done. The blade is acceptable, and the file has been useful as well....more info
  • Great Product
    I have a couple types of Leatherman tools but they are larger and sometimes hard to carry when I am at work. But I was in need of pliers one day and my Leatherman was not with me. So I started to look for a small version I could carry in my pocket. I looked at other versions by different makers they were a little cheaper with one year warranties. So I went to a local store and looked at these models but no one locally had the leatherman. I came home and saw my favorite Leatherman multi-tool that I have had for over 25 years and how it has been there when I needed it. So when no one local had one I knew Amazon would find one and I was right. So I ordred it when it came I was impressed all I can say is now I always have a Leatherman tool with me....more info
  • Smaller then I was thinking.
    Seems very well made and clever. For what it cost I figured it would be somewhat larger....more info
  • Very handy tool, don't know what I did before.
    In my job I do a lot of stuff that requires a person to cut, squeeze, and screw random stuff. Nothing is worse then getting to job site and realizing that you forgot the wire cutters, or screw driver and having to double back to the tool locker to get a pair.

    This tool has been invaluable in taking care of those little jobs that sneak under the radar but need to be taken care of. All of that and being so easy to carry around make it one of my favorite little gadgets.

    The only con I have with these are that if they aren't maintained a little bit they get pretty gummed up and lose their spring back and it becomes a pain to get the screwdrivers and the awl out. That's the same with any multitool you'll buy though and can be fixed with a little oil and cleaning every so often....more info