Tripp Lite Mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable (6 feet)
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Product Description

Tripp Lites HDMI to Mini-HDMI cable allows you to connect Digital Cameras, Camcorders, and other digital devices to an HDTV with a mini-HDMI connector, or two devices utilizing Mini-HDMI. Cable is HDMI 1.3 compliant, which increases the current HDMI standard?s bandwidth from 165 MHz, or about 4.95 gigabits per second, to 340 MHz, or about 10.2 gigabits per second. This means you get a more consistent, clean audio and video signal from point A to point B. 24K gold-plated connectors ensure the ultimate in error free signal transfer.

  • 6 feet long
  • Gold-plated male 19-pin Mini-HDMI connector on the first end
  • Gold-plated male 19-pin HDMI connector on the second end
  • Double-shielded to prevent EM and RF interference
  • HDMI 1.3 compliant

Customer Reviews:

  • Does not work with Canon HF11 or cable is defective
    I bought the camera based on quality and purchased the cable based on price. Big oops. No luck getting this cable to work. I tried the cable with two different HDTVs and through a Denon Receiver. No signal at all. I did notice that this cable says it is HDMI 1.3 compliant. I just purchased the Sony cable which is HDMI 1.3a compliant. Skip this cable and buy the Monster or the Sony cable....more info
  • ends not strong enough
    the ends of the HDMI cable are not strong enough. The connection end sup causign lots of problems if it gets tweaked a little. Stick with Monster Cables...more info
  • Tripp Lite HDMI mini Cable
    The product didn't work with an LG LCD HDTV nor a Pioneer Plasma Elite, both of them less than 3 years old. I'm not sure whats wrong, but assuming I got a dud. [...]...more info
  • Met My Expectations
    I bought this for my Canon HG10 High Definition Camcorder and it works exactly as a Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable should. I picked this cable over other brands because it is reasonably priced....more info
  • Product does not work my with sony hdr-sr 11
    This product doesn't work with my Sony HDR-SR 11 camcorder. I returned my first cable since it didn't work properly(any movement of the cable would knock off the video feed immediately), the second one doesn't work at all. I didn't bother wasting anymore time exchanging it again. Would rate zero stars if it were an option....more info
  • Dervan Electronics are selling a Camcorder 6FT Mini-HDMI (Type C) to HDMI (Type A) Cable here at for $14.99.
    I can't understand how much these cables are being sold for.
    I bought a Camcorder 6FT Mini-HDMI (Type C) to HDMI (Type A) Specification 1.3a 30AWG Cable here on from Dervan Electronics and it works perfectly....more info
  • Works with Canon Vixia HG20
    Ordered with HG20 camcorder, this cable works very well with my samsung 4061 TV and my HG20 camcorder. No issues so far. I'm not sure why there are many -ve ratings, but sometimes if you don't plug the mini-side of the connector properly into the camcorder, it may not work....more info
  • Mini HDMI Cable
    Great product. Great service. Value price. Wish all purchase decisions went this well!...more info
  • great product and service
    i got the product i needed, in the condition i expected, at the time i needed it....more info
  • Mini Cable
    Purchased Sony AVCHD camera. It did not include this cable which I purchased at a reasonable price on Amazon. It plays picture from camera to HDTV. Outstanding picture!...more info
  • Did what it needed it to
    I bought this for my SD780, and I have no problem with it. I don't really see the need for a really expensive cable. I have no problems with it and it stays connected to my TV and waits for my camera to be connected. ...more info
  • HDMI for G1
    I bought this for my Lumix G1 and it worked perfectly. I was able to easily interface to my TV with the HDMI...more info
  • Great and better than spending 60.00 for the "Canon" brand!
    I have a Vixia21, HD Canon Camcorder. I had purchased the Canon hd cable and I lost it at a friends. So I spent 5 bucks on this on and you cannot tell the difference....more info
  • Defective Cable
    Like many others, I received a defective cable that would not maintain a connection without applying constant pressure....more info
  • Works great!
    This cable has proven to be fine so far. I've connected it from my Canon HG10 to my HDTV and the picture quality is great. I'm satisfied so far. ...more info
  • Didn't work
    I bought it, it came, it didn't work at all. I called for a return authorization and was told I would get shipping and the cost of the item back. They did not refund the shipping which was about as much as the item. I bought another one from AZ cables which had a more robust construction and worked perfectly. ...more info
  • It works and it's inexpensive
    I bought the cable for use with a canon SD780 camera. It securely attached to the camera and my HDTV. I found that the miniHDMI side was adequately narrow to fit into the plug on the tiny SD780. It works perfectly. I was a little concerned by some bad reviews, but figured I'd give this cable a try considering that it was 1/3 the price of other miniHDMI-HDMI cables I looked at. I'm glad I did.
    NOTE: HDMI is entirely digital. The 1's and 0's either transmit or they don't. You won't get a "better" picture by using more expensive cables. Here, because this cheap cable works, there is no reason to ever get a more expensive one....more info
  • Cable does not work with HDR SR10 SONY HD camera
    The first time I use it, there was video and audio.

    2 days later I plugged in my camera with this cable but no video and audio.

    I decided to buy Sony VMC15MHD 5ft Mini HDMI to HDMI Coverter Cable.

    The video and audio came back and I also notice my TV says HD1080 mode.

    Video and Audio was definitely better.

    I will update this review if my Sony cable decides to go bad....more info
  • Unable to get it to work
    I bought a HD camcorder, but when I try to plug it in using the cord I purchased from this vendor there is no signal. The monitor is HD ready, and the camcorder is HD. Yet I was unable to get the Monitor to recognize the external device.

    I have followed all the Visio 26" directions, as well as the Panasonic digital camera directions. No signal transmits....more info
  • Broken cable, do NOT buy!!!
    If there is 0 star, I'd pick that one, because the cable doesn't even work. Oh well, sometimes it does, the most time doesn't. $16 loss is not a big deal comparing to the hours I spent on troubleshooting. I didn't even try to return it, because it will take more effort than $16 worths. Put it simple, do NOT buy this product. Very low quality....more info