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JVC GR-DA30US MiniDV Camcorder with 30x Optical Zoom
List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $149.99

You Save: $50.00 (25%)


Product Description

Seeking a camcorder? Seek no more! This newly styled JVC camcorder is designed for those who are searching for a fun and slimline camcorder while maintaining a full feature package within. The GR-DA30US boasts a 680,000-Pixel CCD Super High Band Processor for 520 lines of horizontal resolution. The maximum user friendliness is achieved with Power-Linked Operation (always ready to record), Night Alive ( for low-light recording), High Resolution 2.5" Amorphous Silicon LCD Color Monitor, 700X Super Digital Zoom with Spline Interpolation, Digital Picture Stabilizer and Long Time Recording Capability. 16x9 Squeeze Mode PCM Digital Stereo Audio Iris Lock Wide Mode Manual focus, Exposure, and White Balance modes Black Fader Digital Wipes and Fades High Density Image Recording, Mini DV NTSC (SD specifications) BN-V408U 800 mAh Lithium-ion, High Capacity, rechargeable battery pack Built-in AC Power Adapter/battery charger i.Link Digital Input/Output (IEEE 1394 compliant DV in/out S-Video Output Shoulder strap, AC Adapter and AV output cables 1-year parts, 90 days labor warranty 1.15 LBS. (.52KG); 3.7 INCHES (94MM) x 2.7 INCHES (68.5MM) x 5.63 INCHES (143MM)

  • High picture quality with 680,000-pixel CCD super High band processor for 520 lines of horizontal resolution
  • View videos with a high resolution 2.5-inch amorphous silicon LCD color monitor
  • Features a digital picture stabilizer and long time recording capability
  • Always ready to record with the user-friendly Power-Linked Operation
  • Includes Night Alive for improved low-light recording

Customer Reviews:

  • You get what you pay for.
    The upside is that it is cheap. The downside is that its shape is awkward to hold, it is slow to adjust exposure and auto focus and is useless in even modest amounts of light (like an average lit indoor setting). If you're going to be outdoors you'll probably be okay but even then the exposure adjustments are that good and I get a lot of over exposure. I would not get this camcorder again therefore I wouldn't recommend you get it the first time. ...more info
  • Great Camera! Great Price!
    I've always been satisfied with JCV products and this is no exception. The sound and picture are excellent and the zoom is great! I know that digital is the way most people are going, but the tapes are inexpensive and easy to use and I like the idea of having everything on tape. The camera connects to the computer easily and the uploads are very simple. On top of everything else, the quality is high and the price is low. In fact, this is one of the most inexpensive video cameras on Amazon! Great buy!...more info
  • Almost . . . .
    This would be perfect - except that it is difficult to see the screen in bright daylight. Otherwise, a really great deal....more info
  • Camcorder
    I bought this camcorder bcuz I have relocated in Asia and wanted to be sure I could save some of the fabulous views here. I have enjoyed the ease of operation and the quality of the recordings. I'm very happy with my choice of this product....more info
  • extremely pleased
    My grandaughter saved all her babysitting money because
    she had wished for a camcorder for a long time. She
    found the fairest price shopping online at Amazon.
    She is extremely pleased with the product and I am happy
    to have been a help in getting her wish.
    Thanks again,
    ...more info
  • Well Worth the Price
    This is a good little camera for the price. The picture quality is a little lacking compared to some of the more higher priced cameras, but with that said it is worth the cost. I have had this unit for about 2 months and I am happy with the camera. Great cheap camera to take on hiking or camping trips where you might worry about damaging a more exspensive camera. Good camera also for someone who may want a camera around for just occasional and dosen't want to tie up a alot in something that get's used 3 times a year....more info
  • Great!!
    I've only had this product for a few days but so far I love it!! My wonderful wife bought it for me as an early Christmas gift and I'm so pleased! The tilt screen in the back is so cool and really helps create a small profile for this camera. Having the ability to shoot in 16:9 is a fun perk. I definitely recommend the JVC GR-DA30US to anyone who's looking for a small video camera with a ton of great features!

    ...more info
  • Pretty Cool Cam!!!
    I decided to get one and It is really to cool to work with. the sellers for me was the shooting modes and the sound being stereo 16 Bit As I am a musician . never had a problem with it....more info
  • great !!!!!!
    I love this video camera. I really can't say anything more than that. It is great. It has a ton of features. So easy to operate. So light weight and compact. I love this video camera. Oh! I already said that. So it on another website, but it was refurbished, so I came to Amazon and it was only 20 dollars more new, so I bought. Can't complain....more info