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Scorpia (Alex Rider Adventure)
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Fans of the Alex Rider Adventures will not be disappointed by the slam-bang action in this fifth book in the spy thriller series, although the ending may leave them feeling a bit dismayed. A parachute jump onto the roof of a super-secure pharmaceutical complex, a desperate escape from a water-filled cellar under the canals of Venice, elegant and witty encounters with mega-criminals bent on death -- it's all here, and Alex, still 14-years old, comes out ahead every time in spite of the heavy odds against him. "Go to Venice. Find Scorpia. And you will find your destiny," Alex was told by a dying man at the end of the previous book, Eagle Strike. And so we find him; in Venice, with his friend Tom, looking for clues to his father's identity and death. Was he an agent of M16, the secret world organization that has used Alex before? Or was he a tool of Scorpia, the powerful international criminal agency that specializes in sabotage, corruption, intelligence, and assassination? And which are the bad guys? Alex loses track as he is recruited by the beautiful and deadly Julia Rothman, one of the nine executives of Scorpia, to be trained at their Venetian island school for assassins and to take part in a plot to kill thousands of 12 and 13-year-olds in England. Caught between shifting allegiances and different versions of his father's life and death, Alex outwits and outfights everybody as the plot rockets along to a smash finish that will leave readers breathless and shocked. (Ages 10-14) --Patty Campbell

Alex Rider, teen spy, has always been told he is the spitting image of the father he never knew. But when Alex learns that his fatAlex Rider, teen spy, has always been told he is the spitting image of the father he never knew. But when Alex learns that his father may have been an assassin for the most lethal and powerful terrorist organization in the world, Scorpia, his world shatters. Now Scorpia wants Alex on their side, and Alex no longer has the strength to fight them. That is, until he learns of Scorpia's latest plot: an operation known only as "Invisible Sword" that will result in the death of thousands of people. Can Alex prevent the slaughter, or will Scorpia prove once and for all that the terror will not be stopped?

Customer Reviews:

  • A book that influenced my life
    In this novel a teen-aged boy named Alex Rider, a spy working for a confidential organization named M16. I have not read the rest of the books but it is still a novel that is easy to pick up. Continuing, He is shocked of the fact that is father may have been an assassin for Scorpia, the most powerful terrorist organization in the world. Eventually he joins Scorpia, where they are planning to launch an invisible sword that will kill thousands of people. This book has influenced my life because it has taught me to never give up, to have perseverance, and that nothing is impossible.
    -Sonic's Shadow...more info
  • Scorpia is King
    Nolan Anderson 2-27-06
    Scorpia, Anthony Horowitz, 0-399 24151-5 1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2
    Scorpia is King
    Scorpia will leave you on the edge of your seat. In this book, the last of Alex's adventures, Alex will learn everything about his mysterious dad that he knows nothing about, his mom that he also knows nothing about, and he will learn what his destiny is. In this book Alex will travel to Venice on vacation with his friend. The reason for Alex to travel to Venice is to find information about his parents and their death. In the previous book, Eagle Strike, before Alex's enemy, Yassan, dies beside him, he tells Alex to travel to Venice, find Scorpia, and he will find his destiny. Alex will find Scorpia, but will be caught in a exciting and dangerous life threatening mess that may end his career.
    This book is one of the top books I have read. It has every aspect of Action, disappointments, double crossings, lies that go back and fourth, and killing. Every chapter made me want to read the next to the point where I wasn't sleeping. The end of each chapter left me wanting more. This book would me for 11-15 year olds who like everything there is to an action book.
    ...more info
  • Scorpia
    This book Scorpia by Anthony Herwitz is a realistic fiction book. In the part that i read up to it tells you about the adventures of Alex Rider in his quest to find out what scorpia is and what thier plans are. in the book at this party in venice Alex is almost dwowned by a man working for Scorpia named Nile. By accident because they did not know who he was almost killed him. Alex meets with the person in charge Julie Rothman. after Rothman talks to Alex about his fathers death he wants to join Scorpia.
    My opinion of this book is very good as you can see how i gave it 4 stars. I would highly recomend this book if you are someone who is into action adventure stories. and likes the spy world. I would also suggest to anyone who hasent reading any other of Anthony Herwitz's books.
    ...more info
  • My favorite Alex Rider Adventure
    Having just read the six existing Alex Rider books in rapid succession, this one is by far my favorite. I really enjoyed learning more about Alex's parents and his father's career.

    Also, I was able to connect the most with the character of Alex through this particular book. The previous books do not closely examine Alex's emotions or psyche (which I find to be appropriate because his "lack" of emotion is likely a desireable trait for a spy). In this installment we see a growing internal conflict in our hero, making things all the more interesting.

    This book is by far the most exciting and interesting Alex Rider book!...more info
  • Action at its Best
    I just can't get enough of Anthony Horowitz! This guy is just so creative! This story kept me reading all the time. I even read in the car (I wasn't driving). This action packed book was awesome. It is the best in the Alex Rider series. It even has a surprise ending. You just have to read this....more info
  • Thrilling to the very end- Passion Writer 123
    Anthony Horowitz's, Scorpia is definite must read. Alex Rider has once again found himself in a dangerous mission with MI6. As he batttles both villans and emotions, Alex discovers the lies of his past and harsh reality of the truth. With a phenomenal conclusion, this novel keeps the reader on the edege of their seat! ...more info
  • Zac Loved the Book!
    Anthony Horowitz has made one of the most thrilling and action packed adventures in the Alex Rider series. In this great book Alex is back with MI6 to stop the organization that killed his father, Scorpia. Alex will uncover many dark secrets about his past as well as yet again save the world, or will he? This spy novel has greatly developed characters, action, adventure, and suspense. Readers who have read even one book in Alex Rider series are those who I encourage the most to read this. I also give caution to those who have not read any in the series because those who do could get lost easy.
    If I had to rate this book, I would give it a four out of five, five being the greatest. Readers will be interested from the moment they pick up this page turner until they set it down. This book is one of the greatest of the Alex Rider series.
    ...more info
  • great book
    this is by far the best book in the series. Alex goes to venice with his friend Tom. then sneas into the Ca' Vedova, the house of Julia Rothman. Mrs. Rothmans servant then tries to drown him and he escapes. Later, he joins scorpia. When he tries to kill Mrs. Jones he is captured by MI6 and then discovered the plan of Mrs. Rothman. Read the book to find out the end. Trust me you will want to....more info
  • Scorpia
    Oh my gosh! I loved this book. I have to say that Anthony Horowitz is the best author ever! I can't wait to read the rest of his books!...more info
  • Very good book
    I read this book last summer. I have read all of Horowitz's other books and this, by far, has the most surprizing ending! I highly recomend this book....more info
  • Another fantastic book in the Alex Rider series!
    I'm a grown-up. I'm supposed to read "grown-up" literature (which I do), but I cannot resist this Alex Rider series. The fifth book in the series, "SCORPIA," is the best--meaning most twisted thrill ride of them all (and that's saying a lot!).

    It's weird that this "young adult" series follows a formula of sorts: bad guys/gals of some kind threatening some part of the world in some way with Alex Rider, a 14-year-old kid who brings them all down and thwarts their evil plans. Oh, throw in wildly imaginative ways for Alex to be killed and how he escapes them all! Nope, none of this is spoilers because each novel follows the formula, so-to-speak. It's how writer/creator Anthony Horowitz manages to get Alex out of his incredible situations AND make them believable, so-to-speak.

    The plot elements are so wild, so imaginative, so incredible that none of this should work, but it does. Each new novel in the series is a new challenge: Can Horowitz pull it off again? "SCORPIA" is simply the most amazing in the series.

    What is SCORPIA? It is an acronym for "sabotage, corruption, intelligence, assassination." One of the eleven directors is Julia Rothman, a beautiful but deadly woman who recruits Alex into the organization. Yeah, yeah, he's been working for M16, Britain's intelligence organization, but now he's turning to the other side. SCORPIA has created an "invisible sword," which it plans to use to kill thousands of 12-13 year old British schoolboys unless the United States meets certain demands, which of course they won't. How will Alex be part of this? Can he?

    Suffice it to say, he will escape an underwater cellar in Venice, BASE-jump onto the roof of a pharmaceutical building and miraculously escape being blown to bits, well, you get the idea. Fantastic goings-on in this book. Incredible escapes. But there's the ending. Oh my, Horowitz cannot be serious.

    Alex Rider. Anthony Horowitz. What a team! What a great read! "Ark Angel" is next!

    ...more info
  • Best of the Series
    I've read all the Alex Rider series and this one is by far, the best. I read it a while ago so i dont remember everything but it does tie in everything about his parents and other spys to tell you the truth about everyone. There is also a lot of action and suspence. You should read the other books before it because if you read this one it might take a little out of the others but still, if you just want to read one then this is a great one. This is one of my favorite books and so are all of the Alex Rider Series.

    ...more info
  • Looking forward to more shopping
    I am a big fan of this series and an even bigger fan to quality online shopping. ...more info
  • My kids love these stories!
    My kids love the Alex Rider stories. It's kind of like a junior James Bond, kind of. Fun reads all....more info
  • Scorpia
    By: Anthony Horowitz
    Reviewed by: B. Phong
    Period: P. 2

    Have you ever read a book called Scorpia? As the fifth book of the Alex Rider Series, Alex is on another mission to save the world. Alex Rider is a normal teenager with extraordinary spy skills. In the previous book called Eagle Strike, Alex figures out his father was a tool for Scorpia. Now Alex takes a trip to Venice and takes advantage of it. With his friend Tom, they journey throughout Venice in search of a mysterious organization called Scorpia. Alex gets himself into lots of trouble but manages to survive. Scorpia a.k.a Sabotage, Corruption, Intelligence, and Assassination is willing to eliminate anything in its way. Now Scorpia is planning an evil plot to kill 12-13 year olds in England. It is up to Alex to stop the evil plot from occurring and to figure out about his father's identity.
    I like this book because it has a lot of edge of the seat action. There is a lot of description in this story and it has a lot mystery. I think Anthony Horowitz is a brilliant author who can write really well. What I like about this book is the story. The story is written very well and it keeps you anxious. I also like the gadgets Alex used and the enemies he fights.
    What I don't like about this book is the story could have been a little clearer. I don't think the author gave enough information about Alex's father. Plus I don't like the ending of the book because that isn't really a good way to end the book. There could have been much more action. I think Alex the character could have done more things than he did and involve in more action.
    My favorite part of the book was when Alex fought against the mysterious stranger. I thought Alex would win but it seems as if the stranger was prepared to fight too. My next favorite part was when Alex fought the tigers. It was amazing how a special collar controlled the tigers. These are my favorite parts of Scorpia.
    ...more info
  • The Book of Ages

    The book Scorpia by Anthony Howitiz is one of the best in his series. It is about the continuing story of England's youngest spy Alex Rider. After his last mission where Yessen told Alex to find Scorpia and he will learn about his father moments before his death. Alex is torn whether to find this Scorpia or to stay in England with M16. With an ending that will have you reading it over and over it is a book that you won't want to miss.

    I liked this book because Anthony put so much detail in the book. Alex was around the same age as me to So I felt I could relate. The book was filled with so much action that it was bulging out of the cover.
    ...more info
  • Scorpia
    Alex Rider is a teenage 14-year-old, M16 spy. He does not know anything about his Father. As Alex has been told, his father died in a plane crash. In Alex's last mission, Yassan Grovitch died. In his last words, he said to Alex "Go to Venice. Find Scorpia. And you will find your destiny."

    Alex lives in England with his housekeeper and friend, Jack. Alex is a shy and curious kid, and always seems to run into trouble. He is very smart and clever. He does not know anything about his father, John Rider. And is always looking for information about his father.

    Alex has a weakness; he can't bring himself to kill, which is unnatural for a spy. He is always caught between two things. All he wants to do is relax for a while

    I can definitely relate to Alex. I'm very curious. I cannot stay away from trouble. All I want to do is sit down and relax. And I'm always caught between stuff.

    I really liked the book because I feel like I know Alex. And it really could come true. You have to read it. ...more info