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Ark Angel: An Alex Rider Adventure (Alex Rider Adventure)
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"The sniper's bullet nearly killed him. But Alex Rider managed to survive . . . just in time for more trouble to come his way. When kidnappers attempt to snatch a fellow patient from the exclusive hospital where Alex is recovering, he knows he has to stop him. But the boy he saves is no ordinary patient: He is the son of Nikolai Drevin, one of the richest men in the world. The eccentric billionaire has been targeted by Force Three, a group of eco-terrorists who claim his project Ark Angel -- the first luxury hotel in outer space -- is a danger to the environment. Soon Alex discovers that Force Three will stop at nothing to destroy Ark Angel, even if it means sending four hundred tons of molten glass and steel hurtling down to Earth and killing millions . . . unless Alex can stop them."

Customer Reviews:

  • Another Great Alex Rider Book
    Not even a sniper's bullet can stop Alex rider. He is back and this time he is dealing with a terrorist group called Force Three. When Alex Saves billionaire Paul Drevin's life he is swept away to live a life of luxury. MI6, never letting Alex out of their sight, once agin gives Alex no choice but to spy on Paul's Dad. This billionaire gets his money by doing more than producing oil, and prooves too powerfull for Alex to handle alone. This book is great for age 11 and up. Its is another exciting boook added onto the Alex Rider Series and is sure to make the hairs on your neck stand on edge until you're finished. A must read for anyone who likes spy, action, and some mystery in a book. Great!!! 5 Stars *****...more info
  • Nothing Special... Especially For Anthony Horowitz
    I'm sorry to say this, but thus far, this is the worst book (with the exception of Storm Breaker) in the series. It is very predictable, and is also slow at times. Alex is still a good character, but everything else is nothing special. If you have read any of the other books in this series, you will know exactly what will happen....more info
  • Excellent
    Ark Angle kept my son's attention and it was very exciting. Alex always gets into tight squeezes but gets out somehow. I highly recommend Ark Angel....more info
  • Excellent
    Yeah, the kid whos review was titled "this book is terrible" is completley wrong. Probably the best rider book yet. For those wondering, Snakehead the 7th alex rider book is due out in november of 2007....more info
  • keep on reading
    My son (12 years old) is on his fifth book of this series. We started them in January 2009 (and it is now the end of March) and he can't wait to read them all. The one he is on now has held his attention and he has almost read it all in three days.
    The boy in the stories is 14 years old and my son relates to all the gagets he uses in the story. I highly recommend these books. ...more info
  • not the worst in the alex rider series,but certainly not the best
    alexrider is a great series but this book is not that good.It is a little too overambitious[a teenager in space WAY TOO OVER AMBITIOUS]...more info
  • Ark Angel Review
    Wonder what it's like to go on vacation with a friend and next thing you know you have to turn the vacation into a spy mission? Well, Alex Rider knows. In the book Ark Angel by Anthony Horwitz, Alex Rider is asked to go on vacation by a billionaire named Nikolei Driven. While on vacation Alex finds out that Mr. Driven is a major criminal. Then the CIA asks Alex to go up into outer space to move a bomb that is in Mr. Driven's space hotel so it does not explode sending chunks of debris towards Washington D.C. This book was very fun to read because there was never a dull moment where I said to myself that I wanted to put the book down. Right when something exciting ended something else exciting happens. Before reading this book you should read the book StormBreaker, then Point Blank, then Skeleton Key, then Eagle Strike, and then the book Scorpia to get a better understanding of the characters in the book. This book is best suited for a fourteen year old that likes action because they would be able to understand better how Alex is thinking since he is fourteen. So all you fourteen year old action lovers, this book is best for you....more info
  • Ark Angel!! A cliffhanger literally
    I really enjoyed this because because you never want to pt the book down. It is amazing at the age of 14 the boy nearly dies,he got shot and nearly burned, luckly he knew how to tightrope and remember a very good phisics lesson. He is fed up of wooking as a spy and they say its just a holiday. But is it. You regret it if you don't read it. But some advice is to read the other books first, and the how book started because of the unexpected ending in the last book. It's out of this world literally, espaically when he goes to space instead of a ape. He goes into the hands of the most dangerous crinimal in the world but he dosnt know it yet! Im not going to say any more because it will spoil the story.

    p.s ive read his books they are all really good.

    By LLoyd aged 12....more info
  • Not just for kids
    I bought this series for my children - ages 14 and 15. I started reading them too ! I grew up with Ray Bradbury, and while these are not in that category, they are fun and a great read. This series is just plain fun to read....more info
  • Best series ever, Robert
    If you ever read an Alex Rider book you will love this one. Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz is just plain amazing with the troubles that Alex Rider always gets into, it will keep you on your toes all the way through the book. When I read Ark Angel I could not put it down it draws you right into the action. It all starts out in the hospital from Alexs last wound. Then Alex meets Mr. Drevin which he is part of a project called Ark Angel. But after he meets him everything goes down hill from there. If you want to find out more you will have to read the book. Trust me you wont regret reading this book, it was the best book I ever read. I highly recommend this book because it is ful of action in every page. Also the whole story plot it just perfect for an Alex Rider book. I personally think of this book as a guy book just because it is packed ful of action. over all I thought the book was out standing with the amazing plot and action on every page you wont regret reading this book. ...more info
  • A great book for the action lovers.
    This is a great action book. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves having action in all most every chapter....more info
  • Alex Rider's Back!
    This book was very good but it lacked somewhat storywise compared to Horowitz's Scorpia, but the action more than makes up for it. Alex Rider is swept back into the world of spies when he saves the life of Paul Drevin, another boy recovering in the same hospital as Alex. Alex soon discovers Paul's father, Nikolei Vladmir Drevin, has plans other than luxury for his Ark Angel space hotel. I recommend this book to anybody who enjoys action adventure, especially those who have read the previous books in the series. I also recommend The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches as a fast-paced fantasy.

    ...more info
  • Is Alex Rider a heart throb for girl readers?
    Anthony Horowitz introduces eco-terrorism in "Ark Angel," sixth book in the series featuring 14-year-old Alex Rider, spy for M16 of England. Say again? Spy? Fourteen?

    To be sure, Alex is not a willing spy. No sir! At the end of Scorpia (Alex Rider Adventure), Alex is shot by an assassin's bullet and left for dead. No discerning reader for the first second thought Alex dead--there are two more books in the series--but what an ending!! Now Alex is madder than heck and not about to take any more! He never wanted to be a spy and certainly vows vociferously never again!

    Until. In the hospital where Alex is recovering, there is another teen in the room next to Alex. This teen is son of a billionaire, who is being targeted by eco-terrorists. You see, Nikolai Drevin is building Ark Angel, a hotel in space for the super rich. What better way to punish Drevin than by kidnapping his son and making him pay! Alex thwarts the plan and defeats three experienced killers--believe it or not.

    Plausibility is Horowitz's secret ingredient in the success of the Alex Rider series. He makes the most outrageous escapades and actions believable!

    In addition to wild action, Horowitz again introduces a nefarious villain, who is seemingly a crusader for good. What makes Alex so effective as a spy is simple. For various reasons, Alex can get into the inner sanctoriums of these villains, then use his special talents. Just as some people are talented in art, sports, science, writing, Alex is a great responder in emergency situations. His brain goes into overdrive.

    In "Ark Angel" Horowitz outdoes himself in the final episode. I won't write a spoiler here, but I will say that Horowitz makes the reader feel exactly what Alex experiences. It is quite unbelievably plausible.

    I love this series! It will end with the seventh book--Snakehead (Alex Rider Adventure). ...more info
  • This Book is terrible
    In this book Alex Rider meets a fairy princess and she grants him 3 wishes. For the first wish he wishes for a bigger wang For the second wish is for a purple vibrator For the last wish he wishes for a bigger anus.

    This book was terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Ryan's reveiw
    I thought this book was one of the best of all the series I liked this book because it is full of action and adventure.It was exciting when Alex used the medicine ball as a sling shot and knocked out the guy.

    Not even a sniper's bullet can stop Alex Rider. He is back and this time he is facing a terrorist group called Force Three. When Alex saves a billionaire's son, Paul Drevin, he is swept away to a life of luxury. Now MI6 is once again giving Alex no choice to spy on Paul's dad. Then he finds out that Ark Angel is going to be blown up and it is going to fall from space, right into Washington and destroy the whole capital. Will Alex be able to go into space and prove once again that he can stop this or will he die trying?

    I recomend this book to a 8-14 year old and anyone who likes an action,adventure and a little mystery. ...more info
  • Terrific
    Oh the places you will go, Alex Rider!

    Ark Angel is the latest chapter in the saga of Alex Rider. I do not want to give away too much in case you have not read the previous books but be warned, "spoilers" follow. If you have not read Alex Rider vols. 1-5 then hie yourself to a library and begin now.

    Book 5 ended abruptly and very "Ian-Fleming-ly" with Alex on the ground, hit by a sniper's bullet. Ark Angel picks up soon afterwards with Alex recuperating in the hospital. There he befriends another patient, the lonely son of the multi-millionaire, Nikolei Drevin. Drevin is the developer of the Ark Angel space hotel project.

    As usual, Alex is embroiled in the events that follow against his will. Only Alex, however, has the unique skills and talents to combat the evil plot and danger that unfolds.

    Horowitz is at the top of his game in this sequel, the action is nonstop. The book actually contains several mini lessons in physics which make some of the predicaments almost believable. They are always fun.

    While booktalking with some 5th graders, I mentioned that I had read this book and a young fan asked fearfully, "So, is Alex alright?" He cannot wait to get this book....more info
  • Awful book
    Really silly. As if a teenager would work for MI5. Melodramatic and the protagonist is uptight and selfish and thoroughly dislikeable. I would recommend War & Peace instead. Avoid sappy teenage drama!

    Dr. Phil Space, pHD, ASBO
    rednet era seotatop...more info