Altec Lansing VS4121 Powered Audio System (Black)
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Product Description

Turn it on, and it roars. The VS4121blk system gets a lot of its power from a long-throw subwoofer that pushes serious bass reproduction into the room. But the down-firing midrange drivers in each speaker are what really make the difference. "Downfiring" meaning they're angled downward toward the table or whatever surface the system is on. And they use that surface for exceptional sound dispersion. It's no wonder Altec Lansing is now issuing the VS4121 in a matte black, 70th Anniversary edition. Good looks. Incredible sound. Plug it into your PC or MP3 player, and you've got the whole package.

  • Impressive bass: feel shakes and quakes from the front-firing, long-throw subwoofer housed in a solid-wood cabinet
  • Crisp high end: specially engineered Micro drivers reproduce highs with thrilling clarity
  • Exceptional sound dispersion: down-firing midrange driver fills the room with rich, accurate sound
  • Revolutionary, low-profile design: looks great and fits virtually anywhere

Customer Reviews:

  • Big sound in an affordable system
    Overall, the system is great. I have it hooked up to my laptop and it really makes music and movies come alive. The subwoofer has plently of power for a set of computer speakers and the mid-range speakers really disperse the sound evenly (just like the product info said).

    The only con is a quiet hum from the subwoofer that is only noticeable when no sound is actually being played. Other than that minor complaint, these speakers are a great addition to your office and will help to make your computer's multimedia abilities....more info
  • sweet speakers
    These speakers are great computer speakers, but, i use them for my Ipod which is incredible. The bass in these are AMAZING. I definitely would recommend them. Especially for the price, I think these speakers are worth about $100. They are very crisp too. A good buy....more info
  • computer speakers
    Powerful sound,it helps to use the equilizer set up with the ipod software, the volume level exceeds what I need for my space 12"x15" bedroom. Great!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Great speakers for the $$$
    These speakers are great for the $$$. Great low end, Just effin' tits. Buy 'em, you need 'em or you wouldn't be reading this....more info
  • Pretty nice
    It installs easily and works well. It's not the top of the line as some audiophiles will say but for me it is more than adequate. I like the small size of the desktop speakers and like having the controls all on the right speaker. Easy to turn on and off and also adjust Treble and Bass. I would buy it again!...more info
  • "Great buy"
    I bought this audio system to replace a 8 year old Yamaha audio system.I use it to listen to music while working on my computer.It seems to be well made and looks good with my black 22" Viewsonic lcd monitor. The sound is much better than the yamaha and the price was reasonable. What more can you ask for. ...more info
  • Very dissappointed
    I bought these and was very disappointed with everything. There's a low hum from both the speakers and the sub. The sound is very hollow and overly heavy on the bass. I tried different configurations as well as several locations of the sub which only help very slightly. At low to mid volumes this package really is sub par and the bass drowns out most of the sound. Only if you crank it up will it come more to life, but even then the mid to high sound is very hollow. My girlfriend has a pair of cheap logitech speakers that sound much better.

    I'm returning this tomorrow, mainly because of the constant hum. At this price, there's better options out there. Don't buy....more info
  • I went back to my old speakers
    Well, I thought that I would try the vs4121. I love my Altec Lansing VS2121's but the volume control was getting scratchy so I thought these would replace them. I beleive that these would be great in a large room with medium to high volume but in a small office I found them difficult to adjust. At lower volume, the settings had to be changed all the time. Either very little Bass at low volume or too much at higher. Also, the mid range was not clear as it should be. I thought that since they were Altec Lansing, that they would use the same standards to produce these. Not so. I went back to my VS2121's
    ...more info
  • Recommended, but beware
    Pros: great speakers for the money, well balanced in my opinion.
    Cons: horrendous FM interference from local 107.9 radio station....more info
  • Boss Speakers
    These are extremely respectable speakers for their price. You shouldn't hesitate to buy them if you are looking for a good set of solid video game and movie speakers. I use them primarily for watching movies, and the stereo effect works very well. The first film I watched once I bought them was King Kong, and, as my roommate noted, "You can really feel the Kong."

    That brings me to the one downside of these speakers; the default bass setting is far, far too high. A minor inconvenience, as you can just turn the bass nob down.

    A solid, solid buy....more info
  • Great!
    These speakers are pretty good for the price. I prefer them over Bose any day....more info
  • The Lansing Vs4121 Audio System
    A skeptic at first, but now very impressed with this speaker system, it`s weight and design is exceptional, and the sound is unbelievable in a these pc speakers, you must hear to believe. I would highly recommend to anyone....more info
  • Disappointed
    I bought these speakers several years ago and they sound great, crisp highs, tight bass. I recently bought another set of the same model number, VS4121, and they sound completely different. In a side by side test the new ones have more bass but it is very muddy, the highs are not as crisp, and the treble needs to be turned up higher....more info
  • Great sound!
    My daughter recommended this product and it's a huge improvement over unadorned sound from my PC. What a difference stereo makes!...more info
  • Powerful sound, trustable brand
    I was amazed when I first heard the bass in this shakes the house. The best part about these speakers is that you have control over treble and bass, so you don't have to deal with the loud bangs when you don't want to. My previous speakers were also Altec Lansings, and they've lasted forever. So I completely trust these speakers as well....more info
  • Solid Bass Great Mids And Highs - Exceeds Expectations at This Price!
    First off, you should never buy speakers without hearing them, so go to the store and try these out, then come back here and buy them at a cheaper price.

    That said, his set of speakers gives you way more than you're paying for.

    In the package you get two midrange down-firing speakers that are isolated from surfaces with rubber feet, two tweeters and a subwoofer that could be considered "massive" by computer speaker standards.

    The range, definition and frequency response is incredible. Plus the bass output of the subwoofer beats anything else I've tried in their price range.

    The subwoofer was able to stand up to the most demanding ultra low frequency bass tests and kept on giving.

    The sound output of these speakers is adequate to fill a living room and their sound is surprisingly immersing for a set of 2.1 speakers. Sound is well balanced throughout....more info
  • I don't recommend
    I don't recommend these speakers. The two satellites are acceptable, but the sub-woofer is waaaay too 'bassey.' It is also noticeably muddier sounding than my Yamaha sub (same size) in my living room. Furthermore, the one's I received look distinctly more silver than black. The black (as pictured) would have matched my new LCD TV.
    I guess I've learned from this, that there are still a few specific items that are safer NOT to purchase online. Overall, not too bad for the price. I just wouldn't buy them again. ...more info
  • Beautiful in Design & Pretty Good Sound as Well!
    What first attracted me to the Altec Lansing VS4121 was the design.
    Beauty is defined by its understated elegance.
    The bass response has "oodles" of it, so those complaining that there isn't enough treble should investigate turning down the bass a bit, and turning up the treble -- that is what the knobs are for ;-)

    Guess you can tell -- I recommend it!...more info
  • Be careful
    I don't know what i excepted for 85.00.The wire from the remote speaker is built into it and came up a little short for me so i had to buy some extension to make it work where i wanted it.Also the Base is not protected magnectly so put it at least two feet away like the manual directs you to.All in all for what i payed it's not bad.One more thing,i received no quick connect card with the guide.
    ...more info
  • Give them a Chance
    The speakers are quite nice looking. The left and right speakers connect independently to the subwoofer, thus giving you more flexibility to put the speakers far away from each other. People have said that the highs are not crisp and that this set has too much bass. That is true, which is the reason for the 4 stars. However, if you place the bass knob to the 9 o'clock possition and the trebble to the 3 o'clock possition, the system performs quite well. Some adjusting to the computer's equilizer is required, but the result is good sound. Amazon had this set cheaper than anywhere else when I purchased them, so good going there Amazon....more info