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Mastercool MSC52224A Infrared Thermometer
List Price: $78.57

Our Price: $35.00

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Product Description

Infrared thermometer ranges from -58 to 932 degrees F, with large easy to read 1" LCD display, scan mode, maximum temperature display, and F/C button. The unit includes 2 AAA batteries, instruction manual and a plastic molded carrying case.

  • 2 to 1 ratio - increased distance to spot ratio
  • -58 to 932 degrees F, non- contact temperature readings
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Constant maximum temperature displayed - increased low end temp range
  • Compact design is simple to use and easy to store

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for the kitchen.
    This great tool solved some cooking problems for me by allowing me to check the temperature in my pans in different situations to ensure food is browned perfectly. Too often things got burned on my electric range. In frustration, I was ready to buy temperature controlled items such as an electric fry pan, griddle, etc. I don't have counter space for them and didn't want to, but didn't want to serve burned food either. This tool allows me to monitor temperatures instantly at any point in cooking so I know if the heat needs to be adjusted. For example, a 'high' setting may get me off to a quick start, but when does it become too much of a good thing? Now I can tell. Is my oven performing correctly? my fridge? No more burned stuff here (or improperly cooled items) and no need to buy appliances I don't have space for. It's very useful when grilling outside as well, and around the house. For example, does it make a difference at my thermostat if I close this vent or that, close this door or that? Now that I know, I've actually been able to lower my electric bill. I've found multiple uses for the tool. Its instant readout is as simple as pointing and pulling the trigger. The display is good sized and easy to read. The red laser dot tells you exactly what spot you're measuring, near or far, and it turns itself on and off. Can't beat that. This item paid for itself just as fast as it reads temps. Although it has a storage case, I don't need it since the tool never gets put away. It lives next to my range and is used regularly....more info
  • Works Well
    I've been doing a lot of insulating in my 110 year old house. In the sloped ceilings it is only 4" out to the cold weather. I used a bulk foam product last summer to fill these voids as there was no other way to insulate them. I'm using this device to locate cold spots in these ceilings now and it is working very well for that purpose. In the summer I may try looking for warm spots. Otherwise, it has many other uses, perhaps in the kitchen or out in the garage....more info
  • It's a great tool and a great toy
    This thermometer works great for household use such as checking temperatures of air vents, windows, ceilings, oven, grill, etc. I have especially found it useful for checking water temperature. Just point it at the water and you have the temperature. I use it at the pool, lake, ocean, hot tub, and any other body of water. It was also fun having this at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, checking the temperature of all the geologic hot spots....more info
  • technician
    Product works very well as described and is very handy,also fun to use.
    I've been checking temp. on things and areas not possible without this
    tool. Also Amazon shipping was very fast and packaged very well. Will do
    business again....more info
  • Great Product
    I would recommend this product if you are looking for one of these. It comes in a nice case, and works very well. I am using it to find hotspots in my house and learn about A/C balancing. I am very happy with the purchase....more info
  • Cool tool- still discovering uses
    I bought this for my home inspection business, but have also used it to find a dead cylinder on a buddy's truck (that exhaust port didn't heat up as fast), found missing insulation between studs without opening the wall, evaluated the Dachsund's temperature from across the room.

    Very easy to use- point the laser at the object and pull the trigger. It also includes a conventional rapid read thermometer for even more measurements.

    If what you do involves knowing temperatures, this is a great addition to your toolbox.
    ...more info
  • Works well-light weight
    This thermometer is well made, light weight and is accurate. It includes the laser which makes it easy to get the temp. of the specific item or area that you wish. ...more info
  • Convenient and Handy
    For the cost of this unit it seems to be a good buy. It comes in a nice case, has an easy setup, and so far seems to be accurate. I would give it a higher rating but I have only had it for about 2 weeks so we will have to see how it holds up. It has a nice range of temp, and you can see the laser well. If you don't have one it is very handy to have in your shop....more info
  • Cool, but a little disappointed.
    This IR thermometer is very useful and works like magic. I am disappointed that it does not measure the temperature of metal very well. I was not aware this was an issue with IR thermometers. I wanted to measure the temp on the copper pipes of my outdoor wood boiler system. It shows about 80 F and I know the real temp is in the 130 -140 range. It does give an accurate temp. on PEX pipes. I am still very pleased with the quality and performance of this item. I have found many other energy saving uses around the house. It works excellent for checking the floor temps and adjusting the heating zones for the hydronic heat system....more info
  • cool ir thermometer
    Received IR thermometer quickly, thanks. Works pretty good. Haven't compared to check accuracy, seems pretty good. My work requires energy audits of homes, businesses, helps checking TD with a/c units.Makes checking Temperature Differential between supply and return quick and easy. Plan to get one for my son who is a mechanic working on large trucks/equipment. ...more info
  • Trying To Return It
    The unit I received does not meet the specification and it is not very accurate compared to other infrared thermometers and a thermocouple....more info
  • accurate and fun
    The best points for me are (1) you can switch between F and C with a button beside the display; (2) auto-off; (3) takes standard batteries. Seems to be completely accurate and it measures very quickly. ...more info
  • good value easy to use
    This unit comes in a nice carrying case, is easy to use and priced right....more info
    Cant go wrong with this product.i use it to get my pizza stone to all the time.i really love it.shipment was super fast thank you...more info
  • Meets all standards.
    I bought this product last year. So far it has met all standards. I have three IR guns and this is by far the best with its narrow 12:1 ratio, 0.1 C & F resolution, wide temperature range, and backlit LCD. I've never found any problem with it or its accuracy....more info
  • works well for the price
    i bought this thermometer to find missed spots in blown in cellulose insulation. it takes some time to use effectively, but sure beats drilling extra holes. i also have used it to find leaky spots around rim joists, doors and windows with good results. overall an easy to use and worth the price....more info
  • Mastercool
    Really good product and easy to you. It came in handy during one of my groups investigations. A member stated she had gotten touched but unknown forces, and when the thermometer was use it showed that her one hand was above 80F, and the hand that had been touched was at 60F something, so a good tool to have when out on an investigation....more info
  • IR temp gun
    Very useful for me as I was troubleshooting an aging air conditioning system. I was able to easily read the register temperatures when needed. Case helps keep device safe and free extra thermometer is a nice plus. Would be nice if it would keep track of temperatures for later review. Perhaps this is available with higher-end models. No complaints....more info
  • Mastercool (MAS52224-A) Infrared Thermometer with Laser
    Product was shipped fast and worked perfectly. Seems to be very accurate. Would buy again....more info
  • How hot is that?
    I've been wanting one for years, but they've finally gotten cheap enough to buy just to geek around the house.

    I now know the warm and cold parts of my fridge. I know the best place to keep wine in my basement. I know which windows need to be replaced and my pancakes never burn. Yeah, it is kinda clunky and the display is a touch hard to read but come on, it works great....more info
  • A great tool to have
    After buying this you may find yourself trying to get a reading off of anything and everything. This was purchased to detect any leaking pipes in our home. It works exactly as advertised. As much as I wanted one that does imaging for thousands of $$$$ the price of this little guy is all you need.
    I went from looking for leaky pipes, to measuring the temperature of the registers in the house when the heater was blowing. They all had a temp of 80 degrees with the heater is on.
    A good tool to throw in the into the toolbox ....more info
    easy to use. works great. helped me determine how my cooling and heating system are doing....more info
  • Works Great
    This is a god send we just had a brick pizza oven built out on the patio and had no idea how we would know if we were close to the right temperture, then my son seen this and what a life saver we have done pizza's and also a pig roast where we had to keep the temp up to 650* and the food came out beautiful!!! IT must work great or we wouldn't be bragging about the pork or pizza's we made.The price is also a plus i would buy another if i had to....more info
  • Mastercool Mastercool MSC52224A Infrared
    This is an excellent thermometer. It has a much wider temperature range then the cheap models and it seems to pe very well made. I've used the gun at many differen temperatures and it's very accurate the only thing I noticed is that it measures a little over the actual temperature (+1 degree F but my other thermometers could be off as well so I could be wrong). Anyway this is a commercial gun and I like it a lot....more info
  • Good Supplier of need
    Excellant price and with the speed of delivery, I was extremely pleased. use this Supplier....more info
  • An Excellent Product
    Just got my Mastercool IR thermometer the other day. It's easy to use and works exactly as it's supposed to.

    There's no on/off switch, simply point the trigger and shoot and you'll get an instant read. The unit automatically shuts itself off after 15 seconds. The laser beam is very useful and let's you know the exact spot you're reading.

    the LCD screen is backlit, and allows you to view readings in C OR F. Battery life is approx 15hrs (uses 2AAA).

    I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Excellent value.
    This product has a very wide temperature range. It is very accurate and it's 12/1 ratio is outstanding in a product at this price. It seems to read very well at longer distances if the target is large. I use it for cooking! I am very pleased....more info
  • Spon-On
    I have performed thermal analysis in an engineering environment for over 30 years. This product provides an accurate picture of the thermal conditions associated with auto engines, home heating systems and the like. It was shipped immediately and has a great case for storage....more info
  • Simple, fun, well made, accurate
    I am doing some AC work as a homeowner and have been lusting after one of these tools, and when I saw the Amazon price and read the reviews it sold itself. Got it and within minutes was entertaining myself and kids by checking the temperature of various things using the laser. Appears to be accurate, as others have posted. Very simple to use, even the instructions are very brief as there isn't much to it. One thing I'd like to see is a way to turn backlight off if you don't need it for increased battery life, but its ok the way it is.

    This unit feels professional - and I'm pretty picky with tools. Great bargin! Fun showing my kids temperature of oven, clouds, bricks, interior walls, etc. As others have mentioned, good for cooking too. Note: instructions indicate this type of unit is not 100% accurate on shiny metal objects - common to all of this type....more info
  • Mastercool MSC52224A Infrared Thermometer.
    We purchased this infrared thermometer to check the curing temperature of ink in our silk screening business and for that purpose it works very well. We live in Montana and I have also used it to check the temperatures of floors, walls, ceilings, etc. in our homes to see where insulation is needed. At this price point, it can be an indispensable tool for mechanics, HVAC contractors, home builders or anyone else that needs to know surface temperatures.
    At this point, I have not checked it for accuracy, nor do I know a way to calibrate the unit, although it may be possible....more info