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When it comes to video games, the one that raised gaming up by several notches is the Playstation 2 or PS2 as its endearing fans call it. It remains a major player in the vidgame ring with new games being published for it each year. Its large repertory of games helps it enjoy continued popularity. The PlayStation-2 computer entertainment system is small, slim and network ready. And it has an enormous game library - over 1,400 games - to choose from! The redesigned PlayStation2 inherits the basic functions and design philosophy of earlier PS2 systems, but the internal design architecture has been completely overhauled to include the latest technologies. Renew your current PS2.
If you're just getting into videogames, the PS2 is a great place to start. You'll love it! Play DVD videos and audio CD discs on your PS2 DualShock analog controller with pressure sensitivity on every action button (up to 255 levels) and the enhanced mobility of the analog thumbsticks

  • DVD playback
  • Digital surround sound
  • 2 memory card slots
  • Equipped with an integrated Ethernet port & modem port, for online play
  • Ultra-slim 2.8 cm design, with half the weight of the original PS2 -- it's about the size & weight of a hardcover book, making it easy to carry & enjoy games and DVDs

Customer Reviews:

  • PS2 - great little system
    just picked a one up at the $99 mark. i used to own:

    sega genesis
    NEC turboduo
    and currently own a Wii

    for about $100 i picked up a machine that plays a combined library of over 1K games AND DVDs. with analog outs (digital optical audio included) and Internet access (albeit slow dial-up), this is quite a nice package with great multi-functionality.

    the controller is MUCH more physically comfortable than the Xbox controller.

    add into the mix that Sony still releases new games for this platform, i'd say pound for pound it's as good a system as the Wii for a non-HD monitor.

    there's more than one reason why Sony sold more of them currently in 2009 than the PS3 - overall it's the best gaming system Sony has in the USA.

    if you're thinking of getting one, research how many games you think you will play, and if it's a goodly number i HIGHLY recommend getting a PS2 over a PS3. as long as you have a standard definition TV/monitor, you should have years of fun for a GREAT price.

    and just for the record, i'm an old RTS man. i strictly got this for Nectaris - an rare Playstation title, but expanded to Goblin Commander and Soul Calibur II (loved it on the Xbox, and it's just as fun on the PS2). it will also be a backup DVD player....more info
  • Good Cheap Solid Product
    I'm not sure what to say. The PS2 has been around for awhile. It has an excellent library of CHEAP games and there are still some games coming out for it now. If you want a cheap video game system with awesome cheap games, the PS2 is the product to have.

    The console only comes with one wired controller....more info
  • PS2 OWNS XBOX 360
    At least for me. Most people probably think that I am crazy for saying this, but I had a N64 up until I got an XBOX 360. The 360 has a FEW nice games, I love Call of Duties and such, but it breaks too much! I love the PS2's 1400+ library of games, and the fact that its so quiet, dosent overheat, and is small is nice! I realized that im a Sony person now, and as far as the graphics go they are still good. I dont really care about graphics, its all about the playability of games and the PS2 just has so many to choose from. I play everything from Spongebob games to Star Wars and the fun never ends. I bought a 128 MB memory card and it works great, i'll never have to get another memory card. I recoment to all who have a budget, being that PS2 games are about half as much as the same thing on the XBOX 360, and the system is only 99.99 NEW! I also use it to watch all my DVD'S which it plays better than my actual DVD player....more info
  • Arguably the best gaming console ever made gets a well-deserved makeover.
    Let's face it: Size matters. Less clutter. Less bulk.

    I had the original, fat Playstation 2 before owning this one, so I know all about oversized consoles (*cough* XBox*). It's hard to believe that the same (if not better) technology is in this newly redesigned slim version of one of the most famous gaming consoles. On top of that, it comes with ethernet, and the disc tray is different than the original. Loading times seem to be a little better but nothing to celebrate.

    This version is worth buying even if you have a Playstation 2 already. Just sell your fat one (you can probably get around 45 for a fatty) and buy the slim one. It's very compact (the pictures don't do it justice, trust me) and it will encourage you to take your console everywhere (long trips, friends' houses, etc.). ...more info
  • The Console for the Ages...
    Purchased my first Playstation 2 in November of 2002 and it didn't dissapoint. Mine was the original 'fat' PS2 and it was a real workhorse; it survived a good couple of drops to the floor and travelled around with me quite a bit. After a little over 5 years of good use, it finally quit on me and stopped reading discs.

    Since I haven't owned the 'Slim' version I can't comment on it specifically, but I can only imagine that it is a far improved version. One of my main complaints about the original was the disc tray in that it was somewhat fragile and I can see how it could break easily. On the slim version there is no disc tray at all so I think that would be a huge imrpovement and might make this slimmer console last that much longer.

    Sony's Customer Service have also always been very helpful to me and really solidify the confidence I have in Sony.

    As much as I want a Playstation 3, it just makes a lot of sense to me to go out and buy this PS2 Slim. Considering the huge price difference, the lack of backwards compatibility on the PS3, that I never went online with my original PS2, that this console has been tested and true and that there are so many titles I never got to play my first time around (God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, Guitar Hero, etc...) I am all but sure that I am going to get a new PS2 and delay buying a 'next gen' Playstation at least another year or more. ...more info
  • PS2 Console
    Vs. the old big one PS2 model the new one looks like a miniature, the accesories are full compatible, the overall maybe better with another control, the memory card, and some games. The Item was received just on time and in excelent conditions....more info
  • Great entertainment
    My kids haven't quit playing DDR and other assorted games since they opened it on Christmas day. I was looking for something that would be fun for indoors but would get them off the couch over the winter. The PS2 we bought from this vendor has held up well to continuous play and I would definitely buy from this vendor again. Thanks much!...more info
  • Muy buena compra por su valor.
    Creo que si quieres comprar un juego de video con el cual pasar en tus ratos libres, esta puede ser una excelente opcion ya que por muy poco dinero puedes comprar este PS2 que tiene una gran cantidad de titulos para jugar y se siguen fabricando a la par de los de PS3....more info
  • playstation2 console black
    This product is excellent, it has great graphics and easy to use. Very good product at a reasonable price....more info
  • Great product!
    Love the new slim design of the playstation. I don't have to worry if I have room to put this. My son has a wii and xbox so I really needed something smaller. Works great and now my son gets to play all the latest guitar hero/rock band games that he wasn't able to before. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Great Game
    still a great system , even thought they are coming out with bigger all the time... great price...more info
  • PSP2 Console
    i bought PSP2 bran new and i think that was the correct choice because i did not spend to much money and i don't have any issues about it....more info
  • A hint to the clueless
    For all of you clueless adults out there: you must purchase a memory card or the kids can't save their games and have to start over from the very beginning, which can be tedious. My daughter played continuously for hours on end, sleepy-eyed even in the day or so following Christmas (before we purchased a memory card), simply because when she turned the game off, it would be lost forever. Save your children. Buy a memory card. ...more info
  • grat gift idea
    the game was at a good price, but the game needed memory so i had to go out after xmas and buy a memory chip so the games could be saved/played. i wish some one would have told me or offered this chip with the game so the gift would have been nicer to recieve on xmas....more info
  • Christmas gift
    bought this for my son. he wanted a wii but couldn't find one before Christmas. PS2 was his 2nd choice. system works great, no problems, arrived in perfect condition, and arrived in time for Christmas....more info
  • Most games for this system have linear play and fixed camera angles...
    I've played Xbox since it came out and 99% of 3rd person games on the Xbox have a roving camera, i.e., you can make a 360 degree sweep all around your characters.
    I had always seen PS2 games that I thought would be great but they never released on Xbox, so, now with the prices of those games being low along with the lower price of the system, I thought I'd give PS2 a try.
    So far, most of the games I've played on it have a fixed camera angle, which makes for an antiquated game play, akin to something you would have seen on and SNES. Even a lot of games on the Nintendo 64 had 360 degree cameras.
    God of War which is supposedly the best game on the PS2 has this problem. I'm not saying that all games are like this; shadow of colossus has a rotating camera, but sometimes limited, I'm just saying that this didn't seem to be a priority for game designers of PS2 games. That's the way it looks when 1 out of 10 games is that way. I don't know if this is just the fault of the designers, or that the system is just easier for them to design these types of games. I played dozen of games on the Xbox before coming across a linear single path type game which was Lord of the Rings the Two Towers.
    Maybe I was spoiled to a superior system, maybe I got lucky with the games selected for that system.
    The PS2 seems to be taking several steps backwards. Hopefully the PS3 will offer more when I get one, but that won't be till the prices drop considerably... hmmm, what systems should I get next?
    Ok, now that I've bashed it a little, let me say that it's ok, just now what I was expecting. You may not be bothered by this aspect of game play.
    I don't really like having to pry the disc out of the tray, but that's not such a big deal. I was worried before getting it that it wouldn't have sufficient memory for saving games, being accustomed to the hard drive on the Xbox, but with 2 memory card it looks like I'll be able to save as much as I want provided I save economically and delete unused stuff.
    It is small, so small that you want to be careful where you sit it, since you could accidentally yank it off a shelf with your controller.
    I haven't had it a real long time, but it seems to crank right up with no disc read errors, I hope it continues to work well.
    For the price, and the price of the games you can get for it, it's a decent enough system and a good value.
    ...more info
  • Sony's penultimate PS2?
    I bought one the earlier versions of the slimline back in January 2005 (when it was $100) and have been impressed ever since. The most striking feature is just how tiny it is -- literally the size of a hardback, the controller almost took up as much room in the box. Newer versions (like this one) are even lighter, so Sony has truly slimmed down the design down from the original. Gone is the disc tray, replaced with a simple flip up top. Final Fantasy XI fans in particular will dislike the absence of the expansion bay, required for the game's HDD. My one dislike with its redesign are the controller ports are on the bottom of the front side, so the receiver from my PlayStation 2 Cordless Action Controller always props its up, unless I scoot it to the edge of a shelf or put it up on a book. These are minor flaws though, considering the price and the huge library available. Besides the above mentioned Final Fantasy, a few dozen PS1 games are incompatible with the PS2; still leaving basically any PS1 or 2 game you can think of to play on it (assuming you can find it).

    This is still an amazing system, with great value, especially compared to the half grand or so you could spend on the PS3 and a game. It may pale in comparison to the technology on the current crop of next gen systems, but the fact that the PS2 has sold 120 million + consoles, and is backwards compatible to games from more than twelve years ago (when the Playstation was first released in the U.S. in September 1995), it can still hold its own with ease.
    ...more info
  • PS2 Review
    Great service during the 2007 holiday season! Product arrived on time and in great condition....more info
  • play station
    may family enjoys the games all christmas week. it was nice to see everyone enjoy the company not fighting. the seller was very quick on getting the item to us. thank you ...more info
  • (o_O) ||| << This skinny thing is a PS2 ??
    The first thing you'll notice and shock over is the size. I thought this is the PS2 ? Remembering the big bulky 1st gen PS2 and comparing it to the tiny address book sized thing. My Bible is bigger than the PS2. It's so small I'm sure a woman can fit this into her Clutch bag purse. I was kinda sad they dont give you a stand included but those things can easily be purchased. As for the previous reviewer who wrote about wireless controllers I went over to a walmart and found a Pelican wireless controller for $10 bucks. I bought it as a Christmas gift to myself. My boyfriend bought me the PS2 for Christmas. Call me Old Skool but I find no interest in the XBox360, PS3, or the Wii. Well, maybe the Wii if the prices went down to a range I can afford. But all I gotta say is I LOVE MY PS2 !! I recommend it and along with it buy EyeToy : Play 2, EyeToy Kinetic, and Taiko : Drum Master ...more info
  • PS2 Slim
    New in box. Shipped quickly and in perfect condition. My only complaint is that Sony doesn't include a memory card with the unit, so make sure you buy one of those as well....more info
  • the best
    I'll tell u what if you think spending over $300 for a games system is kool your a jackass.I have a playstation 2 and i'm in love with sega but like microsoft bought them out and screwed over it all.But i love my ps2 the games are cheap and its 2 for 1 its a system and a dvd play and screw blue ray them dvds are to much money.And the ps2 has a computer bulit into it but the ps3 is a waste of money and i am not going to spend my money on a $60 doller game so over all its cheap grate and if u like it u know its worth the money....more info
  • PS2, still my favorite system.
    My sister and I purchased this system to replace our rather outdated, Playstation 1. For christmas, my mom purchased the game, Dance Dance Revolution. However, it was only compatible with the PS2, not the PS1. So, my sister and I decided to invest in a PS2; we were very eager to play DDR. We first looked at some stores to see if they had any deals on the playstation 2 system. Then we compared those prices. Then we went online, to We found that amazon had the best price. So we purchased it from there. The system is great. I was delivered quickly. The system fun tions perfectly. I was well worth it. I am very happy that I purchased this product....more info
  • The greatest console of a generation
    Is the PS2 the greatest game system ever? Nope. That would be the Sega Saturn. Is it the most fun? Nah. That's the Dreamcast. The most powerful? The best designed? Negative. What the PS2 is, is the greatest console of it's generation. I bought a Gamecube for Smash Bros. and and Rogue Leader and have wondered for years where the rest of the good games are. I bought an Xbox for Knights of the Old Republic and Panzer Dragoon and find it the Saturn/Dreamcast of its generation, with few games, but superior versions of the ones on all three systems, in addition to some fantastic exclusives like Set Grind Radio and Advent Rising. On the whole though, the Xbox left me cold. The PS2 on the other hand just keeps giving. But first...the BAD.

    The Pinnacle of Modern Design? Ha!

    The PS2 is badly designed. The on/off switch is on the back. There's two controller ports instead of four. And the original design is REALLY ugly. The first games released, and even some of the later ones, feature some horrible aliasing problems (seems to be the SONY trademark, as even PS3 games suffer from this problem). If you get a game that's available for Xbox, Gamecube, and PS2, the PS2 version is never the best (unless you're in love with the controller or playing Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2).

    Ah, the PS2 controller. Many people were hoping it would be a big upgrade from the Dual Shock, but nope, it's almost exactly the same. The only difference is the alalog buttons (which is actually a bigger deal than it seams, as it can be a blessing and a curse {racing games where you think you're going full throttle but the analog button means you got to constantly crush the button to fully accelerate, and the awesome Ace Combat 4 where the degree you push the square button zooms the map [sweet!]}).

    There's a DVD player built into the system, but not all DVDs work with it, and using the controller for a remote is absolutely out of the question. The picture quality isn't all that either. All in all, I'd say you should use it for a DVD player only if it's the only piece of electronics you own besides a TV, as just about ANY other DVD player is superior in every way.

    Live in Your World: Play in Theirs

    But let's get the reason why you DO want one of these: the GAMES. The reason why I bought a Playstation 2 is the game Jack and Daxter, and that's a great example of Playstation 2 games in general. You see there are developers like Naughty Dog who applied the lessons learned from the Saturn and the Dreamcast (which did extremely well in Japan despite foolish American tendancies and fickleness). In other words, the developers learned to overcome the limitations of the hardware and push the system to it's absolute max, and to break new ground for every game type.

    The Jak and Daxter games are incredible, the first games to every feature a seamless world with no load times (eat that Grand Theft Auto!). Ace Combat 4 is the best console Air Combat Sim ever (the graphics actually rival the 360 sequel). Gradius V is one of the best side-scrolling shooters ever made. There's tons of compilations and 2D and 3D fighters from Street Fighter to Virtua Fighter.

    But to me the real gold of the system is the same area that made the original Playstation great: Japanese games. Like the original PSX, there's not a couple of good RPGs on this system, there's a TON. From Xenosaga to Final Fantasy, from Wild Arms to the Tales Series, there's just so MANY. And then there's the quirky games exclusive to the system like Sky Gunner and the Red Star, Sub Rebellion, and Eye Toy Kinetic (I had to mention my favorite exercise program!). And that's not even mentioning the PSX games.

    In the past few years backward compatibility has become a big deal, because there's so many games for old systems that no one wants to lose the ability to play. The 360 has downright BAD backward compatibility (which was getting better but Microsoft put the brakes on). The PS3 supported back to the PSX but SONY cut that and the PS2 backward compatibility is no good for certain fighting games ect, which have timing issues (for the record I've never played a PS3 except in a store). The Wii plays Gamecube games perfectly, but then again, it basically IS a Gamecube with motion-sensativity added. The PS2 got it about as right as it's going to get (sadly). While there have been numerous emulators that vastly improved the graphics of the PSX by simply smoothing the graphics, the PS2 gives the graphics exactly as they are. For what it's worth the emulation has no issues except a VERY few games that are incompatible. Bravo, SONY. I could wax poetic about how the PSX has a totally awesome library of games, but that's another review.

    As far as imports go, the PS2 is one of the most unfriendly systems ever made. If you want to play that spiffied-up version of Nights into Dreams, or Thunder Force VI, or perhaps the awesome Macross arcade game by Sega, you may want to buy a Japanese PS2. Bummer.

    Moving On Into the Future

    SONY wants you to move on to the next console generation, but makes it silly to do so by keeping the price of the PS3 high and continuing to support the PS2. There's still games coming out for the system now and then, and now that developers have mastered the system so well, they're fantastic (Odin Sphere anyone? How about the Red Star?).

    There is no debate here. Everyone should have a Playstation 2 who plays video games. If you've never bought a game system before, buy a Playstation 2. You won't regret it.

    ...more info
  • Playstation 2 Console-Black
    The Playstation 2 console is most likely the best selling video game console in the history of the industry. The reasons for this include the consoles amazing technical specs and its large library of games. This perticular version of the console, is the slim version. This means that its size has been shrunk and that now the games are loded through the top, instead of the sliding tray in the original model. I have to admit that the size of this console impressed me a great deal. It is amazing how such a powerful piece of hardware can be put into such a small console. As I previously mentioned, the game library for the Playstation 2 is gigantic. This mainly stems from the system's backwards compatability with the original Playstation, which means that all of the games for the original Playstation will play on the Playstation 2. The only downside to this item is that it only comes with one controller and no memory card. It would nice, if the video game industry would understand that if they are going to make memory cards so essiential to the gaming experience they might want to include them with the console. This minor gripe aside, this console is the best deal for both your money and your gaming experience and is only outdone by the classic consoles of the past from Nintindo and Sega....more info
  • Warning, Static Hazard
    Please Take Note of safe Static Practices with this slim series PS2.

    I have the previous model that is larger, and Absolutely Love It.
    I'm a GranTurismo Freak with every edition.
    This larger console can Take a Beating of tripped on cords, jerking machine out of cabinet crashing to floor, and it doesn't care.

    But the Slim-Line model, is a Joke. 2 in 6 months.
    I have gone through 2 of them from Static Shock twice in a row.
    The units die at the slightest touch of static.

    Some how a static line needs to be applied to prevent this.
    If you have carpet and lounger typical setting, touch something
    prior to attempting to shut unit off.

    I'll bet any amount, that this is the main killer of this unit by
    other users. Sony should easily replace these w/o question.
    It's a true shame darnit, I really like them otherwise.
    ...more info
  • better than 360
    i had this kind of ps2 for 7 years before i sold. even then it was in great condition. i got a xbox 360 for my b-day and it lasted 2 years and broke when the warrenty went out it costs $99 dollars to fix and im not gonna get it fixed im gonna get a new ps2 plus you can get tired easily with the 360...more info
  • Good fun for little price!
    Well, not very much to say, just that the slim ps2 works perfectly for hours, with no rest, despite what many people say about these consoles. For a reasonable price, you get lots of fun, so if you can't afford a ps3 yet, this console is a good option still!...more info
  • Unexpectedly poor quality from Sony
    We purchased this as a christmas gift for my son. It worked for a whole two weeks before the disk drive stopped spinning and refused to load any games. I'm not to impressed with sony customer service. While they do speak english and appear to be in america they ask you a whole bunch of questions only to inform you that they will email you and you must reply to the email and answer the exact same questions.

    Going on a month now still waiting for Sony to replace the unit. Judging by the other warnings on the bottom of the ratings we will probably not by any more PS2 games and upgrade to a better system.

    ...more info
  • One of the best gaming system EVER!!!!
    This is one of the best gaming systems, my top favorite is the "Wii". The Playstation 2 is perfect for 2 players or yourself. ...more info
  • the best game system ever.
    this game system is awesome! i have a brother and we both ruined the game system. my brother kept slamming the top and i was just doing it hard. after a few days, it finally didn't work any more. but one day at dinner, mommy told daddy that i wanted a nintendo ds. he said that the nintendo costs a lot of money and that we need to start to get the gamess for it. he said having another playstation 2 would be fine. so we are getting a playstation2 for christmas. and this time, we aren't going to ruin it....more info
  • PlayStation 2 Console
    The console was as promises and the delivery time was within the time frame....more info
  • Excelente consola de videojuego PS2
    Excelente video juego adquirido por ac¨¢ en amazon. muy bueno graficos y titulos, no pasan de moda los juegos de deportes(beisbol, basquet, futbol,etc) y los de accion tales como Black, redident Evil y el infaltable Need for Speed. No saltes en probar una PS2 ...more info
  • Games for Girls
    As a father of a 10 year old girl, I was very disappointed in the games available for the new PS3 that she would be interested in, but there are plenty of games for the PS2 that she finds fun....more info
  • Fun play
    The entire family enjoys playing all the various games offered by the PlayStation2 console format. While we do not spend a lot of time playing games we find that the level and ease of interacting with the games is fun and enjoyable. The popularity of the PlayStation 2 allows my children to exchange games with friends and have a nice passtime at hand....more info
  • PS2 Console
    I am very pleased with this product. I was incredibly suprised at how small and lightweight this system is, but it makes it very easy to bring in along for traveling. It's very simple and easy to hook up and play. I got what I paid for and I love it when that happens. I give the PS2 game console in black that I bought on Amazon two thumbs up! :0)...more info
    My grandson's old PS2 needed replacing so we bought him this new one for his birthday. At first I thought I had ordered the wrong item, the PS2
    I received from Amazon was the newer very slim style model and so compact!
    It works perfectly and he is back to enjoying his games..also he can easily take it with him going to a friend's or spending overnight because of it's portable size. ...more info
  • Had for 6 years..
    Ok so I got a PS2 when I was 7 years old and now I'm 13 and during the 6 years I've had it, there have been NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER. And I even go for MONTHS at a time without playing! The controller for PS2 is probably the best controller of any system and the games are big in variety. If you want Dance Dance Revolution- get a PS2. The graphics are..well..really bad but at least the PS2 lasts a long time....more info
  • this system last forever
    all i can say is that the ps2 is better than the xbox because it has better games and ive had the same system since the ps2s launch back whenever it was like 2000...more info
  • Worth it and very durable
    I'll admit that the Slim PS2 is worth having. I do not necessarily agree that it's worth upgrading from PHAT (unless your PHAT is busted), I can guarantee that the SlimStation 2 is worth having not only gameplay wise (same as PhatStation 2's of course) but it is definitely very durable and I've never had it over heat. Back when MGO was on the PS2 I'd stay up hours playing it and then put it on standby and go back it... As a matter of fact it's on standby right now. I've never had a problem with it. Not to mention the cheap games library at GameStop....more info