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Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Set
List Price: $89.99

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Product Description

A revolutionary advance in keyboard design, the Logitech Wave key design instinctively guides your hands into a natural position for enhanced comfort and productivity. The cushioned palm rest provides extra support and can help reduce fatigue, and one-touch hot keys provide easy access to many Windows Vista features, including Flip 3D, Zoom, Photo Gallery, and Gadgets. Programmable F-keys can instantly open your favorite applications, games, folders, and web pages. Featuring soft-rubber side grips, the cordless laser mouse delivers exceptional comfort and precision. Both keyboard and mouse provide ultra-long battery life, and convenient LED battery indicators alert you when batteries need changing.

Logitech is touting an advancement in comfort and usability design with its ergonomic, cross-platform Cordless Wave keyboard. There might be some marketing hyperbole to this claim, but after a week of typing with the Wave, I'm not sure that I could live without it. (This Cordless Desktop Wave also includes the ambidextrous LX8 scroller laser mouse.)

Like other ergonomic keyboards, the Wave includes an elevated palm rest, though not as extreme as the platforms of old. It's also covered in a lightly padded vinyl upholstery that feels soft yet firm under the wrist, as well as a Goldilocks amount of tackiness (i.e., not too slippery, not sticky, just right). The keys are also positioned in a gentle U-shaped arc that nearly escapes the eye, but is apparent once you set your wrists down and start typing.

Contoured, wave-shaped key design conforms naturally to your fingers.
But the biggest design innovation that the Wave introduces comes from its name--the keys undulate across the board in a wave-shaped contour that mimics the changing lengths in your own digits. The keys are at their highest on the outside at the A and Enter keys (which, if you're a touch typist, is where your little fingers are positioned), and the keys trough to their lowest point at D and K (where the longer middle finger resides) before rising slightly at the G and H keys. The keys have a maximum distance variation of 4mm, and the spacebar mimics the wave contour of the keyboard design.

As someone who writes for a living, my computer keyboard is one of the most important tools I have and one that I'm connected to for hours every day. I've gone through many models over the years to get just the right one, and I currently use the Matias Tactile Pro on my Mac as it provides some of the best keystroke feedback I've found (which is the polar opposite to the frustratingly squishy keyboards that came with my HP and Apple PCs).

While the rolling contour of the keyboard layout was barely perceptible, my fingertips took to the Wave easily. It felt like each key was indeed designed specifically to fit the finger that was mapped to tap it. And the keys combine a springy action with a final tap that's not too loud, but both tactile and audible enough for instant feedback. As my week of testing progressed and my fingers grew more accustomed to the Wave, I actually felt as if my typing was both more accurate than on the Tactile Pro as well as a touch faster.

From an ergonomic standpoint, the Wave's gradual curve isn't immediately noticeable, but after a few days I found my elbows weren't hunched next to my body as they were with the straight keyboard, freeing both wrists and shoulders from strain. That said, if you require more substantial ergonomics for your typing (such as the curve and height of the Microsoft Natural), you might be disappointed by the relative flatness of the Wave.

The Delete key has been elongated and the Insert/Help key moved above..
The Wave has a fairly standard extended keyboard design, with one change that I cheered but could easily be jeered by others. The Home/Delete/End/Page Up & Down keys is switched to a vertical orientation, and the bane of my typing life--the Insert key (also the Help key on the Mac), which I often hit mistakenly when hunting for the Delete key--has been moved up (moving into the Scroll Lock key position) and replaced by an elongated Delete key. Another handy feature is onscreen notification of when you hit the Caps Lock key (another one of my touch typing transgressions).

The keyboard is supplemented by a plethora of system-specific feature buttons--including Flip 3D, Gadgets and Media Center in Windows Vista (aka, Expose, Dashboard, and Front Row on the Mac)--as well as quick access to your selected audio program and full playback controls (including volume). All functions can be customized using the included Logitech Setpoint utility (or Control Center within the Mac's System Preferences).

The Desktop Wave package is completed with the inclusion of the symmetrically designed LX8 laser scroller mouse, which can be used by either righties or lefties. The comfortably curved sides are supplemented by a rubbery finish that's easily gripped. It's more compact than the Microsoft Intellimouse we've been using, though just a bit heftier. That said, it glided easily over our desk's surface and was very precise once we configured the tracking speed. Both mouse and keyboard connect to your PC via a wireless USB dongle that looks like a flash thumbdrive. Its small size makes it easy to pack along with the mouse for work while on the go, and it also comes with a dock for desktop use. Both mouse and keyboard are powered by two AA batteries.

When I began reviewing the Cordless Wave, I wasn't looking for a new keyboard. But thanks to its excellent typing action, unique comfort features--from the contoured design of the keys to the padded wrist rest--and the plethora of customizable functions right at the tip of the finger, it's time to part ways with my old keyboard. --Agen G.N. Schmitz


  • Innovative contoured design of the keys conform naturally to your finger lengths, excellent typing action
  • Padded vinyl wrist rest adds soft comfort and allows easy movement
  • Loads of function and multimedia buttons, all customizable using included software
  • Cross-platform, including compatibility with special features in Windows Vista
  • Laser mouse is symmetrically designed, for use by both righties and lefties
  • Shifting of some keys might annoy some, but delight others
  • Might seem flat to those who need more substantial ergnomics
  • Wave key design: Contoured, wave-shaped key design conforms naturally to your fingers.
  • Constant Curve design: A curved profile and uniform-size keys promote an ergonomically correct, more comfortable hand position. Start enjoying the benefits instantly, without having to re-learn typing on a different keyboard layout.
  • Cushioned, contoured palm rest: The soft surface encourages a relaxed position for long typing sessions.
  • Easy access to Windows Vista: Large, one-touch controls give you direct access to key Windows Vista features, including Flip 3D, Zoom, Photo Gallery, and Gadgets.
  • Longer battery life: Enjoy extended battery life--up to 15 months for the keyboard and 6 months for the mouse. Battery status lights on both the keyboard and mouse alert you when power is getting low.

Customer Reviews:

  • The Reviews Are Right!
    I read all the reviews before I bought this and they were all right. It is no coincidence that this is the most popular wireless keyboard setup. I really like the mouse. It feels solid....more info
  • Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Set
    Worked right out of the box. I installed it without uninstalling the PS2 connections for both my old wired keyboard and mouse. The Logitech cordless desktop wave set, keyboard and mouse, worked flawlessly even with the old wired keyboard and mouse still attached. The slight resistence of the keyboard keys is a good feel and ensure that the keyboard keys when pressed make solid contact. A great pair!...more info
  • Great Keyboard for Typing Snobs
    I am extremely picky when it comes to keyboards, and the slightest change can really throw off my typing game. I knew I wanted a cordless keyboard/mouse combo, but I agonized about the change. Finally, I settled on the logitech wave cordless, and have been very pleased! SUPER keyboard with very minor adjustment period. I worried that the extra buttons on the mouse would create a lot of mis-clicks, but they haven't. I'm very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Great Combo ! !
    The Logitech Wave Ergonomic Keyboard is very comfortable to use. All of the convenient shortcut "goodies" are really great. The mouse is also very comfortable. No matter what size your hand is, it fits the mouse just right. I'm glad I made this purchase. ...more info
  • sticky keyboard
    I bought this keyboard after reading raves about how comfortable it was and while it's true that the wrist position IS very comfortable (and the variable height feature is good), the keys themselves are pretty stiff which makes typing laborious, particularly if you touch type, and write a lot as I do. The keys at the edge of the keyboard like the "A"--which is your little (weakest) finger, if you touch type, is rather hard to press down. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it as just typing this review has made my fingers tired....more info
  • HUGE Keyboard But Nice.
    I needed this as I hooked up one of my old desktop computers to our 52 Inch High Definition Big Screen TV Monitors to watch Netflix & YouTube Video etc. This Computer also has a built in TV Tuner with built in DVR (with 250 Megs of memory) so I can even program it to tape my TV shows of cable in addition to my High Definition Cable company DVR. Then, I can burn a disc if wanted as well. I wanted to stay in my recliner and do what people in recliners "DO". NOTHING! So I read all the reviews here and elsewhere and took a shot. It was so easy to hook up it actually scared me. NO need to anything except put in the INCLUDED Long Life Batteries (SHOCK), plug in the USP device & go!

    The only part I had any trouble with was range. To get the mouse and keyboard to "find" the range extender device that is part of the system, I needed to put the USP Dongle into a FRONT USB port on my computer (no big deal), then run the extender device (about 5 feet long) along a wall to place it as close to my recliner as possible. JUST barely made it! It (the extender) sits another 6 feet away from my chair. Any further away and I lose communication between devices.

    For anyone else as lazy as ME, be advised....This HUGE keyboard is so wide it will not fit between the armrests of my large recliner! As a result, I just tip one side up. No big deal really but worth noting. The keys feel great and I LOVE both it AND the very heavy mouse that is smooth scrolling as silk. If this had better range for lazy guys like myself, I would give it 5 stars. But wishing for a more normal size keyboard as well as a very short range, I give it 3 stars. If used within it's capabilities, it is extremely handy and allows me to use an old obsolete Desktop Computer to boot. ...more info
  • Better than I had hoped
    After having coffee poured on my old keyboard, I went shopping for a new one and ended up with this. It's wonderful, and I would recommend it to anyone. It's designed with whistles and bells for Vista, and I'm running XP, but it's still great. I don't experience connectivity problems like I did with my old one!...more info
  • Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse (Cordless)
    Logitech makes great products. I have used this keyboard for 4+ months with no complaints. It has ergonomically designed keys that match the varying lengths and reach of your fingertips. It has a good "tactile" feel for the keys, and an excellent "built-in" wrist rest It also has a great assortment of macro keys which allow instant access to volume, CD/DVDs, digital camera, page zoom in-out, and page cascade.(I am not using the mouse that came in this combo only because I already had a good mouse. It too is a Logitech product.)

    This product, including shipping, was $32 less than Office Depot's best sale price, and less than half what Best buy was charging for it!!!!!

    If you're a serious typist, don't waste $10 - $20 on a keyboard. Get a good keyboard. Your fingers, wrists, and shoulders will thank you for many years after....more info
  • Great keyboard comfortable and works great with Vista
    I bought a new computer recently and the OEM keyboard and mouse where terrible. I tried several keyboards and the minute I began playing around with this set I was sold. I brought it home, and it was an easy set up after making a couple of adjustments for the mouse speed, and haven't had a problem with it of any kind. I tried the keyboard and mouse at 6 feet away at my other desk and it worked perfectly, so I'm not too sure what the problems are with range. Also there have been no connectivity issues at all. In fact the install was simple plug and play. I plugged the USB transceiver in while the computer was off and restarted the computer. I honestly did not need the drivers, but went ahead and used the CD, and it automatically updated the drivers for the keyboard and mouse.

    So over all my experience with this wireless set has been great and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a wireless desktop....more info
  • This keyboard gets better all the time
    I would surely give this keyboard a 5 star rating but I'm going to stop at 4 stars because I have to keep replacing them. This is the third Logitech keyboard I've had, the problem: tthheeyy bbeeggiinn ttyyppiinngg lliikkee tthhiiss and it is really annoying. Hmmm, "Made in China" I see.
    However, the cordless feature is very handy and this one is like having slippers on my hands when I type. The mouse is really zippy and fun.
    I hope it all lasts more then a year....more info
  • This keyboard didn't work with my Apple Macbook
    This keyboard didn't work with my Apple Macbook White. I didn't use the mouse. I could never get it to work properly.

    One of the issues I had was that it'd miss keystrokes. When I typed it regularly skipped letters. Sometimes it won't respond at all, for a few seconds.

    At other times, it'd produce phantom keystrokes. For example, pressing "r" once could produce something like "rrrrrr" in the editor.

    I tried plugging the wireless receiver directly into the laptop to avoid possible issues with USB hubs. It didn't help. Today it went to garbage.

    I admit it'd be a nice keyboard had it worked....more info
  • Finest keyboard, best build quality.
    Watch Video Here: This Logitech keyboard is of the best quality and very comfy to use. I'm really glad I made the purchase....more info
  • Love, love, LOVE this keyboard!
    I am a medical transcriptionist (which means I type a lot) and I love the layout of this keyboard. Very comfortable and rather quiet, even if you bang the keys hard. The mouse is a bit harder to get used to...a little all-over-the-place when you try to put the cursor between words. I needed to get a new keyboard quickly since my Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard's spacebar decided to become sticky and unusable. I did really like the MS Comfort keyboard, but this one has a better feel, and like I said, it's quieter. I would definitely recommend this keyboard. ...more info
  • Good Stuff
    Im very happy with my keyboard/mouse. It works very well and never misses a beat when im typing. My mouse is very good and never misses a beat either, maybe too sensitive even, which i dont think is a bad thng. I like the hand rest on the front of it. I had a gel one before and it got all beat up and nasty, this one is connected to the keyboard so it will never move on you and feels great....more info
  • Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Set
    This is a comfortable keyboard to use for extended typing. I'm a professional writer and need to keep my hands comfortable so that they don't interfere with the thought processes.

    This is a good product with only a couple of glitches: 1) The "K" key sticks and goes into a repeat mode. After a few days of continuous use, its better, but still "sticky."

    The left-hand scroll/zoom buttons are excruciatingly slow.

    Overall a good buy, though....more info
  • Recommended
    This items is certainly worth them money! If you are looking for an inexpensive keyboard that is easy to install and of reasonable quality, this is a good deal...more info
  • Great keyboard and mouse
    I am very happy with my keyboard and mouse. It is the best I have had....more info