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3PC Subwoofer Speaker System
List Price: $38.99

Our Price: $32.67

You Save: $6.32 (16%)


Product Description

3pc Subwoofer Speaker System

  • Manufacturer Part Number: CA-3402WB
  • 3pc Subwoofer Speaker System

Customer Reviews:

  • Review of 3pc Subwoofer system for computer
    I was amazed at the overall sound quility of such a little system at such a little price!...more info
  • speaker review
    Speakers work great for computer use. Haven't tried hooking up to a portable player of any sort but work great for the price. Was hoping for more bass at lower levels, but fixed that by adjusting computer settings for base. ...more info
  • like them but...
    We like the speakers and subwoofer, but one of the speaker wires is flaky and has to be in just the right position to work. ...more info
  • 3PC Subwoofer Speaker System
    3PC Subwoofer Speaker System is awesome. I'm very happy with this purchase. The sound is clear, with great bass and can be very loud. Well worth it!...more info
  • Better The JBL Speakers n Any Speakers Out There !!!!!
    Huge upgrade from stock desktop JBL speakers. The woofer is a bit weak when turned to max volume, but I was very very impressed with the quality and sound these put out. great value and woofer will annoy the neighbors. Woofer control on one of the desk speakers...more info
  • Love these speakers.
    I am very pleased with these speakers. All I had before we're the ones's that came with my PC. What a big difference. I can't play them enough....more info
  • Very hard to beat for the price
    I purchased 2 sets of these speakers. I have very eclectic taste in music, and the music sounds great whether it is hip hop, classical, jazz, classic rock, alternative, etc. I listen to both MP3's and CD's. I use both Winamp and Windows Media Player. With these speaks you can clearly tell the difference between a low bit rate and a high bit rate MP3. I have listen to a number of speakers, including 4 different brands I have owned through the years. These are better than the Cambridge Soundworks 2.1 system they replaced, and the Cambridge Soundworks system was pretty darn good. I gave serious consideration to a couple of Bose products, but I believe these are superior as well as far less costly. One important note: sound quality on PC speakers is highly correlated to the quality of your sound card; I won't use motherboard audio. Even the best sound system cannot compensate for an inferior sound card....more info