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Hanns.G HG281DPB 28" Widescreen LCD Monitor
List Price: $806.45

Our Price: $349.99

You Save: $456.46 (57%)


Product Description

PRODUCT FEATURES:28" widescreen active matrix TFT display (27.5 viewable area)Resolution 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA)Brightness 500cd/m?Response time 3ms with X-Celerate technologyViewing angle (H/V) 160?/160?D-sub 15-pin (VGA) analog inputHMDI with HDCP digital input

  • Device Type - LCD
  • Dimensions - 26.4" x 8.4" x 19.2"
  • Weight - 24 lbs
  • - Pixel Pitch: 0.309(H)mm x 0.309(V)mm

Customer Reviews:

  • Good all around monitor for a good price
    If you want a large monitor this is the sweet spot for value. The 24" isn't much less than this, but the 30" is much higher. Its a great monitor for watching movies because its able to produce a full 1080P picture. There are some odd thing, however. First, it only offers HDMI and analog VGA inputs. The adapter for DVI is provided. The speakers are not of high quality and if you are looking for acceptable sound while watching movies you'd better have your own external ones. The monitor displays nice pictures with good brightness and contrast and sharp text. One downside of this monitor is that it has a lot of backlight bleed. It is very noticeable in a dark with a black screen. On the other hand, under normal computer condition using windows its not as bad. Overall, this is not a bad product for its price. Cold Eyes...more info
  • Excellent balance between price and quality
    Just received my Hanns.G 28" monitor yesterday and very pleased with the purchase. It is hooked up to a Mac Mini and the picture is crystal clear. It will be used for some light computing (browsing, email, word processing), but mostly for media (movies, iTunes, Hulu, EyeTV). Kids are mesmerized (we are currently watching a movie on Hulu). Outstanding value! Couldn't be more pleased!...more info
  • This is it!
    I have macbook pro using this as an external monitor, running windows xp pro and fedora in vmware fusion. Graphic design 50%, and coding 50%.
    I got the latest model, HF289H from BB. I know this review is supposed to be on 281, but amazon does not have it yet and the excellence of 289 force me leave some comments here.

    [What I was looking for]
    I came from 22" Apple cinema display, looking for upgrading to Apple Cinema 30" for bigger size or 24" HP w2408(glossy) for more vivid colors. I'm a big fan of glossy monitors, but the reflection and color accuracy could be problems for big monitors.

    This monster delivers the best of both world! The color is so vivid and no worries about reflections because it's matte. This monitor, in fact, put every expensive monitors out there in shame. In reality comparison, it won my vote hands down. I paid $530(vs $1900 of 30" Apple) compromising 2.5". I also had to give up the sleek look of apple cinema display, but it still looks better than most of other PC monitors out there. Watching DVD is pure joy with X-Contrast on, and the color quality is near perfect for graphic work(X-Contrast off, after calibration). Yes, size does matter. After getting used to this monitor, it's almost impossible to go by 24", not to mention 22". It also has plenty of connections, 2 HDMI inputs(289), 1 VGA, 1 component, and more. I'm so impressed.

    You may want to calibrate this monitor though. I did it with Mac OS X, and then adjusted brightness(65), contrast(100), R(70), G(70), B(70). It's perfect to my eyes now, but you may want different values. I got the RGB tip from one of the reviewers here(Thanks, Linux). I strongly recommend you to spend some time with calibration. It makes huge difference.

    [Now the cons]
    This monitor does not go to sleep, and you have to turn it off instead. It's not a problem for me, but it could be for some people.
    Reliability. Don't know much about about Hannspree(former Hanns.G). But the monitor comes with 3 years warranty.

    Best value by far. If you still on the fence because other monitors have better specs on paper, do yourself a favor and take a serious look at it at the nearest BB. Do the real world comparison. You won't regret a bit....more info
  • Smelled Like Burning Electrical Plastic
    I was really excited to receive this item. It was an amazing deal for only $359 and free shipping. Arrived in two days. I had it connected for no more than 1 hour before the room started to smell like electrical fire or burning plastic. I thought maybe because it was new it would do that and then go away but it started to make me nauseous. I'm returning it.

    I would like to add that it looked great and was easy to install. I'm very disappointed that this didn't work out for me.

    I also realized that 28" is just a little too big for the work I do so I'm looking into a 25" HD monitor instead....more info
  • Better than it should be
    I was looking for a large display for my computer. Most displays in the 30" range sell for $1,000 to $2,000 and require a Dual-Link video card. I purchased this two years ago for $600 minus a $100 rebate (total $500 + shipping). It doesn't need a Dual-Link hookup just DVI or HDMI will work fine. I felt it was money well spent. I recently purchased a second one for $359 + shipping. I highly, Highly, HIGHLY, recommend this display. It is so bright you'll need to tone it down a bit. I use a Mac so I downloaded a small Preference called "Shades". It puts a dimmer switch on your desktop. It works well. TRY IT!!!!
    I also have an Elgato 250 Plus, which enabled me to turn this into a (small) large screen TV. I can now watch TV and surf the web at the same time. I recommend large displays and this Hanns-G....more info
  • Great Monitor, Huge for some desks
    Pros: Great color, contrast, reaction time, and Horizontal viewing angle.

    Cons: Vertical viewing angle (about 10 degrees before color starts to shift), inaccurate listed dimensions.

    Notes: Carefully consider the dimensions of this monster before buying it, and it is bigger than the listed dimensions. I measure 19.7" high minimum, and that's if it is tilted all the way down, to tilt it up you'll need closer to 21" clearance. It nearly didn't fit on my desk (it has a hutch above the monitor).

    ...more info
  • One of my Best Buys yet...
    so many good reviews on this made me decide to buy one.
    I got it without a scrathc on the box.
    When installed, it was easy.
    The swivel base is wonderful (don't know how many degrees but enough to be a good feature.)
    It is BRIGHT!!!! I had to tone it down to 60% brightness and still blinds my eyes.
    The contrast is good too. The response time is a bit slow, but if you are not switching from different inputs, it's not a big issue.
    I have 2 sources feeding into this one, I wish it had a remote with it to work sound control.
    It is big and beautiful. Just gorgeous.
    No dead pixels. Just wonderful.
    At $350 (same price as Costco but they have to charge you tax), if you don't buy this, and you buy any other brand (Samsung, Dell, HP, whatever), you are making a wrong choice.
    Buy this one if you are upgrading from 19 or 17 monitor and wants a bigger one. Maybe you are considering 22" or 24"... don't!
    Just grab this one. Only a few bucks more than the 22" and much cheaper than a 30" or even some 24" monitors-- for example Apple's $899 monitor?!
    Hanns G didn't pay me. Just buy this one and you will join the group of happy clams who did.
    Solid 5 star without reservation....more info
  • Died in less than three months
    I'll keep this review brief. While it worked, this was a great monitor. Really nice picture, fast refresh, no ghosting -- exactly what you'd want in a big screen LCD. Then, after about three months, the whole screen started turning white. Switch off monitor and then switch back on. It worked fine for about twenty minutes, then screen turned all white. Now it does it within five minutes of being switched on. Guaranteed, every time.

    Talked to Hanns.G. Need to ship it back, on my dime. So, if I want them to take a look at it, I have to pay $50 (must insure it apparently) to ship it to them. With no guarantee that they'll even fix it.

    Other people have complained about the screen turning white issue. It seems that it might be a not uncommon problem. My monitor was manufactured in August 2007, even though I bought it in August 2008. Maybe it was a bad batch.

    Anyway, I bought a 30inch Samsung monitor instead. And I absolutely love it....more info
  • Best compromise of screen size, features, and cost
    Hanns.G HG281DPB 28" Widescreen LCD Monitor
    The Pros:
    The best part about the monitor is the sheer massive size of the screen. I often have OpenOffice Write, Mozilla FireFox, a DVD player, and several IM applications displayed side by side with plenty of room left over. The sturdy stand gives the panel a good range of tilt and swivel motions to adjust the viewing angle. I'm using it with an older, unremarkable HP Pentium IV laptop with 256MB of RAM that is also shared for video memory and it works fine.

    The Cons:
    I plugged my MuVo MP3 player into the audio jack and found the speakers sound surprisingly tinny and weak, even at the highest volume. They play simple Windows application sounds well enough but any plans to use them as everyday speakers for music and movies will be a disappointment. The other downside is the viewing angle. You have to sit almost directly in front of the monitor because it darkens when viewed from too far aside. The ability to tilt and reposition the panel lets any one person easily compensate for the viewing angle limitations, but it wouldn't work for a roomful of people watching a DVD movie on it.

    The bottom line:
    The amount of screen real estate you get for the money is a terrific value that more than makes up for the weak speakers and somewhat limited viewing angle. If you want the very best, shop elsewhere, but if you want the best value for your money, buy this LCD monitor. ...more info
  • Pretty good, with a few caveats
    Excellent image once you adjust the settings.. as shipped, it's far too bright.

    Amazon version differs from the best buy version in that it does not have an adjustable height, and also the best buy version has a newer bios and chipset (according to the tech at Hanns-G).

    If you are coming from a crt, be prepared for adjusting to a lcd.. images are much sharper, and the entire screen is MUCH mor evibrant.. and it seems far too vibrant. There is also a color difference between lcds and crts, but both those issues will occur when going from any crt to any lcd.

    All cables included (great!), and both resolution and gaming response time outstanding.

    Setting viewing angle also takes adjustment.. on some web pages I couldn;t even see the logo at the top AT ALL because I had the height and angle adjusted poorly. (Again, having the height adjustment on the amazon version would have been nice.)

    There IS a $90 price difference though between amazon and best buy, so you have to decide which is better, the upgraded software and stand, or the price.

    (I see no visible difference between the amazon version and the best buy version, however.. I had both here at the same time to compare.)...more info
  • great for the price if you have the space
    I just received my monitor yesterday. The box is pretty bright and I was not happy that UPS just left it on my front porch. The packaging is very sturdy and the box showed no sign of damage. Connected it to my Dell laptop and I was amazed. I am no novice to large monitors. I have dual Dell 24" at work. Tha Hanns g out of the box is set to 100% for brightness and contrast. I can only assume they do it for testing purposes?

    I checked for dead pixels and not a one. the controls are on the back right side and take a little getting used to. Several times I turned the monitor off while adjusting it. I went to a web site

    and could not get the black set quite right. Overall I am very happy with the monitor. I am not planning on using the built in speakers so can't comment on them.

    One other plus the monitor is made in Taiwan not China like most things nowadays!...more info
  • Wonderful!
    Pros: High quality LCD screen for the price!
    Cons: Ama zon

    HannsĄ€G HG-281DPB

    Get this from n e w e g g. com --> $349.99 + free shipping!...more info