Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag
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Product Description

The Classic Messenger is a hip, all purpose carry-all that is the stylish alternative to the mass market disposable two-strap daypack.

  • Rugged Ballistic nylon exterior
  • PVC-Free waterproof liner
  • Quick Adjust side cam shoulder strap
  • Internal Organizer pockets and key ring tether
  • Heavy Duty Stitching

Customer Reviews:

  • Great bag!!!!! ( two flaws)
    PLUS: Okay to start off this bag is AMAZING!!!!! it has an ample amount of space ( X-large is big enough to fit a desktop PC!!) very durable and surprisingly lite :) also has a few compartments that i didn't notice in the picture quite helpful!! the inside is lined with a water proof lining I tested it i accidently pored my cup of water in the bag and no water got out 0.0 I have even heard stories of people droping thier timbuck 2 bag in the ocean with their laptop inside and no water got in!!!! so yeah definately waterproff the outside is quite rugged and hard to cut, burn, etc.

    Minus: the bag has no shape holding it up so it tends to kind of fit the shape of whatever is in there so be cautious of how you arrange things inside, also NO WATER BOTTLE HOLDER this was a shock to me. for a bag that has so much going for it why did they NOT put a water cup holder in it?!?! to me this is big because i have a favorite water cup i like to use so a big issue for me, but other than that noting else to say

    OVERALL: all in all this is a great bag in any size I attend college and it holds all of my big books (6 in total al atleast 1-2 inches thick) and still has room for my coat and whatever else. Also very durable and kind of trendy ;) but beware you will have to buy a water cup holder for the bag because it DOES NOT HAVE ONE. but I definately rate this a 4 out of 5 ...more info
  • Great birder's bag!
    A great bag for birders:
    1. It's very comfortable and rugged and holds just what I need without becoming a brush-navigation hindrance.
    2. The strap is very wide, which I was put off by at first glance, but the result is a very comfortable carry when the bag is full. Unlike other bags I tried on, the strap on this bag is plenty long (although, I'm 5'2", so what does that mean?).
    3. I can carry a midsize camera, field guides, small notebook, snacks, and water in the main compartment. The internal pockets hold a LOT of little stuff (ipod, pens, jots, bug juice, memory sticks, first-aid junk) without cluttering the bottom of the bag. All this gear is right at my fingertips...no more flushing birds while shucking a backpack in the brush.
    4. It doesn't have TIMBUKTU plastered across the front. The attractive logo is visible, but it doesn't turn me into a human billboard.
    5. I bought it for birding, but it quickly replaced the pack I (as a good Pacific Northwesterner) have long used as an everyday bag.

    It loses a star because I hate velcro and this bag comes with two enormous strips of that noisy %#@!. My usual trick of covering the scritchy side with felt fixed that problem. The bag is well balanced when loaded (doesn't tip and spill), so eliminating the velcro hasn't reduced it's performance.

    This model would NOT be an adequate size for use as a book bag. Try the next size up or stick with a pack to save your back.
    ...more info
  • Perfect bag for the biker turned commuter
    I used to bike to work and this bag was great for that. It held my change of clothes (I biked hard), my work laptop, and other various things. It also held up perfectly in the rain.

    Now I commute to work and the bag is great for that too. I keep my gym clothes and shoes in there and all my other normal work stuff. It's kinda like a man purse......more info
  • Great commuter bag
    Very sturdy bag. Not too big or too small. Perfect for the daily commute on the subway....more info
  • bike bag
    Bag is quality...you can tell it's made well and with quality material. I only regret that I didn't go with a smaller size for my needs...more info
  • Timbuk2 Bag
    This is a great bag. Lots of room. The small is bigger than I thought it would be. I also bought a medium sized Timbuk2 bag and it would be great for traveling. I like the bag so much I bought a few for friends and family. Nicely made with lots of compartments for cell phones and PDA's....more info
  • Messernger bag
    My son is very particular about his possessions and this bag was one he requested for Christmas and he really loves it. He researchs important possessions he purchases and he undoubtly did the same in this case. Service was prompt ant this had the look and feel of a quality product....more info
  • Excellent design
    Every feature of this bag is practical and efficient. While some bags and full of pockets and key rings and flaps that serve only to confuse, tangle and annoy, the Timbuk2 Messenger Bag was clearly designed by someone who actually USES this bag.

    The front flap is big enough to safely cover the contents, yet flexible enough to quickly retrieve something. The key ring is on a red cord, making it easy to find, and the cord is attached to the opening of the large zip pocket so you can keep it in or out of the pocket but always find and access your keys even when the bag is full. Pockets within pockets make for sensible organization, and there's a great cell phone pocket and ID or security card pocket. The side of the bag with the pockets is the one that's AWAY from your body as you wear the bag, which at first seems strange. You then realize it is far easier to get in the pockets when you can see them!
    I can't say enough about this great bag. Oh yes I can . . .
    It looks great too!...more info
  • love the bag not the service
    gotta say up top that the bag is great. just what i was looking for. not crazy about the shipper. bag came without the cross strap which was in the picture and listed on the tag attached to the bag. emailed them and they responded with an apology and a promise to get it out....and then nothing. further emails have seen no response. looking elsewhere for the crossstrap now....more info
  • Great Bag
    I got the large size at first, and once I realized that it was way too big. The material feels nice and durable. I don't think that I'll get any damage to this unless I do something excessive to it. ...more info
  • Great all around bag!
    This is definitely a solid versatile bag. I have 2 classic messenger bags and 1 commute laptop messenger bag. The large size classic messenger bag makes a perfect beach bag; easily fits 2 large beach towels, a tarp for shade, sun screen, extra clothes, sandals, hat, frisbee etc...and is has those small pockets for your cell phone, wallet, and a key string...and its water proof (so don't have to worry about that big wave soaking all of your stuff when your not paying attention!).
    The medium size bag is great all around city bag; on the bus, art fairs, concerts, college books etc...and the cross strap is perfect when your on your bike (that's what this bag is made for.) The medium messenger bag easily fits everything you could ever need for a day in the city with room to spare.
    However, if you are looking to carry a laptop I would recommend going with the commute laptop messenger bag or any other timbuk2 bag that is laptop specific. The classic messenger bag has no structure as others reviewers have mentioned, and thus its not really made to hold a lap top. The commute laptop messenger bag is the way to go if your looking to haul your laptop and business papers...it has a very nice protective laptop sleeve and more pockets for your school or business stuff. ...more info
  • 11 years and counting
    I bought this bag 11 years ago when I was in college. It has more than withstood the test of time - I still use this bag on a daily basis with only some mild wear on the inside vinyl waterproof lining that has affected its waterproof-ness (though based on what I read on the company website, this is covered as part of their lifetime warranty!). Pick your colors carefully because you'll never need to buy a new bag....more info
  • The almost perfect laptop bag
    I'm using this bag to hold my 15" MacBook Pro. It has the right amount of padding and convenient pockets. The strap, however, just hurt my shoulder and annoyed me! No worries, I replaced it with the SKOOBA superbungee strap, and now it's the perfect laptop bag!...more info
    This bag is great. Sturdy. Stylish. I love the quality. Works great as a purse, diaper bag, or carry-all. Highly recommend it!...more info
  • worth it!
    This bag is amazing. Yes, it's definitely on the expensive side, but totally worth it to save the money. I doubt I will need to buy another bag of this type for a many, many years, if at all. I don't use it for bike riding. I got it more because I live in the Seattle area and bus everywhere so I needed something that's totally waterproof, can hold EVERYTHING (I got the medium size and yeah, it holds everything. As in, all my text books, a change of clothes for work, some food for work, and maybe toiletries if I decide to stay at my boyfriends that night), and hold up to the wear and tear of life and heavy college text books. It does all of these things perfectly. I've been using it everyday for the past month or so and have no gripes about it what-so-ever.
    I am a poor college kid but saving up for this bag was well worth it....more info