SVAT GX5204 Wireless Handheld Color Pinhole Camera System
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Product Description

Wireless Handheld Color Pinhole Camera System Compatible with GX515, WSE103C, WSE201C, GX519, GX519B, GX517. The GX5204 is a wireless color camera system that can be hidden for undercover indoor use. It comes with everything you need to start monitoring. The camera is tiny, but just as powerful as most full size cameras with an incredible 360 TV lines of resolution! Due to its pinhole lens it can be hidden anywhere. It is also a transmitter, allowing you to wirelessly send video to the included handheld monitor. The monitor has a 2.5" LCD screen for crystal clear viewing of your cameras display, or you can connect it to your TV, VCR, DVR or computer for viewing and recording purposes. This system comes with one camera, but you can add

  • Camera is small and discreet for endless applications
  • Both camera and monitor are battery operable
  • Connects to any TV, DVR, computer or VCR
  • Expandable - add 2 more cameras to this system, compatible with GX515, WSE103C, WSE201C
  • 3 modes on monitor - auto, scan, manual
Customer Reviews:
  • Good System and a Great Price!
    This was very easy to set up and it works well. The interference in my house seems to be very minor and I have all sorts of other electronic stuff including wireless internet, ceiling fans, and baby monitors. I would recommend for those looking for a quick and easy solution. The only thing I would like to try is a camera with a wider viewing angle. If SVAT makes it I am going to purchase!...more info
  • Works Great!
    I've owned this unit for several months. Easily displays a clear picture through a couple of floors. Without obstructions you get a clear picture @ 300' as advertized. You can adjust brightness, contrast, and color on the monitor. Battery life [when using 4 AAA batteries] on the monitor is short, 2 to 2-1/2 hours [it comes w/an AC adapter too]. The camera lasts 7-8 hours on 1, 9v battery [comes w/an AC adapter and 9v adapter]. Aside from battery life [the reason for 4 stars] I have no complaints, and i'm a pretty picky person....more info
  • This is an excellent wireless monitor and camera
    This GX5204 system, is an excellent wireless monitor and camera by SVAT, I higly recmended it, the camera can be concealed amost anywhere, an the color picture quality is good....more info
  • Great Product, bad wireless operating frequency choice
    Like the title pretty much states, the product works exactly as described and even better. The quality is great in good light conditions especially good when it's fluorescent light. This is probably due to the whiter color temperature the light makes.
    The picture is huge and clear and looks great on TV. It does not mention anywhere on the sites of this product what FPS it's at but I can safely say it's above 30 FPS, way better than any webcam and much better quality.
    The unit feels solid and safe and looks like it's durable enough to be put in tight spots without feeling like it might fall apart like cheap plastic.
    The range is great and better than advertised. For giggles I tried putting it completely on the other side of the house, more than 100 feet and through 6 walls, two of which are made of solid concrete and the others of thick drywall or wood.
    The only thing I could find bad about this unit in general is just the wireless frequency choice. These days just about anything is using the 2.4Ghz spectrum, wireless routers included. The wireless routers are the bane of this unit's existence! If kept far enough away, they sometimes cancel each other out or will avoid each other. But if anywhere near each other, expect "hoppy" performance and lots of static.

    Hopefully this small review will help someone out who was stumped wondering whether or not this camera setup is right for them. ...more info
  • Office use
    The SVAT GX5204 is a product that I use in a church office setting. I have used several units from SVAT and have found them with good quality. The setup is easy and the product performs as it is advertised. I highly recommend the product...more info
  • good little camera
    this camera is very compact and easy to use, but the reception is not perfectly clear half of the time....more info
  • unbelievably great product for a great price!
    This tiny camera is great for its tiny size and how much room area it covers. I was surprised by the easy functionality of the product. It literally only takes a minute to set the camera and monitor up!I am also amazed by the image quality. Even though it's not the best picture quality, it is still too good for its price.This is definitely not the last product i buy from SVAT. i recommend this for any surveillance purposes....more info
  • Great price and adequate performance
    This is a great priced little camera and monitor, with more than adequate performance for most common surveillance needs. I was surprised at the overall quality for the price paid. Overall, a reasonable solution to general surveillance needs....more info
  • Good camera system
    This is a pretty good camera system. It is not perfect (still has fuzz every now and then, can't get good audio, etc), but overall it does a nice job. We are satisfied....more info
  • Better than I tought!!
    I purchased this product and I am surprise with the image quality! It is better than I tought it was going to be. And it is very easy to install.
    I totally recommend!!...more info
  • Great product
    The GX55201 is a great product. Great price. The picture is good even in low light. To my surprise it covers more area than I thought it would. ...more info