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Tony Hawk Proving Ground
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Product Description

Immerse yourself in the most detailed skating environement ever with Tony Hawk: Proving Ground. In this game, no ground is sacred - skate on anything that holds still long enough, and sneak into spots only you can find by way of ladder, rooftop or even sewer! Just watch out for security guards who will toss you out of the choice locations. There's more to it than just idle skating - assert your authority by skate-checking jerks who get in your way, or compete in races to impress other skaters! No need to be content with existing bowls and ramps, either - there are a number of moddable objects in every city, so you can knock over billboards, bend lamp posts, and rearrange your world as you see fit. There's even a new personalizable feature - your very own skate lounge! You can stock it full of ramps, gear, flat-screens, cars or even helicopters, and get rewarded with lounge additions by taking on skate challenges and competitions. With all this, plus customized skating avatars, the ability to create your own skate videos and hundreds of skater challenges with different rewards, Tony Hawk: Proving Ground takes the traditonal skateboarding game above and beyond. Multiple levels of moddable objects in every city - use the hammer tool to kink rails, bend lamp posts, knock over billboards, and pull up grates Earn money in the game to customize your own skate lounge Shoot, edit and score your own skate videos. Fully customize your character's deck, style, clothes and attitude ESRB Rated T for Teen

  • Skate anything you can see!
  • Sneak into spots only you can find - use ladders, ledges and wires to skate secret spots, find rooftop ledges, secret pools and hidden sewer tunnels
  • Avoid security guards who will toss you out of the choice locations.
  • Use skate checking on jerks that get in your way
  • Compete in races and impress skaters!

Customer Reviews:

  • Same ole, Same ole, but that's what I like
    It is a High Def Tony Hawk game. The Tony Hawk games are basically all I play because the controls work the way I think they should and they are all fun. It's been that way from the beginning and I like it. Every year I get some new places to go skate and a few new things to check out. I guess I'm just easy to please, but I love it! I'm sure that it will all be messed up by the time the next one comes out (since Neversoft is no longer on the project), so I guess this could possibly be the last one I play. Especially if they move in the direction of Skate. I just want to push some buttons and stuff happen....more info
  • Biggest Dissapointment
    I just bought this game because I haven't plain any TH games since Underground due to the repetitive feel and how pathetic the graphics had been getting. I recently got a PS3 tho, and figured what the hell...this is next generation gaming is it not? obviously not..this game just sucks...the biggest flaw is the the graphics...I have a 52 inch 1080i Samsung LCD, and the graphics still look reminds me of somthing that came straight off of the PS2. Not only that the levels are completely boring, the controls aren't anywhere near the same to the TH games that were actually tight..honestly everyone should avoid this game at all costs...This game makes THUG for ps2 look like the upgrade version..and Im not exaggerating. Spend your money on a game thats worth it, dont WASTE your money on a lame venture to further fatten the pockets of the idiots that keep making TH game after another after get the picture.

    JR TRAP...more info
  • Tony Hawk
    I bought this game for my daughters birthday she loves the game and plays it all the time....more info
  • very disappointed...
    why couldn't they make the game to where you could just go straight to skating competitions in front of screaming fans & earning big bucks. here's something else: retro decks IN THE FISHTALE SHAPE not the bannana board, man i hate the bannana board. I've been palying the hawk series games since PS1, & i'm ticked that this game sucks sooo bad. they didn't even think of the folks like myself who've been playin this game since the beginning, we don't wanna have to spend hours having to reaccomplish all the tricks again, mindless repitition, it's boring. there should be a seperate section on the game for beginners. i dunno, but they could've done a much better job. heck i couldn't even get the cheat codes on the game sites to work. i'm selling this game.......more info
  • Better than EA's Skate!
    This game series is way better than Skate! Project 8 and downhill jam sucked but this game is a big improvement! I played Tony Hawk game except Downhill Jam. I hope a new Game from this series comes soon!...more info
  • good
    ok guys stop trash talking i have skate and thpg i like them both the same i do reccomend this the graphics look way better than thug so yep...more info
  • pretty cool
    its the coolest tony hawk yet because of the area and how big it is and that there are a whole bunch of new trick and things you get to do, like customize your own longe into a skate park...more info
  • Another fun edition to the series

    Another year, another Tony Hawk game. I know I should be getting burned out from these games. When Proving Ground came out I didn't buy it right away because I felt like I had spent so much time with Project 8 when that was released that this would feel like overkill. Eventually I gave in (I'm an impulse buyer) and quickly found myself lost in the Tony Hawk world.

    These games do an excellent job of making you feel like you're making progress. Like an RPG, everything you do builds experience. Want to just go wall ride around an area? That's will even lead to you getting better at it. I found myself spending so much time just riding around trying to max out my stats.

    I don't play these games for the storylines. I play it just to have fun and complete the challenges. The game is split into separate gameplay styles, but realistically you'll go through all the storylines just to get access to all the abilities.

    There has been some backlash against Neversoft, the developers, for sticking to the same formula, but frankly it works. This game is FUN. It's not a skating sim (something that EA's SKATE strives for). I understand that Neversoft may switch things up with the next game in the series, but I hope they don't change the game around too much. I'd probably stop playing if they try to go too far into the sim area and leave out the fun over the top gameplay that's satisfied me for so many years.
    ...more info