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Microsoft LifeCam NX-3000 for Notebooks
List Price: $59.99

Our Price: $22.99

You Save: $37.00 (62%)


Product Description

Since Windows Live Messenger, AOL, Yahoo and Skype have video conferencing features built-in, why type your message when they can see and hear you. Setting one up takes only a few minutes and you can enjoy daily personal conversations with friends or family from far away. Discover a fun way to express yourself with these entertaining video effects built into the LifeCam dashboard Get that perfect view with the swivel lens System Requirements - Windows XP SP2 or higher, Intel Pentium III 700MHz, 256RAM, 300MB Hard Drive, Video card with 16bit color with 2MB video memory, USB 1.1, CD-ROM Drive, Broadband Internet access

  • Share and swap photos in real time with your friends and family using Windows Live Messenger-right in the video call window!
  • See the smiles clearly with 640 x 480 pixel video resolution
  • High Definition 1.3 Megapixel Still Photos
  • The built-in microphone automatically picks up your voice with remarkable clarity
  • The pan and tilt functionality make it a snap to capture the big picture, however you want to see it

Customer Reviews:

  • Great cam!
    I bought this cam so I could skype with my best friend who lives in the states. It fits perfectly, amazing video quality and the clipping mechanism is not as bad as people say.

    The only thing I found dissapointing where the effects, but still, great cam!...more info
  • Good for the money
    The unit worked as I thought it would. I'm sure more expensive models have a better picture, But I wanted a cheap unit and it works fine....more info
  • Great low price webcam
    This is one of the best webcams i bought for the price, the picture and sound is incredible ...more info
  • Webcam
    Clear picture and sound quality not always available. Could have to do with time of day as it appears to work better in late evening....more info
  • No regrets!
    Great product, captures great video and picture! Only problem is you have to speak rather loud for the microphone to catch your voice, or sit close, but I have a separate mic from my old webcam that works in place. Worth every penny!...more info
  • Mounting clip is tiny!!!
    I have a Toshiba Sattelite notebook, but when I bought it, I didn't think a webcam was really necessary, but recently I have found that it is something I wanted, so I found a great deal for this little number on ebay. I looked it up and checked some reviews, but I didn't read anything about this. The clip is made for a screen less than a 1/4 inch wide. Checking with my friends here at school, none of them have a screen that thin; my screen is just about a 1/2 inch wide at the top, where it is supposed to clip onto. Right now, I'm working on trying to make something similar to the mount on the Logitech QuickCam Communicate MP (Black), but right now, I'm using something I rigged up using a nylon cord, a piece of foam, two paper clamps, and the two tabs that lock the screen closed onto my laptop, so I can say the camera works well enough for what I use it for if you're clever enough to mount it in place....more info
  • Good product, but...
    The webcam was shipped timely, and the installation was easy enough. My only negative comment is the cheesy clip for attaching it to my laptop's edge. I agree with everyone else on this cheap and somewhat bad design. Everytime I try to adjust the camera, I hit the botton on the top of it, opening the MS communicator, which I do not use. I use Skype both domestically and internationally, and it has been a good camera in that respoect....more info
  • Microsoft Live Show is better, but this works for basics
    This is a good camera. It has a clear picture and great sound. The only thing it lacks is the ability to manipulate the shot with animation. It has insert a basketball or a heart. I like Microsoft Live Show camera because I can do more with the actually neices and nephews love when I turn myself into an alien or make my eyes bigger than the rest of my face :) For basic web conferencing this is a good choice for the money. If you are skyping, I'd upgrade to Live Show camera. ...more info
  • versatile webcam
    This is my first webcam installation. Advanced or experienced PC users can
    browse the installation disk, and install only the files and programs on
    it needed to enable any functions of the product you want, and leave out
    what you don't (like Windows Messenger, foreign languages, etc.)

    I first installed it as a USB Video Device, and USB Audio Device using XP
    generic drivers. You need to install some drivers from the disk. Install
    the drivers in the NX-6000 folder enables full-motion video and the built-in microphone to work. This allowed me to create and save the video review
    you will see here. It is an .avi file, and plays using Media Player v11.

    This will not work on Yahoo Messenger unless you can change ColorSpace/
    Compression from Microsoft's MJPG to RGB 24. Shame on Microsoft because it
    is a good camera and they try to lock you into their IM service. I haven't
    found a driver yet on the installation disk to do this yet.

    Here the camera settings and characteristics are set at default until the
    other drivers to control more features and functions of the camera are in-
    stalled and enabled. It looks good to me so far @1024x768 on my CRT and it
    can be tweaked more. Hope you enjoy my very first video!

    This was made on a Dell Dimension 4300 w/Pentium 4 1.7Ghz, 1Gb RAM with XP
    SP3 and Explorer 7.0 using the Microsoft Lifecam NX-3000. WARNING- DO NOT
    Autorun the installation disk. This product can be made to work with other
    IM programs once the correct drivers are installed. I will have more info
    about this next review to help others buying this good VGA webcam. What is
    helpful is downloading the amcap.exe program from Microsoft to your desk-
    top, then you can open it and change the camera settings outside of IM's
    offline. Do you like my homemade wood mounting? The top piece is 1/4" in
    thickness, perfect for the rear bracket to mount against a wood block you
    can use double-sided foam tape to mount on almost ANY monitor. See product
    images I submitted as part of my review. The lens body rotates about 20 or
    so degrees up or down. DO NOT PULL OR TWIST THE USB CORD OR YOU'LL BREAK
  • Doesn't like AIM
    This camera will not work with AOL IM ("AIM"), at least not on Windows Vista. It promises "broad compatability" but crashes AIM every time I start a video chat. If you are using AOL IM for video chat and want a web cam that works, look elsewhere. Now I'm going to have to use Windows Live Messenger. This is, by the way, the definition of a monopoly in action....more info
  • Great Webcam
    This webcam works as good as the integrated webcam on my other notebook. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to add this capability to their own notebook....more info
  • Microsoft WebCam
    I like this webcam its been really useful since my pc doesn't have a cam..its good for when i video chat w/friends....more info