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  • Don't waste your money (it is rubish)
    The worst possible product. Waste of money. Better buy a dummy camera as it will probably work better. Useless for cctv, useless for monitoring anything. Poor product arrived without a power supply and has flickering quality at night (without power supply this is exceptionally poor value for money). Day quality is worse than a poor quality internal dome . IT IS USELESS FOR ANYTHING!! especially for any form of security and is a clear missrepresentation. Don't waste your money!! BETTER THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY it would be a better investment....more info
  • IR Camera
    The camera was probably worth what I paid for it. I wanted something to put outside and see around the house a night. It performs that function. I had hoped that the day time quality would be better than it is. Hey, what can you expect for the price....more info