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SVAT GX5203 Wireless Portable Video Security System – 2.5-Inch LCD & Outdoor Night Vision Surveillance Camera
List Price: $228.00

Our Price: $148.99

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Product Description

Wireless handheld Outdoor Color Night Vision Security System Compatible with GX515, WSE103C, WSE201C, GX519, GX519B, GX517. The GX5203 is an outdoor wireless color camera system that can be hidden for undercover outdoor use. It comes with everything you need to start monitoring. The small but powerful bullethole camera is wireless and features automatic night vision (CDS sensor). As soon as it gets dark the infrared LEDs will activate and provide you with a clear view of everything, even in complete darkness! Plus, this camera has a built-in microphone so you wont miss a thing. This camera has been machined out of high grade aluminum and is packed full of quality components. The camera sends audio and video wirelessly to the handheld

  • 2.5-inch TFT-LCD color screen provides crisp images
  • Discreet, steel camera can be hidden in many locations
  • Three modes on monitor: Auto, scan, and manual
  • Connects to any TV, DVR, computer or VCR
  • Night vision capable up to 8 to 10 feet away

Customer Reviews:

  • Tons of issues - JUNK
    OK, this is not that great of a product, really. It is suppose to be a color camera, well guess what? It distorts all colors, reds look baby blue, black looks blue and grey looks blue, the only item that it seems to display the colors correctly for is the TV! The range is really poor and both audio and video are staticy, even with the circuit breaker for the whole house turned off. Once you turn the power on, forget it, you can not use this in a modern house. On certain channels it prevented my laptop from finding the wireless network, once I turned it on to a different channel, it blocked my wireless video feed between TVs. You really need to hardwire the camera, otherwise the nightvision is not going to have enough power for very long..The portable unit itself seems real cheap and I can't foresee this lasting for very long, shopping for a new one now, if you want it for a baby monitoring in a big house with modern wireless network equipments, steer away.....more info
  • Good enough

    Installed the product within 10 minutes. Got it so my wife can keep an eye on the kids in the yard. Daytime works great. Can't see much at night. I added two extra cameras as the system allows three total. The third interfered with wireless router, so I am down to two cameras. Overall satisfied. I gave it four stars out of five because can't see much at night, but mobility of monitor was main reason for purchase. ...more info
  • Perfect Replacement
    This system replaced another one from another manufacturer. The SVAT wireless is well-made and connects to a larger monitor to see the driveway, mail box and street. The night view collects just enough street light to give us a discernible image. The 2.5 inch LCD can be used in other rooms as an addition to the large monitor hookup in the den....more info
  • Camping Vision
    I purchased the SVAT GX5203 Wireless Portable Video Security System / Plus 2 extra cameras to use on my camping trailer. I have 2 cameras (on magnetic bases) on the exterior of the trailer to help me see whenever I am backing the trailer into a camp site or parkling area. I attach one camera on the rear of the truck to help me align the truck hitch and the trailer receiver - I can usually hit the spot the first time because I can monitor the hitch in the LCD Monitor. At night we place the cameras around the trailer to keep track of the kids bikes and camping equipment. A great adaptation of a great product....more info
  • Good Buy - Great Product
    This is a very good product, I use it to view my garage area when I am on the opposite end of the house. I can carry the portable monitor upstairs or anywhere in the house and can maintain a good reception. I have very few interruptions of signal. Overall I am happy with this given the price. The night vision is OK, but would suggest you leave an outside light on --it greatly enhances the picture quality. I also like the fact that you can have a permanent power AC adapter or battery option....more info
  • not good for security because no motion control, no recording, but it is acceptable for baby monitoring
    the size is small and is light weighted which we can put it anywhere we like. The image quality is ok since it is powered by battery and it is 2.4G wireless connection. It is specially good in the dark, monitoring our new born baby.
    The power port of the display maybe can be improved to have the ability to charge rechargable battery and having the port facing out side instead of inside like now. I think they have an issue regarding battery power combining with the external power suppiy, that's why their design forcing users to take out batterys to use the external power source. We are using it with batterys since we only use it monitoring our baby while she is sleeping and charging the battery after use it....more info
  • night vision needs improvement
    We just received the product along with an extra camera. During the day the picture is clear, but at night, we can't see a thing out of one of the cameras. It might be that we have them too high up, so I will contact support tomorrow. Also I believe my satelite internet is causing the line that's going through it, and sometimes it gets fuzzy.
    I bought an RC jack to attach to our computer and an external hard drive so we can record 24hrs a day......
    Ok so I would say it's between a 3 & 4 now. We moved one camera to the house, right above the garage, and lowered the other camera to 12 feet. It's still hard to make out a clear picture at night. The CSR was great over the phone and said it all has to do with how many led lights you have around the camera. I did move my wi-fi connectors and anything else that's 2.4gh can interfier(?), but we no longer have the line down screen.
    All in all it's a good set up for the money, I just wish we had a clearer picturer a night....more info
  • decent @ best!
    Might be okay if it was used as a baby monitor, but as far as a security camera, I wouldn't recomend it. For one the receiver feels undurable. Cheap plastic. Has the feel of a fake cell phone toy. The camera takes a decent image, but like other reviewers commented, the night vision is disappointing. If your looking for a security camera don't waste your money. spend it on a real security system....more info
  • Clear views with monitor
    I purchased this product after I read reviews here. The camera and monitor work well with AC adopters rather than batteries.
    I put front of entrance and inside of my house to see outside of my front yard.
    Last year neighbors had three thieves I decided to put three cameras.
    I am thinking another one to outside of garage.
    Yesterday I tested with 9v batteries for cameras and AAA batteries for monitor.
    It was working for a few hours but it lost views.
    I adjusted contrast and color but it did not change.
    I replaced batteries to AC adopters and all got views again.
    I am using extension cords to cameras.
    Night visions are really good to see outside and people's faces.
    I recommended this camera with monitor at my private blog, because it is so easy to set up , foreigners can do this....more info
  • Just what I was looking for.
    Affordable handheld color monitor (especially with the rechargeable battery pack, decent ir nightvision, easy install, recognizeable camera & simple use. It is what I needed for both deterence and soem basic surveillance....more info
  • Baby crib monitor
    SVAT GX5203 Wireless Portable Video Security System 2.5-Inch LCD & Outdoor Night Vision Surveillance Camera

    We were looking for a lightweight, affordable, portable surveillance camera to monitor our infant while she is sleeping in her crib. The SVAT GX5203 fits the bill! The 2.5" color LCD screen is something we were looking for and the picture is fantastic - even in the dark! We didn't care for the monitors that looked like baby monitors as we saw this as a long-term purchase that we will use for property or wildlife surveillance upon retiring it as a crib monitor. The sound quality is pretty good considering it's wireless - the alarm is a nice feature - it beeps 3 times when sound is detected. We were concerned about interference with all of our other electronic devices (cable modem [DIR-655],computer interface, etc.) and so far there has been no interference. Overall, a nice surveillance camera for the money, would recommend. ...more info
  • Conflicts with other 2.4GHz devices
    I had a lot of interference problems using the SVAT GX5203, I noticed that as soon as I disconnected my cordless phone (Panasonic 2.4GHz) the problem was solved, moving the receiver and/or the phone to another location did not work, so I had to replace my phone with a newer DECT 6.0 and everything worked just well. The reception range is pretty good and the image quality is a bit under my expectations, sound is clear and the camera seems to be tough enough for outdoor usage. The fact that the batteries need to be removed to plug the AC/DC adapter is beyond my understanding....more info