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Lost: The Complete Third Season [Blu-ray]
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Product Description

Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 12/11/2007

When it aired in 2006-07, Lost's third season was split into two, with a hefty break in between. This did nothing to help the already weirdly disparate direction the show was taking (Kate and Sawyer in zoo cages! Locke eating goop in a mud hut!), but when it finally righted its course halfway through--in particular that whopper of a finale--the drama series had left its irked fan base thrilled once again. This doesn't mean, however, that you should skip through the first half of the season to get there, because quite a few questions find answers: what the Others are up to, the impact of turning that fail-safe key, the identity of the eye-patched man from the hatch's video monitor. One of the series' biggest curiosities from the past--how Locke ended up in that wheelchair in the first place--also gets its satisfying due. (The episode, "The Man from Tallahassee," likely was a big contributor to Terry O'Quinn's surprising--but long-deserved--Emmy win that year.)

Unfortunately, you do have to sit through a lot of aforementioned nuisances to get there. Season 3 kicks off with Jack (Matthew Fox), Kate (Evangeline Lilly), and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) held captive by the Others; Sayid (Naveen Andrews), Sun (Yunjin Kim), and Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) on a mission to rescue them; and Locke, Mr. Eko (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), and Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) in the aftermath of the electromagnetic pulse that blew up the hatch. Spinning the storylines away from base camp alone wouldn't have felt so disjointed were it not for the new characters simultaneously being introduced. First there's Juliet, a mysterious member of the Others whose loyalty constantly comes into question as the season goes on. Played delicately by Elizabeth Mitchell (Gia, ER, Frequency), Juliet is in one turn a cold-blooded killer, by another turn a sympathetic friend; possibly both at once, possibly neither at all. (She's also a terrific, albeit unwitting, threat to the Kate-Sawyer-Jack love triangle, which plays out more definitively this season.) On the other hand, there's the now-infamous Nikki and Paulo (Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro), a tagalong couple who were cleverly woven into the previous seasons' key moments but came to bear the brunt of fans' ire toward the show (Sawyer humorously echoed the sentiments by remarking, "Who the hell are you?"). By the end of the season, at least two major characters die, another is told he/she will die within months, major new threats are unveiled, and--as mentioned before--the two-part season finale restores your faith in the series.

The extras are as well-stocked as a Dharma Initiative food pantry on this seven-disc set. Commentaries by producer Damon Lindelof, show writers, and numerous cast members reveal a whole lot of juicy trivia; plus, the DVDs even provide a subtitle track for the commentary (rarely seen other than on foreign-language director's commentaries) so you won't miss a thing. "Lost Book Club" goes through the parallels between what characters are reading and the show's storylines (The Wizard of Oz and Stephen King are heavily referenced). "Lost: On Location" gives a lot of insight to some of the biggest episodes, and "Lost in a Day" gives a 24-hour glimpse at the drama's arduous production. The Blu-ray version also includes an interactive panel and "Blu-Prints," a series of maps and renderings giving a tour of the island. If you're a Lost fan who gave up during this season, the bonus features alone might lure you back for the next round. --Ellen A. Kim

Customer Reviews:

  • All About The Others
    While the first season of LOST introduced viewers to the important survivors of Oceanic 815, and the second season dealt with what was inside the hatch, the third season dealt primarily with the Others, a mysterious group of people that were on the island long before Oceanic 815 ever crashed on the beach.

    This season begins right where the second season left off, with Jack, Kate, and Sawyer as captives of the Others. As the season progresses, we learn more about why the Others only take specific prisoners, what their relationship is to the DHARMA initiative, and how they (most importantly Ben) came to be on the island in the first place. I could go on and on about the dramatic plot twists and turns, but I don't want to ruin anything for you!

    Besides the main mysterious plotlines, however, the emotional drama of the show is also ratcheted up a notch. Again, I don't want to ruin any big moments with a slip of the tongue here, but in this season the flashbacks of the "Losties" converge more than ever, as it becomes more and more apparent that the crash of Oceanic 815 was not a random event. More specifically, this season really highlights the Jack/Kate relationship, with some of the most emotional "Jate" moments of the entire show so far. The drama is heightened when Jack finds a new love interest among the Others, while Kate and Sawyer become closer than ever before.

    Yet, the entire breadth of the season pales in comparison to the shocking season finale, in which the entire structure of the show is changed. If anyone could fault this season for anything, it would be that it seemed like the writers/producers were milking the plotlines as they did not know how long the show would go (a common problem among popular TV shows). However, once the writers/producers finalized a contract with ABC to run for six seasons total, they become much more free to go all-out with their storytelling as the season went on, and it shows.

    To conclude, the third season of LOST is just as action-packed, thought-provoking, and emotionally relevant as the first two seasons. The origin of the Others is better explained, the flashbacks are just as compelling as ever (specifically those involving Jack and Kate), and the season finale will absolutely blow you away. You might as well pre-order season four now, as you will be counting down the days until its release....more info
  • Lost finds itself
    While Season 2 was not very good in my opnion, season 3 of Lost has regained mometum and it is actually even better than the first season. While as usual the flashbacks are unnerving at times and do not really contribute much to the storyline, after a while one gets used to them. It is interesting to see how the lives of the people were connected even before the crash . As usual the season will end in a quite unexpected cliffhanger with some new questions raised. We see life with the Others and while we do not really get to know who they are, there are some interesting touches here. The real hero of the series is Hurley really....more info
  • Better than I could have imagined!
    This is an amazing season, and watching it on blu-ray is quite a treat. If you think that it couldn't look any better than it's dvd counterpart (upscaled), then think again. The colors are very vibrant, and the environment is lush and alive. The sound is top notch also you feel as though you are on the island with them.

    As far as the season itself goes, I really enjoyed it. Lost is a very mysterious show and this season raises more questions, although it does answer a few questions viewers were waiting for. It has a very awesome ending too.

    In conclusion, if you love Lost and have a blu-ray player, please get this it's worth the extra money. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Can anyone explain...?
    This isn't actually a review. More of an inquiry: Has anyone ever asked why Season 3 of Lost has a list price of 96.99, while the three seasons are 69.99? Has there been a typo when entering the price into the system? Season 3 doesn't have more episodes than 1 and 2. From all the seasons of Lost, it has probably been the weakest. So why is it more expensive than the rest of them?...more info
  • Lost Season 3
    Awesome series, product was delivered in great shape and in less time than I imagined. Super saver shipping is definitely the way to go!...more info
  • LOST
    i am freakin lost i dont know why kate was asking jack how has he been are they done with the show what i am lost i cant wait to get season 4 ...more info
  • Lost 3rd Season
    Was pleased to get it in a timely manner and the cost was relevent as to my choice.
    Sharon Klco0...more info
  • Great service!!
    I'm extremely happy with my purchase of Lost Season 3. Delivery was fast, I will purchase thru in the future!!...more info
  • Lost season 3 is excellent
    Very impressed with Lost season 3, I can't wait til season 4 is out in December. I am very pleased with amazons prices and the speed of there delivery. Good stuff....more info
  • Lost Season 3
    I was very satisfied with the overall transaction. The DVD was sent in a very timely matter and packaged in a way that it would not get damaged. The DVD plays very well and I am very pleased to do business with them. I highly recommend them when purchasing any DVD they make sure that you are satisfied with the whole transaction too. Thanks again a very please customer. ...more info
  • just my luck.......
    Season was really cool... VQ is amazing... but my 5th disk was actually the first disk labeled as the 5th. what the hell...more info
  • Fantastic picture quality
    Being shot on Hawaii, you know you are in for a visual treat, and this BD has some of the best HD quality I have seen on blu-ray yet. If one were to complain, it would be that the studios seem to release the most recent season on TV in HD first, where I would prefer to watch the seasons leading up to it in HD as well. But I just got done watching this set and have DVR'd all the new eps, so this has been a joy to relive.

    If you are a fan of the show and a fan of great visual candy, this is a must own....more info
  • A must have for all Lost fans
    This is such a great season and if you like lost it's a necessity. Also you should purchase season four: Lost: The Complete Fourth Season ...more info
  • Lost -- season 3
    Like the other seasons, lost is addicting. Once I got started I could not quit. Thank goodness for Amazon. The best place to purchase and I received free shipping....more info
  • Lost: 3rd Season
    I love the series, and like being able to enjoy the whole season at once....more info
  • LOST in hi-def is great...getting two of the same disc, not so great.
    Being a fan of the show LOST, I greatly anticipated this set, especially because it's on blu-ray, the best that HD has to offer. As I expected the picture was razor sharp and the sound was crystal clear. But watching through the set, Discs 1-4 were fine, just as they should be, but when I popped in disc 5 expecting to watch the next episodes. To my dismay, it was the same content as disc 1, only mislabed as disc 5. Regrettingly I had to send the set back to Amazon for a replacement. Keeping my fingers crossed hoping to finish season 3 of this great series....more info
  • Great Series; Hateable Season
    I'm loving LOST, but I'm really hating the 3rd season. While I understand that we need to get to know The Others and what motivates them i have to wonder did they have to be made so damn annoying? They beat, imprison, hunt down and generally have no sense of hospitality and then they want favors. Irksome is the word that comes to mind.
    But I love this series and I know that once I get past this hateful season all will be well again...right?...more info
  • Awesome DVD set
    This DVD is sure to please fans of Lost. And if you aren't a fan of Lost, I highly recommend getting all 3 seasons of Lost and delving into a wonderful mystery that keeps you coming back for more!...more info
  • Completely satisfied
    Brand new and works perfectly. As for LOST - what can I say...I'm addicted.
    ...more info
  • Lost
    Great to get a collection from the series that allows you to catch up in a few seatings. DVD (used) was in very good condition and arrived before the new season started....more info
  • Lost - The Complete Third Season - Blu-ray Info
    Version: U.S.A / Region A, B, C
    Aspect ratio: 1.78:1
    MPEG-4 AVC BD-50
    LPCM 5.1 4608Kbps (48kHz/16-bit) English
    DD AC3 5.1 640Kbps English / French / Spanish
    Subtitles: English SDH / French / Spanish

    Disc 1 - 5 Episodes
    Running time: 3:35:18
    Feature size: 43,99 GB
    Disc size: 45,16 GB
    Average video bit rate: 19.19 Mbps

    Disc 2 - 5 Episodes
    Running time: 3:36:10
    Feature size: 44,12 GB
    Disc size: 44,82 GB
    Average video bit rate: 19.20

    Disc 3 - 5 Episodes
    Running time: 3:35:11
    Feature size: 44,16 GB
    Disc size: 44,47 GB
    Average video bit rate: 19.29 Mbps

    Disc 4 - 5 Episodes
    Running time: 3:35:12
    Feature size: 44,17 GB
    Disc size: 44,55 GB
    Average video bit rate: 19.29 Mbps

    Disc 5 - 3 Episodes
    Running time: 2:09:38
    Feature size: 26,65 GB
    Disc size: 27,02 GB
    Average video bit rate: 19.35 Mbps

    Disc 6 - Extras...more info
  • White Rabbit
    Season three more or less completes a cycle, as island life is changed forever with the set of events that unfold. Overall, it was a pretty good season. Certainly plenty of action leading to a fitting season finale in which the viewer discovers the last of the old Dharma stations as Des and Charlie try to open up a line of communication to the outside world. But, it is the bumpy and confused set of episodes one has come to expect from this series.

    The viewer learns quite a bit about the Others to whet his appetite. New characters emerge while others meet their fate on the island. Locke becomes obsessed in the meaning of the island which takes many twists and turns, leaving Jack in a quandry as to what Locke is really after.

    The writers struggle to hold all these competing storylines together. It would seem there are just too many characters with a lot of moving back and forth between the various camps that have emerged. Much of the mystery is gone, leaving one to wonder what if any metaphysical aspect to this series remains. But, the writers still want you to believe something deeper lurks at the heart of the island so they pull out Ol' Smokie a few more times and provide some other interesting clues to the island.

    If you've been sucked into this series, you can't stop now, but in many ways Season Three represented the peak of the series....more info
  • Amazing tv show
    no way to take the decision of stop or pause or to go for sleep by far it is the best series i have ever seen in my life thanks for everybody who participate in lost to make us happy...more info
  • thrilling
    Always keeps you asking questions. Very intense. Would not make sense if you have not seen the first two seasons though....more info
  • Lost, I am lost really...!!??
    If you enjoyed the Lost S1 and S2 you will like this one, although it moves away from the main character (the island) it takes you in a completely different direction. Its an awesome prelude to S4 which is also already out, where the writers move again into some deep meaning of what "The Island" is. I recommend this to anyone who likes a very action pack and suspense novel. Its a great adventure....more info
  • Getting Lost in Lost
    The third season in this amazing TV adventure at a great price. The bonus features are really interesting and worth watching. LOST is worth owning b/c of how deep the mystery is and how tangled the web of stories... you need to keep going back to figure out the answers. A must have for the real LOST fan....more info
  • Wow!
    This is by far the best looking Blu Ray I've seen to date! I too received a mis-labeled disc 5, but I simply called the 1-800 number on the disc and was promptly sent a corrected one....more info