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Tony Hawk's Proving Ground
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Product Description

Immerse yourself in the most detailed skating environement ever with Tony Hawk: Proving Ground. In this game, no ground is sacred - skate on anything that holds still long enough, and sneak into spots only you can find by way of ladder, rooftop or even sewer! Just watch out for security guards who will toss you out of the choice locations. There's more to it than just idle skating - assert your authority by skate-checking jerks who get in your way, or compete in races to impress other skaters! No need to be content with existing bowls and ramps, either - there are a number of moddable objects in every city, so you can knock over billboards, bend lamp posts, and rearrange your world as you see fit. There's even a new personalizable feature - your very own skate lounge! You can stock it full of ramps, gear, flat-screens, cars or even helicopters, and get rewarded with lounge additions by taking on skate challenges and competitions. With all this, plus customized skating avatars, the ability to create your own skate videos and hundreds of skater challenges with different rewards, Tony Hawk: Proving Ground takes the traditonal skateboarding game above and beyond. Multiple levels of moddable objects in every city - use the hammer tool to kink rails, bend lamp posts, knock over billboards, and pull up grates Earn money in the game to customize your own skate lounge Shoot, edit and score your own skate videos. Fully customize your character's deck, style, clothes and attitude ESRB Rated T for Teen

  • Build a unique skill set from various styles in this authentic skating game
  • Master new skills like Bowl Carving, Nail the Grab and Manual, Skate Checking, and more
  • Create your own epic skate videos with a full-featured video editor
  • Modify the world into your own personal skatepark with interactive environments
  • Transition seamlessly from single player to online multiplayer

Customer Reviews:

  • Proving Ground Review
    My Advice if you are going to buy this game. Buy "Skate" as well then you wont have to read this review because you will never pick up tony hawk again. If you bought Skate then you dont need to buy this game. I played Skate first and then went to tony hawk and was extremely dissapointed. There you go thats that.
    ...more info
  • Sick game!
    What can I say, i grew up in Philly and the environment is extremely detailed and realistic. graphics are sick, of course so is everything on xbox 360... i really like how u can make your own videos and compete online, since none of my friends are nearly as good as me at this game! new tricks are pretty cool, always an improvement. soundtrack is decent, although i am looking to download some better songs off Live and plug them into the game. speaking of songs, the guitar hero demo is pretty sweet as well.

    great gameplay and physics, realistic environments and cool new features. overall A+ from me!...more info
  • Great game!..Great price!
    This game is really good, the only bad thing i found is that you can do the missions in any order, but thats not a huge thing..The game is great .. and i recommend it to everyone..It also feels like if you were skating for real..i was amazed!....more info
  • this game is awesome!!!!!!
    this game had me playing for hours on end. It doesn't even need the t rating. It was fun, entertaining, and had a great story line. An imersive story line, one time I played for an hour and didn't even know it. A very long story, if you combine the time I was playing it would have been playing for days and I don't even know if I'm half way done,but a great game. ...more info
  • Tony Hawk x box 360
    I got this game for my son for christmas, he says he really likes it, but he likes "Skate" better... I guess its a matter of personal choice.....more info
  • It was worth the $15 I spent new from Amazon, Would not spend more on it though
    If you know tony hawk then you know that he is a sellout and releases TH brand games piratically every year, he changed the direction in this game. There are a lot of skate videos in it and you can choose what kind of skater you want to be. The game does not have a lot of goals, the character creator is really limited and the load time is appalling at times. It is worth the $15 new price even though amazon is sold out of them now and the next best price new is like $24. If you like TH games and you can get this for $15 then I would recommend it....more info
  • Tony Hawk's Proving Ground
    This game offers endless fun for the skateboarding/video game junkie. The graphics are clear and detailed and options for editing skaters, outfits, boards, etc. are extremely detailed. A great game even for a non-skater....more info
  • The Same Game Over and Over Again
    2007 is a year of a new generation of videogames. Genres have been redefined, lines have been crossed. Developers have really been thinking outside of the box this year, and many true classics have been released. This, on the other hand, is another improved version of Tony Hawk's Underground, which came out how many years ago? Too many to count. I have bought pretty much every Tony Hawk game. Underground was a great game, for it's time. I have bought every Tony Hawk game since then, hoping for change. I have spent much money on this series, but every time I buy another sequel, I am very dissapointed. Many of my friends who actually skate hate this game, for it's lack of realism. I, personally, am not bothered by that, for it's a videogame. The thing that bothers me is the lack of anything fresh, its basically Underground being recycled over and over again. I'm tired of playing these games, I've given Neversoft enough chances. If you're looking for something fresh, get Skate. It's an amazing game, it's realistic, and the controls are revolutionary. It's what I've been waiting for all this time. This series, on the other hand, is in serious trouble if they don't start getting creative. They need to focus on the core element: skating. Controls, Tricks, Difficulty. Those are all important. Pulling off a simple line in Skate is equivalent to a 100,000 point combo in Tony Hawk.

    In Conclusion, this game is behind it's time. It's time for Neversoft to wake up and realize that theres another game out there that's better than theirs, much better. For the sake of your money and entertainment, buy Skate. ...more info
  • Proving Ground
    This game is another awesome trip from Tony Hawk's series! My kids love it! ...more info
  • Wow! This game was absolutely incredible!
    I got this game when it was on sale for $13 and I can tell you, it's well worth full price. The game has incredible visuals and customization. And the gameplay was fast paced and and at times was a little challenging but isn't skating always challenging? The addition of "Nail The" tricks were awesome too! It completely slows down so that you can control both feet with the analog sticks. It also has three different story lines. I highly recommend you buy this, It is the best Tony Hawk game since THPS2. Or you can get it free (like me) from here: info