Brother HL-4070CDW Color Laser Printer with Built-In Duplex Printing and Wireless Interface
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Product Description

The HL-4070CDW is the fast, affordable color laser printer that everyone has been waiting for. Offering the same print speed and print quality as the HL-4040CN, the HL-4070CDW also features built-in duplexing for two-sided printing, a wireless network interface for connecting to your wired or wireless workgroup, and BR-Script3 for PostScript compatibility.

The Brother HL-4070CDW Color Laser Printer with Wireless Interface and Duplexing produces great prints quickly in both color and monochrome at an affordable price. The printer has a speedy 300 MHz processor and 64 MB memory, and churns out prints at a speedy 21 pages per minute in both color and monochrome, so your office won't be backed up with print jobs and the workflow will move steadily. The laser printing technology offers a resolution of up to 2400 x 600 dpi for outstanding quality. With its built-in duplexer, the printer can do two-sided printing, saving paper. The printer is network ready, with built-in 802.11b/g wireless and Ethernet network interfaces, so setting up the printer for the whole office to share is a breeze.

The HL-4070CDW can handle a variety of paper sizes including letterhead, letter, and legal, as well as envelopes. The standard paper tray holds 250 sheets and an optional tray holds 500 sheets. The printer is compatible with both Macs and PCs and emulates PCL6 and BR-Script3 printing languages. A USB slot on the printer lets you print PDF and JPEG files directly, without the need of a computer. If you have a PictBridge enabled digital camera, pictures can be printed directly from the camera without first downloading to a computer. The Brother HL-4070CDW Color Laser Printer is backed by a 1-year warranty.

What's in the Box
HL-4070CDW color laser printer, 250-sheet tray, 50-sheet multipurpose tray, black toner cartridge, color toner cartridge, and drum unit.

  • Networkable color laser printer offers built-in wireless network interface for easy networking
  • Prints both color and monochrome at 21 ppm
  • 2400 x 600 dpi printing resolution provides outstanding quality
  • Provides both 802.11b/g wireless and Ethernet wired network connections for easy networking
  • Measures 16.5 x 12.5 x 18.7 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • Great, with drawbacks
    I purchased a Brother HL-4070cdw to use wirelessly in a mixed apple and pc environment. I am a very experienced user.

    The image quality and color accuracy are quite good. I like the print cartridges and the paper tray because I do not have to refill them that offen. However, I have experieced unacceptable installation problems, network problems and the annoying habit of my wirelessly connected PC to reboot when I issue a print command to the Brother HL-4070cdw and only to the Brother HL-4070cdw.

    1. At first, I connected my PC by USB. When I issued a print command, the PC rebooted. I called support. They told me that the problem was my electrical circuit was overloaded. I connected my PC into its very own receptecle. The monitor and external hard drive were in another receptecle and I moved the printer twenty feet away to the other side of the office. The first four times I printed everything was fine. Since then, on an intermitent basis, the print command causes a reboot. It does not happen with any other printer. The office is only a few years old and there is no other demand on the circuit. The support organization was unhelpful and had no script to handle the problem so they became agitated. I was far from pleased.
    2. I have never been able to connect by Apple wirelessly. Everytime I think I have it figured out, it fails. I finally connected with a USB cable. It never reboots even though I have five or six accessories on the same circuit. It may be that I do not understand the instructions, so I asked the professional that comes into the office to figure it out. He gave up as well. He billed me for four hours work, however.
    Life is not perfect. I usually use a different printer from the PC. Once in a while I forget and it works and I give a little prayer of thanks. Often, the PC reboots and I become frustrated again as I did about fifteen minutes ago. One thing, altho the PC goes into reboot, the job gets printed.
    ...more info
  • How to get vibrant colors from HL-4070CDW
    I've had my 4070CDW for two months. All was just great except that the colors were faded. I had read online reviews about how people had adjusted settings to improve the color, but none of the adjustments in the Brother printer driver did much to improve it.

    Then I called Brother technical support, and they were prompt and helpful. They said I should install and use the BR-Script3 (Postscript) driver instead of the Brother standard driver. It's on the CD that comes with the printer or you can download it from the Brother site. The Brother tech rep walked me through the installation of the BR-Script3 driver. (I recommend getting them on the phone and following their advice. They made the installation very straightforward.)

    What a HUGE difference in color performance! The BR-Script3 driver eliminates that washed-out look that I and others had been concerned about....more info
  • Expensive with poor color quality
    When my Brother Laser printer began to die I started looking for a suitable replacement. Like many of the reviewers, I read the numerous reviews on laser printers and finally decided on the Brother 4070 because it was on sale for a great price and I was able to find toner that had been discounted. When purchasing any printer one of my major concerns is the cost of ink. The printing industry is shameless when it comes to luring consumers with one of the oldest marketing scams in the book. They give you the printer relatively cheap, and kill you on supplies. The high-yield replacement toner for this printer cost over $400. The black print quality is average, and there is no draft or low quality setting. There is just normal print and high quality (of course the printer is set up this way to rapidly deplete the toner so that Brother can start charging you for the replacement toner.)

    The printer has a toner save mode, but I don't know how much of a difference this makes. The printer is fairly large so take into consideration your space requirements. I have worked with computers for quite some time and typical program installations are no big deal. The installation for this printer was extremely frustrating and cumbersome. The only way I was able to get it to work was to go into the custom settings.

    I have found that the reviewer comments concerning this printer are very accurate. The color print quality looks nothing like the demo you see in the stores. The color reproduction is so off that this printer cannot be used for the most basic quality printing. I had hoped that the color was not as bad as some of the reviewers stated, but it is horrible.

    The only reason I did not return this printer was because it was cheap (and I found a deal on the toner.) The printer also has duplex and wireless networking capability which was very important for my use. I use my inkjet for color printing so the color on this thing is not that important. On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the best, I would rate the build quality a 7. The black print quality a 3, since the printer has such limited options and It doesn't print envelopes very well. The duplexing and networking functions a 6. Vista network setup a 2 and Color print a 1. Overall I will give the printer a 3 rating.

    I would recommend this printer for someone who cost is no concern and doesn't care about accurate color print quality. I would not recommend this printer to anyone who is cost conscious, takes printing seriously, and color print reproduction is important.
    ...more info
  • Manufacturer technical support
    Brother HL-4070cdw Color Laser Printer with Built-In Duplex Printing and Wireless Interface

    Great price and service from Amazon - printer delivered on time as promised, however, the same cannot be said of Brother's customer support. Wireless interface would not install. Called Brother customer support, on hold for 45 minutes waiting for a representative to answer. He spent 45 minutes on the phone with me and was unable to assist with wirless LAN configuration. He arranged for a higher level of tech support to call me back after 5:30pm CST. They did not call me as arranged. I called Brother customer support back and waited another 45 minutes before they answered, only to be told that the tech support office that was supposed to call closed for business at 5:00pm. Pathetic service. I am told that technicians who can assist with this problem are available only during business hours, when people are working. They should offer tech support after regular business hours. I appears that I have made a mistake by switching from HP to Brother. I have a new printer that doesn't work, purchased from a company with customer support that cannot fix the problem....more info
  • Things I liked/Things I hated.
    We purchased a color laser printer last month to do limited mailings and brochures. After shopping around and reading reviews, I selected the Brother HL-4070CDW mainly because it was color, duplex ready, and cheap. I'm sorry to say that it hasn't lived up to my expectations.

    Things I liked.

    #1 Price $500 for a color laser with duplex and networking built in.

    Things I hated.

    #1 Consumables. Yes, the non-chipped cartridges have severe limitations over more expensive cartridges that have a microchip built in. When you print about 1700 pages with "highlight" color(less than 1% coverage on a page) the cartridges will register empty based on page count, not toner level.

    You may ask how do I know? I took my full set of empties to the local "Cartridge World" and had them weighed, and cracked open. The findings: From 3 sets of empties, I was able to combine the left over toner to overfill one set with sufficient toner remaining to maybe get half a charge again when those run out.

    These cartridges have an obvious mechanical limit to the page count, and will read empty while toner still is present. Just as a test, the guys from cartridge world did a mechanical reset on an empty cartridge to see if the printer was capable of detecting toner empty. Yes, once the empty (of toner), but mechanical sensor indicating full cartridge was installed it calibrated and was sensed as empty.

    Footnote: If you get a refilled cartridge it may have started life as a starter cartridge. We didn't test this scenario, but if it is a mechanical indicator your refilled starter cartridge may never get beyond 1200 pages before tripping the mechanical sensor.

    #2 Brother Support. 30 Minutes on the phone, and the person on the other end could not understand what I was talking about.

    Overall, Now that I have a cheaper avenue to cartridges. I'm going to keep the printer until the service contract expires and then trade it in on something different/better.

    Kevin Hrim is President of 916 Resources. He is an Oracle 10g Database Certified Master, Oracle Certified RAC Expert, and Oracle Certified Instructor.[...]...more info
  • Big RIP-OFF With the Toner!
    I know this review is going to be buried, but I hope that you see it. What nobody tells you about this printer is that the three color toner cartridges ALWAYS all go empty at the same time, no matter what you've actually used. So expect a sudden three hundred plus dollar expense every once in a while. And it's apparently by some page count or something rather than actual usage, because you can't get it to accept the ones that you know aren't empty. I barely use any color at all, but they're constantly empty and this printer ends up being extremely expensive because of it - a real rip off by Brother....more info
  • Not great print quality
    I returned this product after trying it for a couple weeks. The printed images were different than how they appeared on the computer monitor and also different than prinouts from higher quality professional printers. The colors were different and the level of gloss on the printed page was lacking. The page curling that was mentioned in other reviews was also an issue. Wireless networking and duplexing were great features. ...more info
  • Printer, Brother, + Service Center All Bad! Not Helpful.
    I bought this printer back in Feb. 2008 based on past reviews from others and the printer's great features. Little did I know that 5 months later the printer would fail and not print anymore with some "Print Unable" message. After talking to Brother, they sent me to a service center near by to get it fixed. This printer is sooo heavy (70 lbs.). I knew it was heavy but I never thought I would have to move it. At least not this soon. The service center fixed it so it would print and I brought it home. Next thing you know the printer started printing with a yellow background and soon thereafter the toner ran out. I hadn't even printed 100 pages yet in color so the toner running out totally disappointed me. Neither Brother nor the service center wanted to take responsibility of the yellow background. Now I have to buy a new yellow toner ($50) and see if everything works. More to come. BUT DON"T BUY THIS PRINTER. It failed, service from Brother was horrible, and the service center they recommended was uncooperative. Bad all around! ...more info
  • Gorgeous color
    This is a great printer, feels solid, and is fairly easy to use. It prints in gorgeous color and unlike my old inkjet, does not dry up if I only print in B&W for a few months (which sometimes happens). The duplexing is great... what a great feature!

    It is fairly quick, actually, with both color and black and white. I'm just a home user so I'm not exactly running up against deadlines but it sure beats my old printer.

    My only complaint is that I can't make the wireless work with my Mac. I'm a smart person & work with computers a lot. I ended up connecting it to my wireless router but I cannot make it connect directly from the printer to my computer. That is a bit disappointing. ...more info
  • Flawless
    1st day out of the box, installed as network printer in 10 minutes and printed out 500+ pages without a hiccup. Awesome!

    This was our 1st color laser so we were skeptical. However shortly after the quick simple install, sent over page after page totaling more than 500 pages. I ended up ordering a backup supply of toners (all colors). Color quality was excellent.

    For the price we were happy especially having a built in duplex and wifi. You get a lot with this little printer....more info
  • Excellent Printer
    This was the easiest printer I have ever set up in my 25 years of using printers. Every printer should work this way. I set it up for a small company to work with both Windows XP and Mac OS X clients - both wired and wireless. It was a breeze. The duplex printing is great. The color printouts are really useful. It is not an ink jet so it is not great at photos (no gradients) but great for presentations and images look good but not smooth like a photo. Would buy again. Highly recommended....more info
  • Printer Rocks!
    I purchased the HL-4070cdw from Amazon and it arrived the next day in great condition, It is smaller than equally equipped competitors and it works great with both PC and MACs....more info
  • Great Value
    The Brother HL-4070 CDW may be priced higher than inkjet printers, but it certainly costs less. Pages come out quick with crisp text and images. No more wasted paper. The extended toner life vs ink cartridges means that I'll have recouped my cost in a year. Furthermore I get the advantage of auto-duplex and a wireless interface which lets me stay "connected" to the printer, even when I take my laptop out to the patio.
    The set-up is not entirely intuitive, as the printer is not plug and play ready. However, the set-up instructions are easy enough to follow....more info
  • Very Nice Color Printer
    I can highly recommend this color printer. I have had it a little over a month. It is set up wirelessly. I have four computers in the house (2 PC and 2 MAC's). All are able to print seamlessly. The colors are a bit muted. They are no where near as vibrant as they show on my monitor. However, there are some color correction settings that I'd like to play with on the printer itself in addition to color setting inside the programs like PhotoShop. If I find that these settings help (particularly the ones on the printer) I will post an update.

    All in all...if you're looking for a reasonably priced color laser printer that is wireless to boot, you can't go wrong here. Space isn't an issue...since its wireless, you could literally put it in a closet somewhere so long as you have a electrical outlet. If you are a designer or someone who needs precise color matching...this probably isn't the printer for you as you'll more than likely be disappointed....more info
  • Excellent Budget Color Laser
    This printer is pretty simple to set up and get running. I use it for in-house sales materials and some packaging inserts, and it serves this purpose wonderfully. The colors can come out a little muted, so I'd still stick to an inkjet for comping purposes and I still use a commercial printer for high volume branded collateral, but for in house operations, simple presentation handouts and basic color printing, You can easily pay for one of these yourself after a few trips to the local copy place, and it performs exceptionally well for the price. I especially favor the duplex printing, which is why I went with this model over the other Brother offering in this class. I also like the fact that you can network it wire-free, but I must admit that I have mine set up through USB.

    For the price, I'd say it's a good in-house performer.

    Can be a little loud, but not a huge biggie unless it's set up in a customer service area where phone conversation is taking place....more info
  • It's good but has problems
    I took delivery of this product last March. It took much effort to configure it for wireless operation - it was far from an intuitive process and required reading and rereading instructions and trying out various options.
    But an insurmountable problem has been duplex printing. It now doesn't, after a promising start. The printer now gives an error message each and every attempt at duplexing. No fix seems to work.

    But the worst of this is one cannot get a response from the manufacturer about how to solve this problem. Brother Inc. don't respond to enquiries.

    On that basis I have to say this product is unsatisfactory. I'm glad others have had much better luck....more info
  • brother HL-4070cdw
    Very easy to install on the wireless network, the whole process took 10 minutes. Provides great color quality, and easy to operate....more info
  • Just What I Need
    I shopped extensively to find a duplex/wireless color laser printer and had decided on the Brother HL-4070CDW about a year ago. It had all the features I need but it was still at the high end of what I was willing to pay. I continued shopping and watching. Brother finally offered an 'Instant Rebate' and I was all over this printer. Although it hasn't had a proper workout yet, the pages I printed as a test, both black text and color photos came out magnificent. The set-up was simple and quick. So far, I'm extremely satisfied with this printer and expect it will perform well for it's intended use....more info
  • Print Quality Versus Supply Cost
    I have been using the Brother HL-4070 for a few months. It is very easy to operate and does duplex well even though it is slow when in the duplex mode. I have been satisfied with the print quality and the speed at which it prints. This is the best printer I have owned for my home office use with one exception. I'll explain that in as much detail as I can.

    I rated it two stars because there must be some kind of flaw in the toner cartridges. They are very expensive and to replace the toner cartridges will cost you as much as the printer cost. I wouldn't be upset about that if I got the yield from the cartridges that I am suppose to get. The only thing I can figure out is the toner counts the pages that print no matter how much toner is used. I say this because all the color cartridges run out at the same time. It is not possible that I use the exact same amount of color for each copy I produce since I am printing different items with different color requirements. My color cartridge cost is now around $1,000 since January. This is twice what I spent the entire year previously with the HP printer I replace with this printer.

    Overall I am dissatisfied with the performance of the printer since it cost me so much to operate. I am currently contemplating replacing this printer with another HP Color Laser since the operational cost of supply usage will be less.

    Good luck to all of you who had glowing things to say about the printer. I too, like the printer but the cost of operation is unmanageable. Therefore, I cannot recommend the printer....more info
  • Brother Color Price & Service!
    Hewlett Packard look out. I don't understand why HP printers have the market share that they do. My HP 3030 laser dies last year, still under warranty. It needed a new motherboard.

    This Brother Color Laser is EXCELLENT! Easy install, nice software piece to configure and came right up with hard wired and wireless devices. EXCELLENT Quality and SUPER PRICE!

    Highly Recommend!
    ...more info
  • Great Wireless Option
    This printer was easy to set up and works well for our small office. It prints fast, quality pages. ...more info
  • A Perfect Color Laser for the Price
    Purchased the Brother HL-4070cdw a few months ago from Amazon. I read all the reviews here, so there really weren't any surprises. Skip this one if you need high quality color work. You can adjust quite a lot, but colors still seem a bit washed out even for a laser. The paper curling has not been a problem with 24lb stock. Works great with the Mac. Even got wireless working using the home router. I doubt you can find a better color laser for the bucks. Very satisfied....more info
  • Good value
    Set up was easy and, this model is a good value. The printer jams when duplex-printing on heavier weight paper. Printing on one side works okay. ...more info
  • Great Product for the Price
    I was looking for a printer that would suit the following needs:
    Affordable Color Laser Printer
    Duplex Printing
    USB Port for flash drives
    Low cost replacement cartridges

    This printer serves all of these as well as prints a very nice picture. It may not be "photo quality" but for the types of flyers/etc. I am printing for my business, it looks as good as our much more expensive Ricoh printer. I'm very satisfied with the purchase....more info
  • Nice Printer - Networking Works Great And The Duplexing Is Flawless
    Brother HL-4070CDW Color Laser Printer with Built-In Duplex Printing and Wireless Interface

    I had been wanting to get a color laser printer for awhile then I got some funds and searched for color laser printers. I had the mono printer by brother and so I thought I would purchase another. I found this printer listed here in march for $299.99 so I purchased it. It worked for 3 prints then I kept getting the Replace The Waste Toner Box. I called support which they told me some things to try. No Luck. They then schedualed me for a service call which the next day a service tech (Not Brothers Own Tech But A Pitney Bowes Tech That Did Not Normally Work On These Printers) which he arrived around 10am and had the diagram of the printer. Brother was to ship a few parts which was to arrive by 11am. The tech tried numerous things. Took the printer apart and put it together again. Around 1pm the parts still had not arrived but they did arrive and the tech replaced the parts adn it was working by 5pm. It was not a defective part that caused the problem but just a loose wire that was not detected. Otherwise it works great. I just wish the replacement Toner, Drum & Waste Toner Box were not that expensive. But that's the way all printer manufacturers operate. Sell the printer cheap and rob us on the supplies...more info
  • Pricing at Amazon?? $329 or $520?
    This product was $329 last night and is now $520 .. phoned Amazon and the CSR said she couldn't do anything about it. The market price (i.e. B&H Photo) is $329, so I guess I'll buy there or local. Get your pricing straight, Amazon!...more info
  • Great printer, great price!
    We got this as a second/backup ptinter. It works great! Especially like the duplex feature. Saves a lot of paper. Doesn't have quite the vivid colors that our large HP color laser printer does, but for the price, the Brother can't be beat....more info
  • Great Printer
    Can you fall in love with a printer? I love this printer, it's not perfect but for the price it's the best one that I've had, and I've used a bunch. I've been in the graphics/print business for 20 years and except for the HP laserjets of the early 90's this is the best (wouldn't touch an HP now). I don't use it for finished art but it's great for every day uses-- what do you expect for under $400?
    Easy to use, works flawlessly with my Mac network
    Prints everything I've thrown at it without memory upgrade
    Even prints small envelopes
    Wireless setup was easy once you figure it out
    Interface is easy (this from a Mac user)
    Toner cartridges aren't outrageously expensive

    Color is not great
    Curling paper is not an issue for me since I send everything to my printer (or independent quick printer) for finished product. (the new $100,000 Xerox printers are amazing and I think I'll let someone else pay for that!)

    Overall: Great Value. I would purchase again....more info
  • Real surprised, and easy toner solution
    Update 12/08 Google "hl-4070cdw toner cartridge empty page count" for articles on how to go way beyond when the toner low indicator stops you from printing - easy fix that makes this printer far more cheap to keep. Many have reported going 500-1000 pages beyond when the printer stopped them, bringing you price per page way down. This removes the majority of the complaints people. It's a pity you need to do it, but it's not something that will come up often. As one of the entries in one of the articles explains, because of how the Brother handles residual waste toner there will likely be a point where the background will start to get cloudy because a cartridge has too high a mix of waste and new toner, but that is way beyond when Brother would have had you replace a good cartridge.

    Also, dittos to those suggesting going under the the advanced settings in the printer drivers to chnage the color mode to vivid or auto. This eliminates the washed out look you sometimes have with colors.

    After a couple of years of sitting on the fence about an inexpensive color laser, never quite able to pull the trigger because of print quality issues, speed, and general cost of printing (vs. cheap aftermarket ink for my excellent Canon inkjets, which made them quite affordable to use), I saw all the other reviews here, did some other on-line research, and jumped in.

    I heard some say it was difficult to set up. I got an IP address set in it with barely looking at the instructions, got the software loaded, set the defaults to the high resolution mode, and got the surprise of my life. Beautiful color pictures spewed out at very high speeds. Printing on plain paper, some of the same hi-res photo images I've printed on photo stock looked quite good. Obviously on plain paper they lost something, and if you looked closely the resolution wasn't quite there compared to my Canons, but this far surpassed anything I expected to see out of a cheap color laser.

    Next up were some manufacturers brochures that were tough to print on the inkjet because they were almost full coverage dark ink, which caused curling and other problems on the inkjet with so much ink laid down. It blew through those as well, duplexed, and looked dynamite. Sure the duplexer slows the printer down just like every other duplex laser, but it beats the hell out of reversing it by hand, possibly getting front and backs out of synch, etc. Even with duplexing overall speed was many times faster than the inkjets.

    The curling problem others reported was barely noticeable, but then I print everything on 24lb stock, which surely helps.

    I've been in networking about twenty years and over that time have known Brother products to be kind of cheap and junky. I heard this was quite a departure for them and have to add my vote praise this printer to the heavens. To get duplexing and wireless in such an inexpensive printer is surprising enough, but that it actually prints high quality and high speed too is just incredible. They definitely raised the bar a few notches. Let's see how it holds up and how the consumables work out. ...more info
  • Great printer
    I got a great deal a few weeks ago when this printer was on sale at Amazon and had free shipping. I did a lot of research, and this printer was at the top of my list to replace my "old" Epson inkjet. I was tired of endless nozzle clog problems and the cost per page of ink.

    The Brother HL-4070CDW has been excellent so far. I'm impressed. It's very fast, coming out of sleep mode and printing a page in about 37 seconds. Subsequent pages seem almost instant. I had no problem setting up the wireless security using the LCD, although it's a little tedious. I love the wireless operation and duplex printing.

    Print quality is very good on graphics and good on photos. Photos are not quite as good as inkjet on glossy paper, but quite acceptable for home use. I'd say they are about like very high-quality magazine photos. It helps to make sure you pick Fine resolution and Vivid color on the Advanced tab of printing preferences. There is also a color calibration option, which I haven't tried....more info
  • One of the best deals ever
    Well, I have to say, I'm not sure what some of the reviewers before me are complaining about, with print quality and cumbersome setup and so on. The print quality is fantastic, both in mono and colour. As for setup, from start (unpacking it from the box) to finish (getting it working wirelessly on my LAN), it took me about 10 minutes. I'm pretty handy with computers and tech things and such, but still--the setup seemed pretty straightforward to me as long as you're fairly competent. If your tech level is very low, you might need a call to Brother to help you figure it out. The one thing that threw me slightly was that I thought the toner cartridges would "snap" into place. They don't...they just sit there. Oooo....

    Oh, and as for the main complaints about the printer (namely curling paper, not being able to print after the toner hits a certain number of prints, and color print quality):

    As for the curling paper, that's NOT A PRINTER ISSUE. ALL printers curl paper to some degree unless you have a straight-path printer. If you're experiencing curl, it's the PAPER, not the PRINTER. I didn't experience any curl on this printer, using regular multipurpose paper. DO NOT use inkjet paper. It says so in the manual!

    And as for the toner running out--yes, that's an annoyance that Brother put in there to try to make you buy toner quicker. Fine. Shame on you, Brother! Now, people, quit complaining about it and just fix it. There are plenty of links out there explaining how to get around the arbitrary print limit. One method is to use electrical tape to cover the sensor hole; another method is to enter a series of hidden menus and change some settings.

    I guess if you're not willing to look up the solution on Google....then yes, the printer sucks, it's horrible. One star rating, right?! Fine--you go buy another printer, while I enjoy my awesome wireless duplexing colour laser printer after spending 60 seconds of my precious time fixing this one little issue :)

    And finally, the colour printing quality: IT'S FINE! If you're looking to print professional, press-quality graphics that have to pass papal inspection, then perhaps it might be SLIGHTLY less than desired. If that's the case, you should be taking your work to a professional printer with a $10,000 Xerox Phaser. But for good, solid, all-around quality color graphics, this thing is FINE. If anything, just go tweak the settings. You can make the colours more vivid (general settings), or you can go deeper and tweak the brightness, saturation, and so on (specific settings). How anyone can say the colours are terrible is beyond me.

    I got this in Canada for CAN$319 plus 13% tax, free shipping. This is an incredible steal for a wireless, duplexing, colour laser printer like this. Come on, people! I can't understand how anyone could possibly rate this lower than 4 stars....more info
  • Maybe mine was Defective
    After all the wonderful reviews, I felt confident on buying this printer. Out of the box, the colors were horrible and faded. The red printed pink, the yellow printed green. Also, connecting to the network took a day. I had the printer connected about 12 feet from my desk and wireless did not pick up. Anyhow, I am in the graphics business, and needed something with good vibrant colors. This was not the case by far. But it might be that mine was defective because the colors were just totally off and I printed a file at the one on display at Staples and the colors were right on that printer. I did the suggested calibration, but the registry colors were totally off. By the way, it did not curl the tip of the page like some other users stated.

    I am thankful to Amazon that they let me return the machine.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Printer
    We bought this printer for a home office and are extremely happy with it. We wanted to upgrade from a black & white laserjet to a color laser printer. After research and reading numerous reviews, we settled on this printer. The price on Amazon was amazing and enabled us to get the duplex, wireless model for the same price as the base model. The curling of the paper mentioned in other reviews is minor and not a problem; neither is the noise level of the fan - the printer is right next to us and we can have phone conversations with no problems. The printer was easy to setup and use, and is fast; the color is fine. The one item we had to change was to establish a static IP address for the printer, since we turn the printer off every night. Otherwise, after startup the next day, a request to print would knock the PCs off the internet. ...more info
  • I really like my printer
    I held off for so many years on buying a laser printer. But last year my wife started bugging me about all the printing of black and white text documents that she likes to do. The print cartridges were becoming ridiculously priced. (IMHO) I saw a Brother B/W laser printer for $119 at Officemax and we've been using it for going on two years with ZERO complications. When I got the chance to buy the color laser on sale I took a chance and have been very happy for over 6 months now. Good things: It's COLOR! and it always makes perfect prints for what I need---it uses dry toner, not ink, so there is never any "dried-out, jets blocked up problems". It's wireless, and the software worked perfectly first time with both my Mac and my PC. Glorious!

    The negative aspects for some people might be: It weighs 70 pounds (I never move it, and being wireless, it can sit anywhere), it uses serious electricity for the heaters when printing so you need a good 15 amp line, some people think it's noisy when printing (silent when in standby). And maybe the color qualities don't suit them---- the color is very good, but not "presentation-hang-on-the-wall-in-a-museum" quality. It was never advertised as such. None of this bothers me, it's a great trade off for the performance. Does everything I want every time, and never says "maybe"! I paid just under $400 with tax, again at Officemax, and I'm sold on Brother products. ...more info
  • Excellent Printer So Far
    I've had this printer for a few weeks so I cannot comment on ink usage or long-term relability but I can say that it has been excellent. The wireless setup was easy and the print quality is great. I recommend getting a premium laser paper as the text and grapics will look brighter and sharper. This will not print pictures as good as a photo printer but I don't really care about that. If you want excellent text and graphics at a great price, go for this printer. ...more info