Schumacher IP-125 Instant Power Jump Starter With 12 Amp Hour Battery
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Product Description

Schumacher Mity Mite Instant Power Battery Charger 12 Amp Hour Battery Compact & Lightweight Easy To Read Battery Status Leds Sure Grip Copper Jaw 200 Amp Plastic Clamps No. 8 Gauge 18 Cable Stays Flexible In Cold Temperatures Charging And Charged Led Indicator Storage Mounts On The Back Of Unit All items sold new in original packaging

  • Lightweight, compact, 12 amp hour, portable power source
  • Eight-gauge, 18" cables stay flexible in the coldest temperatures, and are kept safely in place on rear storage mounts
  • LED indicators easily monitor charging of the internal battery
  • LED's indicate when internal battery is full power, 75% charged, or 50% or less
  • Sure-grip, copper jaw, 200 amp, plastic clamps for connecting to top and side post batteries

Customer Reviews:

  • A great product
    I have used this for five months now. I love this little battery. It hold a lot of power and starts my car easily when the battery is run down. The price was great and it is easy to recharge. I took the advise of another reviewer and us a computer cord to recharge. That is the only thing I wish were different. I wish it had its own power cord....more info
  • Small in size, Great in Peformance
    Starting from the shipping, it was fast and in as-is condition as on the add. I used this little starter may be more than 5 times in the last couple of months and it works like a champ, my car starts within 15 seconds of charging it. So, I really recommend this product for others, and I am thinking to have one for my sis as well....more info
  • Imperfect design
    Extremely compact and well "branded."

    The clamp handles touch one another, making their release awkward. (This can be overcome by clipping one higher than the other on the case.)

    Two problems with the plug prongs. A larger cutout on the case end would permit the use of a wider range of extension cords. (The earlier comment about a computer power cord is excellent.) The prongs are slightly loose and move inward, so that the connection with the cord is marginal....more info
  • Worked when it needed to
    I had to use it twice so far and both times it started my Jeep Grand Cherokee without any problems....more info
  • havent used yet
    Seems pretty good. It's pretty small, and you need an extension cord if you want to plug it in. I ended up putting a 3 prong to 2 prong adapter on it, because the end of my extension cord couldn't fit in the little recessed area that has the 2 prongs. But the lights light up telling you what it's doing, and i have some piece of mind that I can jump start my heart if i ever accidentally drain it. Also, i kept it unplugged for a month, and i think that it kept its full charge.
    ...more info
  • One of the best jump starters out there
    I own 3 of these, and I've bought 5 of them because I've given away two others.

    What I really like about this unit are two things. First, you can turn the power off which can prevent accidents. Second, to charge it all you need is an extension cord. I love this because I had two other chargers and I had to have their specific wall plugs to charge them up, I have a LOT of wall chargers and they get lost or you can't remember which one goes to which. With the wall plug is it easy, you can charge it anywhere anyplace. Get a $1.99 computer cord and you can juice it up anywhere....more info
  • Nice insurance.
    I like the compact and lightweight features of this unit. It has enough power to start a car with very low charge. However, it only has enough juice for 1 or 2 attempts of starting the vehicle. Maybe I have to recharge the unit a few more times to get peak performance.

    One gripe is that there is no cord to an outlet. You have to provide an extension cord to charge the unit. Make sure it's a heavy gauge cord too....more info