6 to 60 mm adjustable Lens for CCTV security camera with AUTO IRIS DC LA660D 1BT
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Product Description

This is an auto-iris lens (DC Drive) with a manual focal length control. The vari-focal length adjusts from 6 60mm. This range allows a fast and easy selection of a desirable angle of view. For instance, the angle of view of a camera with a 1/3 sensor can be adjusted from 50 to about 5 degree, suitable for cashier's station, entry door for clear detail views. Varifocal lens will give you flexibility in adjustable field of view, offer maximum flexibility in camera installations. Focal length can be adjusted by a turn of the dial. Auto-Iris Lenses are designed for outdoor use or any applications with variable lighting conditions.

  • 1/3 Inch Format
  • CS Mount Type; DC Drive Auto Iris Type
  • 6 mm Min. Focal Length
  • 60 mm Max. Focal Length
  • 50~5 View Angle; 1.6 F Aperture