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OEM Original Blackberry Stereo Headset with On/off Button (Hdw-13019) for RIM Blackberry PDA Smartphone 6210, 6230, 7230, 7210, 6280, 7280, 7510, 7100, 7105, 7290, 7520, 7250, 7100i, 7130, 8700, 7100g
List Price: $14.95

Our Price: $0.85

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Product Description

This is an excellent stereo headset designed for convenient use with BlackBerry cellphones. Comfortable earbud design with in-line microphone makes listening and speaking extremely easy. No power required for use so it can be used virtually anytime and anywhere.

  • Brand New Original BlackBerry Accessories. Model number: HDW-13019
  • It mutes the music, and operates in mono sound during a call. Music resumes in stereo when call is e
  • Sleek ear-bud headset design fits snugly into the outer ear. Adjustable neck loop helps keep the cor
  • Molded audio adapter is integrated in-line, to eliminate static connections.
  • Send & End button can also initiate Voice-dial on voice-dial equipped cell phone models.

Customer Reviews:

  • Fine for music, TERRIBLE for calls
    I ordered three of these from SF Planet for my Blackberry 8700, knowing from previous experience with Blackberry headsets that they tend to break down after a few months (i.e. one side stops working, starts to echo, etc.)

    Well I've tested them and ALL THREE produce an unmistakable echo. While this headset is in use, the person you are talking to will hear an echo of their own voice on their end, and when it is unplugged, the echo goes away. I have tried this with a number of different people and none of them can talk to me while I use the headset because of the annoying echo.

    Sound quality for listening to music was fine, with no echo, but since this is a headset with a mic, being able to talk with it is pretty important.

    I don't know if everyone will have this same experience, or if any of the stereo headset alternatives are any better, but this one definitely did not work for me when it came to making calls....more info
  • OEM Blackberry Headset
    Product works well for use as a stereo headset for listening to music or podcasts as well as to speak on the phone. Light and convenient to carry. Sound is good too....more info
  • NOT Compatible for blackberry pearl 8100
    I ordered it for my boyfriend (the one he had now was acting up). lo and behold, it didn't fit. Please remove that its compatible to 8100, it's not true, and now I'm stuck with an product not needed....more info
  • Hands Free Almost For Free
    Although this is a wired earpiece, you cannot beat the functionality for the price. Some wireless bluetooth earpieces do not work well with some phones. This is the best alternative. If you can deal with the wires and you want a great hands free stereo earpiece at a great price, this is for you. Also, because it has an earpiece for both ears, I find that it works very well for loud vehicles like Jeep Wranglers and convertibles. It also allows you to listen to mp3s on your phone if you have that ability....more info
  • Great for the price!
    Not the Bose or Sony quality, but great for the price paid. Music sounds fine and talk quality is okay. ...more info
  • Very good for the price.
    I bought this headset for my 8830 primarily for listening to music. For the price, the sound is definitely not the best quality but liveable. I've actually had to use it a few times when calls came in while listening to the music. The caller's voice came in load and clear thanks to having two speakers working at the same time. According to the callers, my voice came in clearly as well. The only complaint that I've heard from the callers had to do with wind noise, which is normal for almost any headsets out in the market. Other than that, there's really nothing else wrong with this headset. For the price, I'm not too worried about losing it. ...more info
  • top quality, can't believe the price
    I bought an off-brand one of these last year for $30 and this one is way better. I bought several and they are great....more info