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Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind-and-Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker, Brushed Chrome/Black
List Price: $365.00

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Product Description

Cuisinart Brushed Chrome Fully Automatic 12 Cup Grind & Brew Thermal Coffeemaker With Burr Grinder - Cuisinart DGB-900BC

  • 24-hour fully programmable coffeemaker with 12-cup capacity
  • Double-wall insulated thermal carafe; built-in automatic burr grinder
  • Strength selector and grind control fine-tune intensity and volume
  • 8-ounce bean hopper; auto shutoff; water filter; brew-pause function
  • Measures 10-2/3 by 8-4/9 by 16-1/4 inches; 3-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • ready to throw it out the window, glogs all the time
    I bought this about 9 months ago to replace a Capresso grind and brew combo I'd had for about 7 years. I was delighted that my inlaws had an easier time working it and I didn't have to remind them how to use it. They never could remember the swinging filter part. But now
    I'm ready to throw this one out the window!!!!!
    It clogs 2 to 4 times a month. and is very hard to clean out once it does. It's a real kink in my schedule....more info
  • What a Pain!
    We had a cuisinart grind and brew until it finally gave out, so we ordered the "new and Improved" larger one just a couple of weeks ago. As far as I am concerned, it is far more complex than it needs to be and complicated to put together. The other one was easy to get the coffee ready to make, this one, certain arrows have to be lined up, the coffee "chute" has to be cleaned out, which we found out by the coffee maker not working one morning! it wouldn't grind the coffee and we ended up with hot colored water, then we finally read where the coffee chute has to be cleaned out every week, the coffee grounds gets jammed in the chute and actually has to be dug out with some sort of instrument! To me it is just too complicated and a pain!...more info
  • Cuisinart 12 cup Grind and Brew Thermal Carafe Coffeepot
    Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind-and-Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker, Brushed Chrome/Black We love this coffeepot. We bought it to replace our old dome shaped CuisinartT Coffeemaker . This unit is alot quieter, more features that make coffeemaking easier. The filter section is great, it automatically sets itself if you don't have it lined up right and the bean holder is great, alot cleaner. Once you watch the DVD it's a cinch to use. The thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for hours and the strength settings -mild, medium and strong are wonderful.We have mainly set it @ mild or medium, both give you a great bodied coffee,such easy cleanup and a great price value @ Amazon....more info
  • The Best ever!
    I love everything about this coffee maker! It is super easy to use and clean, and the coffee stays hot for a few hours. The programming is easy and the small cup amount works great. I usually make 4 cups at a time & the grinding and brewing takes about 15 minutes total. I love how you can adjust the grind for the number of cups and the strength (mild, medium, and strong). The grinder is a bit loud, about the same as a blender, but it doesn't take very long to grind, so it really doesn't bother me. It pours a bit slow, and my only complaint would be that the way the carafe is made it's hard to get every last drop out of the pot. I usually take the lid off at the end of the pot and tip it nearly upside down to get the last bit. It doesn't really bother me that much. I really like that it came with a cd that tells how to use it and shows how to clean it. As a visual learner, it was nice to watch the 20 minute video and know everything I need to about it. It also has the standard written directions for those who prefer that.
    This is such a great coffee maker and I love everything about it, and even the small inconveniences are not enough for me to dislike it. I would highly recommend this coffee maker/grinder to everyone who is looking for a new one. ...more info
  • A wonderful way to start your day!
    We love this coffee grinder/brewer. The only thing we don't like is the way it stops up between the grinder and the basket and has to be cleared pretty much after each use. But, it does make a great cup of fresh coffee....more info
  • This model solves the problems of the earlier grind-and-brew
    I had the older 10-cup version for years. I bought it when it came out and I loved it. What I didn't like was the cleanup. The grinder got wet from steam hitting the filter basket, and washing it every day was a chore with a sponge and detergent. The coffee was great. You controlled the strength by how many beans you put into the grinder. But still, it wasn't that convenient. The grinder, itself is like a spice mill, using a blade to chop the beans. This isn't the optimum way to extract flavor.

    The New Grind-and-Brew 12-cup coffee maker is a vast improvement. Whole beans are stored in a compartment on top of the machine (about 1/2 pound). A burr grinder (crushes rather than chops) goes into action to grind just the right amount of beans into the filter basket. All you have to do is add water, set the number of cups you want, set the strength, and press the "on" button. It really is that easy and the coffee is great.

    This machine is more expensive than its older, smallter brother. But the automation is worth the difference, in my opinion. The only drawback I have found is that the stainless steel thermal carafe pours the coffee very slowly. It takes a while to fill a cup. Also, because this is a thermal carafe, it is a good idea to rinse it just before use with very hot water. This will prevent the coffee from being cooled by the carafe.

    Given the price, this is a coffee maker for people who really value good coffee. The engineering is flawless. Every detail has been worked out to deliver the best possible cup of coffee. Is it worth the price? Absolutely! This is a five star product....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    Four months after purchase the filter holder door will not stay in place. The door constantly opens when the motor is moving the filter cover. At least once a week the chute door does not open and no grinds make it to the filter basket. There are no adjustments for grind, only for the amount (which never seems to change.) The grind is very course and I find I use more beans than when I ground in a grinder with a finer grind and used a conventional coffee maker. I do however like the idea of the thermal decanter....more info
  • Great Coffee - When It Works
    I paid $200 for this machine from Cuisinart in September. For that amount of money, I expected it to not only brew my coffee perfectly but to work perfectly every time I used it. I am very disappointed. In addition to the drawbacks mentioned by other users, the brew basket door does not close half the time. Customer service claims this is because there is ground coffee buildup and that the steam pops the door open. There is no ground coffee buildup because I clean it religiously per the manual and the door pops open whether coffee is being brewed or not. It also appears that the grinder is beginning to malfunction. I have sent it in for repair, but my experience with the product and with Cuisinart's lousy customer service will prevent me from every owning another Cuisinart coffee grinder/maker....more info
  • Bill
    Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind-and-Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker, Brushed Chrome/BlackUse of this product is more trouble than its worth. After making the coffee, you then need not only empty the filter but wash it. The piece that goes over the filter also needs to be washed. The coffee is warm but not hot. When it is grinding the beans, you end up coffee grounds in your coffee. Knowin g what I know now I would have never purchased this product. We have went back to our other coffee maker. This coffee maker now sitd boxed up due to the problems associated with it. ...more info
  • never comes out hot
    i really liked the machine, but no matter what i tried, the coffee will not come out hot. there should be a temperature control. i returned it twice. going to try something else...more info
  • dont buy this machine!
    Both my mother and I bought this unit thinking it would be an upgrade fromt the first grind and brew that we had. Initially it was an easier machine to use and to clean. Then after about 10 days the fun and games began.
    This machine requires that you line up arrows on the basket piece to ensure the ground coffee falls into the basket. It was hard to see this first thing in the morning with out glassses so I marked the arrows with some nail polish which stayed put and worked well. However the actual vibration from the grinder causes the lower pieces to move and the holes are no longer lined up. This causes the ground coffee not to fall into the basket but to back up into the grinder area and you land up with weak coffee or hot water. It also means you have a very messy job of cleaning out the hard to get at grinder. I started to grind the coffee the night before to ensure that the coffee had actually fallen into the basket and then turned the grinder off and programed it to come on in the morning . This rather defeated the entire purpose of being able to set the coffee grinder to grind the coffee just before the coffee was made.

    To make a long story short within 3 weeks of playing around with this machine the grinder just stopped working so I am taking it back. In my Moms case within 2 weeks the locking mechanism for the cofee bean dispenser would no longer lock and she took hers back.

    Coffee is a wonderful luxury in the morning for me but it just has to be really good coffee, and the machine I use has to be easy to make, easy to clean and reliable. I get really cranky if my cofee marker fails to make me good strong coffee. So I am going back to a grinder and a separate programable 12 cup coffee maker. Life needs to be simple for me and this machine was a huge pain. Seems to me that cuisinart tends to put out machines without a lot of testing though so I am not sure it will be the brand of choice next time around ...more info
  • Great coffee!!!!
    This coffee maker is wonderful. Cleaning the hopper/grinder area is MUCH easier than the reviews make it sound. It did seem to use a lot more beans than I was used to, but very much worth it for the taste. ...more info
  • Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind and Brew Thermal Coffee Maker
    This coffee maker is awesome, and very elegant on the kitchen counter.
    No mess, great tasting coffee.
    I receive mine with a door lock problem, so I had to return....more info
    We purchased this Cusinart Grind & Brew on 11/20/2008 & the Grinding Mechanism stopped working on 12/21/2008!!
    I called Cusinart this morning to see how quickly they will replace it, they are sending me a new part (the clear basket where beans sit) which they feel is the problem. We'll see. Two mornings now without coffee! :(

  • High Class Coffee
    Great coffee maker. All the features you'd want. Only drawbacks- No power light after brewing is done to confirm completion. Suspect this is because of thermal carafe. Thermal carafe is great but doesn't keep coffee as hot and for as long as I would have expected (or liked). Burr grind is fabulous....more info
  • Too much coffee?
    I purchased this coffee maker around Christmas and was a little concerned over the prior reviews that stated it uses too much coffee. The chemist in me had to do the experiment.

    A standard issue coffee from Starbucks was ground to a standard medium grind for coffee makers of this type. The coffee was measured on a 1 gram precision scale according to the specification on the Starbucks coffee bag (2Tbs per 6oz cup) to make 6 cups of coffee. The coffee grinds weighed to be 54 grams. The same coffee beans from the same bag were ground in the coffee maker set to 6 cups and strong. The coffee grinds were then measured on the same scale and wouldn't you was exactly 54 grams.

    For my coffee beans this machine on the 6 cup setting produced the following:

    Strong = 9 grams (2Tbs) of coffee per cup of water
    Medium = 8 grams (about - 1 3/4Tbs) of coffee per cup of water
    Mild = 7 grams (about - 1 1/2Tbs) of coffee per cup of water

    I can't imagine that one couldn't find a setting to their liking when you consider you have increments of 2 cups with 3 settings (strong, medium and mild) each....more info
  • A wonderful way to start your day!
    We love this coffee grinder/brewer. The only thing we don't like is the way it stops up between the grinder and the basket and has to be cleared pretty much after each use. But, it does make a great cup of fresh coffee....more info
    Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind-and-Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker, Brushed Chrome/Black

  • ready to throw it out the window, glogs all the time
    I bought this about 9 months ago to replace a Capresso grind and brew combo I'd had for about 7 years. I was delighted that my inlaws had an easier time working it and I didn't have to remind them how to use it. They never could remember the swinging filter part. But now
    I'm ready to throw this one out the window!!!!!
    It clogs 2 to 4 times a month. and is very hard to clean out once it does. It's a real kink in my schedule....more info
  • Forget the details - it's all about the coffee
    Over the last 20 years I've always used Braun coffee makers and was given this fully-loaded Cuisinart DGB-900BC for Christmas. Needless to say I love the way Braun makes coffee. Today I returned the Cuisinart to Macys because no matter what combination of settings I tried this Cuisinart made what I consider to be terrible tasting coffee. I'll explain.

    Normally I make "4" cups for myself which is about 2 mugs. With the Braun I always use 4 Braun scoops of finely ground coffee and a paper cone filter and get wonderfully flavorful hot coffee. To make '4" cups with this Cuisinart I found it necessary to dial in the strong setting + set the brew size to 6 cups but use only 4 units of water. I checked, and the 6 strong cups setting produced the equivalent of 4 Braun scoops of coffee from the Cuisinart's grinder. The Cuisinart doesn't use a cone filter but rather a conventional pleated filter so that's a variable I couldn't adjust for.

    So even after calibrating the Cuisinart to bump up the amount of grind in the pot this machine ALWAYS made weak bitter coffee that was NEVER hot. I believe that the brewing water is not hot enough to extract the complex flavor from the grind and that the grind may also be slightly too coarse. BTW an insert in the manual says for really hot coffee to preheat the carafe with hot water before brewing, but how can you do that when the timer starts the brew cycle automatically? Curiously, even though this has is a thermal carafe, Cuisinart engineers added a warming element which (theoretically) gives a shot of heat to the stainless steel carafe. But since the carafe is double wall with an air gap, the heating the outside of the carafe is virtually useless for preheat the inside of the carafe!

    There are numerous DESIGN FLAWS with this machine which I would be willing to overlook if the brew was at least as good as a Braun. Take for example a stupid carafe design whereby to get the last 2 cups out the lid must be removed AND the carafe has to be turned on it's head. Speaking of carafe lid, pouring a cuppa takes FOREVER as the spout has a tiny opening letting out a very weak stream which was presumably designed this way to keep the heat inside the carafe from escaping. Or the very important alignment arrow on the brew basket lid which MUST be lined up for the machine to work but the black arrow on the black plastic is virtually impossible to see without a bright overhead light. Or a water fill gauge only on the right side so that when pouring into the reservoir with your right hand you have to twist your neck to see around the vessel from which you are pouring (Braun has 2 gauges). Or even the 'sticky' feet which presumably make the machine more quiet when grinding and prevents it from walking across the counter but which means you can't simply drag it forward to fill. No no, this heavy machine must be lifted to be repositioned. And the bizarre filter basket lid made of two odd shaped plastic rotating disks which are shaped like someting that humans don't know how to hold. I mean this thing has to be manipulated twice for every pot: once to open the filter basket and again to close it. Certainly there must be a clever designer that could come up with a smarter user-friendly lid.

    So never mind the design deficiencies, the Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind and Brew coffee maker is a superb concept that produces lousy coffee....more info
  • Wonderful coffee maker!!
    Great coffee maker! Worked fine right out of the box. One nice feature is not having to tell it how many cups you want to make, it senses the amount of water you have put in to the maker. It is economical with coffee also, it seems to use fewer coffe bean than our previous unit. No problems with cleaning either. Happy to recommend the product....more info
  • Cusinart
    We purchased the Cusinart as a replacement for our older single fill model. The carafe is difficult to pour from usually dripping coffee off of the top. Also it needs to be restarted with the grind turned off to drain the water and obtain a full pot of coffee. Coffee taste is good though not terribly hot....more info