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Maxim is the essential guide for today's active male consumer. Every issue features fashion, sports, gadgets/gear, sex advice, music & movie reviews all in an entertaining and irreverent style where humor is a key element.

Customer Reviews:

  • made great gift
    Gave this subscription as a gift and the receiver loved it. If you have a hard to buy for guy on your christmas list, I'm sure they'll love it too!...more info
  • my advice to editors (also worthy of readers consideration)
    this magazine has too many gadgets. i'm a consumer of useful products but i don't want to be consumed by the product! putting cheap shiny gadgets next to scantly clothed wemon may be effective on you average low brow american, but not on chikiwawa. and i don't care for the wemon either. this is just chikiwawa's opinion, but i waould prefer mediteranian, and south american wemon only. (hispanic 100% or very little indian blood please) no anglo wemon. sorry but have grown up in america of parents of iberian descent i am sick and tired of this long legged, long skulled blond, heavy chested, blue eyed ideal of blond beauty forced on me by this racist society!...more info
  • Ugh, Worst Subscription Ever
    Last year I was offered a couple of free magazine subscriptions when some of my frequent flyer miles were about to expire. I had a dim recollection of thumbing through a few issues of Maxim at newsstands and feeling a bit of danger as I snuck a peek at some partially clad women within. Well the minute I started receiving this silly periodical I was put in my place BIG-TIME! On the cover of one of the first issues I received was that no-talent, teenybopper sister of Hillary Duff who is trying to glom on to her more-talented sibling's sucess to advance her own "career".... what's her name?... Hailey! Ewwww, I know Hillary Duff's sisters name, purge me, exorcise me! Anyway, with the exception of a few truly stunning and somewhat nude women sprinkled occasionally throughout the various issues, there is nothing much to look at or read here. Don't waste your money on this ad-stuffed trash. In my case, it now makes a direct trip to my recycling bin....more info
  • Maxim has Fallen so Far!
    I have been a subscriber for 10 years. I will not renew. The magazine has changed completely. It is all filler and puff pieces. No interesting articles. Stick to Playboy for those. I think their staff truly believes in their own hype....more info
  • Maxim is great...
    I love Maxim. They have awesome product reviews, advice, and jokes. It's definitely my favorite magazine--well, along with Playboy. ...more info
  • Should now be a 0 star
    I loved Maxim years ago, i even liked Stuff, which had pretty much no information in it. Maxim might as well be Men's Journal now. Crap! No longer the fun mag it once was. No longer am I ammused. Where did the Jokes go, where are the hot chicks, what's up with all the stupid suits??? Thier is no longer any meaningful content, maybe if I was 60 it would work! I'm mad that I have to wait 8 more months for the magazine to stop showing up! ...more info
  • 5 Stars for Maxim
    First off I will state I'm a female. I enjoy reading Maxim. I don't care one way or the other for the females. The subscription is not mine but my male partners. I always look forward to him finishing a Maxim magazine so I can get my hands on it.

    Maxim does not conform to the same humdrum boring articles that can be found in most any magazine. There is humor, wit, insight, and intelligence. Granted, most of it is dumbed down a bit so that anyone of reasonable intelligence should be able to comprehend and understand.

    I won't deny that Penthouse and Playboy have some good articles. On occasion I can overlook the naked women to read a bit of one of those. Quite honestly if I wanted to see T&A I'd look in a mirror. As others have mentioned the women in this magazine may show some flesh but their "naughty bits" are usually covered.

    I realize the "target audience" for this magazine is men. However I think there is a lot that women can learn from this magazine as well. Probably even many women who can appreciate Maxim magazine. While it may not show "naughty bits" articles many times are of an adult nature. Can't say I'd recommend letting children getting their hands on it. ...more info
  • Maxim Magazine
    It's a good magazine, not only does it have beautiful half naked women, but some pretty good articles as well....more info
  • Great magazine... good for passing time
    This is the best magazine... love the articles and pictorial. Every month its something new and interesting. Great for killing time on the plane and commute on bus. ...more info
  • maxim magazine
    I ordered the product for an astoundingly low price of $5. It was a Christmas gift, even though I knew it wasn't actually going to arrive at the house on time. However, the first issue arrived shortly after Christmas (very early January) and the person I got the gift for is very happy with the product....more info
  • Don't do it! -- Pick one of these magazines instead
    Maxim rode the men's magazine gold rush in the late 1990s, leading Stuff, FHM and a host of other PG-13 fare that filled the convenience store racks as Playboy, Penthouse and the hard cores were either dropped completely or were tucked behind the clerk hidden behind individual black plastic wrappers.

    Maxim is the last Laddie still in print in the U.S., having witnessed the print burials for FHM (1996 to 2007) and Stuff (1998 to 2007). Maxim's putrefaction is evident to its subscribers, hence the heavily discounted subscriber rates available today. If you were unfortunate enough to receive a gift subscription to Maxim or, worse yet, bought one for yourself, you can no doubt bear witness to the decay. The magazine simply isn't interesting or compelling to read. You could find more of everything - women, entertainment, food and fashion - in a 10-minute Google search.

    Ask yourself, why are you buying a men's magazine?

    Want to admire beautiful women? Choose Playboy or Penthouse.

    Want to stay healthy and fit? Choose Men's Health (preferred) or Men's Fitness (for younger audiences).

    Want to peruse fashion and lifestyle? Choose Esquire or GQ (beware the cologne samples though).

    Want a little of everything? Choose Details or Men's Journal.

    Pick any of the above options, especially if you are buying a gift subscription. Just avoid Maxim....more info
  • Maxim 2 year subscription
    Maxim is my favorite magazine but they have gotten a lot smaller over the past couple months. I noticed this change because I keep all of the issues and they have been getting smaller and smaller. But there are still pictures of super sexy women, funny articles, and tech stuff....more info
  • Pssstt! Hey kid, got some good pictures here for you! An Operation Watchdog Special Report
    As-Salamu `Alaykum. Peace Be Upon You.

    Lucky me. Someone must have thought I was a 'good boy' this year because I've been getting free Maxim magazine in my mailbox for the past 5 months. However, I'd be slightly more appreciative had they secretly given me a free set mouse trap in my wife's p*nties!

    All is not negative however, as I can now use these magazines as a primary resource to use against it the magazine by writing this fully comprehensive review of this magazine en toto! From what I've seen, the basic gist of this magazine is to provide a scantily clad woman on the cover, include about 4 or 5 pictures of this overly airbrushed dame in the magazine, and fill the rest of the pages with poorly written and unfunny jokes. What bothered me most about this magazine however is the fact that not a single page of any given issue seems to promote Islamic values.

    First we'll start out with what everyone notices about this magazine: the covers. Okay... of the 4 issues I have in front of me I see: 1) a nak*d blonde covering her b*re br*asts with her left arm her other arm sed*ctively placed behind her h*ad. 2) a dirty-blonde babe wearing a mesh swimsuit on a beach (and I'm totally sure she's on a beach, it's not like she was just blue screened in front of it or anything!). 3) a B cup brunette in black bra and p*nties with her arms elegantly placed above her head, slightly lifting up the whole of her hair. 4) a sassy brown-haired babe wearing what looks to be Lora Croft's outfit from the Tomb Raider series. It looks like she was dipped in bronze. So, why have I described these 4 covers in such detail; what is the significance? I...DON'T ...KNOW!

    First, let's look at the June Issue, since it's the most recent. This is the Laura Croft one FYI. First of all, it smells so strongly of men's cologne that I can barely read it without a mask on. (Thank God for Swine flu, or I wouldn't have one on hand). There's like 4 cologne ads in this one alone. Speaking of ads, practically every other page of this rag is an ad for this or that. At this rate, why don't they just give it away? Oh yeah, in my case they kind of did.

    Even though every article in this issue insulted my Islamic sensibilities, The Sex Checklist I found to be the most abhorrent. This one features two photographs featuring nearly nude women in bed together. It begins with the teaser: "What bedroom taboos should you encourage your girl to break? All of them!" Out of the 5 licentious acts that this article claims are perfectly fine and you should encourage your girl to engage in, the 2 that I find the most reprehensible include girl-on-girl action and "backdoor sex" aka sodomy! The former begins by having `real life women' give firsthand accounts of their bisexual explorations. Check out this example of a strong, self-confident woman: "My boyfriend Rob said I should tell him if I was uncomfortable, but I didn't' want to be a kill-joy. So I just watched him hook up with this girl we'd met at a party, feeling sick the whole time." Another: "I still get wet thinking about the night Jackie and I hooked up," says Carlee who slept with her best friend, "Her body was so soft, and hearing her moan got me so turned on."

    When it comes to the backdoor exploits there are incredibly disgusting quotes such as the following: "My boyfriend used to press on my b*tt hole while going down on me; I was amazed how er*tic it was. I told him I wanted to do it for real. When he entered me for the first time, I almost came right then!"

    Should we go `there?' To the BDSM section? Sure why not, check out this snippet of advice offered by Elena Wilson: "We are talking about tying her and up with a scarf or administering a few firm smacks to her a$$." She's destined for big things this Elena Wilson. She has a Pride and Prejudice in her; I'm sure of it!

    One article in this issue even portrays one of our most beloved prophets, Jesus Christ (Pbuh), in a rollercoaster along with the 12 disciples.

    Next we're going to take a nice up close and personal look at the April issue. Allah help us. This issue features an incredibly biased article titled "Governors Gone Wild." This snippet seeks to create a lack of respect for the office of governor, which being from Jordan originally where there is no Democracy, I take pretty darn personal. What I find even more egregious is the fact that of the 10 governors in the list 8 of them are Republican! First they ridicule the honorable Bobby Jindal, insinuating that he is a Muslim and is trying to hide it. Being a Muslim I find this reprehensible as I don't think being a follower of the prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) is anything to hide. I'm further insulted when the claim that he believes in Intelligent Design, what they claim to be the belief that Noah rode a Dinosaur onto the Ark. Not only does this besmirch the name of one of Islam's most precious prophets, Noah (Pbuh) but it also ridicules Intelligent Design, which, unlike Macro Evolution, can actually be recreated in a lab. Ohhh, take that Darwin. Furthermore, proof of the Ark lies in the mountains of Ararat in the Islamic Republic of Turkey where it is kept safe from the raging atheists who would no doubt destroy it if they had the chance, in some desperate attempt to cover up the truth.

    I can forgive Maxim for ridiculing Jindal, but when they mess with my gal Palin they have gone one step too far. They take the low blow of bringing up her pregnant daughter (libs HATE it when a woman doesn't get an abortion or use contraception) , claim that her running for president in 2012 has something to do with the Mayan calendar saying the world will end, and then goes so far as to call her a nutbag for believing in keeping the Second Amendment!

    That's not all for the April issue however, let's ugg, strive on here shall we, taking a look at the article titled Sexual Kryptonite. Here the authoress gives the geeks, dweebs, and sexual incompetents that make up the totality of the Maxim audience (and I mean YOU reader!) some very important tips for attracting the opposite sex including: wearing glasses, dressing up like a vampire (She quips: "What can I say? I think fangs are f%$#@ing HOT!), possessing Lord of the Rings figures, skipping a shower or two, having a huge scar across your face, and, I kid thee not, crying upon hearing Unchained Melody! That's right guys, every girl's dream is a four-eyes LotRs fan with a scarred up face that cries at the drop of a hat. Live by these words and sex thou shalt get.

    However it is here that I have to give this authoress one heckuva big triple thumbs up as she actually refers to Barack Obama as a nerd! A handsome nerd, but a nerd nonetheless! Boowakka!

    I'm sure there's more great things in this issue, but let's move along shall we? This time taking a glance at the March issue. B*rf bags ready? Oooookkay!

    First there's an interview with Godless, or Allahless should I say?, st*ner comedians Cheech and Chong. In this short, one page interview, these two a-holes manage to ridicule God/Allah, claim they originally broke up because "he kept drying to reach for my d**k," promote m*rijuana as (I tell you no lies) a `gift from God', that, in fact, "prolongs your life," and "is not physically addicting." To make matters worse, this tete tete is filled with h*mo-er*tic humor, including visiting the other in prison with chocolate flavored KY Jelly! The final straw is when they refer to Barrack O-baaaaahhh-ma as an intelligent and honest man. Snicker...snort...HAHAHAHAHAHA! They ARE on drugs!

    Next up in this issue is a `sex survey' that I'm sure is completely, 100 percent scientific and accurate that I believe was written for no other purpose than to give the freaks and sexual predators that read this magazine a bit of a ego-boost by portraying the average American to be as sexually depraved as those polled! This poll tries to claim that most women: lost their virginity before age 20, have engaged in lesbian relationships, make love to a man within 3 weeks of MEETING him, have had 1-5 sex partners, prefer h*rdcore pronography, do it d*ggystyle, and have had an*l sex. If this poll was true, I wouldn't blame my pals in the Middle East for hating America! Thankfully, I've lived here long enough to realize that most Americans are very decent and sexually pure people.

    One more article in this magazine (this one was particularly disgraceful huh?) Love and Death in Iraq, continues to attack President George Bush's noble efforts to free thousands of my Muslim brothers and sisters in Iraq from the grasp of a secular H*tler-like atheist president. This one is just one big sob story about some chick who died from friendly fire in training or something. Look, sistah, I'm sorry you're dead, but the truth is you shouldn't have been in the army anyway: YOU'RE A GIRL! If she had stayed in the kitchen where she belonged she would be planting daisies, not pushing them up.

    Finally, this brings us to the last issue I have on hand at the moment, February's. Big deal. This one gets on my bad side immediately by having a picture of Obama, only it's done in a mock-iconography style portraying him as one of our most beloved prophets, Jesus Christ (Pbuh). On the following page a guy asks what happens when he snorts cocaine. Instead of reporting him to the authorities as any good American patriot would do, they answer the question. This issue also happens to be the bikini issue so it is filled with plenty of scantily clad women which as you know in Islam is one big major, nono!

    One particular article got my goat because it seems to ridicule the Apocalypse. Now many people don't know this, but we Muslims believe in the Apocalypse as well. The one-eyed anti-Christ (Dajjal) will rise to power, however, Jesus Christ (Pbuh) and the12th Madhi will appear (from a well) to take him down. I'm pretty insulted because my version isn't included here; instead they talk about the Rapture, WWIII, disappearing bees, etc. One of them even claims that Bin Ladin will set off a dirty bomb in time square or something. These liberals, always using us Muslims as a scapegoat.

    Well folks, that's about it for this edition of my ever-growing-in-popularity reviews. I think I have made a pretty darn case against this ridiculous magazine whom no one will ever buy again after having read this review. If you like this magazine I imagine you are a nerd, atheist, freak, virgin, or hermaphrodite. I don't have a very high opinion of you and, in fact, if I saw you on the street, I'd probably hit you square in the face. I hate you and I hate this magazine....more info
  • Maxim has gone downhill big time
    I've been a loyal subscriber since 1998 and have always enjoyed the magazine. Something happened to them in early 2006 - they've either been bought or have hired a new editor / staff or something. This magazine is absolutely terrible now. All ads, fewer and fewer pictures of babes in each issue, and the hilarious articles are now long gone. My last two issues (Sept and Oct) were in the trash within minutes of pulling them from my mailbox. I'm canceling my subscription. ...more info
  • Great magazine.. has seen better days
    I love this magazine. have subscribed since it started and I always loved it's sexy women (cuz i'm one ;) hilarious and satyr filled articles and it's no-nonsense attitude.
    I agree with another reviewer that there is a definite diffrence as of late but until it gets real horrible i'll keep on reading....more info
  • Enough to Satisfy...
    I personally have a current 4-year subscription to Maxim Magazine. The magazine has a unique but interesting way of incorporating all of the topics a man could possibly want into one single piece of reading material. Women, sports, the latest tech-gadget reviews, automotives, and much more are all covered. The best part, as I read in an earlier review, is that the magazine is put together in an easy-to-understand format. The humorous pictures are great to look at if you're in need of a good laugh. The girls featured in the magazine are cute, although not extremely hot always. This is fine for me, as the skimpy clothing they wear leaves a lot to the imagination. I prefer it that way. So for me, I based my rating on the magazine as a whole and not individual issues. Some issues in my opinion only score 1 or 2 stars out of 5, while other issues easily get the highest rating. So I went with a 4 out of 5, with the majority of the issues being worth the money. I recommend it....more info
  • Fantastic Value! Clean Image!
    This is a pretty great magazine for the money. Let's be honest, we like having a magazine in the bathroom to take our mind off of whatever we were thinking about before we walking into the bathroom. THIS is that magazine! Beautiful women, beautiful poses, half-decent stories and articles, and plenty of pages.

    If the price is still around ten bucks when you try to order this, the value is amazing for what you get...think about it, ten bucks gets you a handful of coffees, or entertainment/something to look at for the next 12 months worth of bathroom breaks.

    This is a pretty fantastic deal, all things considered.

    Enjoy!...more info
  • never got the subscription
    I paid for this subscription over 2 months ago and have yet to receive a single issue?? So, I guess I can't tell you what I think about the magazine. ...more info
  • where is my magazine
    I just received the first issue of a full years subscription and never received another one again. This is a rip off...more info
  • Advertising?????
    When this mag first came out I thought it would be another mindless T&A mag. I was surprised to find that it actually had some readable and informative articles. Even this lass found the male oriented humor funny. But, now it has sadly become "Playboy lite." The pictures are too glossy, they have fewer articles, and 60% of it is advertising. When they go back to a more moderate middle groud I will try it again....more info
  • Mild Diversion
    Nothing too serious here. If you have time to kill and are looking for some straightforward and interesting reading it's not a bad publication. Given its slant, it is pretty concise and comprehensive for its intended readers.
    ...more info
  • Its good Ol'Maxim
    Cant say much more than Hot Chicks, Great Articles, Tons of Laughs. Greatest magazine around. A Must have for any guy. ...more info
  • Not as hot as I expected
    Well, I'd say the magazine covers a lot of things that men cares about and provide some kind of life style. But I think it lose focus and make it doesn't standout of other men magazines....more info
  • Fun, irreverent, informative magazine for guys and gals alike
    I've been a female Maxim subsriber since I discovered it at my boyfriend's house 5 years ago. This magazine is far superior to the recycled, pandering crap offered in women's magazines like Cosmopolitian. In Maxim, there are of course the requisite (and good) sex tips, but you also get excellent jokes, taste testing and product comparisons, thrilling and exhaustive true crime features, war and international stories, collected weird stories from around the world, and important "how-to's" on subjects like scamming free cable, getting comped in casinos, playing poker, and impressing your friends in other ways.

    As a skin rag, Maxim does a decent job of presenting women in sexy but tasteful photographs. It's been fun to see TV stars like Laura Prepon looking stunning and nothing like their TV characters on the pages of Maxim magazine. I swear I read it for the articles, though!...more info
  • Maxim is great magazine
    Maxim is a good magazines for adult males. I enjoy all articles and their website, too. It is more affordable subscrition....more info
  • great deal!
    great deal! 2 years for the price of one, plus an additional discount of $5 i think.
    it was easy and fast!
    would definitely buy magazine subscriptions from amazon... especially when they have specials.

    ...more info
    Not the maxim i remember from a few years ago, this was a very slim issue without even one redeeming value.
    sorry i subscribed to it again....more info
  • Maxim Magazine
    Love this magazine!! Great articles and hot girls!! What else could u ask for in a magazine??!!...more info
  • For Call Girls and Toads.
    you get pages of half naked girls, dumb looking geek boys, and articles that look like they were written by people who live at the unemployment office....more info
  • Maxim
    This was purchased for a man and he likes it very much so I assume it is a good thing....more info
  • I like Maxim, but not from Amazon
    I ordered my subscription in early October. I did not receive my first issue until the middle of January and it was the November issue. While the issue caught up some to the correct month, it continually ran on a delay. That being said, i do live in Hawaii and have had no other subcriptions to compare it to as I believe location may play a part in this. Maxim is great, but I don't think I'll order thru amazon for magazines again....more info
  • Ideal for ADD...what was I saying?
    I've been subscribing to Maxim and FHM for several years now and as a card carrying, certified member of the male population, I feel comfortable in asserting that these are just about the perfect mens magazines. Who else is going to package such useful nuggets of information as how to avoid dying in a plane crash, how to make the perfect italian sausage, and where to get a bunch of cool consumer products that I should probably be using (brainwashed you say...maybe, but at least I am well groomed!). Maxim really is the total package, all wrapped up into a neat little magazine with the occasional scantily clad hottie thrown here and there for effect. If you are a female and have not read Maxim, you need to do so immediately if you ever want to understand the short-attention-span prone psycosis of the average guy (think cosmo for men). ...more info
  • Easily digestible magazine full of lowbrow humor and beautiful women...
    Maxim is one of those magazines that guys enjoy because they fill their magazine with unbelievably beautiful women posed in skimpy outfits. Add to that amusing interviews, articles geared towards sports, drinking, and again, lovely women, and you have a easily digestible magazine that is easy to enjoy.

    This isn't Esquire or GQ. In fact those magazines have attempted to become more like Maxim and FHM due to the tremendous sales of these types of magazines. Maxim doesn't attempt to be anything more than exactly what it is, a guy's magazine. No pretension, no games.

    That being said, should you wish to subscribe here is some good advice for you on getting the best possible deal. Don't order here. Go to their website and to the subscription inserts in the magazine itself, compare the prices, and request that a billing notice be sent to you instead of paying with a credit card. This way when your subscription is up for renewal, you have the opportunity to cancel without your card being charged. Often times sites like this one utilize a third party service that contracts with the various magazines, your payment goes to them and they auto-renew you. I find it easier to do it through the magazine themselves. Saves me the trouble, and invariably, the magazine comes a lot quicker.
    ...more info
  • amazing!
    We always get the magazines very shortly after ordering! We have plenty of time to renew so we don't miss any issues. It is very cheap to order! It's a great magazine!...more info
  • Maxim Delivers
    The subscription delivers exactly what is promised. I gave it as a gift and luckily they also received the year end issue along with an extra holiday supplement issue. It's all fun enjoyable reading that comes straight to his address....more info
  • maxium
    I do not like the new maxium book. They are using paper that seems recycled and looks cheap. It seems like maxium is trying to cut cost with the cheaper paper and I definetly will not renew my subscription unless they change their book and go back to the old version!...more info
  • The Mag where Women are like "Look at Me! I'm totally useless except to serve as a Piece of Meat for Man's most savage Lusts!!!"
    One word and one word alone epitomizes what Maxim--in its beastly and single-minded goal--stands for and celebrates in its bacchanalia of hedonism and materialism: SEX!!!! Sex in all its indulgent forms from the objectification of women, to sex for selling products, to sex for underestimating and furiously encouraging men to be predominantly lecherous is featured--nay, aggressively feted--on its sm*t pages. Maxim's essentially softcore p*rn targeted at young teens who haven't yet seen their first, real, hardcore movie.

    Are you lustfully into women who look like they're itching to have sex with anything that has a pulse???? Are you into women who've to flaunt their sexuality endlessly so they measure their self-worth based singularly on it???? Are you so degenerate you look at women only as pieces of meat who exist for the indulgent, hedonistic pleasure of men???? If you answered "yes" with drooling tongue and ever-increasingly bulging cr*tch to even one of my questions, then you know you have no soul and are therefore a loyal, Maxim "reader."

    Before you stereotype me, allow me to clarify that I'm not a feminist woman, but, rather, merely a healthy, well-adjusted man who respects himself enough to respect women enough. This means that I live by a code of moral virtue whereby I refuse to objectify women or even think about them sexually...I mean, outside of a loving, healthy relationship in holy matrimony sanctioned by the Almighty, that is.

    Be warned. I'm now intrepidly going into salacious, pinpoint detail about the horrendous indecency within Maxim that would make your grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, and fathers blush (not to mention anyone with even slight, moral decency)!!!!

    I base my expose of Maxim on its December 07 issue, which features now-wh*rish Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover (remember when she was just a sweet, innocent starlet who starred in that asinine TV show Buffy, targeted at ridiculous teenagers who had no taste for substance?). On the cover, she appears half-nude with black brassiere (I spelled out the whole word as opposed to merely "bra" to stress properness), and her face is set in a desiring, beckoning expression which just tells the reader she longingly wants to jump his bones (or vice versa!). The interview with her is pathetically constrictive as it's about a page long. She addresses the fascinating topics of her lowlife "fans" accosting her and mischievously repeating lewd lines from some of her movies and her role in her latest movie where she plays a p*rn "star!!!!"

    One of the columns in said issue actually aggressively encourages women to mast*rbate without conscience, additionally trivializing the decision to do so as something women allegedly want done quickly (as opposed to sex with a partner, natch!). Disregarding the fact for a second that this totally defies Catholic dogma--wherein sex is supposed to be an unselfish act of love benefiting TWO PEOPLE--the writer of said article is a loose woman who's not even a sexual health expert. It's like she was hired from MTV to aggressively indoctrinate women into incrementally abnormal/bizarre sexual practices with only hedonism in mind!!!!

    Even Maxim's readers are of the irreparably damaged/debauched variety. In example, a section on reader feedback had an unvirtuous, probably shallow and superficial woman write in an e-mail about how she wanted to do a striptease for not even her husband, but just her boyfriend-of-the-week (because it's so not trendy for the contemporary woman to be in a stable, long-term relationship, girlfriend!!). And wouldn't you know it: while she was gyrating for him, her heel or something broke, and she landed on her face (what a sophisticated, witty story that you'd expect from an adult...NOT!).

    What distresses this heterosexual and morally conscious Catholic is the omnipotent and constant advertising of women as sex objects...of course, said women HAVE to have huge br*asts, skinny waists, and be blonde. In virtually EVERY section of Maxim--whether it's the odd recipe or ad hawking some trivial product or celebrity feature--women are shown in salacious poses with absolutely no self-respect and appealing to man's basest desires. Said salacious poses include bre*sts, prominently pushed out, in half-removed bras or simply covered up by hands; women's faces in the most pouty and sexually starved expressions of both lust and neediness; and legs usually spread half-open, imitating the missionary position.

    While the Muslim culture is generally tarnished, rightly so, as the one which retards women's rights and their status in society, "magazines" like Maxim make a fiercely blunt argument that even the West connives to impede women's upward mobility in society. With their objectification of women and view of women as pieces of meat for carnal indulgence, Maxim is at the forefront of setting back the rights and achievements women have gained for decades. That, of course, and the fact that Maxim really is only "read" by savages who either refuse to relate to women as people, or simply haven't had their first p*rn feature yet....more info
  • Not Understanding...
    This magazine at all... It features the stupidest articles and I just cant stand reading it.

    Maybe it's a guy thing or maybe they just like the pictures but I cant stand it, the pictures are nice though......more info
  • We must be working for the Skin Trade
    Men are Pigs.

    No seriously, it's true. I'm one, and I totally admit it: I'm a Pig. So are my colleagues, all good Pig Brothers. We're good with it, Kimosabe.

    Total Pigs. So are you, if you're a dude, scoping out the pouty, oiled-up, squatting talent on the cover of Maxim, festooned in glory with all of 1 square inch of fabric gracing her, um, natural endowments.

    Example? Why not. I have a mad-steppin' office with a great view of the mountains. No, seriously, it's killer: looking out my extra-tall plate glass windows up at the Wasatch Front, especially when the sky is a nice sizzling cobalt blue, makes you feel like you're walking into one of those Frederick Remington old west landscapes.

    And with all that, you know what brings me and my colleagues right smack up against the window---THWAPP!---like a bunch of alley cats hopped up on catnip?

    That's right: Talent. Girl Talent. Hot chicks in tight skirts. Mini-skirts, mind you, not the more modest nun-like variety. Long, silky hair, black, blonde, red. I don't know what's going on in my office building, it's like that scene out of "Last Action Hero" with all the fantasyland LA uber-hotties---but whatever it is, even if it is only Rock n'Roll---well, I like it.

    Hell, even if we're closing up the $25 million Ublehumpf deal, one of my fellow VPs, in mid-sentence, will glance towards the window, his eyes do this funny GPS-bomb laser lock, and the next thing you know, both of us will be across the office in a sprint, noses against the glass.

    Maxim Magazine is all about that. It's about Talent. Young, busty, silky-haired girlies. Preferably scantily clad. And to reverse the old Playboy canard, I only read Maxim for the pictures.

    Are you not Entertained?

    Oh wait, that was *Maximus*, the Roman general turned uber-gladiator, not *Maxim*, a magazine designed with the Inner Pig in mind, a glorious battle cry of toned-to-perfection suntanned nubile flesh, dedicated to the sensible proposition that Men and Women are *very* different.

    Vive la difference!

    Listen: I am a media-junkie. I get a daily hyperdose of financial and political dispatches from the far corners of the planet. I have a flatscreen monitor in my office with CNBC practically burned into the channel selector. I take the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Financial Times, the New York Times, and about a hundred lesser magazines.

    And you know something? I'm happy to sweep 'em all into the round file and spend a few minutes ogling some hardbodied little creature squatting on her haunches in dental floss---and that, plus a bunch of factoids designed with the ADD-set in mind, is Maxim. And you know what? In this hopelessly uptight, neo-Puritan, politically correct age, God bless it!


    JSG...more info
  • Hillary Duff
    I don't subscribe to this magazine because buying one will usually last me a few months in the bathroom which is where I read it. You'd never catch me wasting my time reading this junk anywhere else, unless of course they have a hot chick onthe cover like Hillary duff....more info