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  • Man this is one wack movie
    Don't watch this...

    vin Diesel is a really bad actor ... and how come Sam Jackson signed up for this movie ...

    I can't explain how bad it is, It's not even funny bad it's just a head ache...more info
  • Awsome movie
    i love vin diesel and i would die for him if i was older but i'm only 14 years old i would love to see him if i could afford to fly over to california and see him just for one time i would like to spend one whole day with him....more info
  • Bond Had the Last Laugh
    Back to a more blatant Bond imitator, this 2002 stunt and gadget laden spy adventure boasted how it was going to usurp 007's throne by providing "a new breed of hero" in the form of shaven headed, tattoed extreme sports star, Xander Cage, played by Vin Diesel. It laboured this claim by opening with a Bond style agent being killed in embarrassing circumstances. As it turned out, few people were tired with the "old style" agent, as box office profits for that year's Bond, Die Another Day, soon put paid to Vin Diesal's crowing about 007 being old hat.

    The problem with Xander Cage was that his grunge image was never going to win over the female following that 007's more refined but dark persona commanded; I mean, ladies, Vin Diesal or Piece Brosnan? Which one would you prefer to share the duvet with? Also the film itself lacked the classy, expert construction that even the bad Bond films like Moonraker could at least boast.

    That apart, XXX is enjoyable action and did well enough to prompt further missions for Mr Cage. However, its failure to live up to its stated mission of ousting Mr. Bond left Vin Diesal rather egg faced and he tactfully withdrew to concentrate on the proposed Chronicles of Riddick trilogy. This proved another egg facing experience; the first film flopped and the remaining two have been shelved.

    Having burnt is bridges, Vin Diesal's Xander Cage was killed off for XXX2 - The Next Level and replaced by Ice Cube as Darius Stone (Vin Diesal? Ice Cube? What is with the names?) Bond director Lee Tamahori was drafted in to oversee proceedings with the new agent playing out a Die Hard style storyline. It was universally panned and XXX has gone Ex-Ex-Ex!

    ...more info
  • Pretty Good for a Rammstein Music Video
    With action, gadgets and some heavy music thrown in, "XXX" promised a hell of a lot. For someone as shallow as me, it really appeared to be almost the perfect movie. For the first time I saw it, it was pretty good.

    The story basically follows the daredevil Xander Cage, (Diesel), as he gets busted for doing videos that incorporate stunts with other people's cars, (without their permission). Recruited as a secret agent, he is then sent to Eastern Europe to infiltrate and stop a group from deploying chemical weapons all over the world. It is a pretty basic story line, and nothing to get so worked up about. It has the usual love-interest, and so on, along with the nerdy-gadget man, (a new generation Q).

    The first time I saw "XXX", I rather enjoyed it for what it was: a basic, no-brainer action film. Taken in that light, the film is enjoyable and entertaining. However, for any subsequent times, the high point was really the scene which has Rammstein playing "Feuer Frei!!". After this, the action becomes a bit monotonous and one realises that they did not miss anything in the first viewing.

    The acting of Vin Diesel gets a bit cardboard-like at times, which is something that worked well for other action stars, but hardly works for a character that has been described as a new "James Bond", (ref. Time Magazine). The bad attitude, bad boy image just does not come off with the same coolness that someone such as Sean Connery brought to Bond.

    Taken for the simple actioner, "XXX" is not bad, though it is much better as a music video for Rammstein. I would advise hiring from your local DVD store, rather than buy it. It is not something you could sit through a few times.

    ...more info
  • Sensory and Escapist's Action-packed visual paradise
    The cast is sexy, the music hot- the setting (Prague) is exotic and beautiful- not for those seeking deep and interpretive value, xXx is a terrific way to get away from it all and live vicariously through shallow, uncomplicated characters while enjoying lots of action, well-shot cinematography, and Vin Diesel just being his sexy-self. ...more info
  • As good as it gets
    The movie XXX is already a good movie then put it on the psp then it's great as good graphic as any game ...more info
  • James Bond fuses with the X-Games and the Dirty Dozen...
    Ultimate freedom would be anarchy where rules do not apply and chaos governs everything. In such society, people could do whatever they desire. Xander "X" Cage (Vin Diesel) is a freedom seeker that exercises his anarchistic politics in a personal manner, which he displays on underground websites through short films. These film clips often contain some form of extreme action sport, or high-risk activity that appeals to most, as it is dangerous and cool. However, his risk taking displays some level of selfishness, which reflects through his life of having it all, as the established part of society despises his neglectful attitude.

    Xander's attitude is what makes him perfect for one of the National Security Agency's (NSA) missions, as the NSA has previously lost a number of agents due to their personalities. Agent Gibbons (Samuel L. Jackson) decides to recruit him and group like-minded characters. It is the edgy, aggressiveness, and distant behavior of Xander that Agent Gibbons wants for the mission, but also someone calculated, perceptive, and quick while being able to be cool. After a number of live tests, Xander passes at the top of his class and he arrives in Czechoslovakia where he is supposed to gather information on an organization called Anarchy 99.

    Jet-lagged and irritated Xander arrives to Prague where he meets with a city official with an inferiority complex who lays down the rules for him. Instead of playing it by the rules Xander does what he does best, his own thing. He simple walks up to Yorgi (Marton Csokas) and introduces himself as a potential buyer of luxury sports cars while blowing the cover for the insignificant police officer. Xander's attitude fits in perfect with the people in Anarchy 99, as he quickly climbs the popularity ladder in Prague.

    The friendships Xander makes with the people in Anarchy 99 is real, as he likes to hang out with them and do crazy stuff. However, as he gets closer to understanding them he realizes the flaw within his own logical reasoning in regards to freedom and anarchy, as total freedom could harm innocent people. This idea motivates Xander to pursue Anarchy 99, which brings the audience through a rollercoaster-like adventure where the gunshots and explosions are not far in between.

    XXX delivers a highly explosive action adventure where James Bond fuses with the X-Games and the Dirty Dozen (1967). The story could explore themes such as second chances, or the self-discovery in regards to anarchy. However, it does not develop an interesting theme or plot, which leaves the audience with a hollow and superficial story that relies on explosions, gunshots, and extreme sports. After awhile it becomes tedious to watch Vin Diesel out-jump and out-shoot the crooks, which really hurts the potential of the story. Nonetheless, Diesel's performance displays some quality moments where he brings out the cool edginess and quick-witted aggressiveness in Xander. In the big picture, XXX offers an acceptable cinematic experience, which has youthful coolness and refreshing moments.
    ...more info
  • James Bond meets the X-Games
    Boy I tell ya, either folks like this film or they hate it. To be honest with ya, I've bought both versions of this DVD. The original SE and this new URDC 2-disc version. (Skipped the Superbit, obviously.) And also to be honest, I haven't watched this film since the original DVD came out in Dec. 2003. I bought this new version for basically two reasons. One, the build-up to the hype for the sequel, and two, was curious as to what the additional 8 minutes of footage would bring. Again, to be honest, I couldn't tell you what or where the new footage is without doing a comparison with the old disc.

    In any case, I was pleasantly surprised by this new cut. Has the new footage fleshed out some of the plots and characters? I'm not really sure, but the movie actually flows a bit better with the new footage whatever it is. So if you didn't get the first disc, and you're in any way remotely interested into getting into the xXx franchise, go ahead and pick this set up.

    Now then, as for my title of this review, and my 4-star rating... As another reviewer so eloquently stated, that this film is a bit of a new take on the old traditional James Bond film with the modern Playstation-era X-Game scene thrown in. And whether you're into the X-Games or X-Treme Sports or not, it actually does work, that is the meshing of the two. xXx uses a plethora of James Bond-esque type gadgets and excellorates them using X-Treme sports. Need to take out some bad guys? Surf a self-caused avalance on a snow board.

    Xander Cage, aka xXx, is billed as your typical American anti-hero hero. He's a rough-billed fella who despite his "rum dumb" appearance actually is a very observant and smart cookie. During the cafe test scene, he points out several unrealistic circumstances that would be ridiculous in everyday life. Then late on when he infiltrates Anarchy 99, instead of doing the cookie cutter cop routine, he just walks right up to them and acts like a potential partner in crime. He also has a thing against chain smoking. ;) To which he used later on to "smoke" a guy with a heat-seeking missile.

    OK, got the picture? Anyway, this new disc has a short that attempts to explain the lead-up to this year's sequal "State of the Union". As well as a decent little "Making of" of the new film. Quite frankly, I'm really looking forward to the DVD of the sequel and hoping that this franchise picks up some steam.

    Oh, for my rating of 4 stars? Actually I give it 3.5 stars. Not bad, but not all that great either. Well, you could say that about several of the latest Bond films as well....more info
  • Major Disappointment
    The first thing I noticed? PG-13?? NO WAY! Definitely NOT for YOUNG TEENS!!! There are a lot of sexual situations (basically having sex with whoever is behind the next door, including multiple partners, is highly glamorized, including the "deleted scenes".) This is soft porn folks with a very misleading PG-13 rating. Now for the rest of the story: I love extreme sports, action flicks and Vin Diesel but was very disappointed in this movie. Diesel is great as the main character; he's ultra cool (as always) and adds some charming humor at times. (The few short appearances of his Pontiac GTO is pretty awesome) There are enjoyable, PHENOMENAL stunt sequences, altho some of the situations are RIDICULOUSLY unbelievable. A couple of times, the action sequences go on for SOOOO LONGGGGG, you find yourself just "zoning out", getting bored and tapping your fingers waiting on something more than just slow motion explosions and gun blasts. Add all of that in with the overall "darkness" of this film, with the headbanging music, moshing, drug abuse, etc. and it totalled out to be a major disappointment to me....more info
  • Overall great re-release with one exception
    Well folks here we are again. As with all hollywood movies that spawn a sequel, a re-release of the original movie is usually a precursor to the new film. The re-release is usually peppered with shameless tie-ins to the new film, and "xXx: Uncensored Unrated Director's Cut" is no exception. This release is, however, does have advantages over the original release. The most notably being the 8 minutes of extra footage not seen in the theatrical release. Anyone who has the original DVD will recognize the additional footage as the deleted scenes from the first release. This might not seem like much of an improvement but the movie flows so seamlessly that its hard to spot the new footage and it does add to the overall tone of the movie.

    This release is a two disc set, with the typical making of and stunt featurettes that are a staple of action movies such as this. The release also includes the trailer for and a sneek peek at the new film. There is also a short that I consider to be the one notable blemish on an otherwise great re-release.

    WARNING: If you are a big fan of this film like me, and do not wish to permenantly damage your opinion of this movie, I highly recommend you give serious consideration to watching the included "The Final Chapter: The Death Of Xander". As the title implies, this short tells of Xander's ultimate demise and is designed to bridge the two films. This short might not have been so bad had it not been for the gruesomeness and finality of our hero's death that leaves almost no chance for a surprise return. One wonders if this short was retribution from director Rob Cohen for Vin Diesel not doing the sequel.

    In conclusion, if your still reading, the re-release of this film is an improvement over the original with the additional footage but some of the bonus features are something to be desired or hated. Just depends on how big a fan you are. ...more info
    The LA Times printed (after some crude chopping) my letter in their Calendar section of 02/20/05.

    It's a response to an article in which Samuel L. Jackson is being recognized as the top box office champ of all times, having starred in enough films (like the god-awful "Caveman's Valentine" and the equally embarrassing and forgettable "Changing Lanes" just to name a fluffy few) to have raked in over 6 billion world-wide. "I am now the No. 1 box-office star in the world," said Sam.

    In the article, the writer boasts of how "strenuously" Jackson prepares for a role, how he demanded the film's makers not kill off his character in the "XXX" sequel (which stars that formidably-talented, classically-trained thespian O'shea Jackson--otherwise known as Ice Cube. The original "XXX" --as we all well know--was a well-crafted character study starring none other than screen legend Vin Diesel), so that, in the (inevitable and unfortunate) subsequent installments of the destined-to-be-classic film franchise, his character (the beloved and oft-quoted "Gibbons") can appear once again, and invariable work his screen magic.

    The Los Angeles Times article was titled "HE'S THE $6-BILLION DOLLAR MAN."

    Here's my submitted response:

    Regarding the Samuel L. Jackson Article of 02/13/05

    One can only wish that Samuel L. Jackson was as concerned with pushing the boundaries and challenging himself as an actor, and consistently choosing projects with more meaning and substance (than that contained within the "XXX" film franchise), as he is with "the numbers."

    As an African-American actor, I'm greatly inspired by Jackson's accomplishments within the entertainment industry, but not by his lackluster approach to the craft of acting. Although always solid on screen, and despite how he's said to prepare for a role, Jackson essentially seems to play himself in every film he's in.

    With his formidable presence, and not-to-be-messed-with attitude, he rarely shows human vulnerability or more than one dimension on screen. Jackson doesn't appear to have really challenged himself since his star-making turn as a crack addict in "Jungle Fever" (his later role as Jules in "Pulp Fiction" appears to have cemented the stoic, one-sided image of him fans have come to admire, expect and invariably receive in his every film).

    Sadly, I think Jackson's attitude is indicative of what's wrong with the entertainment industry at large: too much of a focus and fixation on being No. 1 at the box office, and not enough emphasis on doing work that's fresh and original, unpredictable, and capable of transcending the boundaries of mediocrity. ...more info
  • Fast paced thrill ride!!
    Vin Diesel revs up his 2 stroke dirtbike and asks for diesel in this ULTIMATE EXTREME, ACTION, EXTRAVAGANZA!!!
    (ps- anyone reading this, can you get itallic on your font's?)...more info
  • Another Example of Why Director Cuts Are Better
    But again enough with the multiple rereleases. This one, like The Fifth Element, is worth buying. The picture and sound are much clearer and cleaner. The extras are fast and furious!!! There is even a short (and cleverly edited) film that bridges both films together, music videos, and a pass to see xXx: State of the Union for FREE!!!! WoW!!! If you have the other DVDs of this one, sell 'em off and get this's a keeper! Also there is 8 more minutes of footage, seemlessly added to the film. A great two disc set....more info
  • Great Fun!
    Before even watching this movie I blew it off as a hack ripoff of action hero movies. But I soon found out how fun this movie was to watch. If anything, Vin Diesel got his point across that he wasn't trying to portray (ahem) other action heroes in a serious way.

    Vin Diesel was extremely funny, and I think if people just take this as a "Fun Action Movie" they'd really enjoy it, instead of just cutting Vin down as a wannabee. Unlike the blowhard critics, you really ought to watch this movie without any preconceived notions of a "ripoff." Darn it, you'll really enjoy it. I did!...more info
  • The names Cage, Xander Cage
    Vin Diesel heats up the screen in yet another tough boy movie that shows us even muscle men can act when given a chance.

    Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) Is a stunt fanatic who tries every death defying trick in the book, while filming it and selling them. Its a decent business I guess, and Xander thought so too, until he decided to steal Senator Dick Hodgekiss' car and drive it off the bridge.

    Enter the FBI, led by I'm-going-to-haul-your-tail end-to-jail-where-you-wish-wheren't-born Mr. Gibbons (Samual L. Jackson) a man with a plan to get the dirties, meanest guy off the streets to work undercover and take down his unfortunate prey. A certain Russian that is under American survelliance because of his power and prestige in Prog.

    Enter Xander Cage as Gibbon's lackey who despised all things in the American spirit and believes he lives soley for and to himself. That is, until he is sent to Prog, to discover that he is hard pressed to escape the long arm of Gibbon's.

    There Xander discovers all is not well in Russia, a feeling that will soon overflow its banks and pour over into America, and the rest of the known world if the man is not stopped. So begins Xander's exhilerating journey through self-redemtion and the purpose to live as he falls in love and begins to live for one not himself. The ending is beautiful, and ending that is destroyed however by the directors cut and Rob Cohan's "Short movie on Xander's death." Word of advice, if you like triple x alot, don't get the directors cut to see this short flick. It will leave you tears of frustration.

    A good spy movie in an unconventional sense, as our hero is bad and buff, and not in the least interested in saving our rear ends....more info
  • Death to 007
    It happens early in the movie. A suave agent in a tuxedo trys to outwit the bad guys and is killed. It is a message that Director Rob Cohen is getting out....Cold war James Bond agents cannot handle the baddies of the 21st century.

    Xander Cage is an extreme stunt reckloose who has a criminal record and freely breaks the law in his own personal cause. This gets the attention of the NSA and CIA who is having problems with a group called Anarchy99.

    Cage is recruited by Gibbons (played by Sam Jackson) and is "encouraged" to do good for the USA, even though he is the typical anti-hero (actually a ripoff of Snake Plisken from Escape from New York). He infiltrates Anarchy99 and befriends the leader Yorgi and is immediately drawn to Yelena (Asia Argento). He discovers their plot to gas the beautiful city of Prague and sets off to stop them.

    Xander is played by Vin Diesel, an actor that plopped on the radar screen when he produced and directed his own films years ago. That caught the attention of Steven Spielberg who cast him in "Saving Private Ryan". That led to more roles, in movies like Pitch Black and Boiler Room, but he really got noticed with "Fast and the Furious". Vin does have a charismatic aura around him, unless he talks. Luckily Xander is a man of action, not one to quote Shakespeare for 10 minutes.

    The movie itself is a ripoff of the proto-typical James Bond movie. XXX has his own M, his own Q, his own gadget car, he fights a bond-like Eurotrash badguy who needs to elaborately setup a weapon of mass destruction that could be done with a simple set of suitcase bombs. And of course, Bond always gets the girl and the ending is very bondish as well. However, it feels more like a ripoff than an homage.

    Some of the stunts had people laughing and my eyes rolling. The stunts with the motorcycles were laugh out loud funny, but some were excellent, such as Xander bridge jumping with the Vette and him riding out the avalanche of his own causing.

    Asia Argento, daughter of famed Director Dario Argento also smolders, even with the piercing stares. However, she and Diesel have no chemisty and have some of the worst kissing skills I have ever seen on celluloid. She is given little to do and that is a shame, because she was good in B.Monkey.

    The movie is pretty generic and nothing is really new. I do recommend this movie by the barest of margins because it does have it's share of excitement, objectification of women, cool gadgets and stunts that will keep all us knuckle dragging alpha males happy for the 2 hours the DVD will be playing.....Rating: C+
    ...more info
  • xxx+vin diesel=one kick ass movie
    this movie was so cool.the first time i saw it was at my friends house.after that i kept watching it over and over again.the thing that pisses me off is that ice cube is playing xxx next year.i mean im sure it will be cool but if he would have played in the 1st xxx it would be cool but, idont know it better be diesel is still the perfect riddick and xxx...more info
  • Enjoyable Movie
    I wondered if this movie was supposed to be a spoof of movies like those featuring James Bond. I took it that way and really liked this movie. I don't think the movie itself is a spoof because it is very serious as far as the murders and impending danger of the bad guy's ultimate goal. The weapons and special effects were also very well done. But looking at the main character and storyline in a lighter way helped me appreciate the entertainment value of this. Vin Diesel did a good job of his character. Obviously, he is meant to be a leading action man. I saw the Pacifier movie and thought it was okay, but this is definitely what Vin Diesel was meant to do. The other characters were good too. The string of action sequences at the end was nice but a little too long. Overall, I think this is a good movie. I just didn't take it too seriously, which is why I think I enjoyed it. This version has added scenes I didn't remember seeing when I first watched this on HBO. ...more info
    XXX is a unique style of action film that blends pop culture and New-Age rock to create a rather enjoyable action/spy film for the audience of the 21st century. Actor "Vin Diesel" stars as "Xander Cage", the stereotypical outcast and "menace to society" of what was then the present day. He lives by his own rules,loves extreme sports and detests the law.He is soon captured by the authorities and given his choice of fates,he may either rot in prison or infiltrate a Russian gang known as "Anarchy 99" to discover and hopefully stop their sinister plan. XXX does showcase some very well crafted stunts and action sequences along with some great laughs and enjoyable character moments along the way. However, many people label this film as being "stupid" in regards to action and acting,and while XXX does occasionally throw out the sarcastic one-liner and unrealistic stunt that action films are known for,one must quickly remember how XXX came to be. First, XXX was directed by "Rob Cohen", who also directed "The Fast and the Furious". Secondly, in efforts to make an action film for the new generation, what better man to cast than the star of Mr. Cohens recent hit film, actor "Vin Diesel". So if you're looking for an enjoyable and unique action alternative then XXX is the right movie for you. Simply put, it's 007 with tattoos and an attitude....more info