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Cardo S-2 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones
List Price: $89.99

Our Price: $41.99

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Product Description

The Cardo S-2 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone is the ultimate wireless communication accessory for both hard work and great fun. It connects to your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone and to your Stereo Bluetooth MP3 Player/Adapter, switching seamlessly between the two at a push of a button. Incoming calls override the streaming music, so you will never miss a call. Redial and Call Reject Functions Dedicated buttons allow handset and music control functions directly from the headset A2DP and AVRCP supported Built-In ringing Universally compatible Talk time - up to 8 hours Music Time - up to 8 hours Standby time - up to 250 hours Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery type Charging time - approximately 3 hours Voice dial supported Chip and Battery Bluetooth specification v.1.2, Class 2 Cambridge Silicone Radio (CSR) Chip Manufacturer Certificates - CE, IC, FCC & Bluetooth Dimensions - (main body) 1.77 x.0.70 x 0.91 inches Weight - 79 grams / 2.8 ounces

Balancing hard work and great fun, the Cardo S-2 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphone allows you to enjoy stereo music and access to your Bluetooth mobile phone in one convenient package. It connects to your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone for voice communications as well as for stereo music streaming from your phone's digital audio player (requires compatible phone). Incoming calls override the streaming music, so you will never miss a call. It also works with Bluetooth-compatible MP3 players.

Enjoy wireless stereo music from your compatible mobile phone or MP3 player with the Cardo S-2 Bluetooth Headphones (see larger version as well as a schematic of all the functions).
The ergonomic and user-friendly design of the S-2 makes operation a breeze. You can manage calls and control the MP3 player via dedicated headphone keys that let you pause, change tracks, and adjust the volume without ever having to touch the MP3 player. The universally compatible S-2 Bluetooth stereo headset supports A2DP and AVRCP profiles and wireless control of the handset and MP3 player. It provides up to 7.5 hours of talk time and music playback time, as well as up to 150 hours of standby time--with a mere 3 hours of charging time. You can also initiate or receive mobile phone calls at up to 33 feet (10 meters) away from your handset.

Features and Specifications

  • Ergonomically adjustable headband and pillow-soft ear cushions for superior fit and wearing comfort
  • Functions and Profiles: Voice dial, redial and call reject
  • Bluetooth version: 1.2
  • Bluetooth profiles: A2DP (stereo music streaming), AVRC (remote control), HFP (hands-free car kits), HSP (communication headsets)
  • Talk time: Up to 8 hours
  • Music Time: Up to 8 hours
  • Standby time: Up to 250 hours
  • Weight: 2.8 ounces
  • Battery type: Rechargeable Li-Polymer
  • Charging time: Approximately 3 hours
  • Dimensions (main body): 1.77 x .0.70 x 0.91 inches

What's in the Box
Headphones, universal travel charger (110/240V), quick start guide

  • Bluetooth wireless headphones with high fidelity stereo sound for superior audio performance
  • Seamless switching between mobile phone and MP3 player
  • Dedicated buttons allow handset and music control functions directly from the headset
  • Ergonomically adjustable headband and pillow-soft ear cushions for superior fit and wearing comfort
  • Compatible with stereo Bluetooth-capable mobile phones and MP3 players (requires embedded A2DP profile)

Customer Reviews:

  • Flaws of Cardo that prevents 5 stars!
    This product by no means really lived up to the others in its league, in fact if not for the simple design flaw, I will say it is arguably the king of 'behind-the-ear' bluetooth headsets! I have so far pre-Cardo, used the following: Motorola HT820; Nokia BH501; Blu-Ant X5 (the most rubbish product and a total waste of money - see my review on and somewhere else.

    Now I am not a novice in this bluetooth headset design and usage - electronic design engineer and avid user of advance technology- so I am in good stead to qualify this product, and here I go...

    Bought product while in US about a month ago from Amazon, delivered with speed from (you guys are by the way competitively the best out there!). I was simply impressed with the simplicity but detailed transparent RRP box, on it, is a quick info on all buttons on the Cardo S2 so no need of reading huge user guides/manuals!

    On carefully opening the box, the slick headset was made with what I considered to be high quality rubber-like/plastic material which is highly flexible and friendly to the skin.
    Has a bit of charge in it to test it but manufacturer's recommended advice is charge for 4hrs before initial use - good advice.
    Lots of futuristic and practical functions and features e.g hold /lock switch which prevents accidental button push by ... your hat or head bandanna ;) ; integrated thumb-operated wheel rotate to enable your PDA's media player play, forward, rewind, pause... this feature is soooo cool!
    Another cool feature is it goes to sleep when phone is disconnected but once paired with any device (at least with my T-Mobile AMEO phone/pda), it always connected as soon as phone available without any action from you! this is the coolest feature for me. The quality of music is as loud and bassy as Nokia's BH501 (the best for this) but not as crispy-bassy as Motorola's huge (only downside by the way) HT820 - this is best for durability, longevity..mine is still going strong after 3 years of use, and speech through in-built non-protruding microphone, is better than the two best competitors - Nokia BH501 and Motorola HT820 - I stopped hearing from people's general complains of I can't hear you clearly...

    To the flaw...and yes there is just one but not unique to this product:

    Cardo's lower part of the thicker plastic that holds the speakers snapped! First encountered with Nokia BH501 disappointingly.
    If you look very closely where there a fine line (by design) across the ear hook, as you take the headset on and off, with unavoidable pressure always applied at these point, within a short time the stress becomes greater and ....crack goes the handle!!!! I have engineered this in my little lab reinforcing the 'bridge' with metallic object (embedded with soldering iron) to hold it firmly, going well so far....

    S2 deserves 5/5 but for this design flaw, I believe they should re-visit this part of the design.

    In comparisons to others in its league then it is a force to be reckoned with. And it indeed has a good value for money. I will buy another shortly.
    ...more info
  • Everything great... except it will snap in half with normal use..
    I went through two of these. They are great. However, considering I had to go through 2 of them in the past 3 months, I would say the build quality is garbage... at least in the plastic near the speaker. That plastic will just snap with normal use. I've never had this problem with any other headphone. It does sound great though....more info
  • Doesn't work with iPhone or Mac Book without adapter
    If you're buying these to work with your iPhone or laptop, make sure you buy an adapter that streams stereo music to this headset, otherwise you're wasting your money. I have a pair of these at home and can't use them with either device I purchased them for. Save yourself time and order both the adapter and bluetooth headphones at the same time....more info
  • good sound, but hurt my ears
    after 10 minutes it starts to hurt my ears around. so I don't use it...more info
  • They work great with my W760a
    The title of the review says it all. These headphones work great with my w760a. The thing I was most concerned about was battery life. If this is your concern then don't worry. The first day I got these I charged them for 4 hours like the instructions said. I used them the whole next day (mostly listening to music and a few phone calls) and they never died. It may have been more than 8 hours I'm not sure but they definitely lasted 8 hours. My phones battery was at 75%. I love this phone/headphone combination and would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Good sound, careful if it's goping to get heavy use.
    The S-2 was easy to set up and did almost all that it claimed to do (though I could not make the one-touch voice command work...I had to start voice command through my phone menu, then it functioned OK through the headphones). The sound was good, both for listening to music and to voice calls, though people on the other end complained of a bit of echo.

    The basic concerns I have about the S-2 are that the bluetooth reception seemed to be rather weak. I actually had to start wearing my phone on my right side because when it was on my left side reception would cut out every time I turned my head (for both music and voice). Also, after less than 2-weeks use the arm that holds the right-side headphone broke. It was just in my backpack with a few other light items. When I pulled it out, it was broken. I don't throw my backpack around or treat it carelessly. My expectation is for my headphones to at least be able to survive normal activity and every day wear and tear. If you are going to do anything other than take these off and leave them in the car or on a table when you are done with them, think twice before you purchase the S-2 headphones....more info
  • Cardo S2 bluetooth headphones
    I have the blackberry 8320, and the cardo S2 works great with it 98% of the
    time. Hardly ever lose connection, not enough to really mention. I highly
    recommend this product for the sound and comfort. If you have a blackberry
    you can't lose with the cardo S2. ...more info
  • Cedo s-2 bluetooth headphones
    Excellent product. Sounds great and paired with my nokia phone with no problems. Bought one for my daughter!...more info
  • It's like being in the same room....
    When using the Cardo S2 headphones with a Samsung M520 phone, I felt I was in the same room as the person I was speaking to. The sound was clear and crisp. Just don't wander too far from the phone, though, or the call will start breaking up. Setup is extremely easy, if you follow directions....more info
  • Great!
    I purchased these on mega-sale (25 bucks?). I had been looking for a setup like these for some time now and the price was at a point where i really had no choice but to take a bite, and I am really glad that I did. They work great with either phone or computer. Great at being regular old headphones, and the built in mic is decent. I have used them with both skype and my cell and had a friend let me know what they were like on the other end. He said the clarity was great but the volume was a little low so he had to compensate on his end. However, after compensation they were just fine and we went back to our old conversations.

    I would highly suggest that people who are using this product with their pc visit their audio settings in my computer. Doing this can set it up so that you have both any sound coming out of the computer feed into the headset and maintain a call on skype (or, I'm assuming any other service). After you make these changes (really easy to do) all that is left is to make the volume for everything mesh correctly....more info
  • Poor workmanship
    the sound on these things are amazin, the bass really does a great job, however I returned for 2nd time as the place by the curve broke off twice, will not order again but for sound, they are good, but you really must use with kid gloves as the plastic is too brittle and breaks easily...more info
  • Uncomfortable, plus it broke
    I've had this product for well over a year, and I have been impressed with the sound quality. However, none of the functions (volume, etc.) ever worked. And recently the plastic frame broke so I had to wrap duct tape around it to keep it in place (but loose).
    In addition, these headphones are very uncomfortable. If I sit in my recliner, after about 15 minutes the pain caused by the brackets that go over the ears is more than I am willing to put up with. Bottom line, look for a different set of headphones....more info
  • kick but headphones
    i have the motorola hint qa30 cell phone and these bluetooth headphones kick but this head phone sound just as good the bose i think the drum tracks sound better then the bose headphones i was really amazed on the sound qaulity especially for the price i own a pair of bose and these headphones are right up there with them in sound qaulity if you listen to both headphones these rock you will not regret buying these especially if you have this cell phone ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I got this for about $25 from here. You absolutely cannot beat that deal! And mine hasn't broken yet unlike alot of other reviews. I bought Shure headphones that were on sale for $19.99 off of $79.99. Those were HORRIBLE. And wired!

    BLUETOOTH WIRELESS HEADPHONES for around the same price as normal headphones?? That's a slickdeal!...more info
  • Great sound/ Great price
    Just received these yesterday, So, I can not speak for the durability of the arms which seems to be a recurring theme in these reviews and something I hope to avoid personally. That said, these phones are awesome with my Verizon V750 Adventure! I have tried wired headsets that would not work with this phone (many threads out there related to this issue) and I refuse to be held captive by proprietary offerings, so naturally I was looking for something that would work sans the Verizon tag.
    Easy to pair these with my phone, took about a minute to do so, and great sound coming out of these things! Jogged 2 miles, indoors on a treadmill, no drop-outs/ background noise or anything! Comfortable fit, stayed put really well, all controls worked well (although I had a little trouble sliding the FF\Rewind controls around, it was doable) as stated by another reviewer, if you wear glasses, the thinner your earpieces the better. I have yet to try these out with a phone call, but that is not the reason I bought them, wanted them mainly to access music from my 8 gig card in my phone while excercising. I will edit this review if these break, but if they do not, unbeatable sound/ unbeatable price!...more info
  • Bad audio, uncomfortable fit
    This was my first set of Bluetooth headphones. Therefore, I cannot tell how the audio quality compares to other sets; however, it is very poor. Whether that is due to the compression stereo Bluetooth audio goes through or due to these headphones I am not sure, but it is about FM radio quality, perhaps a bit lower. I tested it with an HTC Touch Pro and an iPod Touch 2g (yes, the iPod Touch 2g has stereo bluetooth support in the 3.0 firmware beta) and both devices produced very muddy audio that wasn't even a match for the stock earbuds on many audio players. That was OK with me, however, since I only planned to use them for podcasts, while on walks.

    Unfortunately, that usage was defeated by the lack of comfort. I have owned many, many kinds of headphones, and these are by far the least comfortable; I'll go as far as to say they are painful. The plastic area which your ear rests against is sharp in places, and the soft plastic guide that goes behind your ear is very uncomfortable.

    The headphones also feel cheap. Somehow, they just feel like a kids toy. They are covered with overly glossy plastic. That's a matter of taste, however. Others have said the plastic has broken on theirs, and I am having a hard time not breaking it myself; I have to baby it for fear of it snapping at the collapsing sections.

    I plan to put these onto the nearest online auction site when I get all the materials together. Go for something else. They are too fragile for even occasional home use, and too uncomfortable for much of anything else.

    EDIT: Well, my fears were correct. They just broke. The plastic snapped through at the edge where the ear guide ends on the side nearest the speaker. This is the most flimsy, uncomfortable, unreliable $60 I ever spent. Do not buy them for any purpose - I used them very gently based on reviews saying they were fragile, and even with the most tender use possible they snapped for no reason. I've used them about 6 times total due to the discomfort. If I could lower my rating on this cheap crap to one star, I would....more info
  • Great item for the price
    The headset works great with my AT&T Tilt. Sound quality is good, bass it good, makes a seamless transition between music and phone. Definitely recommend product....more info
  • These headphones WILL break...
    I purchased the Cardo S-2 Headphones to listen to the radio while at work so I wasn't tethered to my desk. After 2 days the right ear piece broke off. I contacted their customer support and received an address to send them back to and they sent me a new pair. Well these lasted for about 3 weeks and the right broke again, and when taking them off after it broke the left one broke in the same place. The plastic used for constructing the arms is a very brittle plastic. Trying to get someone to respond now to send them back and get my money back. ...more info
  • Careful, mine broke.
    I had read about this same problem in a review before I bought these but I thought it was just a fluke. I had mine for a little over a month and the plastic that holds the right speaker on broke rendering the headset useless. It looks like I can return them and I would replace with another but I don't want to keep replacing them because of a design flaw.
    Sound quality WAS great for music. These are good if you want music headset that you can answer a phone call if you have to. But if you intend on talking on the phone with much any back ground noise this might not be the one....more info
  • cardo s-2 bluetooth headphones
    I like the way they fit on my ears.Easy to use, once you learn where all the controls are? It doesn't always reconnect to my phone,But the sound quality is good! I would recommend the Cardo S-2,its a good unit for the money....more info
  • Perfect for me and my style.
    I bought this headset because I like to listen to music on my way to class every day. It was just easier to remove the headphones, and store them, as opposed to removing wired headphones, winding them up, and storing them. I love the ability to link them to my Samsung a737, and get calls that actually cut into my music when I recieve them. I have a Jambra adapter for my Ipod classic, and they work seamlessly with each other. If you're an on the go kind of guy like myself, I would recommend them....more info
  • Technically good, painful to wear
    These are nearly perfect except for the fatal flaw that they were unwearable after a short time. There is a curved, plastic flange that rests in the nook between ear and skull. After about an hour the headphones were uncomfortable, after two, painful. I tried them again the next day and couldn't wear them at all.

    Do try them if you're looking for good stereo, BlueTooth headphones, but be very careful that you understand the return policy of the seller. I purchased from a company that will not take back opened electronics--which I didn't know before hand. Since BlueTooth headsets/headphones require an excellent fit to be fully operational, this is more than disappointing....more info
  • Cardio Systems S2
    I picked these up and a sony stereo bluetooth adapter to go with my Iphone. Works great. Pairs with in a minute or two. Battery life is good, 6 hours on a moderate listening level, half that if you like exterme volume.
    Phone function work as stated. Controls are easy to acess. Comfort-wise no problem with extended periods of wear 4-5 hours at a time.
    Sound is good for bluetooth. I get occasional dropouts but thats more than likely the adapters fault.
    For a midlevel priced headset, I'm satisfied. I would buy again....more info
  • Junk
    I hate the fact I wasted money on this product. After 2 days I had 1 hour of battery life. I had to keep it on charger just to have juice for maybe 1 conversation, its not comfortable, and its flimsy. Dont waste your money....more info
  • Cardo S-2 Bluetooth Stereo
    The Cardo s-2 is a great sounding Stereo head set.
    If you jog or work out at the Gym , You will be sweating ,the behind the head clip keeps the Cardo S-2 in place while the foam ear pads adsorb the sweat!
    I would recomend them to any one who moves around alot.
    PS the Volume is louad enough to block out surrounding noise.
    jaojtoo...more info
  • Great earphones, but too small for me
    Sound good, mic sounds lousy to people on the other end. Biggest problem is that they don't fit my big head, and there is no adjustment. The ear pieces don't quite make it all the way to my ears, so they don't seat properly. I can still use them, but the sound quality is diminished and they aren't comfortable for me. The sound has a kind of quality to it that's almost like listening in a tunnel, including a slight echo - but if you're not looking for perfect sound, they are still quite acceptable....more info
  • Works with Pantech Duo and Dell D630 XP SP2
    The sound quality is great on both my Pantech Duo and my Dell Latitude D630 (I had to purchase a bluetooth dongle since I dont have built in support, I picked up the ACB10US from Targus)

    I was mostly interested in listening to music, there are some quirks to getting it working.

    On the Pantech Duo (AT&T wireless), after pairing and every time I turn on the device I have to manually go into Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > select the Cardo S-2 then Menu > Set as Wireless Stereo, this then allows media player to work via the headset.

    On the Dell I could only get it working with the latest drivers from the Targus site which installed the WIDCOMM 5.5 drivers, which are newer than the ones that come with the dongle.

    After installing the drivers and even after pairing the S-2, you have to go back in and configure the device and set it up as a wireless stereo headset. I turned off the hands free functionality because I dont use it for that.

    Sound quality is about as good as listening to the radio.

    Hope this helps someone....more info
  • wireless, bluetooth headset
    these headphones are perfect for working out, bike riding and anything else that you may do actively. no wires means no interrupting when performing outdoor activities. Just remember you need a2dp software for your phone to get the full effect of these headphones....more info
  • 3 Months and No Problems. Best I've Owned
    These are the best bluetooth headphones I have owned. I don't like using them for phone calls however. I have not had the same issue with breakage and I am quite rough with mine. I use them all the time in the gym and have had no issues with wetness causing problems. I wear mine for about two hours at a time and they don't get heavy for me and I have small ears. I use mine with a Verizon VX8550 Chocolate and get VERY good base and no hissing or popping. I also use it with an HP 110 classic pocket pc. BUT: On the PPC, you have to go into the registry and change the bluetooth settings or you will get popping and hissing (google WM6 crackling). Once you do that, these phones produce great base and treble with no hissing or popping. Also recommend for PPC users the SRS WOW plugin (google it)....more info
    Got these for $25. They pair fast and have good range. Audio quality is excellent for the price. Havn't used them with a phone yet just the computer. ...more info
  • Was Super while it lastedIt is ironic that
    It is ironic that Amazon asked me to review this item today, because this thing just quit working just today. I have had this headset for about two weeks and before today I would have rated this as a "6". I charged it this morning and when I started it up, all I got was a buzzing sound.

    Tried to pair to my cell and also my audio transmitter, but no go.

    Before it quit, I was extremely satisfied with the unit. It fit real good, very comfortable and the sound was super! It was easy to pair to your cell, computer or audio hifi.

    I sure hope this is an isolated incident as I am going to try another one based on the previous performance.

    John Farrow...more info
  • Great for music, good for voice.
    I bought this product so I could listen to music on my phone, and still be able to answer calls occasionally. The music performance is great! I read some complaints about the bass before I purchased, but the bass sounds great to me, and all levels of the music sound good and well balanced.

    The voice performance however, leaves something to be desired. It's definitely useable most of the time, but I've had better headsets for voice. I find that it works perfect in a private enclosed environment like the car (with the car stero off), but that when I'm trying to keep quiet on a call while at work, people have trouble hearing me. I also sometimes notice static in listening to other people's voice (mostly when I'm walking around with the phone in my pocket), but they tell me that they can hear me fine. It's not bad enough that I would switch headsets, but it's definitely not as good or consistent as I hoped it would be.

    The only other complaint I have is that when I wear it all day at work, my ears start to hurt a little if I don't take short breaks. Overall a very good product....more info