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Twilight Zone: The Movie
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  • Quite an anthology film
    The other review is right about pretty much everything. Anyone who's ever enjoyed the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits TV series needs to check this film out. Stephen Spielberg's segment seems the least popular since it's not scary, but it's truly heartwarming. You can see he developed the idea further into the Cocoon movies. The only extra is the movie's trailer, but I'm just happy to finally own this movie in pristine form....more info
  • More atmosphere than shocks
    "Hey, ya wanna see something REALLY scary?" Well, watch another movie. However, Twilight Zone: the Movie was one of my favorite movies of my college years. I enjoyed the original series, but was never a fanatic. What captivated me about this movie, in particular the 3rd and 4th segments, was the atmosphere established by the filmmakers. The first segment with Vic Morrow is undoubtedly the weakest...there were obviously some script changes necessary due to his tragic death, and what we're left with is a predictable, trite, and even cruel story of a bigot who spouts a few angry words at the beginning then pays for it a thousand-fold. It's like watching someone being slowly tortured to learn a lesson then executed at the end just to make SURE he learned his lesson. The second segment is syrupy, but has the wonderful Scatman Crothers and some amusing moments with the old folks turning into kids. The third segment was my favorite. I always thought some of those old cartoons from the thirties were very creepy in their surreal quality, and watching this segment is like watching someone's nightmare of those old cartoons gone berserk. Of interest is the doomed sister, Ethel, who later on became the voice of Bart Simpson...she really DID get stuck in Cartoonland! And the fourth segment is pretty wonderful too, due to a comic twist on the horror provided by the script and John Lithgow's performance. Towering above the entire movie, though, is Jerry Goldsmith's of his best and one of my three favorite film scores of all time. It truly adds to the eerieness of the first, third and fourth segments and while the second section pours on the schmaltzy strings, on its own it makes a GREAT listen with a memorable theme....more info
  • Good try, but you will always miss the mark
    the Twilight Zone movie was an attempt to recreate the magic of the original Rod Serling masterpiece series. However, I find it rare indeed to actually succeed in recreating an already perfect original. This film was made before the use of computer technology which shows its age, particularly in the remake of "Its a Good Life" where puppets are used which have no realism whatsoever. Also, the recreation of "Nightmare at 20,000 feet" was a good attempt at recreating a classic story, but just doesn't hold up to the imagination of the original.
    I may be somewhat biased because I am a true fan of the original Twilight Zone, but this movie is part of the collection since it does attempt to give us a new take on the Twilight Zone stories and includes a new story not from the series as well. I believe this film also inspired the 1980s recreation of the series on TV. If you are a TZ fan, you will probably want to include it as part of your collection. If not, you probably will be disappointed in the stories as well as the outdated technology used in the film....more info
  • Dan Aykroyds best movie
    Indiana Jones And the Temple of doom's Dan Aykroyd gives a great performance in the films prologue. It was a great classic ending. John Landis Killed Vic Morrow. He was great. Steven Speilberg did a horrible segment. The 3rd segment is okay. The last one with John Lithgow is a great episode. Overall a good Twilight Zone....more info
  • George Miller's Episode Saves the film from Tedium.
    "Twilight Zone - The Movie" is Nothing if not Different. Full of Great Actors and Weirdly Wonderful Storylines, but unfortunately none of them Unravel like you'd hope. (except for one Exceptional Episode)

    John Landis, ("The Blues Brothers" and "Trading Places") Steven Spielberg, ("Jurassic Park" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind") Joe Dante ("Gremlins" and "Small Soldiers") and George Miller ("The Witches of Eastwick" and "Babe") are all Brilliant, yet Diverse Directors, which they have Proved time and time again with their many films Before and After this Collaboration. Here it seems they just want to have some fun, and create something Strange. If that Was their Intention, They have Succeeded. The film starts strange and gets more so, but it also gets better as it goes along.

    First up is John Landis with a Short Comical Prolong (starring Dan Ackroyd and Albert Brooks), followed by his Episode about a Racist man being shown how it feels to be the brunt of his racism. Steven Spielberg's Episode concerns a Retirement village getting their youth back. The Downright Strange award goes to Joe Dante for his entry about a young boy who brings a Strange Woman (Kathleen Quinlan) home to his world, a world he can Control.

    The Best has been Wisely saved till last. George Miller's Entry has John Lithgow on a Commercial Airliner battling his Fear of Flying while the Pilots battle Turbulence. When he discovers a Monster on the wing of the plane, tearing it to pieces, he panics and causes much commotion, but no one else ever sees the monster, What can you do. This Episode is by Far the Greatest; it makes everything you've seen (or suffered) before it worth it. John Lithgow gives a Wonderfully Panicked Performance, he is Totally believable at All times. He and Miller make the Absurd story Totally Realistic and Believable. I was glued to the Screen.

    You would think that someone only liking One of Four episodes wouldn't recommend it, but I would as Millers episode is Pure Genius, Dante's episode is Pretty Interesting and the other two are at best, Ok. See this Movie, the final episode is Well worth the wait....more info

  • Twilight Zone: The Movie
    I remember seeing this movie in a theater when it originally came out. I really liked it at that time, but I think it has not aged well. For all the gory detail on the movie, see the WIKI pages:

    On the intro, I liked the first scene with the car cutting through the dark landscape and CCR playing Midnight Special, but then the dialog between the two men in the car was too lengthy and sounded forced to me.

    The first segment I thought was pretty good, especially for the message it sends (you could think of it as Karma on steroids). The main actor, cursing out loud in a bar on Jews, Blacks and Asian people, gets a load of "karmic revenge" when suddenly transferred to Nazi Germany as a Jew, as a Black hunted down by the Ku-Klux-Klan, and (presumably) as a Vietnamese during the Vietnam war. My wife made a comment that "he will come back as a changed man", and supposedly the original script had him save two Vietnamese children and indeed return a better human, but this episode was cut short by the tragic accident on the set. The resulting ending showing him deported in a train with other Jews does leave you craving for a more satisfying conclusion.

    The second segment is probably the weakest. Spielberg's contribution is indeed overly sentimental, the acting a little overplayed and the story not really dramatic. The likeable old black man going from one retirement home to the next does succeed though in showing the elderly that they rightfully so can be proud of the lives they lived, but also not forget that they can still employ a joyful and childlike attitude and still enjoy their remaining years.

    The third segment is based on a pretty cool idea, a young boy that can make everything reality that he imagines. The "family" he has assembled in his house acts pretty creepy at first, until you realize that they are just really fearful of all bad consequences that may happen when disagreeing with the little boy.

    The fourth and final segment has mostly been found the most entertaining, I would agree. Seeing people smoke on airplanes obviously shows the age of the movie. The acting in this one is pretty realistic, and the story with a gremlin shoving airplane parts into a plane engine at 20,000 feet during a heavy thunderstorm is pretty cool.

    It is a funny touch that they ended the final segment with bringing back Dan Aykroyd's character from the opening scene, offering to show "something really scary". ...more info
  • 1st Review Anywhere
    Finally, I have a copy!!! It seems this film was very hard to find anywhere. I happen to work at Magnolia Home Theater and we received (2) copies, so I snagged one before it hit the shelves. On to the movie. This is one of those movies you just want to have. It was my and many's favorite t.v. show and the movie is worthy of it's name.

    DVD specs: VC1 codec, Dolby TruHD, DDPlus. Extras: Movie Trailer (poor picture quality)

    Since the movie is literally 4 movies by four directors, you cannot review it as a whole as each have distinct differences due to the directors style.

    The 1st Segment: Looks very good. The polyester suits and fat ties at the bar date the film. Good detail on the whole. Nazi suits are sharp, good color saturation throughout. Only glaring exception is in dark scenes some noise and not the darkest of black. The sound is very good, great front stage and the rears are used but won't distract what's happening up front. Good midbase and highs are really defined. I can't remember, even in the movies it having the detail in sound it has now, almost no LFE (sub-bass) but that's the way it was initially recorded. The TruHD is slightly better than the DD plus.
    7 out of 10 in picture - 8 out of 10 in sound.

    2nd Segment: Looks rather soft, but you have to realize again: Different director, different style. This one was directed by Steven Spielberg (good to see his stuff on HDDVD). You will notice the familiar softness that he adds to movies. The classic Speilberg soft filter (Goonies, ET, Close Encounters etc). Close ups of the older people look very sharp, long shots look a little better than a regular DVD, but in regular shots very detailed. The sound again is very, very clean. The score, which I remember as being very emotional and critical to the feel of the segment, was there and more. I still choked up at the end. Its good to see Scattman Crothers again (main charactor). He's a cinematic gem, delivering his usual steller performance. Remeber him in The Shining?
    8 out of 10 picture - 8 out of 10 sound. Gave an eight because it's what Speilberg intended it to look like.

    3rd Segment: Wow. This is easily the most impressive both sound and video. Colors are amazing! A few very small traces of grain, otherwise very impressive. When in Anthony's home, right away you notice the very colorful over the top couch, then the wall colors are made to stand out. I remember Quinlan being beautiful when I watched this as a kid, wow my memories serves me right. Detail is almost reference. The sound is equally impressive. Great dynamics, detail and out of the segments, the best bass responce. When the rabbit comes out of the hat.....look out it snapped me back.
    9 out of 10 picture - 9 out of ten sound.

    4th Segment: It went from wow to woe. This is easily the most dissapointing segment of the movie. It starts out very grainy, noisey, and dare I say VCRish. It then cleans up and looks good for a scene or two then for some reason, it goes back to VCRish picture. Very inconsistant and distracting. What was my second favorite segment, has been shown no love. It must have come from a poor master, or just hurried at the end, I don't know, but even the climactic end, was blurry and undefined. Sound was o.k. and that's a compliment. Lithgow is Lithgow so no matter how bad the print, he's an brilliant actor.
    4 out of 10 picture - 4.5 out of ten sound.

    The closing was worth the price of this disk. Rod Serling's voice and famous Twilight Zone score in TruHD.....PRICELESS.

    In parting. This is one of those movies that you just remember every line, every scene, every facial expression. Having scene it in this form, I can say it still is by far the best this movie has been presented. The last segment being considered, I still recomend this film, not for a reference demo, but for what it is, a modern classic. Recommended to all who enjoyed the film in the first place....more info
  • Aftertaste of a preventable tragedy mars this film
    Had it not been for an irresponsible gamble on the part of John Landis that killed actor Vic Morrow and two innocent Vietnamese kids, TWILIGHT ZONE--THE MOVIE would have been not merely a great omnibus movie version of Rod Serling's classic TV series, but perhaps even a masterpiece.

    Still, this film manages to work. Ironically, the Landis segment (with Morrow as a bigot who gets a taste of what he's dished out) and the Spielberg one that follows (an elderly magician [Scatman Crothers] gives new life to old folks) are the weak links in this film. Joe Dante's segment, a reworking of the classic "It's A GOOD Life", is really a blackly comic sketch. But the finale, George Miller's take on Richard Matheson's classic "Nightmare At 20,000 Feet", is the absolute best--suspense and horror combine seamlessly, with John Lithgow's performance as the terrified airline traveller possibly a warm-up of sorts for a similar role in "2010".

    Jerry Goldsmith's excellent score and narration provided by Burgess Meredith (star of the classic episode "Time Enough At Last"), subbing for Serling, who passed away in 1975, make up for this film's unfortunate flaws, which had nothing to do with the film itself but Landis' idiotic and fatal delusions of grandeur....more info

  • Four tales, great actors and great acting
    This movie features four classic stories from the Twilight Zone recreated for the big screen. There are several cameos in each story and a big leading star in each tale. The first story is of a man tired of the racial diversity in the US, where he then finds himself leading the life of a Jewish man in Nazi Germany, a black man caught in the KKK tribe and another. The second is a good story of a retirement home that finds youth in its heart after becoming children again and finding that it is not worth staying young. The third is a twist on the original tale of a boy who's wishes come true as an unknowing women looking for adventure was lured in by the child. The final story is of the Gremlin on the wing of a plane as John Lithgow plays the sole man who sees the monster ripping up the plane. With this performance you can put John Lithgow in an empty room with a window and it would still be just as terrifying from the way he conveys what is out there....more info
  • Warner Bros Changed the LOGO again, So so film.
    I can't say I enjoyed this film so much, The first sequence could have been more promising (yes I know about the deaths involved), still doesn't make up for the fact that the storyline is not very interesting. The second sequence of Kick the Can is not bad but again feels empty, The movie does get better as it moves along however. I do appreciate the special effects in this film done today everything would be CGI and I think the CGI ruins the fun of on set effects. So maybe we are lucky it was made in the 80's. My one real disspointment more so than no EXTRAS!is the fact that WARNER BROS keeps on editing out the original WB logos that open their films from the 70's and 80's to replace them with the new logo while the new one looks sharp and clear unfortunatly it never fits the film it is showing so to speak. It ruins the nostalgia of watching the film the way it was originally presented. Really big pet peeve. I wish Warner BROS would realize it is more work to replace the log only to wasting time ruining the overal viewing of the film. ...more info
    First off, let me just say that it's about time that this early '80's collection puts in an appearance on DVD. There is no possible excuse for taking so long to put out this bare bones edition. The one big "special feature"? The theatrical trailer. BFD. The movie itself is composed of four segments, each crafted by a different director, and a prologue (which features Dan Aykroyd and Albert Brooks). John Landis is tapped for the intro and the first segment. The most notable things here (other that the 3 deaths that occured while filming it) are Vic Marrow (who I'd only seen in the Combat TV series) and a young John Larroquette (who I'd only seen on TV's Night Court and heard as the voiceover for the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre). Be sure to listen for one of Landis' injokes when one of the Vietnam soldiers mentions Lt. Neidermeyer (a character from his 1978 film, Animal House). The second segment is a remake of Kick The Can (February 1962) starring Scatman Crothers and Selma Diamond (another Night Court regular before her death). The entire thing feels like a dry run for Steven Spielberg who appears to have lifted it whole cloth from his Amazing Stories TV series that wouldn't air for another 2 years. Up next is Joe Dante reworking It's A Good Life (November 1961) starring Kathleen Quinlan, Nancy Cartwright (pre-Simpsons), Kevin McCarthy, and William Schallert. Don't blink or you'll miss the under utilized Cherie Currie (former lead singer of The Runaways) and Bill Mumy (not only from the Lost In Space TV series but the original Anthony in this story). George Miller helms the final and most famous of the remakes, Nightmare At 20,000 Feet (October 1963). Standouts here include John Lithgow (in the William Shatner role, one the 2 of them would allude to in a future 3rd Rock From The Sun episode), Donna Dixon (who became Mrs. Dan Aykroyd right before filming began), John Dennis Johnston, Charles Knapp, Christina Nigra (the creepy little Jon-Benet lookalike), and a cameo by Carol Serling (Rod's wife and project consultant seen here as a passenger holding a copy of the old Twilight Zone magazine). Speaking of cameos, how about the uncredited voiceover by Burgess Meredith (a veteran of 4 original Twilight Zone episodes)? Speaking of uncredited, the use of CCR's Midnight Special and Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze go unheralded in the final credits as well (as does a certain assistant director using the Alan Smithee alias and poor Tempest identified only as an Atari game). While not the best anthology on the market, this collection is a must have for any TZ fan. One last note, be sure to look for Spielberg's trademark shooting star in the credits and the trailer. Thank you Rod....more info
  • Good Release of a Fun FIlm
    Even though this is the film where the traggic accident with the late Vic Morrow occured - it still had the big screen flavor of the classic series.

    Divided into four stories with a book-end open and close, Joe Danta, John Landis, George Miller and Steven Spielberg each direct their stories of magic, fun and the world only known best as Rod Serling's THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

    My favorite story is called "Kick The Can" and stars the late Scatman Crothers as a man with a mission - a mission that makes all those who haved lived a full live realize how special their life really is. This one has a heart and sole and is touched with that Spielbergian Magic that only he can do.

    Joe Danta directed "It's A good Life" which is a direct remake of the orginal series episode where a young boy controls his 'world' around him until he realizes through a stranger who mistakenly is visiting - that life is better when life happens on its own and is not whimmed up at the blink of an eye!

    George Miller gets to direct another famous episode made popular by WIllaim Shatner origionally - now starring John Lithgow as the "Terror At 20,000 Feet" unravells it scarry tale aboard an airplane that may or may not have an extra passenger - but only Lithgow knows!

    John Landis directed the late VIc Morrow final performance in a bizzar story of the Nazi's world and entering a surreal enviornment where everyone is treated exactly like you treat others. Evil, harsh and recist!Subtle but directly pointing at the dark side that is in each of us!

    The book-ends are with Dan Akroyd and Albert Brooks - you have to see it to get the enourmous amount black comedy of the sequence. It will make you laugh - but you may jump a little! Boo!

    Great production value - and although the DVD doesn't have any extra's - its still a good film at a good price. I liked watching it.....a lot! 3-27-09...more info
  • OK, but The Tragedy Kept Me From Totally Enjoying it!
    It was a good movie but not the best, I think the tragedy of what happened to Vic Morrow and the two child actors has kept me from totally enjoying the movie and liking the story that Vic Morrow was in! The stories I liked were the little boy with the power to make things happen by just thinking it, the story with the gremlin on the Airplane and the story in the nursing home....more info
  • A Mixed Blessing
    While I'm thrilled that this movie has finally made it to DVD, I must admit a substantial feeling of disappointment at the lack of bonus materials included. I mean, COME ON!!....with all the talent involved both in front and behind the camera, they couldn't even spring for a commentary from one single individual involved? It just doesn't seem right. This WAS an event movie when released in the Summer of 1983, not to discount the tragic events that occured in the John Landis-directed segment. All I'm saying is that it would have been nice to have some reminiscences from a few selected cast members and especially the directors...Spielberg, Landis, Joe Dante ["Gremilins"] and George Miller ["Mad Max" and "The Road Warrior"]...each of who were a hot commodity and at the top of their game at the time the movie was made).

    All griping aside, the movie remains a fun tribute to the classic TV show and is very much in keeping with the spirit of Rod Serling's vision....more info
  • Very Entertaining
    First off this film only gets 3 stars because the original twilight zone series in black and white is unbeatable and those episodes were the true classics. This 1983 now overlooked movie is a respectable good film but that has its moments you basically have 4 different stories and here is how they go First the film opens a little eary with Dan Aykroyd and Albert Brooks singing and bored out of there minds singing"Let the midnight special" there tape breaks in the car and there stuck talking to each other bored the two dare each other play t.v theme songs and all kinds of stuff then he Dan Aykroyd becomes a monster out of nowhere and chokes his friend. That was just the opening then the first segment begins it is really tragic Vic Morrow and two kids were killed by a helicopter and the original script if he would have lived he was supposed to come back to the bar he was bashing every minority prior to leaving and come back after his violent ordeal with the German's looking at him as a Jew and the K.K.K looking at him as a black man and the American G.I's looking at him as Vietmanese after that was done he was supposed to come back thanking everyone in the bar and saying he was sorry and that would have been the story and instead they released it and it has a tragic ending with him going to a concentration camp. That scene looks like a deleted extra scene they used and that segment just ends horribly and they should have never released it and started fresh with a new kind of plot. The 2nd segment originally was supposed to be a remake of the monsters on Maple Street but because Vic Morrow was killed in the 1st segment the writers and Steven Spielberg decided to do this fairy tale type episode called Kick the Can it is a little touching probably especially for old people some viewers knock this segment saying that it is lame and boring. This is a good segment and ends happy and really had a nice point. The 3rd segment actually turned out the way it supposed to have it is basically a remake of the Anthony story from the original series. This remake with Anthony this segment probably has more suspense then the one from the early 60's. It is funny in it's own little way but eary to and that ends nice but still probably could have been better. The last segment is the stongest John Lithgow is amazing in this role as you typical terrorized airplane passenger not only does he hate flying but he sees the ugliest monster I have ever seen in my life out his airplane window and he freaks everybody out the attractive flight attendant's try calming him but nothing works he even gets wrestled to the floor by other passengers this segment is my favorite and people who know this movie will probably tell you this segment probably saved the whole movie it has the suspense and fear you felt in the original twilight zone's. As for the other 3 segments they are very watchable but you can see things did not go as planned and this movie as good as it is probably did not turn out the way they had planned....more info
  • I can't believe they released this
    What were the producers thinking? A high budget remake of stories from the original Twilight Zone does not get better simply because they are done with newer equipment and effects - sorry.

    Three of the four tales are, as I mentioned, remakes from the original television show ("Kick the Can", "It's a Good Life" and "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet"). While the 1959/60/61 shows were good, these suffer in comparison. The fourth was an original (thank the stars for at least some originality!) featuring Vic Morrow as a bigot who is hurled into the lives of those he hates most.

    This movie could and should have been a monument to a series which has weathered more than 40 years and is still fresh (and popular) today. Instead, it just falls flat.

    Recommend you bypass this movie and simply buy the original television series by Rod Serling on DVD. You'll be much happier with them.

    ~P~...more info

  • Very Disappointing.
    It is not a movie, but a remake of 4 episodes. What were "classics" in their original form, are now under performing and obsolete. Not to fault the cast, they did a good job. It just did not work at all.
    ...more info
  • 2 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    A misbegotten film that has nothing to offer fans of the show, neophytes, or anyone else, The Twilight Zone movie is poorly made and only worth watching for TZ fans who have to see it so they can say they hate it for themselves....more info
  • An Under-Rated Classic!
    I read some of the other reviews of this movie. Am I seeing the same film as the rest of you? In 1983 I was swept away by four powerful stories from the madness of racism, to one's ability to re-capture their youth, to a boy's fantasies that horribly come to life, to the sheer terror of an airplane flight gone bad. Sandwiched between the hilariously terrifying quote by Dan Aykroyd, "Wanna see something REALLY scary?", and blended with Jerry Goldsmith's beautiful and exciting score that so accurately followed each story truly makes this an absolutely invigorating and riveting movie experience. The story and music at the end of "Kick The Can" evokes tears, the weirdness of the folks trapped in the boy's lair evokes laughs, and the terror of the airplane in peril with Goldsmith's thunderous soundtrack behind it brings you to edge of your seat. Vic Morrow's story is a stark vision of the downfalls of prejudice. I rank this film with "Jedi" and "E.T.". One of the top 3 films of the 1980's, and perhaps of all time! Rent it, Buy it & ENJOY!...more info
  • An Entertaining Film Worth Watching With The Whole Family
    Let me start by saying that I believe the whole family should watch this film because it is a more recent introduction to one of the best TV shows ever to younger family members who don't prefer to watch anything "old." I am 13 years old now, and I saw this movie when I was 3 or 4.Ever since then I have not cared how "old" the Twilight Zone was,I just cared about how entertaining it was. I have friends who had never even heard of the Twilight Zone before I told them about it,and therefore have missed out on the great experience of watching the Twilight Zone. The prologue to this movie is without a doubt my favorite part of the entire film.It features Albert Brooks and Dan Akroyd as two men driving on an empty rural road late at night.It becomes apparent that Akroyd was probably a hitch-hiker on the road.The two men play trivia games at first,until Akroyd brings up the topic of the Twilight Zone.Akroyd and Brooks remind each other of classic T-Zone episode, which I like to do with my family and relatives late at night.Then Akroyd says,"Do you wanna see something really scary," and that's where the fun begins.The first segment about a racist man who becomes the people that he hates so much is ok, but there was no suspense in it.The second segment, entitled "Kick the Can", was not as good as the original episode.Unfortunately,Steven Spielberg,who directed this segment,originally planned on remaking "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street," but actor Vic Morrow's death made Spielberg decide to adapt a more light-hearted story.The third segment, about a little boy named Anthony who terrorizes others with his strange powers is not entertaining at all.But the final installment blew my mind.The story of a nervous man with a fear of flying who views a gremlin on the wing of his plane is incredible. The scene where he closes down his window so he won't see the wing,only to open the cover to his window and see a creature staring him in the face gave me nightmares for a few years, until I watched the same segment a few years later to realize it wasn't so bad.All in all this is a great movie, but only because the prologue and final segment are wonderful.My final message is,SEE THIS MOVIE!...more info
    I am a huge Twlight Zone fan and I agree with everyone else when they say these are nothing like the orginals and and are misunderstood garbage. But THERE IS ONE REASON TO SEE THIS MOVIE! I don't care who you are.. the last epsiode with John Lithgow on the airplane rocks! IT's one of my favorite pieces of film ever.... Watch this movie for it's great begining and a great ending, I could even go so far as to say the rest is crap. BUt watch the ending segmant, Nightmare at 25,oo feet definately if your not a Twilight Zone fan! It's classic, very scarey, very cool. Hates off to the director of Mad Max....more info
  • A must have
    This movie is a must have for the Twilight Zone fan. It includes four stories with two or more of them being remakes of original twilight zone episodes....more info
  • Mixed Bag Of Parables, Twist Endings, Dark Comedy and Horror!
    The film, true to many Twilight Zone episodes, starts with a seemingly common place setting. This prologue stars the always wonderful Dan Ackroyd and Albert Brooks and is accompanied by a soundtrack of "Midnight Special" as covered by CCR. Suffice it to say it concludes with the Twilight Zone's trademark twist ending. This clever beginning is followed by four segments with different casts and directors. They're all narrated by Burgess Meredith, who starred in some of the original television episodes.

    The first segment is the only one that was originally written for the movie rather than being a reworking of one of the episodes from the 1960's series. Vic Morrow, who famously died in an on the set accident while filming this portion stars as a bigoted man who learns what life would be like if he was viewed differently by others. But does he learn his lesson too late? Probably because the real life tragedy that accompanied this part of the film necessitated it, this segment seems both too short and somewhat cobbled together.

    KICK THE CAN has a wonderful performance from Scatman Crothers, but other than that it didn't do much for me. It feels too sentimental. You can tell it was made by Spielberg in one of his more sappy, family friendly phases.

    ITS A GOOD LIFE is a surreal and darkly comic take on the original. In the beginning, those not familiar with the source material will believe Anthony is innocent, but is he...? This segment is marred by a happy ending which is quite different than the disturbing one in Rod Serling's TV series.

    The final segment, NIGHTMARE AT 20,00 FEET is decent. You do see too much of the monster but what you see is frightening. John Lithgow is convincing as the paranoid main character.

    So like many anthology movies this is a mixed bag. All in all the movie just doesn't quite come up to the perfection of the original show.
    ...more info
  • Poor Selection
    As a big Twilight Zone Series fan, a movie including remakes of the original episodes should be a must-have. Unfortunately, out of over 150 episodes, some of the weakest episodes were picked to be remade in this movie. The only "classic" episode is "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet", which originally starred William Shatner. The remake is well done, but the monster was actually MUCH creepier in the original episode.

    The funny thing is that Albert Brooks mentions, probably the most popular, and definitely one of the best episodes ("Time Enough at Last" starring Burgess Meredith) in the introduction scene of the movie. Why not remake this episode instead of just mentioning it? It was clearly classic enough to be acknowledged in the movie, so why remake mediocre episodes instead?

    I'll never understand the planning of this movie, and I can never really enjoy watching it. If you're unfamiliar with the series, and need a gateway to see what it was all about, this is a terrible representation of what to expect. Don't waste your money here, buy the Twilight Zone Complete Season DVDs instead. There's plenty of bang for your buck there....more info
  • Good but The Original Is Better!
    When I first saw this movie I thought it was good but now after seeing some of the reruns of the classic episodes of the original TV show that were remade in this movie I have to say that the stories are much better in the TV show, the movie is still okay and the Gremlin segment with John Lithgow is good but once you have seen the original Gremlin episode with William Shatner you realize just how much better it is, it was a lot creepier then the movie and the Gremlin is scarier, also though the segment with the boy with with the power to makes his wishes come true was okay the original classic episode with Billy Mumy is a lot better and the classic has an ending that you really don't expect especially after seeing the cliched happy ending of the movie version. I liked the Kick The Can segment in the movie with Scatman Crothers but I haven't seen the original episode yet but I'm sure it is great. The only segment I didn't enjoy was the one with Vic Morrow, The tragic accident that killed him and those two children they were going to use as extras totally marred that segment, it is just so sad! Well anyway the rest of the movie is good but the original classic TV show is better and I would love to have that classic show on DVD especially with my favorite episodes!...more info
  • Somewhat disappointing
    The Twilight Zone movie has always felt somewhat disappointing to me, and upon seeing it again on DVD now, it still feels the same way. Featuring four segments (one original, the other three based on classic episodes of the series) directed by John Landis (An American Werewolf in London), Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante (The Howling, Gremlins), and George Miller (the Mad Max trilogy, the upcoming Justice League of America movie), the Twilight Zone movie starts out so well but ends up being ultimately disappointing for a number of reasons. The Landis directed first segment features Vic Morrow as a bigot who gets a taste of his own medicine as he finds himself transported through time. This segment is great, but feels unfinished largely due to the fact that Morrow was tragically killed in a helicopter accident. Spielberg's segment stars the late, great Scatman Crothers as the mysterious Mr. Bloom, who gives the members of a retirement hi=ome a chance to feel young again. There's nothing really to this segment, and Spielberg's direction just seems tired as well. Joe Dante's tale is a mixed bag and is dependent on the viewer whether or not you'll like it or not, but the final tale is worth the price of admission alone. George Miller's re-envisioning of the classic William Shatner-starring tale from the series features John Lithgow as a frightened airplane passenger who desperately tries to warn everyone of the creature on the wing. This segment is spectacular, and Lithgow in particular gives one of the absolute best performances he's ever graced the screen with. The prologue for the film is great too, and features Dan Aykroyd and Albert Brooks and is directed by Landis as well. What's the most disappointing aspect of this DVD release is undoubtedly the fact that there are no extras whatsoever besides the film's theatrical trailer. Just like they did with the 25th Anniversary Edition of Poltergeist, Warner Brothers has skimped out on the extras here. Other than that though, the Twilight Zone movie isn't bad one bit, just don't expect anything great out of it. It's still worth picking up though, and Miller's segment alone sets this apart from other horror anthology flicks. ...more info
  • Come on guys, relax with the comments.......
    about Kick the Can being too Saccharine sweet and the special effects being outdated. First off, why can't a movie be too sweet? A movie can be too violent, but I don't hear that being complained about too much. The minute a movie shows some type of emotion, Bammm! Everybody jumps on it. I could never figure that out. As for the technology, It's a Good Life was supposed to look cartoonish, so the creatures are cartoon like in appearance. The gremlin on the plane looked very cool and believable. For the people who say this technology isn't believable. Are CGI graphics in movies today believable? To me they aren't. They look like a video game or a cartoon to me when they are supposed to look like real creatures. It's terrible and ruins every movie for me, because while I watch the movie I'm thinking the effects look too fake, I'm not believing this. So I can't see why people are so down with the effects in the TZ movie. I think they were perfectly done and original. So for the people who are down with the effects in TZ, just kick back and relax and enjoy the flick. For those people it may look fake, but that was a time gone by. Unfortunatley for me todays CGI effects will always ruin a movie, because I can always spot it in a movie and know it's a video game not a movie. ...more info