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Moulin Rouge
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  • Looked good in the trailer version
    I thought this was going to be a good movie - I'm glad I waited to see it - instead of paying for it I saw it inflight on the way back from Tokyo. I watched it for a few minutes with the sound off (couldn't find the headphones) and even with the sound off, the garish colors were bugging the hell out of my eyes. I watched a few minutes of Nicole Kidman singing "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" before switching to another channel. I thought I was going to be transported to some sort of Moulin Rouge experience in the Paris of the 1800's, and all I got was an ignoramus version of a Gen-X history lesson, with too much snappy editiing and the poorest choices of music you could imagine for a period piece. I actually know a guy who did some artistic direction on this movie, and he apparently thinks it's great. I also know that he smokes a lot of pot, so maybe that's why. In my opinion, this is the most overrated crap to come out of Australia since Yahoo Serious. Like being stuck in an elevator with the circus....more info
  • absolutely amazing
    This is one crazy, exciting, heartbreaking film. The beginning just pulls you in and makes you want to watch more. It makes you feel like you are there with all of the singing and dancing. This is my all time favorite musical.. and my all time favorite movie... the singing, acting, filming is all top-notch.

    Christian (Ewan McGregor)is telling the story of his and Satine's (Nicole Kidman) love for eachother. Christian is a poor writer from england who comes to Paris during the Bohemian Revolution. At the end of the century there is nothing but excitement in the village of Montmartre France. Non stop singing, music, dancing and night clubs. Christian meets some of the Bohemians and they have a plan. They would use Christian to make the most beautiful courtesan, Satine, believe that he wrote a modern play to start the Bohemian Revolution. So they are off to the moulin rouge. A night club full of beautiful women, dancing, and singing. Christian meets Satine and she mistakes him for The Duke which she is supposed to have sex with. Christian is nearly spotted when The Duke comes in to have sex with Satine. The Duke ends up investing in the play that Christian is pretending to have wrote ( well he writes most of the play by himself). after they sing to eachother and get to know one another, Satine and Christian become lovers. So they have to hide their love from the Duke. They must live through jealousy, hatred, and betrayal to see if their love can survive. But then the duke finds out about her and Christian and almost rapes her, but her security man comes in and punches him in the mouth right before it was going to happen. Then the duke says if he does not get Satine to love him he will kill Christian. So Satine must decide to tell Christian a lie. that she chooses the Duke over Christian. so she must hurt him to save him. Then the doctor tells Satine that she is dying which causes more stress on her life. on the night of the play Christian chases after Satine in the auditorium. they accidentally end up on stage. Christian then pays her for his fun and tell her that she means nothing to him. (all because Satine is kind of like a prostitute). Christian walks off of the stage crying and then Satine starts to sing to him. Then he joins in and they fall in love again. However, after the play is over Satine starts coughing up blood and loses her breath. She is dying. Christian holds her as she dies. Christian cries and goes on telling the story of their love. a love that will live forever.

    excellent movie for anyone, not just musical lovers. people who dont like musicals will definately change their mind after seeing this. ...more info
  • Who Let Baz In The Cutting Room Without His Ritalin???
    The scenery: Brilliant. The songs: Astounding. The costumes: The most gorgrous I've ever seen. The acting: My god. Top Notch!

    So why don't we get to see any of it for more than .375 seconds at a time? It's almost like trying to watch The Blair Witch Project for pure motion sickness factor!

    Still, it's a Great Film. Never mind the complete non-believeabily of a singer dying of tuburculosis simultanously on key and on cue. It's amazing. The eye candy factor is over the top, and the musical duet numbers are superb; a blend of modern pop that is so catchy that now, when I hear that songs, I think of them as belonging to Moulin Rouge, not to themselves. There are elements of Fear and Loathing and Naked Lunch in the mix for a feeling of suureal, plus a touch, just a touch, of CGI. A perfect spice for the nearly perfect film.

    The costumes...oh MY my MY. Anyone who can costume Nicole Kidman to look even more amazingly sexy than normal deserves and Oscar in my book. But not just Nicole Kidman; every single person in the show was done up to perfection, even, and espcially, the Green Fairy.

    Someone did some homework: the real Moulin Rouge existed in the same time period and was in fact, frequented by the real Toulouse-Latrec (playing the talking sitar), and had a singer much like Satine who was prone to, say, knocking the hat off the Price of Wales with a high kick while the owner shouted "Hullo, Prince, is your Mummy paying for the drinks tonight?"

    So yes, huzzah, I LOVE this film, even though sometimes I have to play it at half speed. Baz Luhrmann, where has he been? More! bit slower on the camera angles this time?...more info
  • Amazing to look at
    The opening of this film is just breath taking. I had never seen such a beautiful filming style. Stylistically it has to be a definite favorite of mine. It's crazy and I loved it....more info
  • The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return!
    It is rare that a movie causes me to cry, and this one does every time. The acting is flawless, the music beautiful, and the story cuts right to the heart. I recommend this to anyone who believes in true love....more info
  • A work of genius
    It is flawed and it is brilliant. It follows the classic boy meets girl - boy loses girl - boy gets girl back again formula, but it does so with a visual and musical imagination which few other directors can match. ...more info
  • One of my all time favourites
    Moulin Rouge isn't the movie for everyone. Either you hate it, or you love it. I fall into the latter category. This movie is the movie to convert musical haters into lovers.

    On my initial viewing, I was incredibly confused and, admittedly, a little frightened by the filming technique. The film is a bit insane, but once you become accustomed to the style (or maybe watch it a second time), you will instantly fall in love with the bravery and passion this movie exhibits.

    The main characters, Christian and Satine, are two lovers who meet at the Parisian nightclub the Moulin Rouge. Satine is the star of the Moulin Rouge, it's "sparkling diamond". Christian is a writer who eventually gets commissioned to pen a show for the Moulin Rouge. His friends, a group of bohemian revolutionaries, provide support and comedy. Howard Zidler, the owner of the Moulin Rouge, is a caricature in himself. He parades around wearing a top hat, red coattails, and sports two rosy spots on his cheeks. The film takes on a Bollywood-esque feel as it rolls along, incorporating dancing and singing elements.

    The soundtrack is phenomenal. It comprises mainly of modern songs, such as Elton John's "Your Song" and Sting's "Roxeanne" (my personal favourite), rewritten to suit the movie's plot and style. Once you've seen the movie, definitely invest in the soundtrack.

    This movie has everything in it; romance, comedy, drama, melodrama, music, dance, and spirit. Everyone should watch this movie at least once. ...more info
  • very satisfied with my product
    my product arrived in good condition and it arrived in good time per shippers instructions. tku Trish :o) ...more info
  • Moulin Rouge
    Arrived soon.
    DVD in perfect condition.

    Everything about this sale was perfect....more info
  • Absinthe makes the Heart grow fonder? I love this movie !
    I love this film, and I would love to see it with Absinthe, preferably Mansynth, but that might still be illegal? This movie calls for some kind of Altered State, and Margaritas are legal.

    This movie has everything; beautiful people, singing, acting, performing, dancing, drinking, love, romance, of all...Bohemians.

    If your buddies give you grief about a Musical, point out that Nicole Kidman is in the flick. Show them a scene or two. I'll watch anything with Nicole Kidman, and this is very good !

    Tell your Congressman to legalize Absinthe, so folks can enjoy the movie as it was probably meant to be viewed. I hear Marilyn Manson has the good stuff....more info
  • Ewan at his best
    As I've said before Ewan is my favorite actor and this movie is a great example why. He and Nicole Kidman are a good match. Their chemistry together is wondeful. The looked like they had a blast making this movie. And they both can sing great. This movie is not for all people but for those who can relax and let your mind go what a wonderful trip you are getting ready to take. 5 stars all around (costumes, songs, dance, acting) and most important of all this movie will move you. Come what may indeed! ...more info
  • The Art of Tradagy...
    To keep this simple, this film is like art or even opera...either you like it or you don't. I find this movie to be creative, a visual treat to the eyes (amazing use of color and shawdows)and more, a very tragic tale of life, love, awakening and loss. Excellent performances and supporting cast was amazing. If you liked Evita or even Titanic, you are like me, a sucker for tragic love stories. I believe there are only two original songs for this film and the rest of from many wonderful artist and songs you will know. If you are going to watch this film for the first time, you may find it confusing or even a bit Corny. I did the first time, but as the tale went on, I was emotional drawn in by the story and totally believable performances by this excellent cast. This is a film you must watch more than once to truly understand where it is going. I have seen this film more than 20 times now because of the emotional connection i feel from it. I laugh at first and then I am feeling the memory of love as a youth and then...I feel the pain of that once in a life time love, that has ended to soon...

    If you are a hopeful romantic, you will enjoy this film for many evenings to come and if you don't seem to get it, I feel for your loss... ...more info
  • A little quirky, but definitely one of my all time favorite movies
    When I was ten, I first saw "Titanic". I can tell you right here and now that thats going to be a hard one to forget. I have never seen, nor expect to see, a movie that fills you with so much raw emotion again. Maybe "Moulin Rouge" wasn't quite as good as that, but it's pretty high up there on the pedestel. Simply put, I loved this movie. I loved the music, I loved the dancing, I loved the acting, and I really loved the story. This is not my first film by this director. I also own "Romeo and Juliet". From this previous movie, I knew "Moulin Rouge" would be a little out there- I think that really helped the story. This movie was very sad, and I would have LOVED a happier ending. However, I understand that that probably would have been predictable- and that just wouldn't have been "Moulin Rouge". So go out it and buy. Maybe it isn't exactly what you think you'd enjoy, but trust me, this is another one of those "unforgettable" movies. I hope that I've been able to help sway your minds, even if just a little bit....more info
  • Way to ruin all of my favorite songs!
    The entire time I watched this movie I was absolutely miserable. Kidman's voice ruined classic songs (for me at least) and it was just way too eccentric for me, which is funny because I liked Across the Universe and that's very eccentric as well . . . It seemed to just try to have shock value more than anything else. It was a very plot driven movie with not much character work. I can understand that some people like this but I really couldn't stand it. If I could give it zero stars I would. All flash and no substance....more info
  • Mind blowing
    It's the story of 1890's France told to the tune of 20th century music and choreography. If you expect a true period piece, realign your expectations. This is a grand tour de farce and a cult classic. ...more info
  • "I'm the green fairy!!"
    It was the December before `Moulin Rouge' had hit theaters, and I was reading an article on Nicole Kidman in Vogue. The journalist was talking about her upcoming film - a musical - , which was described as a cross between `Titanic' and `Rocky Horror Picture Show.' It was also mentioned that the movie featured renditions of songs as unalike as "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit." What?! I was instantly intrigued.

    When I got around to seeing `Moulin Rouge' later the next year, it did not disappoint. I tend to prefer movies that exercise my brain a bit, but this film is such a delight for the senses, that I can forgive its silly characters and trite plot (I'm actually rather grateful for the absence of a unique story - it would have been too distracting). Another reviewer used the phrase "eye candy" to describe `Moulin Rouge' - and that is spot-on. Director Baz Luhrman uses bright colors, exquisitely audacious costumes, electric lighting, whirling cameras and music-video-like editing to create a sort of "Modern" fairytale on acid. In addition to having somewhat dizzying visual stimulation - `Moulin Rouge' is also an exercise for the ears. A wide variety of popular music is reinterpreted throughout this film. Listen closely or you may miss some of the songs (a snippet from David Bowie's "Diamond Dogs" escaped me at first). The anachronistic musical choices, in any case, are quite fun. On top of all this - `Moulin Rouge' can be rather humorous. I especially enjoyed the scene where Satine, in a neglige, covers her head in a large fur blanket; aggressively throws herself on the floor; and shouts "Yes!" in response to Christian's "poetry reading." Very cute.

    So, if a sappy little love-story wrapped up in a glittering whirl-wind of color, characters and noise sounds appealing to you, `Moulin Rouge' just might be the ticket. If you're feeling nauseous just reading my review, I'd forget about this one. ...more info
  • Moulin Rouge
    I purchased this for my 15 year old daughter who loved it. I did not watch the entire thing so my view is biased on superficial impressions of what little I did see. I don't care for musicals (usually), and I'm not a fan of Nicole Kidman so I had NO interest in this....more info
  • moulin rouge dvd
    Came fairly quickly but since I was giving it as a gift I had to change the DVD case out since the one it arrived in was ripped. DVD was in great shape, nonetheless....more info
  • Baz baby, you're not all that
    I'm not trying to be contrarian here, really. I'm trying to figure out why post-modern critics and movie-goers get all lathered up over anachronisms in movies. What is so impressive about porting Madonna and Patti LaBelle songs into 1900 Paris? Or about putting modern-day manners and slang into old contexts? Why does this inspire such creative awe with this generation? Monty Python & company did it, for comic effect, 35 years ago, and no one thought it was "genius." Amusing, perhaps, and that's what this film is, for 15 minutes, until it becomes obvious there's no plot and no point. What storytelling or dramatic skill does this technique show that otherwise could not have been shown? Why do it other than auteur-driven gimmick?

    "Ah, but you're contradicting yourself," you say (or you would if you've read all my other reviews here in Amazon). "You heaped praise on Terry Gilliam's Brazil and talked about its anachronistic nature. Gotcha!" Well, no. Brazil wasn't really about mixing time periods, despite what most of the reviews said. They didn't catch the title card in the beginning that said "Somewhere in the 20th Century." The film wasn't about the future--a future with science fiction technology next to 1940s typewriters and fedoras--but rather an alternate *present*, a warning of how things could have turned out if history had been just a little bit different. This is not, strictly speaking, a case of anachronism, but even if it were, it makes a point, it has a function.

    I don't see a function of it in this film, directed by ultra-hipster Baz Luhrmann, who, judging from the supplemental materials, seems to have an ego the size of Paris itself. Nor do I see a point in shooting everything in a hyper-kinetic style that has more in common with Looney Tunes cartoons than anything French, anything Moulon Rougish, anything musical. "It stands the musical on its head," the reviews shriek. Yeah, it does. One can stand *anything* on its head; the question is, does doing the headstand reveal anything different than with both feet planted on the ground? If in this case it does, someone tell me *what* in the "comments" section below this review. Be specific, please: nothing like "It's making the musical modern but you old fuddy-duddies can't stand that!" That's a rant, not a revelation.

    The movie is shot in a helter-skelter style with an editor who to me appeared to be all-thumbs. (How was the choreography? someone asked me. I don't know; there was too much cross-cutting to see it.) Composition of shots was...well, there wasn't any; the director seemed to just line the room with cameras, "spray" the scene and bounce from angle to angle randomly in the editing process. Maybe he thinks this is the kewel new way to make movies, but I'll take the choreography of a Fosse and the cinematography of a Rotunno any day. The story itself is pedestrian, perhaps intentionally, since kitch seems to be in style among filmmakers right now, but it wears thin. We have boy meets girl (but girl is *forbidden to love*!), boy loses girl, boy gets girl back, girl dies (dramatically, of course). No, that last is not a spoiler that ruins it for you. They tell you she is dying in the first 20 minutes, and in case you don't hear it through all the noise, they show her having a coughing fit that would alarm the Marlboro Man, and when someone puts a handkerchief to her mouth, we see spatters of blood. (One of Roger Ebert's movie rules is anytime a character bleeds from the mouth they will die.) This screenplay has the subtlety of the 5:15 from Manhattan running over a squirrel.

    Kidman is good, but it's more good casting that good acting, as she's shown before she excels at cool, aloof and unreachable characters with tragedy attached. MacGregor does the best he can, but he's a caricature more than a character (which is the intention, by the way). I know we're all supposed to be impressed it's a musical inside a play inside a movie. Big whoop. Nice art direction and I dug the idea of nestling it all into a period-style presentation, but that wasn't enough.

    I doubt this review will convince those who are always thirsting for the "brave" and "new" and "cutting edge," so I probably just wore the coating off my keyboard for no good reason. Brave and new is fine, if it has some kind of point to it other than to draw attention to itself. Just because something is different, that doesn't make it "genius." It just makes it...different.

    ...more info
  • My favorite musical!
    I adore this film. I love the look and feel of it. The acting is superb and the singing is surprisingly lovely especially by Ewan McGregor, who did a fantastic job. His performace was endearing. I am not normally a fan of musicals, but it is so different from all the rest that I couldn't help but love it. And the soundtrack is one of my favorites. The music is gorgeous and catchy, its possibly one of my most favorite soundtracks. Plus, there are plently of speaking scenes if you don't like the 100% singing movie. It has a great mixture of both and I recommend it to anyone. ...more info
  • Unique Cinematic Experience!
    Hmmm.........Boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl. That's basically the plotline of "Moulin Rouge" in a nutshell, but the way Baz Luhrmann interprets this story on screen has to be seen to be believed. Lots of lavish color, movement, sights and sounds explode on the screen like a Toulouse Lautrec painting on acid. Baz has captured all the excitement and decadence of 1800s Paris, given it a modern twist and reinvented the classic movie musicals of days gone by. And the result? A truly unique cinematic experience that is still talked about.

    The cast worked together beautifully, and put blood into it. Rarely have I seen an ensemble throw themselves into their work as wholehearted as this one. Nicole Kidman as Satine was described by a critic as 'game' in this, and I can see why -- she does a strong job, but she's slightly miscast. Happily, the film isn't actually about Satine, any more than La Traviata is about Violeta. This is Christian's story, and Ewan McGregor is more than capable of carrying the film, because he's the heart of it. And if this film is about anything, it's about heart. Each of the supporting characters is good, particularly the Duke and Ziegler. The whole feeling is operatic, with high camp and severe pain interspersed, sometimes so closely together I got emotional whiplash. This is exactly how I was supposed to feel.

    The first frenetic 30 minutes will have you clutching your seat and gasping for breath. It's like a white-knuckle ride at your favorite theme park - it's almost too much to take. But what a ride! "Moulin Rouge" is a movie to be viewed more than once....if only to take in what you missed the first time. You'll either love or loathe it. But if you choose the latter, quickly take your pulse and check that you're still in the land of the living! Mr. Luhrman is also a genius, though he could have easily cut 1/2 hour from the end. "Moulin Rouge" will fill all of your senses accompanied by a great Soundtrack (s).
    ...more info
  • Definitely a must-see.
    I thought this movie was completely and absolutely bizarre the first time I saw it. Then I proceeded to watch (and comprehend) it a few more times, and saw what a masterpiece it truly is. The soundtrack is spectacular...definitely give this film a try. ...more info