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Playing My French Coach for 15 to 20 minutes a day is all you need to become fluent in French, no matter your age. The simple touch screen interface lets you spend less time learning the game and more time learning French. The game includes 8 touchpad mini-games to sharpen your skills at your own pace, and lets you track your progress with charts showing your performance learning the language. ESRB Rated E for Everyone.

  • Adapted to any level, from beginner to advanced
  • Regular evaluations on improvement
  • Learn French through mini-games and competition
  • Write your answers with the stylus on the Touch Screen
  • With DS portability, translator and glossary features can help a traveler in any situation

Customer Reviews:

  • Stimulating
    This is an incredible learning tool. If you are looking for Nintendo DS "games" as learning tools or to get the brain stimulated this is for you. If you are a life long learner age 16 or 60 it's a great find. ...more info
  • Great learning tool.
    This is a great learning tool. I took three years of French, but forgot most of it. This game is refreshing my memory in a fun and easy way. I recommend it to anyone that wants to learn the language. ...more info
  • Learning French
    This game is great!! It's a fun way of learning french that takes out the boring book learning atmosphere. Though I'm mostly exposed to French-Canadian dialect, and this game is more of a France dialect, it is still teaching me the basics I need to know to understand topics of conversation. ...more info
  • GREAT FUN!!!!
    I have always been in love with the French language so I have nothing but good things to say about this game. Besides enjoying the games, I just love learning the language... True it is vocabulary words as opposed to conversation but by playing the game you get an opportunity to hear someone speak it and you can properly match your pronunciation to theirs. Speaking of which, unlike the other Language Coach games that I have played thus far, the speaker in this game is much clearer. Easily understood!!!

    Highly recommend this game!!!...more info
  • Oui, Oui!
    My husband bought this for Christmas and has enjoyed brushing up on his French. It is an accurate way to help learn your way around the French language if you have no French experience, as well. If you were to do it everyday for fifteen minutes, you would be able to make quite a bit of progress in no time at all. He prefers this way of learning to buying a book and trying to pronounce the words with the right intonation and pronunciation as a true "Frenchie" would. You are truly being coached with this great educational tool!...more info
  • learn french in a fun way
    My French Coach Although eucational, this is taught in the form of games which makes it alot of fun to learn...not boring at all...way better than I thought it would be....more info
  • An awesome way to learn French.
    I already speak French, close to fluently. However, my boyfriend has been wanting to learn French for quite a while now. Unfortunately, I do not really have the time to teach him myself. Then i saw this game. I was skeptical about how efficiently the game would teach the French language. I was not aware of how it monitored the pronunciation of the vocabulary words and verbs. So when the game arrived, I watched my boyfriend play for a while. Fortunately, the game did a very nice job of introducing the language. The game starts with a placement test, which i felt was quite effective. I was pleased with the way the game organized the chapters of learning the French language. I do no think there is a better "learn it yourself" interactive game out there....more info
  • My French Coach
    I was really impressed with My French Coach. It's easy to play, follow and understand. You can spend as much or as little time as you have and still learn French. I like that you can learn how to spell, pronounce, and use the word at the same time. Playing the games help you to remember the word. ...more info
  • Excellent aide in learning a language!
    Ubisoft did a wonderful job with this game; it's a very well done learning tool. I do notice, however, that the instructor (a rather comely woman!!) does speak exceptionally fast and this may not be the case for all dialects of french. Additionally, there are other dialects of french (case in point, my in-laws are french and sometimes use different words or phrases than are taught here).

    Nevertheless, activities that assit with spelling, sentence building and conjugations are an invaluable addition. Having a conjugation chart is helpful and players can find themselves using the charts initially and then replaying the game without the chart. This is where real learning takes place. TRES BIEN!!

    The game is also entertaining. What is nice is that being "conversational", this reivewer did not start with lesson one. Upon commencing, the game gives a "pretest"; based on those results, the player will start at a level that is right for them. For example, I started around lesson 18. It's worth mentioning, however, that one can go back to the initial lessons and it is good to do so for review.

    For the price, it's a very good way to either learn a language at least conversationally and/or even sharpen language skills for those who are conversational or for those who took the language in school in years past. The reference section is very helpful for looking up both words and phrases.

    EXCELLENT tool for the cost!!...more info
  • Wonderfully educational & entertaining at the same time!!
    This is an absolutely wonderful title in the DS line up. I have been wanting to learn French for years, & finally I have a way to do it easily. I've used this multiple times now & it is very addicting & leaves me with a feeling that I've really learned something. I would DEFINITELY recommend this title....more info
  • Great aid for anyone
    This is a really great tool for learning vocabulary and a little bit of grammar. It's very easy to get into and most of the games aren't too tedious. You get a lot of repetition which is great for memorizing. Not so much for speaking unless you choose to repeat everything while you're playing, which you could do but there isn't a specific game to cater to that. Overall and excellent game and a good investment for anyone looking to get into French....more info
  • Je parle fran?ais!
    I moved to a French speaking part of Europe a few months ago and have been determined to learn French ever since. I enrolled in a university level course, hired a tutor, and try to practice at my local pub as much as possible.

    I was doing "OK" but then I heard about this title. I ordered it from Amazon and I have to say I am IMPRESSED! This is exactly the type of study program I needed. Unlike listening to straight audio (Berlitz Rush Hour French) the DS makes the process interactive. You get ranked (from enfant on up) based on your completion of the levels. The title has an excellent recording feature to let you record a word or phrase and then either listen to it alone, or play it back in unison with the French audio.

    The many games you must play to master words to unlock the levels are challenging, somewhat addictive, but fun. I try and play all of them on the DIFFICULT level as they make me work harder.

    But, it's not perfect:

    One glaring thing missing is they do not list the masculine or feminine identifiers for the verbs. That would have made this a perfect tool because the M Vs. F tense is still a killer for me as I try to weave sentences together.

    Also, they make a very strange error in that "Tu" or informal version of "You" is listed as "Formal" and the formal version "Vous" is listed as "Informal." That's a very blatant error.

    The dictionary is very limtied. For example, while it has the word for "puppy" there is no word for "dog." It also does not provide definitions, so you'll need a dictionary to ascertain the exact meaning of a word because as in English, a single word can have many different meanings.

    The audio and visual "phrase book" for social situations and traveling is probably worth the price of the game alone. It came in very hand on a recent trip outside Paris.

    I play this every morning for about between 10 - 15 minutes. It also helps pass time when I have to wait someplace, e.g., barber shop, car dealership, etc. My vocabulary is now over 500 words and even my French tutor (a very picky and precise Parisian) started recommending it to her other students.

    No matter what your level, from don't-have-a-clue-about-French to advanced level people who want to brush up on vocabulary, this title will be a useful training tool and a quality way to practice and brush up on existing French skills.

    I have to give UBI Soft and Nintendo credit for scoring another way to attract adults to the DS. Unlike a bulky laptop I can play this thing anywhere and that's what makes it so appealing. It really is a quality and inexpensive learning tool, but could be even better with a little tweaking in (hopefully) newer releases.

    My rating for this should be four and not five stars. ...more info
  • Great!
    I've learned so much from this game in such a short time! My boyfriend who is relatively fluent in French was amazed at how much I knew. I never thought I could even get a weak grasp on anything but English but I found myself constantly going over what I learned in each lesson and even THINKING in French, which is awesome....more info
  • Good for remember
    I dont think this will be a good product to someone who wants to learn french without any other kind of education, but it is very good for me that studied french in school more than 10 years ago. this is helping me to remember again all the french I had forgot.
    I also think it would be good to complement any other kind of french learning....more info
  • Great purchase
    This is a good way to begin learning a language. You can take it anywhere and in whatever 'wait time' you on learning French....more info
  • Amazing
    I bought this for my 10 year old daughter to practice her French. (Her dad, my husband is French, but I'm American) This software is amazing. Using the earphones... you'll heard separately... the French tutor in one ear, and your voice recorded in the other. You practice lots of skills in a fun way, but the pronunciation practice is so fun. Her friends love it too. I feel like buying a DS for myself so I can have more time on the French Tutor!...more info
  • French Coach
    The game is interesting and you can actually listen to yourself and the "teacher" speak at the same time when you record your voice to make sure that you're pronouncing the words correctly, which I found very helpful. Overall, it's a good learning game....more info
  • Errors
    I bought My French Coach today as a means of refreshing my knowledge of French. I did it for two years at elementary school, five years at high school, and two and a half years at college, but it's been a while since I used it and I felt that I was losing competence. So, My French Coach seemed a good way to get some practice. My main interest was in refreshing my vocabulary, so that aspect of it didn't bother me.

    Unfortunately, on the third lesson, there is a glaring mistake. It says that "tu" is the formal form of you. It most definitely is not. That's one of the first things you learn in French class. So, given that, I wonder how reliable the rest of it is. My French is good enough that I'll catch all of its errors, but it would be bad if it was your primary means of learning the language....more info
  • 8th Grader in ONE Day
    I have to admit that I'm addicted. I spent 6 hours Christmas Day playing this game. I was just going to take the pretest to see what I remembered from college, but after scoring into level 10 I was hooked. While the kids played with their new toys, I pecked away at this one. It took about 5-10 minutes per lesson and by bedtime, I'd completed level 80. It was a great review. My son who I originally bought it for will be lucky to do one lesson a day, but by the time we go to Quebec he should be able to understand a little. This game really is great for all ages and ability levels. Thanks for the review UbiSoft!...more info
  • A chance to review
    My French Coach is just what I needed. I was a French major in college and have not had the chance to practice the language since I graduated. This game allows me to review and move up in grade levels-I am currently a sixth grader and excited about making it further....more info
  • My French Coach game
    Learning French with My French Coach has been so much fun! Playing this game is much more enjoyable than driving to a French class every week that does not move at my own pace. That's my favorite part about this method of learning French, the game goes as fast or as slow as I want it to. As of now I am on level 17, but whenever I feel like I need a refresher course on French verbs or vocabulary I can simply go back to review a previous lesson or even opt to play the games on past lessons.

    When you start the game it gives you a quiz which determines which level of French to start you at. Since I did not have any French language experience, the game started me at lesson 1. In the middle and at the end of each French lesson, you then play games to reinforce the French vocabulary just taught to you. The games are a fun way to teach you to recognize words through visual and audio recognition as well as teaching you to respond in French appropriately.

    You can also practice your French pronunciation by speaking into the build in Nintendo DS microphone. Simply select the French word and then play it once or numerous times. You can slow down the French speakers' voice or even speed it up. Then you speak into the microphone which compares your speaking to the proper French pronunciation.

    Other features of the game include a quick search dictionary and phrase book. On my summer trip to France this year, I plan on bringing this game with me so that I can use it as a quick reference.

    This game was much more affordable option for me to learn French and I am glad I opted for it. So far, I can read, write and speak French on a kindergarten level with many more levels to go. Best of all, it fits into my purse easily so I can play whenever it's convenient for me....more info
  • Mic Feature is Rare Tool
    I wish the pre-test would have allowed me to skip a little further, as I have still not got past units I would consider review for myself. However, it IS excellent review, and true to its claims, it seems to have something to offer a range of learners--more advanced students may just have to go through some easy review before they get to more challenging material. The ability to use the microphone to test your pronunciation is a rare tool. It makes me want to get the Spanish version too, and start another language from scratch. Dare I hope that Italian, German, Japanese, might follow?...more info