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  • Not exactly the special edition we were hoping for, but...
    If you grew up during the 1980s, chances are you saw or heard of "Stripes." It's one of the pioneers of the bad taste genre -- a bunch of social misfits with bad attitudes take back the power. It started with post-Vietnam films such as "M*A*S*H" and extended into "Animal House" and, by 1981, "Stripes."

    Now the film will be coming out on a Special Extended Edition next month (June 7th according to Amazon). The special features are:

    -- Available subtitles: English, French
    -- Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1)
    -- Features 18 extra minutes, including 6 never-before-seen deleted scenes

    -- Hour-long documentary

    -- Interviews with Bill Murray and the cast

    -- Mastered in high definition

    It's worth noting that the interviews with Bill Murray and the cast are part of the documentary, which means the only special features for this disc are:

    1. A new transfer
    2. An hour-long documentary

    For those of us who enjoy this film and have been waiting on the Special Edition for quite some time (it's been rumored for as far back as two years! I actually held off buying the previous disc because I was waiting for an SE), the features here might be rather disappointing.

    I expected something like this:


    1. Commentary by Harold Ramis and Ivan Reitman
    2. Commentary by Bill Murray (he hasn't spoken to Ramis since the filming of "Groundhog Day," so a commentary together is highly unlikely)
    3. New anamorphic widescreen transfer
    4. New DD5.1 Surround and DTS 5.1 Surround audio tracks.
    5. Teaser trailer
    6. Theatrical trailer
    7. Talent files
    8. Photo gallery


    1. An hour-long documentary
    2. Separate reel of new interviews
    3. Goofs/outtakes
    4. Screen tests
    5. John Candy retrospective documentary
    6. Original "Making-of" featurette

    That was more of what I was expecting from something two years in the making (and perhaps even longer!).

    My main worries about this new DVD are:

    1. The special features are dire
    2. It looks like a typical double-dip rip-off
    3. The new artwork is atrocious

    I liked the old artwork better.

    That said, I am happy at least that the film is coming out on a new DVD and I will purchase it. I'm not obsessed with this film by any means, and in fact I think it loses a lot of steam in the final act once they leave boot camp, and after that it turns into a pretty tiresome action-adventure movie with no laughs until the very end.

    But the first 3/4 of "Stripes" is very funny stuff in the typical underdog-film-style. I was at least hoping for a commentary by Ramis or Reitman on the new DVD, but oh well....more info
  • A practical carbon copy of Private Benjamin
    STRIPES was a hilarious movie about a young man(Bill Murray) stuck with a dead-end job and a faltering relationship who decides to make a new start in his life by joining the Army with false expectations by going through hell and back learning the hard way about what military life is all about just like Goldie Hawn did in the movie PRIVATE BENJAMIN, which was made a year prior to STRIPES, since PRIVATE BENJAMIN was released in the movie theatres in 1980 and STRIPES was released in the movies back in 1981.

    Therefore, you could say that STRIPES was almost like a carbon copy of the movie PRIVATE BENJAMIN, except STRIPES was a movie about men in the Army with false expectations and PRIVATE BENJAMIN is a movie about women in the Army with false expectations, but John(Bill Murray) ends up making something out of his life at the end of this movie when he graduates from the academy just like Judy Benjamin(Goldie Hawn) did at the end of the movie PRIVATE BENJAMIN when she graduated from the academy.

    This STRIPES DVD also contains some interesting and comical outtakes of the movie too along with a theatrical movie trailer feature, which also takes me all the way back to memory lane to the days when I was still living in the Imperial Valley since I was living in my hometown(El Centro, CA) at the time. ...more info
  • Irreverent loser makes good with great fun
    Up tight people get theirs with humor, but not much differently from the theatrical release...more info
  • Extended Cut should have been...
    There is no denying Stripes as a classic from my (insert age now) youth. And, sans the additional scenes, it is still an all-time favorite. However, I just can't get my arms around those extended scenes. The fact that a little warning is telling me throughout that "the director feels these scenes were superfluous, and a waste of your time" (my quotation marks) really doesn't help matters. Buy Stripes if you don't already own it. But, don't buy it for the extra scenes......more info
  • Wildly Uneven
    It wasn't nearly the comic masterpiece that was ANIMAL HOUSE in 1978. And although CADDYSHACK was just as uneven in 1980, STRIPES didn't have the cut-loose hilarity of the former's funniest scenes.

    I went to see this movie in 1981 with a childhood friend who was leaving for the Army the next day. Maybe our mood was a little down since he was leaving, but STRIPES didn't lift us up like the other comedies I mentioned--but if it had, I would've probably ended up in the Army too!

    STRIPES starts out strong enough, especially with Bill Murray's opening scenes of his life falling apart. The supporting characters are amusing (John Candy is the funniest, I think) and the boot camp scenes are fun, but I've never been a big fan of Harold Ramis as an actor. He just doesn't have the presence or the personality to even be a straight man with Bill Murray (that nerdy emptiness actually worked in the first GHOSTBUSTERS though).
    And it felt like STRIPES didn't know what to do after the graduation scene. The whole adventure at the climax was an uninteresting as it was unfunny.

    That was my opinion then.
    But since then we've had to endure movies from Pauly Shore, Yahoo Serious, Carrot Top and Kevin I guess that makes STRIPES a total freakin' classic!...more info
  • An American Classic
    Simply put, anyone who doesn't like Stripes needs to go through boot camp, twice, with one arm tied behind their back, with a 500 pound wrestler strapped to them that they have to drag around.

    Bill Murry at his finest, and the deleted scenes are what has been missing from making this a legend of a movie. If you have a sense of humor at ALL, you will get this movie!...more info
  • good old movies
    this is a great family movie. i love to get old tapes at a low price. it gives the younger generation in my family a chance to enjoy some of the older movies at home....more info
  • A fitting DVD presentation of a great comedy
    The mark of a great comedy is that it remains funny after numerous viewings. "Stripes" (the 1981 release that helped make Bill Murray a star) passes this litmus test with flying colors. Now at last there is a DVD release, replete with extras, worthy of this enduring comedy.
    Ivan Reitman directed Murray, Harold Ramis (who has subsequently directed many comedies of his own) and a great supporting cast led by John Candy as new recruits in the U.S. Army.
    The wonderful veteran actor Warren Oates, who died shortly after the film's release, is their tough-as-nails drill sergeant. The by-play between Murray and Oates (opposites don't always attract) is priceless.
    Suffice it to say that hilarity ensues, with the improbable unit putting on a virtuoso performance at their graduation ceremony ("That's the fact Jack!) sans their injured sergeant. This leads to them being charged with the security of a new super weaponized mobile home (it's called an, "urban assault vehicle") in Europe. Improbable? Absolutely. Hilarious? Most definitely.
    Murray and Ramis also each has a lovely MP to accompany him on the duo's escapades as the ribaldry doesn't stop until the closing credits.
    You can watch the "Stripes" with deleted scenes included or without.
    The obvious highlight of the DVD extras is an hour long documentary on the movie with all principles interviewed (at his insistence, Murray's interview is done in black light). It is one of the better retrospectives of its kind.
    And "Stripes" is one of the best comedies of this or any other time.
    ...more info
  • 'Stripes' (Tristar) Running time: 106 minutes
    Review number 77.Good,timeless 1981 smash comedy movie.Saw it at the drive-in at least twice when it first came out.Cab driver John Winger(Bill Murray)and his slacker pal Russell Ziskey(Harold Ramis)are at a total dead end in their jobs,so the two goofball/party animals decide to join the U.S.Army.Of course,not knowing that they're in for.Many memorable scenes and twists here.My favorites are when Sgt.Hulka(Warren Oates)tries to motivate the new recruits by commenting,"We'll see JUST how far Sgt.Hulka is able to shove his left foot up your ass,come tomorrow morning".Another line that lives in my memory forever more is when one of the new recruits,Pyscho(Conrad Dunn)introduces himself by saying,"Hi,I'm Psycho.Any of you fruits touch my stuff or call me Francis,I'll kill you".A simply HILARIOUS movie.Rent it tonight....more info
  • You can't leave!! All the plants will die!!
    Most people put Caddy Shack as Bill Murrays so-called signiture movie. Wrong. Stripes was it and still is. It was post-SNL Bill at his total best and full of confidence. It's also kind of an intersting period piece as well. In sort of a twisted way, it shows the U.S. military in its recovery mode shortly after Vietnam when they were trying to do a bit of image rebuilding. Not that Murray was a poster child or anything, he and the writers simply took the logo "Todays Army" and colored it a bit different. Everyone has a small batch of DVD's that they hang onto as their personal stash, and watch maybe a couple of times a year and have classic scenes that they can lip sync along with. Stripes has lots of them. ...more info
  • Funny Mindless Comedy
    Great mindless fun. Bill Murray is always a hoot, because you never know what he is going to do next!! His silly arrogance is so unique. He is the true definition of comic relief.

    Some people who like intelligent movies will be disappointed in the film. ...more info
  • Better movie? That's the fact, Jack!
    I went to a screening of the extended version of Stripes.
    For those who liked the original, the extended version is even better. It filled in a number of small story holes that were in the original movie: more detailed reasons for joining the army in the beginning and a clearer storyline in the middle.
    There was one scene they added where Bill Murray's and Harold Ramis' characters desert the army by jumping on a paratrooper plane only to be captured by a Spanish rebellion. That one, in my opinion, could have been left out.
    The best addition to the original? P.J. Soles topless!
    The worst addition to the original? Bill Murray dry humping P.J. on the floor of their hotel room in Germany.
    I can't comment on any of the other additions that the dvd has since I only saw the extended version at the theater.
    Would I buy the extended version to replace my regular dvd version? Yes, I would.. especially since it's under $20 on here.
    Additional movie warnings: nudity, profanity, and more singing on Bill Murray's part.
    ...more info
  • "You can't go...all the plants are gonna die!"
    Stripes was one of my favorite movies as a kid, and I'm happy to say that I still find it just as funny today. This extended cut adds several deleted scenes, some good, some not-so-good. My personal favorite is one where Harold Ramis' character reaches the breaking point and he and Murray go AWOL, hitching a ride on a cargo plane and parachuting into South America. This scene gives Harold Ramis a chance to shine, and is very funny, but during the commentary track it is mentioned that it was cut from the film (despite being a favorite of the studio execs) because it didn't seem to fit in the film from a pacing aspect (it is suggested it would've gone well over the end credits, but this was before such a thing was common).

    Speaking of the commentary track, it isn't mentioned on the packaging, but it's there, and includes director Ivan Reitman and writer/producer Dan Goldberg. And apparently, the extended cut wasn't Reitman's idea -- some of the deleted scenes he prefers to not have in the film. The DVD also includes a nice 2-part documentary which includes interviews with the cast.

    A great film!...more info
  • Love this movie
    Bill Murry at his best. It is even funnier if you are in the military. Great movie....more info
  • Classic Bill Murray
    If you like Bill- this movie in my opinion is a must own. This is Bill at his best!! I have the older version of this dvd- and this version has more "goods" do I would easily reccomend!!!!!
    4 1/2 stars...more info
  • Aaaaaaarmy training, sir! That's a fact, Jack!
    THE WAR: The Cold War. America was stockpiling weapons in a race against the evil Russians. What we were also doing was training men and women to do battle, to wage war, and to utilize the newest, commie-crushing, soul-stealing technology to make the inevitable win that much easier.

    STORY: Two screw-ups, John Winger (Murray) and Russell Ziskey (Ramis), decide to join the Army to get in shape. After run-ins with by-the-book Drill Sergeant Hulka, they begin to question their decision. When an unfortunate accident - a direct result of the bumbling new soldiers - befalls Hulka, it's up to Winger to rally up the men - one of whom is a massive new recruit named Dewey "Ox" Oxberger (Candy) - take initiative, train like no others have trained, and graduate. Inspired by a speech that includes, "We're soldiers; but we're American soldiers. We've been kickin' a#$ for 200 years. We're 10 and 1," the troops are compelled to follow Winger. When assigned to guard the EM-50 urban assault vehicle in Italy after graduation, they eventually link back up with Sgt. Hulka. When the guys decide a cruise to find their ladies (at the time, cute as a button PJ Soles and Sean Young) is in order. Chaos ensues.

    PATRIOTISM: I'm all for joining the military. And despite the misguided initial intentions of this movie's protagonists, anyone enlists, becomes a soldier, and battles an enemy, should be looked upon with respect. Those in this movie embody the work-hard, play-hard mantra (in a bizarre way) echoed by the majority of America's Service-members.

    FAVORITE BATTLE(S): Amidst sprays of enemy fire, the boys take the EM-50 into Prague, make mince-meat of the enemies, save their fellow soldiers, drive through a Czech outpost with the EM-50, walk away as heroes, and eventually get a welcome home parade.

    FAVORITE LINE: The name's Francis Soyer, but everybody calls me Psycho. Any of you guys call me Francis, and I'll kill you. And I don't like nobody touching my stuff. So just keep your meat-hooks off. If I catch any of you guys in my stuff, I'll kill you. Also, I don't like nobody touching me. Now, any of you homos touch me, and I'll kill you.

    THE MESSAGE: Soldiers know how to have fun. There's always a collection of great stories when a group of soldiers gather around. But they also know how to take care of business, and when faced with adversity, even the biggest screw-ups in the Armed Services can buckle down, waltz into a Cold War-era Czechoslovakia, and lay the beat down....more info
  • Classic Movie. Extended Cut not worth it.
    Not worth the extra added scenes plus they are explicitly marked as added scenes. Kinda cheesy. The good news is that the original movie can also be played. The movie is a 5+...more info