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HP D7460 Photosmart Printer
List Price: $219.00

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Product Description

The HP Photosmart D7460 Printer offers consumers the ability to print at blazing speeds, up to 34 black pages per minute (ppm) and 33-ppm color and photos in as fast as 10 seconds. This versatile, top-of-the line printer provides you the fastest and easiest way to print photos at home, featuring optional built-in wireless connectivity. With the optional HP Inkjet Automatic Two-sided Printing Accessory and HP Smart Web Printing and HP Auto Sense technology, the HP Photosmart D7460 Photo Printer can save you money by reducing wasted ink and paper. Print photos from multiple memory cards easily with built-in memory card slots Use the HP Red-eye Removal button to easily remove red-eye from photos HP Smart Web Printing feature ensures useable web pages without cutoff edges Use HP Photosmart Essential and HP Photosmart Express software to effortlessly share, save, edits and print photos Get effortless photos with HP Auto Sense to prevent common photo printing mistakes Print photos without swapping paper with an automated photo tray that engages whenever photos print Share and print from network-enabled notebooks and PCs, using built-in wireless and Ethernet Photo-quality resolution up to 4800-optimized dots per inch (dpi) Operating System - Microsoft Windows Vista, 2000 SP3, XP, Mac OS X v10.3.9, v10.4 or higher Dimensions - Width 18.1 x Depth 15.4 x Height 9.4 Weight - 17.6 pounds

The HP Photosmart D7460 inkjet printer with built-in Wi-Fi takes photo printing to the next level with its six-color ink process and HP Vivera Inks that produce stunning 4800 x 1200 dpi prints at speeds up to 34 ppm. It's also an Energy Star certified printer, so it's impact on the environment is minimal.

The HP Photosmart D7460 offers:
  • Print speeds up to 34 ppm in black & white and 33 ppm in color
  • Lab-quality prints using HP's six-color ink process
  • An integrated 3.5 inch LCD touch-screen for easy operation
  • Built-in 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Direct printing via PictBridge or compatible memory cards

The versatile Photosmart D7460 offers a full-color touch screen. View larger.

Printing directly from memory cards is quick and easy.
Print Stunning Photos With Vivid Colors Fast
The D7460 uses HP's exclusive Vivera Inks, which are smudge-and-smear resistant and resist fading when using HP Advanced Photo Paper. This printer takes advantage of HP's six-color ink process to create lab-quality photos and laser-quality text up to 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution in full-color. It will also print perfect web pages with no cutoff edges, thanks to the HP Smart Web Printing functionality.

The D7460 inkjet printer is capable of producing high-quality black & white prints at speeds of up to 34 ppm and color prints as fast as 33 ppm. It will print lab-quality photos in as little as 10 seconds!

Wireless Networking Made Easy
Hp is a leader in wireless printing, and they make it easy to configure your wireless network. The D7460 features built-in 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi connectivity for linking compatible laptops and desktop computers to a single printer without having to use messy cables, and HP's step-by-step instructions will guide you through this simple process.

Direct Printing Via Memory Card and PictBridge
Got a PictBridge-enabled digital camera? Connect directly to the D7460 and use the full-color 3.5 inch touch-screen LCD display to print photos directly from your digital camera. For those who would rather print via memory card, the D7460 supports SD/MMC, CompactFlash, Memory Stick (Duo), and xD-Picture Card. When printing directly, the D7460 will print borderless panoramic photos as large as 8.5 x 24 inches.

Advanced Paper Handling
The D7460 is equipped with a 100-sheet input paper tray and an automated 4 x 6 inch photo tray that makes the process of printing photos easier than ever. HP's Auto Sense feature ensures that photo paper is put right-side-up which helps save paper and ink from being wasted otherwise.

Compatible with both Windows (including Vista) and Macintosh operating systems, the HP Photosmart D7460 inkjet measures 18.2 x 15.25 x 6.81 inches and weighs 17.6 pounds. It's backed by a 1-year limited warranty that includes phone support.

What's in the Box
HP Photosmart D7460 Printer, HP 02 Black Ink Cartridge (16 ml), HP 02 Cyan Ink Cartridge (4.5 ml), HP 02 Magenta Ink Cartridge (4.5 ml), HP 02 Yellow Ink Cartridge (4.5 ml), HP 02 Light Cyan Ink Cartridge (4.5 ml), HP 02 Light Magenta Ink Cartridge (4.5 ml), software CD, Setup Guide, Basics Guide, power supply, power cord.

  • High-performance inkjet photo printer that prints full-color lab-quality photos
  • Blazing-fast print speeds of up to 34 ppm
  • Prints full-color, high-resolution prints up to 4800x1200 dpi
  • Many connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, USB, PictBridge, and 4 memory card slots
  • Measures 18.2 x 15.25 x 6.81 inches; weighs 17.6 pounds; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

    1. The wireless connection will work for about a day or two.

    2. Both my laptop and my desktop can sometimes not detect the software.

    3. If you run low on any ink cartridge, it will not print at all no matter how much ink is left in the other cartridges. This is, according to the print screen, to ensure "printer health." ...more info
  • Sets up easily with Ubuntu Linux.
    I set this printer up with Ubuntu 8.04 by plugging it into my router with an Ethernet cable. I ran hp-setup and that's it. Could not have been easier....more info
  • Great quality
    Great quality and features, especially the wireless capability. For the price, this a real winner....more info
  • Wow! Full featured, great price, easy wireless setup
    This was purchased to replace an 5 year-old, still-working --but rather quirky-- Epson color printer (that Epson couldn't be bothered to write Vista drivers for. This is used primarily to print photos. I've seen the other reviews with issues on this. Especially in a Windows environment, anything can happen, but: for me --on a new Vista machine-- installation was quick and flawless.

    Many great features. You can connect via USB, wireless (accepts multiple computers as input machines) or Ethernet. It was immediately recognized by my router and connected to the network (the printer and router are within six feet of each other; expect distance to be an issue for both data transfer rate and maintaining connectivity if they are not co-located).

    This machine has a built in reader for most digital media cards, and a front USB port that allows you to view and print images from a USB drive. It can move images from a card to the or can print directly from a card/USB drive that it is reading. The touch screen LCD offers intuitive menu functions when printing without using a PC.

    Prints --using each of Windows, Photoshop and the printer's properties offerings are crisp and clear on HP Premium plus paper.

    Great value...
    ...more info
  • Not Perfect but a Keeper - Use advanced options with caution
    My need and experience with this product is limited to wired network connectivity with Windows XP, although the product has wireless network and USB capability. Photos printed were from a Canon 30D SLR camera.

    General opinion--
    After tweaking some settings in the printer properties, I am mostly satisfied for now with the photo printing results. Text printing looks great and photo printing better than most of my prior HP printers but still not as good as photo lab printing although I do have more control over how the results look than when using a lab. I think the photo printing is somewhat inferior to my old HP Photosmart 7550 printer before it broke, which is what this one is replacing.

    Problems and solutions --

    1. Used older HP Photo Plus Premium paper for photos. The printer did not detect this and printed as though on regular paper making the photo look extremely grainy. Solution was to create a printing shortcut in the printer properties specifying the paper type, size, etc. The shortcuts are more convenient than setting each parameter separately each time you print.

    2. Even with the proper paper settings, the photos were still somewhat grainy and some had many horrible streaks running across them. When I selected preview in the printer properties, I noticed the streaks were in the preview. The solution was to turn off the Real Life Technology (RLT) in the printer properties. The RLT modifies the image after you send it to the printer in an attempt to improve its appearance. Depending on its setting it tries to improve focus, improve brightness, inprove contrast, increase sharpening, and increase color saturation. I had already adjusted the image to look good on the computer monitor. This additional adjustment pushed it over the edge, causing streaks, and trying to bring the otherwise (intentional) beautiful background blur into focus, which just made it grainy instead. Turning off the "RLT" in the printer properties for the same image fixed this problem in the preview and on the photo itself. You might want to use the RLT feature with caution if you purchase this product.

    3. Even with RLT turned off, there were mild streaks and grain running orthoganal to the print direction near the leading edge of borderless print. HP FAQ on their web site suggests cleaning and if that does not work to simply print with a white border to avoid what they refer to as a defect. A brand new printer should not need cleaning but printing with a border fixed my problem, which was really not bad enough to be concerned about. It is just not quite as perfect as I would have liked or as I have had in the past.

    4. Installation conflicted with my old HP Officejet 7310 printer resulting in a lockup. After a few hours of disconnecting printers and reinstalling old and new drivers, both printers are now working fine with the new software. Installation went very smoothly on pc's without these old drivers.

    5. Photos appeared darker than on my computer monitor although my monitor had been calibrated by software for brightness, contrast, and color and also the monitor properly displays the photos without adjustment. I wanted to print photos straight from the camera using my pc without adjustment to the image. The solution was to use the handy customizable shortcuts in the printing properties color tab to increase brightness on photos only. After doing this, whether or not I modified the images on the pc, photos appear virtually identical on the print as they do on the computer monitor. It required about eight 4x6 test photo prints to obtain this calibration but the results are astounding. Once I make the picture look exactly the way I like on the computer monitor, I can now print with confidence that the printed photo will look the same. With these adjustments, most photos print at the proper brightness with no modifications by the pc. As mentioned above, this only works for me with "RLT" turned off. Only the brightness required adjustment. The color tones were spot-on with the monitor.

    Overall, the printer is producing very good photos and page printing now that some of the advanced automatic features have been turned off and the brightness has been calibrated to the computer monitor....more info
  • Excellent printer value with stunning photo output.
    1. Very inexpensive initial investment and cost per page is very low with aftermarket paper and ink. An excellent value. Amazon sells compatible ink and paper for significantly less than HP genuine through it's partners. Costco paper is $[...] for 300 sheets of 4X5" making the cost per page less than 10c.
    2. Absolutely stunning photo prints which are true to Photoshop/pantone color display. Very vibrant.
    3. Easy to set up and use.

    1. Slow
    2. The included software is loaded with bloatware, nagware and mostly useless stuff which is very hard to remove. I really suggest to just load the printer driver.

    Other thoughts and suggestions;

    I set it up using wireless. If you have encrypted wireless, you will need your password.
    Directly inserted media (USB or flash cards) must contain files in .jpg basic native format. If you alter the photos and save them as .jpg ICC format or anything other than basic, the printer won't recognize or print them, though it will say files are present. It does recognize .bmp (bitmap) photo files. Any picture your digital camera will recognize and display on it's LCD will print from inserted media. This does not apply to printing from your computer.

    Be careful to preview the pictures and select the proper format from the printer settings menu when printing from your computer. There are a lot of selections of paper size, type, format and orientation. The printer software will know which tray to use automatically.

    When setting up, put in the ink and add paper to the 8.5X11 and 4X6 trays before the setup or it will possibly hang and need a reboot. When installing the software, use the "advanced" or "custom" checkboxes, else ALL the junkware will load. Uncheck all but the driver (which can't be unchecked) when prompted to select what you want to install.. You have been warned!
    ...more info
    This is a great product. works excellent wireless. I have it hooked up through a cable from my router and can print wirelessly from all over my residence. my roommate also has one and never had a problem with signals or anything. also works well without being connected to the router. the pictures are great so far. i've used both the advanced and premiere plus paper for photos and texts prints out super fast. the touch screen is very handy in working with large photos because most aren't shot in pixel form that is 4x6 or whatever size you are printing so you can just move and zoom a square over what it is that you want to print. highly recommended whether you want the wireless function or not. also a huge plus is the individual printer cartridges, they last a long time i've printed a lot of photos. don't buy the photo pack that comes with paper though the ink is not the same that comes with the computer nor what you pay extra for. its kinda a rip off. the paper is also inexpensive if you shop around. overall buy this you won't be disappointed. ...more info
  • printer
    This printer is awesome. I have had many printers but this is by far the best yet, very fast, very clear and the pictures quality is great, even on the fastest print setting. I think my favorite part is the individual ink cartridges which can be bought straight through the company for less then $10.00, so when you run out of one color you don't have to replace the tri color which is still full of 2 other colors....more info
  • This printer sucks.
    I have had this printer for four months. It has worked approximately twice. I have definitely spent many more hours trying to get the piece of junk to function that I have actively spent using it. First it would not install correctly. Then the help was totally useless. The final straw was getting the (apparently INFAMOUS) "carriage jam" error message. The printer will no longer function at all, and, though HP will replace it, I have to pay for the shipping to do so. The printer is definitely not worth the money it would cost to mail it away.

    STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU NEVER BUY THIS PRODUCT. I will not be supporting HP in any fashion in the future. ...more info
  • Craig Olson's Review of HP D7460
    The product performs well. Photo print color is brilliant and sharp. The worst part was configuring the wireless feature. Nowhere in the documentation does it say anything about adding a printer with the IP address of the machine. I made several calls to tech support and none of the technicians instructed me to add a printer. A tech savvy friend figured it out for me. ...more info
  • Seems to be Good

    Its pretty early to review, Ive only had the printer for a month, soo far I'm happy with the quality, I didnt know when you run out of any color of ink the printer will not print , until its replaced. My pictures look pretty good. : )...more info
  • Satisfied Customer
    I received the printer in 2 days and had it set up in about 1 hour. The picture and print quality is good. I've had it about 1 month and have been pleased....more info