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Sony VRDMC5 DVDirect DVD Recorder
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Product Description

Welcome the Sony VRD-MC5, the next generation DVDirect DVD recorder. Transfer home video and digital photos to DVD, quickly and easily - without a PC. Connect virtually any camcorder, VCR, even Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and record video to DVD in real time. Insert a supported memory card into the VRD-MC5 recorder and record digital pictures directly to DVD as a slideshow, or for photo storage. Transfer High Definition video in native 1080 resolution from Sony AVCHD HDD/Memory Stick Handycam(R) camcorders to discs that playback in Blu-ray Disc players. Enhanced connectivity to Sony HDD/DVD/Memory Stick Handycam(R) camcorder family will record video to DVD at up to 6X speed and even span multiple DVDs if the video exceeds the capacity of a single DVD. Capability, flexibility, and ease of use make the VRD-MC5 a DVD recorder you should seriously consider. Records on 4.7GB DVD+R/+RW and 8.5GB DVD+R Double Layer Discs 5 recording quality modes allow up to 12 hours of video to be recorded per disc

  • Record video to DVD from DV or analog video source – Playable in most home DVD players
  • Record AVCHD video from Sony HDD/MemoryStick Handycam Camcorder to DVD playable in most Blu-ray Disc™ players
  • Backup digital photos to DVD or create photo slideshow on DVD from Memory card or Sony HDD/Memory Stick Handycam camcorder via USB
  • Playback/viewing on built in 2.5” LCD display, only discs created by

Customer Reviews:

  • Sony VRDMC5 DVDirect DVD Recorder
    I am VERY pleased with my purchase. I like it cause it is so compact verses other recorders. Works great, no problems to report on it. Glad I made the purchase....more info
  • Very easy to use!
    This DVD recorder is very easy to use even for someone like me who is electronically impaired....more info
  • EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have 3 different video cameras and have been able to transfer all to DVDs. The DVDs even play on my husband's very testy DVD player. I LOVE IT! Definitely a great item. I am recommending it to all of my family and friends....more info
  • Sony VRDMC5 DVDirect DVD Recorder
    Received order in 5 days and was in Ex condition. The recorder makes Ex DVD's....more info
  • Excellent Product
    Easy to use - creates an exact copy. Definitely would recommend this product to a friend....more info
  • Can't record anything unless I use Fujifilm DVDs
    I have been very, very generous in giving this device a single star. It can only record reliably using Fujifilm DVD-R 8x discs that have been made in Japan. It occasionally can record using Sony brand DVDs, but it is not practical to use a machine that is more likely fail than succeed.

    Unfortunately, I wasted the 1-year warrantee period experimenting and mainly throwning away various brands of bland DVDs before realizing that only one brand, with only recording speed works. I immediately bought all the "Fujifilm DVD-R 8x" I could find and have enough to last about a year. However, Fujifilm no longer seems to be making these DVDs so I will probably have to throw the machine away once I run out Fujifilm DVDs.

    All in all, this machine is crazy and unreliable. The old reliable VCR seems to be the better technology. DVD recorders are for the birds. ...more info
  • Wrong Expectations
    I bought this product with high expectations. I am a Sony afficianado (Sony Everything) and will not apologize for it. This product disappoints mainly because
    - It chops off the top and the bottom portions of the video from a MiniDV (transfered using a iLink cable). my 4:3 video will look like a 16:9 but I lose picture!! Close upshots lose the forehead and chin while long shots lose the picturesque mountain peaks.
    - Video quality using a Sony camcorder supplied A/V cable (Red, White, Yellow) was very bad.
    I am returning mine and will wait for another product. ...more info
    Up until now I have had no way to share my videos with my children, friends and other family members. Not everyone has a 8mm player. But every one has a DVD player. This little machine is so cool and simple to operate that I was able to select what I wnted to put on a DVD for each individual person. How much better this makes it for me!! I also live in Texas where tapes (VHS and 8mm) grow mold on them and you lose alot of video tape that way. This way I can transfer to a disc before the tape is moldy. I have lost many memories on tape due to the mold..Thank you so much for this great creation... God bless Nola...more info
  • Amazed
    This little guy saves me hours of computer time. I will soon be re-doing my VHS to DVD. Money well spent....more info
  • Sony VRDMC5 DVD Recorder ROCKS
    I got started with this product with ease - in stark contrast to the days when I had to upload video to my PC then wait hours for it to convert and write a DVD. Purchased primarily for copying DV video tapes and VHS tapes from old times to DVD, this unit does not allow editing and is primarily aimed at burning finished video to DVD from Analog, DV input or from a flash drive.
    Connect video inputs, insert a blank DVD, choose a format (wait a few while the format is written) hit the red button, and walk away.
    The formats include a standard, long and extended format which trades off quality for length. There are other options including an HD capability that I have yet to explore. Video can be previewed prior to finishing (closing off the disc). Elapsed time is available and a video transfer can be paused if really needed to cut embarrassing sections.
    Both PAL and NTSC are supported - great for sending DVD's overseas.
    My only complaints are that you can't watch a regular DVD on this unit and it does not have audio output so monitoring sound is impossible. These drawbacks seem so trivial - its hard to comprehend how Sony could have left them out. But at the price I paid I have no serious complaints.
    Quality is excellent, and I've come to expect that from Sony.
    ...more info
  • SONY DVDirect
    Disappointed that the memories cards readers do not transfer video, it for photo only. The USB only recognize SONY camcorders.

    ...more info
  • Good but not as good as VCD-VC20
    I use the Sony VRDMC5 to burn dvds from the DVR or from VHS tapes. The VRDMC5 makes excellent dvds of 2 hours length or shorter, but it has consistently failed to make a complete dual layer recording of a longer movie or show. For some reason, it shuts down before the end of the movie or show. This makes this model much less desirable than its predecessor: the VCD-VC20. I still have one working VCD-VC20 (more than 5 years old) and it still produces excellent regular and dual layer dvds. The VRDMC5 also appears to be more discriminating than the VCD-VC20. Where the latter records on virtually every blank dvd (+R and -R), my VRDMC5 records exclusively on +R blank dvds. ...more info
  • Love it
    Love this, it took a little concentration to fiqure it out for my webbie camcorder but it turned out to be real simple. It is so easy and simple I can't beleive it. I recomend this product....more info
  • DVDirect review
    This machine worked very nicely to transfer VHS tapes to DVD's. The color screen shows what is being transferred so transfer can be selective if desired. It is an hour for hour transfer meaning it takes two hours to transfer a full VHS tape to DVD and it's too bad technology can't speed that process. ...more info
  • Steve Elrod
    Best electronic device we every purchased. The MC5 performs as advertised. It's simple, and delivers a great finished product. My wife can not delete the text messages, and pictures on her cell phone, but she started using the MC5 right out of the box. She is now a pro.
    Thank you Sony, you did good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Great tool for creating DVDs from old movies
    This unit is easy to use in transferring Hi-8 and VHS tapes direct to DVD. Also, another VERY interesting feature is that you can hook up your Hi-8 video camera to the VRDMC5 and switch the video camera on AS IF you were going to record videos on Hi-8 tape. The images that would be taped then immediately show up in the VRDMC5 monitor. I was able to use a Telecine Converter and play old Super 8 movie reels with the Hi-8 camera on and ready to record (but with no Hi-8 tape in it) and the images were captured direct to DVD on the VRDMC5 recorder. This has saved me thousands of dollars I would otherwise have spent with a video conversion service. This is a great investment for anyone with this kind of a project to tackle....more info
  • DVD Recorder
    The product appears to be the device that I was expecting to receive, but I have not had the chance to use it and verify quality. I plan to do so in the very near future....more info
  • BUY IT!
    Easiest electronic to use. If your thinking about purchasing this, do it!
    I have the sony video camera so that was easy to use. It was also easy to use with my camera card. Stress free product for me....more info
  • Made a great gift
    We gave this recorder to our daughter & husband for a gift. We got a DVD of the grandson within days. Son-in-laws remarks were, "Oh, it works great, easy to use & fast. Really a niffty little recorder."...more info
  • Yikes! Terrible Reliability
    Used this about 10 times at NCAA events mated to a Sony DSR 390 broadcast camera. When it worked - about 50% of the time - it was great. Two weeks out of warranty, it stopped working altogether, and Sony told me to pound sand. As owner of Sony pro video equipment, I was disappointed that they chose not to stand behind their product. ...more info
  • Makes child's play of copying Hi8 tapes to DVDs!
    This product is simply amazing! It's so easy to use that it's just incredible. I was able to start copying my old Hi8 camcorder tapes to DVDs in literally just minutes. And the results are fabulous! I played back my first DVD on a 52" 1080p LCD TV using a Blu-Ray player and the DVD videos copied from my 12-year old Hi8 tapes looked absolutely magnificent! I couldn't believe my eyes! It has an easy to use menu to guide you quickly through the setup. Aesthetically it's a homely little device, but it's very well laid out, trivially easy to use and quite versatile. And who can beat the great price and speedy delivery from Amazon! I highly recommend this product!

    Update: I have now used it to burn an AVCHD-formatted DVD directly from my Sony HDR-SR12 Hi-Def camcorder. This is done via an included USB cable. It turns out that this is even easier than doing a Hi8 to DVD burn, plus you get complete retention of the hi-def recording and it plays on a Blu-Ray player with full 1080 resolution. It even includes the 5.1 surround sound audio from the Sony camcorder. Fantastic result and it only took minutes to do. A regular DVD disk, of course, won't fit very much hi-def content--but still it's terrific quality and very quick and soooo easy to do!...more info
  • Small, Versatile, Easy to use
    I absolutely love this recorder. It is so easy to use. I am not the most electronically literate person and fully expected it to take me months to transfer my home movies to dvd. But when I got it, I took it out of the box and made 5 dvds that very evening! It is compact and versatile and I highly recommend it for everyone....more info