Crash of the Titans
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Product Description

Crash Bandicoot is back in his long-awaited latest adventure, now on the Playstation 2! His arch-nemesis Neo Cortex is out for destruction yet again, this time having gotten his hands on a mysterious substance that turns the ordinary creatures of Crash's islands into mutant minions! Fortunately, Crash is on the scene with a whole new skill set including the ability to hijack these same minions and use their powers to his advantage. Take on a whole new world of freaky enemies, challenging puzzles and innovative new tools and powerups as everyone's favorite orange cartoon marsupial!

  • Hijack and battle titanic monsters! Don't beat ?em ? Jack ?em! Control, play and BATTLE as 15 different outrageous and totally unique enemies, including the likes of Scorporilla, Ratcicle and Shellephant ? multiple playable weapons!
  • Using the monsters' special abilities, breathe fire and strike with earth-shaking attacks. Use one enemy as a weapon to blow away the others.
  • Intense New Combat Moves for Crash! For the first time ever Crash now has a powerful acrobatic fighting system: punches and flying kicks, multiple attacks and special counter moves. Power up skills to unlock new attacks and blazing combos!
  • Chaotic Co-op Action! It's twice the Crash! At any point in the game get your buddy to join in and play as Carbon-Crash, and work together to unleash total chaos!
  • Crash can even jack Carbon-Crash (or vice versa) for some hysterical Crash/jacked-Crash mayhem!!!

Customer Reviews:

  • Crash Titans fun but not thrilling
    Crash Titans is a fun game. Not the best ever played but has good concepts, variety, some fun things from other Crash games with fun new twists added. There really aren't very many two player games out there for younger kids. This is a good one....more info
  • Good but not great
    I have gotten every crash bandicoot game so far. So when this game came out I had to get it. I thought that it was cool that they added a co-op option. Some of the bad parts were it did seem a bit repetitive and really didn't even feel like their were bosses. In previous crash games I have enjoyed the whole warp room thing. I hope in the next game they go back to the warp rooms. Over all I thought this game was good, just not great. It really didn't feel like a crash bandicoot game to me though....more info
  • Pretty fun game, but very easy
    This game adds a douse of combat to the classic Crash Bandicoot performer style. This game has great graphics, nice character design, and good music. But all the levels are kind of the same, the game is easy to beat, and it is just very easy. Buy it if you are a die-hard Crash fan like me, but for everyone else, I would suggest a trip to the local Blockbuster....more info
  • Awesome game
    My son enjoys the humor in the video clips and thinks the character abilities are "awesome"....more info
  • I love it
    I'm 7 years old and I rented this game. This game is so much fun. I like all the guys you can fight. You can ride them and use them to fight other bad guys. Maybe you should try it....more info
    Crash of the Titans gives the beleaguered platforming icon; Crash; some new life, but it still has a ways to go before achieving the status the franchise had on the original Playstation and fix the mistakes made by past predecessors (Much like Spyro). This game churns out decent results as a kids game, but it did little to impress me with something new.
    WHAT THE GAME IS: Crash's arch nemesis Neo Cortex, and his niece Nina Cortex plan for world domination (Gee, what a surprise) and are turning the local woodland creatures into towering, hideous-looking titans. So it is up to Crash to save the world, and do some serious a**-kicking to a number of villains. So you fight enemies, "jack" titans, make your jacked titan beat the crap out of more enemies, fight bosses, and of course platforming.
    GRAPHICS: Cute, cartoony look with vibrant colors and environments and cool character designs, but textures are a little sloppy.
    MUSIC: It will only bore you, don't even bother trying to enjoy it. The crappy music is one of the game's low points.
    SOUND: Decent voice-acting, random one-liners from enemies, beating the crap out of enemies, and Crash's annoying animal grunts (Shut the hell up already!).
    GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is average, but the monster jacking feature; a feature in which an enemy that is near death can be commandeered, ridden, and forced to do your bidding by defeating enemies and solving environmental puzzles; is a welcome feature that is a lot of fun and feels innovative, but it can't cover up all of the lackluster gameplay. Luckily, there is the greatly appreciated co-op feature which makes this game a lot more fun if you play it with a friend. Controls work fine, but the camera can be particularly frustrating during the platforming sequences, especially when you play this game on co-op, and can cause you to be put in a blind spot and you can die unfairly. But, most of the features work properly, but they still need more polish because the game feels undercooked and shallow.
    OVERALL: Kids will probably enjoy it, but the more hardcore gamers will not enjoy it so much because the various little bugs that could have been corrected during the game's development. But this game got lucky with me, usually I'm not kind at all to kids games which is why I went down in infamy for my review of The Bible Game which earned me a large group of haters and not-so-nice comments from angry parents. I found it to be fairly enjoyable, but it still has a lot of things to fix before the franchise can truly be restored, but the game's saving graces are co-op play, monster jacking, decent graphics, and some moderately interesting challenges. But I'd have to recommend Over the Hedge more than this game because the various interesting challenges, lots of missions, and tons of unlockable goodies to be found, and great multiplayer. This game is still worth a look however.
    THE GOOD: Co-op, decent graphics, moderately interesting challenges, lovable crew of characters, and monster jacking.
    THE BAD: Outside of co-op and monster jacking the gameplay is lackluster, story is boring, music is crappy, and it feels rather shallow....more info