Fahrenheit 9/11
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To anyone who truly understands what it means to be an American, Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 should be seen as a triumph of patriotic freedom. Rarely has the First Amendment been exercised with such fervor and forthrightness of purpose: After subjecting himself to charges of factual errors in his gun-lobby expos¨¦ Bowling for Columbine, Moore armed himself with a platoon of reputable fact-checkers, an abundance of indisputable film and video footage, and his own ironically comedic sense of righteous indignation, with the singular intention of toppling the war-ravaged administration of President George W. Bush. It's the Bush presidency that Moore, with his provocative array of facts and figures, blames for corporate corruption, senseless death, unnecessary war, and political favoritism toward Osama Bin Laden's family and Saudi oil partners following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Moore's incendiary film earned Palme d'Or honors at Cannes and a predictable legion of detractors, but do yourself a favor: Ignore those who condemn the film without seeing it, and let the facts speak for themselves. By honoring American soldiers and the victims of 9/11 while condemning Bush's rationale for war in Iraq, Fahrenheit 9/11 may actually succeed in turning the tides of history. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • This dvd tells the truth
    This is a must see for everyone, this video tells you the truth about the government and the iraq war in a raw, uncensored manner, you can't make an educated decision about politics if you don't know understand both sides....more info
  • opens your eyes
    this will open your eyes to our government for sure and make you want to know more. Can get you mad at the things we don't know about our government because we don't take the time to know them things. I have watched this numerous times . It is very interesting how 1 person starts a small chain that can destroy our country....more info
  • Great first half, second loses steam
    The first half tells us the Bin Laden family was given free flights out of the country while planes were grounded after the September 11 attacks. Why? Bush's friend from the National Guard started his own business funded by the Bin Laden family. They became partners in energy and defense industries, and very wealthy. The second half goes into the war in Iraq. Now we might know why we were in Iraq instead of Afghanistan where Bin Laden hides out. A Special Force went in a few feet away from Bin Laden's location. Then the mission was abandoned. It is almost like the Bin Laden family is paying Bush to keep forces in Irag and profits going to defense contractor Haliburton while allowing Osama Bin Laden to get away. The second half is a gritty depiction of the loss of life in the Iraq war and the way it effects ordinary guys and families from his home town of Flint, Michigan. I liked it, but two parts are needed so that we don't forget the almost unreported events of the first half.
    ...more info
  • Never Saw This Movie, This Guys' Really Fat
    This crusty, ugly fat waste of a life made another movie. Yahoo. You see the way the mind of a geek loser like him works is the more he OPENS his big fat FAT mouth and does'nt recieve retribution, the more confidence this closet homosexual with a severe eating and nose-picking disorder will do it...will CONTINUE to do things like spit on the American Flag and try his best to make friends at a local college where he would LOVE to share the same interests and beliefs as people 15 or 20 years younger than this idiot. The title of this wonderfull piece speaks for itself...our country is attacked and this cholesterolo decides to break out his James Taylor albums and play flower-child with a barrage of BLATENT insults, low blows and LIES about the very country that feeds a fat crap like him. If you find yourself hating the celebrity of someone like this so much that it stuns you beyond words, and you're afraid to even admit you KNOW this guys' name or his movies because you think controversy is what an idiot like this wants...Rage on. Because in 20 years when this fat sweaty "director" is living out of a dog house after his divorce NOBODY is gonna remember his name....more info
  • See this movie
    This came out before it was cool to hate Bush. Moore should be thanked for that. While not his best effort (editing was a little poor, IMHO), there are some must-see moments. If you've decided you're going to defend our rotten president no matter what, you're sure to hate this movie. If you think the media has told you what you need to know about America under Bush, you're sure to be surprised. ...more info
  • the film that got George W. Bush re-elected...
    Many left-leaning people like myself were disgusted at the deliberately misleading elements in this film; for example, Michael Moore's cruel and completely slanderous attempt to imagine verbally George W. Bush's thoughts as Bush is informed of a plane crashing into the World Trade Center. Moore suggests that Bush was thinking only of Saudi oil investments. None of us knew what was going in those early minutes of the terror strike on the Trade Center, as the unthinkable took place. Anyone who has taken an introductory course in Logic learns of the fallacies of making logical assumptions based on innuendo. I was just revolted by Moore's completely immoral, hate-filled screed of a 'film'. Moore also insulted the intelligence of the American people by assuming that they would believe his innuendo-filled comments. And this is where he went wrong: the American people were/are not as stupid as Moore believes them to be, and many people were insulted by Moore's arrogant attitude and assumptions, as he spoke down to them as if they could not think for themselves. And in their disgust at Moore's condescension, and ad hominem portrayal of a man who, whether you liked his policies or not, just happened to have the job of president of the United States at the time of the horrific terror attack, many viewers of this movie quite likely voted FOR George W. Bush, not against him. I truly believe that this shoddy film actually caused more people to vote FOR George W. Bush in November 2004, than against him. Moore's arrogance and carelessness boomeranged on him. If Moore had not made this movie, perhaps G. W. Bush would not have been reelected.
    I had somewhat enjoyed Moore's simplistic earlier effort, 'Bowling For Columbine', and was expecting much better than this trashy attempt at money-making through slander-based controversy. I should have known better; Moore is an entertainer, and not an insightful political analyst by any stretch of the imagination. Thank God that many Americans (including left-leaning ones like me) have something called education and/or common sense and can recognize lies and deception like the kind Moore attempts to foist off on the public.
    An interesting related read is 'The Trouble with Islam. A Wake-Up Call For Honesty and Change' by Canadian Muslim lesbian author Irshad Manji, who also dismisses Michael Moore.
    That Moore's trash won the 'prestigious' Palme D'Or film award in France is only because of the ever-present and fashionable anti-Americanism prevalent in French 'intellectual' circles, and yet another symptom of the cultural malaise that France has experienced in recent years, and about which much has been written.
    Note also political commentator Andrew Sullivan's creation of the 'Moore Award', for "divisive, bitter, and intemperate left-wing rhetoric"....more info
  • highest grossing documentary ever
    Michael Moore's latest film won a standing ovation and top prize at the Cannes Film Festival (May 2004), then in its first week in American theaters became the highest grossing documentary of all time. It's hard to tell who was more worried about this rabidly anti-Bush film--conservatives who fear Moore's mudslinging will stick to the President, or liberals who fear that mainstream America will label his views as way out of bounds and associate them with Kerry. Time magazine rightly observed that Moore's method incorporates equal parts comedy, tragedy, infiltration, confrontation, and speculation....more info
  • Extraordinary
    Analysis of Governmental manipulation of its own citizens! Afraid things have hardly changed since the days of Hitler, Churchill and Stalin. A measured, slightly funny view of the grossest Prez US ever had; amply supported by his pal, Batman's Joker lookalike Blair. So it seems that the situation that we presently see in Afghanistan is because of Bushie Baby and his coterie of mobsters!

    I am losing faith in God.....so much greed...
    ...more info
  • 911
    Very interesting video. If you are not hell bent on one particular party you will find this documentary very interesting. As an intelligent person, I choose to watch videos like this and create my own thoughts and feelings on the matter. I appreciate people like Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock who created Supersize Me for bringing attention to the topic at hand and setting a platform for discussion....more info
  • Good exploration of Iraq war...with some over-the-top moments
    Let's face it. Chances are you either loved or hated this film before you even saw it. Personally, I liked it a great deal. I liked the fact that Michael Moore uses the politicians' own videotaped words to indict them, but I also disliked the insinuation in the film that American soldiers were jar-heads who enjoyed or were callous about the killing and suffering of ordinary Iraqis as a result of the war. His final thought in the film is an important one - after all the lies told about why we went to Iraq, why would anybody ever trust us again? This lack of trust is important in the context of the current 2008 Presidential election cycle. It has seen an unusually high level of participation of young people and it has seen voters of all ages largely rejecting potential nominees perceived as Washington insiders. Much of this can be traced back to the level of cynicism Moore displays in this film.

    Also, and somewhat off-topic, I have to wonder how it is that Michael Moore was able to see the damage that such quotable quotes from conservative politicians could do, and yet then-presidential candidate John Kerry could not? If I had been running Mr. Kerry's campaign I would have been constantly rewinding and replaying the moment when President Bush is speaking at a fundraiser talking about "his base - also known as the haves and the have mores". What could have done more damage to the President's faux image as some average Joe who enjoys clearing brush on his ranch in Texas? At any rate, I think that although it is somewhat dated at this point, it is still an important film and is worth viewing - just realize that this IS Michael Moore we are talking about and that he does like to go over the top quite a bit. ...more info
  • I wanted to call 911
    Call 911 and report this crime against humanity !

    More bull from the maker of leftist political radical tripe. When will he quit victimizing all Americans?

    It is always sad to see this kind of exploitation of families and victims,
    especially when it is done to advance the agenda of a sick individual.

    We should deport all those involved in these kind of scams....more info
  • fairly dated but good
    This movie is fairly dated. Most of the claims Moore makes are now commonly accepted especially the primary one, that we were misled into a war in Iraq and that the Bush regime is a crony of liars and scoundrels. It's important to consider this film in its political and historical context though. This came out shortly before the 2004 election and Moore was crucified by right wing media pundits for it (although he was widely cheered by others). The only real exception to Moore being correct is an aside that has not been validated or revisited; his mentioning some oil pipeline across Afghanistan which hasn't been talked about in a long time, probably for a good reason....more info
  • Don't Blame Michael Moore
    There are a lot of people who deserve blame for the fact that the worst President in US history is still in the White House. Michael Moore is not one of them. Long before it was fashionable, long before most of the country woke up and realized how harmful and unnecessary the Iraq war is, Michael Moore was a powerful (and often lone) voice that spoke truth to power.

    Fahrenheit 9/11 is not only a must-see film because of its relevance. It's also witty, engaging and very often funny. That Michael Moore manages to take such serious material and put it into a context that makes for a riveting documentary shows that, as a filmmaker, he's second to none.

    After Katrina, I heard a lot of people who tried to avoid blame for having voted for Bush saying that they didn't know, they couldn't imagine how bad he would be, they thought the was right about the war, blah, blah, blah. Well, screw them. Fahrenheit 9/11 was out there, proving beyond any doubt that emperor Bush has no clothes. You weren't intelligent enough to realize that after four years of his miserable government? Shame on you. As for Michael Moore, I just want to say: "Thank you."...more info
  • Documentary of the failed Bush administration
    After seeing this movie I can't imagine any thinking person supporting the Bush administration. This producer is either loved or hated as is his material. We will continue to support and purchase all movies produced by Michael Moore....more info
  • Excellent
    This product was shipped quickly and the condition was just as described by the seller....more info
  • I believe Todd Barry summed it up best....
    ...and to paraphrase this comedian's live act "'Fahrenheit 9/11' now there's a movie that has people up in arms. Michael Moore could be narrating "On September 10th, George Bush took a sip of water" (audience reaction) oh f**k"

    That is the feeling I got throughout this film as Moore narrated. While I enjoy his films and the persona he shows in them, he may never make a film as bad as this one. He seems to be conspicuously absent on the screen for much of the time and that makes his narration feel intrusive, as if he's trying to distance himself from the material in any small way he can so he doesn't seem too mean spirited and instead give off an aura of truthfulness. While some of the things he says in this film are eye opening to the casual observer a number of the conclusions that Moore comes to are rash and speculative (which I don't mind, since he does this all the time) which makes most of his films entertaining, if not insightful, but this film is missing a true humor about itself because it was intended for a specific political purpose (with effects expected) in mind. To me, art never works that way since people often see the art much later than the intended effects, such is the case with me. Apart from the controversy, this film just doesn't entertain, or inform us. Moore wants to call Bush a criminal, but never does (for libel reasons, no doubt) so he just implies it. That's the problem with this documentary, it seems to pull the most obvious of punches when that's the reason for its existence, to knock out the opposition. When you repress the execution of the major point for any reason, the result is going to come out badly, but that doesn't mean it isn't funny, it just isn't very good, or lasting....more info
  • Michael Moore 2008!
    Michael Moore is the biggest patriot in the U.S.A.! A true home grown blue collar Liberal Intellectual. He's able to be factual and funny at the same time. Something other political commentators have trouble with, especially the factual part i.e. Ann Coulter. This movie is a movie everyone on the political spectrum should see from Libertarians to Communists. You will be, I gurantee, blown away by the way our country's being run. God help us all if Jeb Bush runs in '08! Therefore I propose Michael Moore as the Democratic or Green Party canidate! Run Mike run!...more info
  • You be the judge.
    I bought this out of curiosity. It just proves that only in America can any slob make millions out of badmouthing someone else and not get sued. This guy went into great details to show his ignorance. I truly feel ONE star was an overstated rating, but Amazon's lowest....more info
  • Extremely Interesting
    Have shared this DVD with many . Some of the content is amazing and opened my eyes on a lot of things. ...more info
  • false editing
    We really liked "bowling for columbine", My husband and I watched this and were soooooo drawn in .......then right after we watched another docu. called FAREN"HYPE" 911. in which almost everyone from the original M. Moore film were interviewed. Most were angered by how their comments were edited and put in this film. I was blown away by how many of those interviewed were misrepresented in this film. Leading me to believe if Moore chip chopped and edited their interviews to suit his own viewpoint, how much else of the film was actually true? I am sure a lot but now I do not trust him and I am certainly second guessing the info he provided in B-F-COLUMBINE. SEE BOTH FILMS JUDGE FOR YOURSELF...more info
  • Truth-twisting, Biased Propaganda
    If you don't care about the actual truth, enjoy! However, if you are one of those people who can compare different accounts, examine historical evidence and make reasonable judgements, watch Fahrenheit 9/11, watch FahrenHYPE 9/11, and do your own research. If you're capable of reaching reasonable conclusions, you'll see the twisted-truth propagated by Moore, the wild speculation (without any reasonable supporting evidence), his profiteering from this film and the fact that his film should be located under Fiction rather than Documentary. What he presents as FACT is an insult to an educated American society. Watch the films, do your own research and decide for yourself....more info
  • I can't believe George Bush STILL won the elections! So much for the Declaration of Independence!
    You people should take that Declaration of Independence and burn it to ashes because after seeing this film I can't believe that anyone in their right mind would still be voting Republican. I'm not even American and I'm a more active democrat than all y'all! The evidence has been placed before the American people yet they have failed to overturn this evil administration that misled the world into a war with Iraq to satisfy their greed and their insatiable craving for oil. When I was a kid I always dreamt of going to America and being part of the American dream but I think I speak for many people when I say that the international community has never had a lower opinion of the United States. To blindly support a dyslexic moron in a presidency that is more focused on robbing poor nations of their resources is not the honorable image of America that I carried in my heart as a child. Now that I am an adult, I am witnessing the rich Republicans sending the poor of their own country to be killed by poor people in other countries, misleading the American public with falsified evidence to support their war machine, blowing up children and civilians in foreign countries in order to gain access to their resources in effect stealing from the people who have nothing while all the time declaring to the world in a self-righteous attitude that the worst is yet to come. America may have accomplished great things in the past when truly great men were elected as their presidents but the fact that the Bush administration is in control of the world's fate even after this documentary has exposed them for the lying bunch of baby-killers that they are should be enough to prove to the world that indeed dark forces are in control of American politics today....more info
  • Mockudrama
    Moore uses the hammer of partisan demagoguery to pound another nail into the coffin of the once-venerable documentary. There's so much to criticize our government about, yet Moore feels it is necessary to mislead and distort the facts. I wouldn't hold this movie up as a shining example of First Amendment rights; using Moore's standards of free speech, all of the evil politicians and corporations are exercising their freedom of speech to mislead and distort, and anyone can be made to look incompetent or evil, even Moore. Moore has some good points to make, but he fights fire with fire. A documentary should be made about documentaries!...more info
  • not what you might expect
    tastefully done and causes one to ask many questions, if even to one's self....more info
  • A Story That Needed To Be Told
    This movie tells all the truth. i really shouldn't say more. just go out and rent the movie. who knows who is reading it. i don't trust the government. there is no such thing as freedom of speech, well there is but you get punished for it. all i can say is that michael moore took a gutsy move on telling this story. But it needed to be told. ...more info
  • Ooooh, I'm scaaa-red!
    This "documentary" was so-so, and way too favorable toward the brutal, anti-Semitic, porn-obsessed Saddam Hussein. The movie portrays Iraq as this desert oasis that the United States destroyed--filmmaker and poseur Catholic Mickey Moore didn't bother to interview any of the women that Uday Hussein had raped, or relatives of people who were tortured to death in Saddam's meat shredders. This movie was more of a hatchet job than an objective presentation of facts, except this time, propagandist Moore isn't trying to befuddle a gracious Charles Heston ("Bowling for Columbine"), and then later re-editing his footage to make Heston appear in the worst possible light. He pulls the same trick on anybody outside the Democratic Party tent, who by the way, voted to invade Iraq, although they'll now tell you that President George W. Bush was so beguiling that he fooled everyone. If the Democrats were fooled by Bush, whom they ridiculed as a poor public speaker, they should not be governing. Hoewver, Moore doesn't care about facts, he cares about who's a Democrat or Republican. If you really want to see an expose of how Washington, D.C., is controlled by moneyed biotech interests, see "The Manchurian Candidate," with Denzel Washington. That film scared me with its telling revelations that not even Michael Moore was capable of digging up, and its important message for today's youth.
    ...more info
  • The facts. A true documentary of how George Bush screwed us.
    The real facts of how George Bush and his father in partnership with Osama Bin Laden at The Carlyle Group in New York orchestrated the unfolding of 911 and how they have continued to profit from it. The facts that have been hidden from the world about 911 are exposed in this documentary movie. The war in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan for oil projects of George Bush and Osama Bin Laden. The destruction of world economy for the greed of George Bush is exposed in this documentary....more info
  • Finally saw it and it was ok
    I don't know why I didn't go see this film when it first came out. Probably a combo of being tired of politics and thinking it could not tell me much more then I already knew at the time.

    For the most part it's a good film. Moore does a great job in that it's a great vehicle for questions, discussion and debate.

    I am only knocking it a point for some of the "antics" Moore did for the film. I didn't care of the bit with the ice cream truck where he drove around reading the patriot act since congress didn't read it. The ever
    present "ambush" of congressmen is a rather tired bit and overused. I think it took away from a well crafted film. I liked the cabinet people going through makeup, the bit where Ashcroft was singing and the
    Bushisms. One thing that was really well done was the seven minutes where Bush sat there doing nothing or reading to the children. I remember it when it happened and it showed the difference between a leader and this man. A leader acts.

    Other parts of the film where sad and gave me an impression of exploitation. Such as the woman talking of the loss of her son and later appears at a protest upset and can only mention loosing her son. Even though there are hints of exploitation, Moore didn't go full into exploiting the collapse of the twin towers. There is only a couple after shots and a blacked out image with sound tracks. Very effective I found as even though I had seen it; I still listened.

    One thing I found interesting was his section involving homeland security and the Oregon coast. One man for a large territory. There was even an extra about old volunteers trying to patrol South Florida. Very pertinent info when thinking of the current reports of the lack of security on our borders.

    Probably one of the most provocative things was his explanations of molding the people by instilling fear. The use of the terror alerts and reports of eminent attacks. I think it did mold people for the war.

    The addons are interesting. I found the axis of evil comedy troop interesting and yet alarming how people are treated. There were interviews of Bush and Rice which do offer support to the claims of cover up. The PDBs and the "Hairsplitting" of definitions. Politics I guess.

    Overall; I can put of with the bit's that were pandering and I would recommend the film as it's a good provocative piece that will cause discussion and debate....more info
  • Take this for no more then what it is ...
    Jeeze ... this film has become such a lightening-rod, I'd like to be as careful as I can in my review to leave my own political opinions out of it.

    There were certain things I wanted to see when I sat down to watch the film. I've always felt that in a documentary, structure and integrity are absolutely critical to the success of the piece. That may sound fairly obvious, but Moore's 'Bowling for Columbine' took a LOT of liberties with a TON of the facts it was using to build it's argument as well as jumping all over the place, subject wise (Tim McVey/NRA/gun control/urban violence/Lockheed Martin/the media/K-Mart ... dammit Mike ... pick one and stick with it). I wanted to see it demonstrated that Moore was past that and trusted his facts enough to present his argument.

    So how did he do? Well ... it's better then 'Columbine.' I still think Moore hit his high-water mark with 'Roger and Me,' but it IS better then the irresponsible 'Columbine.' For the most part, it passed the smell test. On Moore's web-site he made sure to present the sources he used for his information so the audience could see where he was drawing his conclusions from.

    Granted, several facts have since been de-bunked by the 9-11 commission, but GENERALLY speaking he's much more accurate here then 'Columbine' was in its best moment. The habit that Moore seems to have developed that drives me crazy though, is that he's too prone to (not always, but sometimes) build a particular argument on HIS INTERPRETATION OF facts, instead of the facts themselves. This occasionally leads Moore to start getting really carried away with a few of his conspiracy theories (... a pipeline though the middle-east?).

    The thing that Moore really has a genuine knack for, is capturing the ridiculous side of human nature and being able to make people laugh at themselves during the worst of times. I'm thinking of the segments with the "office parachute" or the sealed "anti-terrorist pot-a-john." There's not enough though, I would have loved it if we had seen more of Moore's particular brand of "gallows humor."

    I'm still of the opinion that Moore still jumps subjects too quickly. I'd love for him to just sit down and make a film on JUST the 2000 presidential election or JUST FOX New's right-wing bias or JUST the way fear is used by the media in today's society. As it is, in Fahrenheit, Moore tries to cover every subject and as a result, some incredibly interesting work winds up feeling half-finished.

    While watching this, realize that it needs to be taken as an Op/Ed piece. If you do that, the whole film instantly becomes much better. For Bush supporters, you have to realize that this piece is NOT the least bit "fair or balanced" as Fox News would say. For the Left, you also need to remember that Moore very clearly HAS an agenda and he's been proven in the past to be a little loose with the truth to make his point. Just because it's such an open-handed slap at Bush, doesn't automatically mean that it's good. Don't be afraid to challenge Moore and to research his facts on you own. What you may learn will only strengthen your own convictions regardless of which side of the political coin you're on.

    There-in lies the value in a piece such as this. As always, Moore's "every-man" image will incite people who may not normally follow the political process to get involved and educate themselves. The challenge for either side is to not just take it at face-value. ...more info
  • Good Stuff
    First time i see this film, and seeing that Bush is still in office, and
    the war still rages on ....Its all about money....big money.
    A good documentary that opens eyes.
    ...more info
  • Don't use our tragedy to wage war!!!
    I'm from New York. On September 11th I wasn't very close to the attack, but at least I was there, which is more than most of you Republicans can say. And I have a message to all of you: DON'T USE OUR TRAGEDY AS AN EXCUSE TO INVADE A NATION TO GET TO THEIR OIL SUPPLY!!! All those Halliburton people should be ashamed of themselves. Moore didn't just make all this stuff up, that was real footage of a Halliburton meeting where they were talking about how to make as much profit as they could. The fact that we recruit the poorest high school students with the least amount of oppurtunities is beyond disgraceful. And to everyone who voted for Bush: this is what you asked for. Iraq is a mess. A MESS. We have killed so many people to justify this ridiculous and immoral war. And to all those "values" voters: you want to talk about values? Ok, well here's what I think: I don't think it's moral to attack a nation and kill a bunch of people all so that Cheney can make some extra money, as if he needs it. ...more info
  • Moore exaggerates his claims about the militrary and George W. Bush, but a good documentary none the less
    This is a good documentary for the simple reason that it showed insight on the 2000 election and the second Iraq War. I still can't believe Gore lost the Presidency even though he really should of won. I was definitely against the war in Iraq and this documentary proves why it wasn't necessary. Although Moore points out the flaws in this country, some of his claims about the military are exaggerated....more info
  • Thank you Michael!
    Having grown up in Flint I must say I have a different view of Michael than most of the people who still live there. My ex-wife was trying to recruit a new librarian to come to Flint when Michael brought out his first, "Roger and Me." Good luck with that. Perhaps because I had already moved away I could separate Michael as the messenger from his message(s). It is with his same sharp insight that he delivers a stinging critique of the Bush Administration in this awesome documentary. If you missed it the first time around because you were clinging to the belief that our leader must know what he is doing, don't hesitate now. NO ONE in the current administration was able to sufficiently dispute any of Michael's facts or conclusions. Buy this incredible piece of history today....more info
  • The republic of fear
    In Fahrenheit 9/11 the strange relationship between the Bush family and the Bin Laden's is exposed. Both families had interests in the Carlyle Group, one of the major arms suppliers of the US military. That partially explains how it was possible that 24 family members of the Bin Laden's were flying to their home country after the attacks, the only planes officially permitted to fly at that time by... the White House... All other planes were kept on the ground. An ex-FBI agent claims this to be totally absurd. If you have a suspected murderer, you first talk to whoever is close to him, family members first. That's what any cop would do. Why didn't president Bush let this happen ? Was he afraid something could have been revealed ?

    This picture also shows there never really was any serious effort to find the suspected "Bad Guy", Osama bin Laden. It took the US military two months to start looking after him, sending only 11.000 troops to Afghanistan, just enough to have a new president in office, who helped US business in letting them build a new pipe line through Afghanistan. The search on Osama bin Laden was stopped before it ever began. In this picture, you will literally hear Bush say : "I don't know where he is and don't want to spend much time on it". So here we had the biggest "foreign attack" on the US, performed by 15 Saudi's, under alleged orders of Osama Bin Laden, and Bush doesn't care !? Probably, because either he had nothing to do with the attacks, or worse, because it would have been too dangerous for him telling the full truth, should they ever have captured him alive. We must never forget Bin Laden was a CIA-man. And the saying goes : once CIA, always CIA.

    Although Bush doesn't care finding Bin Laden, he insists he is fighting a "war on terror" ! Who are the enemies then - if killing 3000 people is not bad enough ? Well, it seems that you are, or maybe I am. After 9/11 everybody suddenly became a possible "suspect". A Fresno peace group was infiltrated by a secret service agent ! A retired man going to a gym was visited afterwards by the FBI (!) because he made a casual remark on Bush. And at airports breast milk was considered suspect. This "war on terror" was above all a war on the liberties of the American people, although it's called, with a certain irony, the "Patriot Act". And the American people believed it. The objective was having the American people to turn to their "leader" to protect them. But protect them from who ? The most dangerous men at that time had their office in the White House. They were the "leaders" - like Cheney and Rumsfeld. And in this atmosphere of fear the war on Iraq was started, in March 2003, when Iraq had nothing whatsoever to do with the alleged "foreign attack" on 9/11. Rumsfeld talks in this picture, after you see some images of dead babies, children, women and men in Iraq, that the military puts "a lot of humanity in the war effort". I don't believe in God, but Rumsfeld does give me a pretty good idea of what the Devil looks like !

    This picture reaffirms my belief that the 9/11 attacks weren't orchestrated by Bin Laden. Maybe he played some smaller part, but the big picture seems more like a conspiracy to me, the same thing the military-industrial complex performed to kill President Kennedy. They needed to go to war again, after 8 quiet years under Clinton. Please take also a look at two complementary movies, "JFK" of Oliver Stone and "Why we fight" of Eugene Jarecki, to see the big picture of how the military-industrial complex has taken over the US government. Kennedy wanted a Pax Americana, but the military-industrial complex doesn't like that. They will not let that happen. They want war, and they want war to be permanent. And if it's necessary, they will themselves produce the attacks and invent the enemies.
    ...more info
  • Commentary on Current Events
    Documentaries lie on the continuum between fact and fiction. They attempt to recreate the known facts. You decide how well it is done. The opening says the following Interviews and Commentaries are for entertainment, the views and opinions belong to the individual speakers. The film starts by predicting a victory in Florida for Al Gore, then the networks change their projection and declare a Bush victory. Over what time span? [If Gore won his home state of Tennessee he would have been President.] Why did NO US Senator sign on to that petition? Was the fix in? People protested at the Inauguration. Bush was the vacationing President.

    On September 11, 2001 two airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center towers. [Bush looks clueless after receiving the news.] The film asks whether Saudi money went to George W. when his father was President. Were there any other connections? What about the Carlyle Group? The attack on the WTC meant a larger military budget. There are connections between the Bush family and the Saudi royal family. Why did Bush use 9/11 as an excuse to attack Iraq? Can fear be used to scare people and justify government oppression? The FBI knew Al Qaeda had supporters in America who were taking flying lessons. Do Congressmen read the laws before they vote for them?

    The film shows the "collateral damage" on the people of Iraq. Brittany Spears trusts Bush, why don't you? The Bush administration said there was no threat from Iraq in 2001. Was this a mistake? Is the high unemployment in parts of America a way to generate troops for the military? Then we see the invasion of a house in Iraq to find a suspect. "What did he do?" Why do they hate our troops in Iraq? Why did Bush try to cut wages and benefits for soldiers? Will the bombing of Iraq create business opportunities in rebuilding Iraq? Would Iraq be invaded if there was no oil? Should Congress ask their children to join the Army? These are all good questions.

    There is a quote from George Orwell about the need for war to keep a ruling group in power. Orwell was a cynic, peace is more likely to keep a regime in power. A loss in war usually leads to regime change, as in 1952 and 1968. What about 2008? This film is sort of slow-paced, but that is the result of using facts and not staged events. It provides reports that you won't see on corporate television. After Reagan was elected he raised the lowest tax bracket from 9% to 15%. Social Security taxes were raised by 50%. This allowed the highest tax rate to be cut by 50%. Most people were taxed more so the wealthiest could be taxed less. Real wages fell as well. These economic policies led to today's recession. Can they be reversed?
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