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The Office - Season Three
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Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 09/04/2007 Rating: Nr

After a shaky first season of finding its footing, and a second season of establishing itself as one of the funniest shows on TV, the third season of The Office finds the show in its strongest form yet, thanks in large part to the addition of some new characters and stronger plotlines centered on office romances. A corporate merger brings the Stamford staff to the Scranton office of Dunder-Mifflin a quarter of the way through the season giving a nice boost to the season's arc of story lines, especially the addition of Andy (Ed Helms, another Daily Show alum in a role that seems custom made for him) who serves as yet another foil to Dwight (Rainn Wilson) in his unending fight for Michael's approval. As the season begins, the focus is more on Michael (Steve Carell) and his unique "leadership" style in the Scranton office. "A good boss gruntles the disgruntled," and despite his best intentions, he proceeds to somehow screw it up, as in the opening episode, "Gay Witch Hunt," in which he accidentally outs a gay employee. In the second episode, "The Convention," Michael tries to get the party started at the Mid-Market Office Supply Convention ("fun jeans"), and ends up revealing his insecurity about Jim's (John Krasinski) decision to move to Stamford. It leads up to "The Coup," where Dwight meets with Michael's Boss Jan (Melora Hardin) in a misguided attempt to take control of the office. The merger of the two offices into the Scranton location provides the fuel needed to continue the Jim and Pam (Jenna Fischer) subplot as Jim returns with his new girlfriend, Karen (Rashida Jones) who also transferred, and with Pam no longer engaged to Roy, the tension among them increases significantly. Other major plot points this season include: Dwight shows his true feelings for Angela in an excellent climax to one of the funniest subplots on the show; Michael negotiates a raise after learning he barely makes more than his subordinates; new office suck-up Andy is forced into anger management classes; and finally, in what may be the most bizarre company retreat in history, a day at the beach ends with Pam revealing her true feelings for Jim in front of the entire office. The season wraps up in unpredictable fashion when Karen, Michael, and Jim all travel to headquarters to interview for the same position. The strength of this season just continues to solidify The Office's place as the preeminent satire of today's cubicle culture. --Daniel Vancini

Customer Reviews:

  • Funny for the serious
    From Action to Drama to Technical to Obscure, I own half a mountian of DVDs. Very, very little of them, however, are comedy. And yet, all seasons of The Office are among what little comedy I own. I LOVE to laugh, but very little "produced" material gets me there: The Office does....more info
  • Meaningless office drudgery was never so entertaining
    Another great season of "The Office", though initially I experienced some trepidation when discovering, upon watching the first episode in this set, that the perfect little snowglobe/microcosm of comic perfection that was season two of "The Office" had apparently been scattered to the winds. You see, there was just something so, well... perfect about that small group of characters permanantly on display in that small office set, playing off one another. Here- horrors!- we start off with Jim up in Connecticut interacting with a bunch of strangers, with the comic dynamic back in Scranton not having the same familiar flavor due to that change. Ah, but it soon becomes clear that there is a method to the creators' and writers' madness. Amid the funny stories (happily, just as weird and entertaining as usual), we slowly get to know and enjoy Jim's new colleagues, watch with interest as Jim's office slowly merges with the Scranton office, and watch with even more interest as the Jim/Pam dynamic slowly picks up again. In other words, by stirring the pot a little and throwing some new seasonings into the mix, we still get the show we know and love but with a new freshness and a complete lack of repetitiveness.

    Also enjoyable is that the character of Michael is allowed to further grow, with new complexities being added to the first glimmers of complexity seen in season two. Happily, Michael is still given his moments of cluelessness (usually when he's talking about women), but it's fun to see him get one up on Dwight and new office buffoon Andy on occasion. And it's also nice to see Pam and the other women in the office side with Michael when they feel he's being mistreated by Jan. Good stuff, and- again- a nice combination of familiar and fresh.

    The special features on these discs remain quite agreeable, too, especially the deleted scenes attached to most of the episodes. Each deleted scenes segment runs from a few minutes to almost the length of an entire regular show, with each segment feeling like a polished, parallel, (as just as funny) version of the episode you just watched, letting you see the many hilarious scenes that happened in between the scenes of the "official" episode. Don't miss 'em!

    And now for the long wait for season four of "The Office" on DVD. Sigh, I really should just start to watch these things on regular TV, commercials or not. But these DVD sets, including this one, are just wonderfully entertaining ways to watch these great episodes.

    ...more info
  • One of the best shows on Television!
    Hands down! If you don't like this show...something must be wrong with you. It's hilarious!...more info
  • Hilarious!
    I have heard a lot about the office since it first began but was often resistant to watching it because of it's timing, being on a busy Thursday night for me. However, my brother bought me the dvd for Season 1 on Christmas and since then I have purchased Season 2 and 3! Each season is hilarious and definitely different from much of shows out there. I love the mockumentary format, and for those of you who love The Office, definitely watch Waiting for Guffman or Best in Show by Christopher Guest, as they follow a similar format and are fantastic! ...more info
  • one of the best shows on t.v.!!
    I f you like cringe-laughter and real-world humor then you will love this show! Steve Carrell is perfect as the nerdy boss that no one likes. He tries desperately to be hip and cool and fails miserably in every episode. His off color and sometimes insensitive remarks are the life blood of this show. Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski are great as the work place friends who are constantly fighting off sexual and emotional tensions between them. The real gem of this cast though is Rainn Wilson as Dwight. He is the perfect amalgamation of every weirdo you've ever known! Absolute Comic gold! If you haven't seen this show, stop reading this review and click the order button now! You won't be sorry....more info
  • Hilarious TV show
    The Office is hilarious. It brings a fun perspective to a not so fun job. ...more info
  • A Christian Perspective
    ** Disclaimer: Especially in the world of popular culture, it is often difficult for Christians to receive information from their own perspective. Their sensibilities simply aren't taken into account. I think it is important for there to be some representation of this perspective, and so I will be reviewing this item from the vantage point of a Christian. In so doing, I mean in no way to offend non-Christians or to suggest that they have no right to their own views on this item and it's characteristics. Nor do I mean to suggest that mine is the correct or only Christian view. To each their own, with respect.

    Honestly, I really enjoy watching "The Office". The show overall is one of my favorites, and season two in particular if funny, a definite improvement over season one. I give this season four stars, however, because I know that sometimes I enjoy the show when perhaps I shouldn't. This show is certainly not a model of cleanliness that marked the bygone era when entertainment writers were concerned with offending moral sensibilities.

    To be sure, compared to much of the entertainment found on TV these days, this show is fairly clean. There is basically no nudity (in terms of nudity, season two is cleaner than season three) and virtually no violence. The objectionable material, then, is basically the written content... the humor. And it is in this area that there are basically two areas of concern. First, the language. It is more than a rare occasion that questionable language is used, though clearly explicit language is practically never used. Second, the humor and innuendo, the subject matter of the humor, is often inappropriate. The entire show is basically crass. While I don't think that all crass humor is inappropriate, and neither do I think that all the crass humor in this show is inappropriate, sometimes the humor crosses the that unidentifiable line into the offensive. Nevertheless, this show has some redeeming qualities. Aside from the crass humor, the humor of the characters themselves is incredibly funny. In fact, I think the best part about this show is the strength of the characters and the extent to which they complement each other.

    Perhaps the most serious challenge this show poses to the Christian faith are the more subtle critiques. For example, there is not one serious Christian character. The one character that is purported to be a Christian is really portrayed as a hypocrite and a mockery. And the few truly endearing characters are clearly not Christian as they live non-Christian lifestyles (namely sleeping with and living with their boyfriends/girlfriends). Needless to say, there isn't anything in this show that supports Christian morals or displays Christianity in a favorable light.

    I would hesitate to give this item to anyone younger than 18 (a hesitation I'm sure most of the people reading this will find to be absurd). What is needed is a viewer who can understand the subtle difference between making light and fun of social indiscretions and endorsing them. Nevertheless, I think you can generally watch this show as a Christian without compromising your faith. Overall I think season three pushes the envelope more than seasons one and two. In season three there is more overtly sexual content and there seems to be more examples of foul language. ...more info
  • A must-have for the Office lover!
    Great, hilarious season! Some episodes are extended, with more scenes than the television version!...more info
  • A step backwards
    I know this review won't be popular, but I was very disappointed with Season 3 of "The Office". Other than seeing parts of a few episodes, I missed the show entirely on television and one day borrowed the season 1-3 DVDs from a friend. Over the course of several weeks I watched all the episodes sequentially, and this allowed me to get a feel for how the show was evolving over time. Season 1 was very good, but I got the sense that they were still finding their rhythm. Season 2, however, was fantastic. It had excellent writing and direction, the performers revealed just how well they had been cast in their parts, and they really made you care about the relationships between their characters. I was obviously excited to begin season 3, but was sad to discover half way through disc 1 that much of the magic from season 2 was gone. Michael Scott, who used to induce cringes of discomfort with his ignorant and inappropriate remarks, had been reduced to a mere buffoon who no one took seriously. The Pam-Jim-Karen love triangle fizzled and failed to build on the emotional finish of season 2. The idea that Jan would have any sustained interest in a relationship with Michael was completely unbelievable. Ryan, amusing as the wet-behind-the-ears temp who represented the detached viewers, became merely annoying after B.J. Novak increased his own role in the show. And don't get me started on the pointless expansion of the 'Kelly' character or John Krasinski's silly wig he wears during the last part of the season. Make no mistake - there are still some classic episodes in season 3 such as "Gay Witch Hunt" "Phyllis' Wedding" and "Business School" but there are way too many duds like "Initiation" "Safety Training" "Diwali" and "The Convict" ('Prison Mike' demonstrates how the Michael Scott character devolved from being a misguided but well-meaning dork to a borderline retarded moron). I also wish Ed Helms' role had been better utilized. There was so much potential to create hilarious office dynamics with Andy but they waste it for the most part. I haven't watched any of season 4, but I hear it is more of a return to form. There is a lot to like in season 3, but the humor misses more than hits and that is nothing but a disappointment for a show with as much potential as "The Office"....more info
  • Great
    This season follows on the previous two with the same invention and humour. Many more cringe worthy episodes this time though- BRILLIANT...more info
  • I Heart The Office
    The Office is always funny, and people who think it's not need to get a sense of humor! This is by far the best show on TV. ...more info
  • The Office Continues to be a Must See
    For the romances. In season two, Jim makes a final play for Pam. Hedging his bets against rejection, Halpert escapes DM Scranton to DM Stamford. There he finds a more competitive office with swankier digs. However, Jim is a fish out of water because he is hazed by co-workers ("Big Tuna") and flounders at the military video game that Stamford uses as a motivational tool. Despite this, Karen finds him a good catch and follows Jim back to Scranton when Stamford is closed. Karen and Jim's relationship provide a few laughs, but serves mainly as interference to Pam and Jim's finally getting together.
    More laughs are found with the other relationships around the office. Ryan continues to be bullied into dating motor mouthed Kelly. Phyllis marries Bob Vance, from Vance Refrigeration. Dwight and Angela continue their creepy clandestine love affair. Dwight shows that he truly loves Angela by choosing to quit his job rather than go public to the office with their affair.
    Above all the most explosive and embarrassing romances are Michael's. Somehow this guy bumbled into a love triangle with two successful attractive women in Season Two. Michael and Carol's peter out when Michael becomes too clingy and proposes to her at the Diwali party. We are surprised when Jan, hell bent on destruction, picks up the pieces after Michael is dumped. In the season's final episode Karen, Jim, and Michael are seen competing for Jan's job. (Ryan interviews secretly.) This job serves as an ending for Jim and Karen, and a real beginning for Jan and Michael. In the final seconds of the show, we see Ryan, the new MBA, get the job and the courage to break up with Kelly. Season 3 leaves us anticipating more romantic laughs in Season 4.
    ...more info
  • The Office - Season 3
    We bought this for our 15 year old son for Valentine's Day. He loved it! We watch it together as a family, and we have all grown to love The Office. This is an hilarious sitcom which will keep you laughing. We bought a used copy, but I can honestly say, it looks like brand new. Plays like brand new, and I would think it was brand new if I hadn't been the one who ordered it. The price was a great deal through Amazon - far cheaper than store prices - even with shipping costs. I highly recommend purchasing it through Amazon. You'll get your money's worth, and you will receive it very quickly. I was so impressed with how quick they ship items through Amazon. ...more info
  • office rocks
    it's the office; need I say more? came in great time as described, thanx...more info
  • My new favorite comedy show
    We started watching the office this year, in 2009 and by March we are already on season 3. It's a fantastic show! And the quality even increases over the seasons. Get. It. Now. :)...more info
    I LOVE The Office! This is so awesome to have all of season three episodes! There are some great extras as well. Received this product much sooner than estimated. I've watched the whole season twice already....more info
  • A Cannot Miss
    This DVD set is a must for any fan of The Office. It has more deleted scenes than any box set I have ever seen and leave you wondering why The Office did not leave them in.

    If you are trying to get into this show, start off with Season 1, then Season 2, and then work into Season 3. Although Season 1 was not the best the show has to offer, it builds a base understanding of all the characters and many jokes in the subsequent seasons.

    I love this item and have used it over and over again....more info
  • Television at its best.
    Be careful when you purchase this product. You will not be able to stop with just one episode. It is that good. Just buy it to watch the genius in the chemistry between Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson or between John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer. ...more info
  • Only gets better
    I was a little late to really fall in love with "The Office" not due to the show but just it being on the same time as many other shows I enjoy.

    People often get "Office Space" confused with "the office". Steve Carell and his team weekly entertain and it never seems to stop with just one character's issues that week.

    I believe Season 3 is where Michael & Jan really show their colors & their relationship.

    And who can keep a straight face when Michael does "That's what she said.." to every sentence?...more info
  • our epic poetry
    If TS Eliot were alive today, he'd be writing the Office. It's as close as we can come, in a cynical and short-attention-spanned age, to epic poetry. And it's perfect. ...more info
  • Not the best season, but still very funny
    I think the first two seasons of The Office were better than this one. My wife was really disappointed that this season had only a handful of cast commentaries included on the DVDs. Some of the other extras were funny. If you're a big fan of The Office, this is still a great DVD set....more info
  • Three Thumbs Up!
    The Office is easily the funniest television show on cable right now.
    Perfect for anyone who enjoys good, witty humor.
    You WILL laugh out loud, guaranteed.
    I suggest watching seasons 1 and 2 first....more info
  • Season 3 is the best Office DVD far!
    I've been hooked on The Office after seeing just a few episodes on TV. I ended up purchasing the complete set. Honestly, it's worth owning them to watch at your own leisure without bothersome commercials. Even though Season 3 is my favorite I'd suggest starting from Season 1 to enjoy the full experience. ...more info
  • Best Sitcom on TV
    The Office is by far the best sitcom on TV today. One of the greatest things about the way the characters are portrayed is the fact that five people will probably each have a different favorite character. It would probably be helpful to watch the seasons in order just to understand the development of characters and how interpersonal relationships got to where they are currently. Besides relationships (Pam and Roy, Pam and Jim, Karen and Jim, Michael and Jan, Ryan and Kelly, etc) and a few other minor plot lines, the episodes can be watched out of order, if you want....more info
  • DVD's are icing on the cake of increasingly entertaining show
    At the risk of simply following the crowd of reviews, I think the third season on the Office is when the show managed to break away from the UK version and become a fantastic show in it's own right. The shows in this season grow in the entertainment value until the season finale. But you can read that in the other reviews, what about that DVD's themselves? Commentaries are to be found on most of the favourite episodes, and they are entertaining without being indulgent from both the actors and writers (sometimes, the people are both). The DVD's are worth getting simply for the deleted scenes themselves. Over three hours are to be found, most of which was simply removed for time and are as funny as anything else to be found in the episodes themselves. I still haven't managed to get through all of the features, but highly recommended is the clip from the 2006 Emmy's. To say to much would be to ruin it for those who haven't seen it, but when i first saw it i couldn't contain my laughter. Highly recommended to those who passed over the show when it first came out, it has certainly become a hit in its own right. I eagerly wait the release of season four (and being from Australia, getting the DVD's is the only way I'll be able to watch them at a decent time thats for sure!)...more info
  • It just keeps getting better!!
    The Office has done it just keeps getting better and better every year. I love the deleted scenes feature and some of the commentaries are quite funny. There's nothing like watching your favorite episodes commercial free!! Keep up the good work. I can't wait for Season 4 to continue and come out on DVD....more info
  • "...and than the werewolf turned into his dog."
    short and sweet. this is the best comedy on network tv since the 1st 5 years of "all in the family."
    steve carell is a fine actor(see "dan in real life") and a comic genius.
    also, excellent writing and a fine supporting cast make this not only the funniest show on network tv, but also the finest show on network tv.
    kudos ,also, for ricky gervais and stephen merchant for not only creating the show on the bbc, but for exporting it to our needy shores. needy in that american tv was in dire need of a good comedy series. instead, we got a great comedy series.

    ps: please check out gervais' and merchant's english comedy "extras."
    i found it to be even funnier than "the office." high praise indeed!...more info