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PUR 2 Stage Water Pitcher Replacement Filter #CRF-950Z
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  • Replace filters every 40 gallons for best results
  • Reduces lead and contaminants in water
  • Leaves beneficial fluoride in the water
  • For use with the Pur 2 Stage water pitchers and dispenser

Customer Reviews:

  • The old Ultimate filters are gone. The new ones don't have a monitor
    I bought the four-pack last week and when it arrived I was dismayed to see that the orange monitor that told you when it was time to replace the filter was gone! I've looked all over the internet and no one is offering those Ultimates any more (except one seller on eBay. Maybe they're old stock). Then I went to the PurWater site ( and they are definitely not showing the old Ultimates with the monitor any more. Too bad, I really liked being told when to change the filter. Now they provide you with those stupid stick-ons to remind you to change the filter every two months. I'm just going to mark my kitchen calendar. I commiserate with all the reviewers who are puzzled and disappointed that this happened to us without any warning. I still rate the filters 5 stars because they are still (I assume!) a great filter....more info
  • 3 hours per pitcher
    How long do you expect a water filter to last? Maybe the advertised 60 days?

    I make two pitchers of water a day. My last four Pur filters (from two separate boxes ordered months apart) have gone "slow" on me within 3 weeks of starting them. 1-3 hours for a pitcher of water is not acceptable, and since this behavior is new within the last year, it's rather suggestive of a company trying to pressure us into buying a new box sooner than they advertise we'd need to.

    I'm in Mountain View, CA, where the unfiltered water is pretty good, so it's not an issue of my input water having more pollutants than average. (For reference, the water here is better than Santa Fe, Chicago, DC, LA, and just about everywhere else in the US. So if you live in a place with water about as hard or harder than in any of those places, expect these filters to slow down on you even sooner than they do for me.) ...more info
  • Great water filter
    I never realized how awful the water in Los Angeles tasted until I purchased this filter. A must buy for anyone who drinks tap water!...more info
  • This was a good bargain . . .
    I like to buy the PUR water filters in a multi-pack to save money; I think when I buy several at a time like this I should get a better price than if I bought only one. When I couldn't find my expected bargain at the local discount store (TARGET) I resorted to the internet. I expect to buy these filters via the internet from now on....more info
  • PUR CRF-950Z -- As dvertized
    As previously noted Pur doesn't have an automatic counter anymore(Would have been 5 stars if it did), just a label with a calender on it. I stuck the label on my 32oz. pitcher and will mark off whenever I refill it until I get to 160.
    No problem installing the filter as someone wrote....more info
  • It still tastes like faucet water to me, only softer.
    I was eagerly awaiting this to arrive, It was easy to put together and it does not take that long for the water to filter. I eagerly filled up my first glass and I can not taste a difference, It tastes like my faucet, The only difference is that the water tastes softer to me but it still tastes like the toilet! Am I doing something wrong?...more info
  • Good as always
    Great price for a set of 3. Each filter provides 2 months of clean water goodness....more info
  • bargain
    Hey, a filter is a filter is a filter. But this was the best deal online or locally. Would do again. I actually have a Brita faucet filter and then the Pur pitcher. I double filter. No more plastic bottles of expensive, dirty tap water for me, and no more adding to the miles of piles of bottles in the landfills. You should consider it. Please?? The earth is begging, and so are your kids and grands. ...more info
  • PUR CRF-9502 water filter
    My tap water is so bad the dogs won't drink it. This filter is extremely efficient in removing toxins and the water now tastes good. I highly recommend the product....more info
  • Works as advertised.
    I use these filters in the Pur shelf dispenser and they fit and work well. The last couple I have ordered seem to be a lot less prone to running slowly or clogging....more info
  • An downgrade from previous version?
    I have been using PUR for 10 years and have seen several generations of PUR filters. The last generation is the one with orange indicator that tells the life of the filter.

    Now, PUR has smartly integrate this indicator inside the latest version of filter, where the filter will stop filtering (water stop dripping down the container) around the 60th day of usage! Now I have to rush to buy another replacement filter..., what a hassle!!...more info
  • just what I wanted
    This is the exact product that I wanted. I will be ordering more when I need them....more info
  • For the Two-Stage Water Dispenser - can't get much better
    We've been using the Two-Stage water dispenser for almost 2 years now and, in my view, it's the most convenient and effective water filtration system. If the dispenser is what makes the package convenient, it's the filter that makes it effective.

    As far as I can tell, the 40-gallon replacement suggestion is way too conservative. We found that the water as as odor-free and fresh-tasting after 3 months of use as it did after one month. Overall, we are very happy with the quality of water and the filter's life. I believe that we replace filters after about 3 months.

    These filters are:

    - inexpensive
    - effective
    - easy to replace

    Some may not like the fact that there is no indicator showing when it's time to replace the filter.

    By the way, after reading some reviews on this page, I must say "thank you Amazon" for helping me always pick the right consumables for the items I buy from Amazon. All it takes is to go back to the listing for the Two-Stage dispenser and Amazon immediately shows me exactly which filter I am going to need....more info
  • Clean Water and a Greener Earth
    3 for 20$ or 7$ for each filter. Recommended use is approximately 2 months. Then I figure, do I spend 7$ on water for 2 months? Actually, probably 20 to 30$ which mean I am saving more than 20$ every 2 months. Plus, no more hauling gallons of water from the grocery. No kidding, they are heavy.

    Most important of all, I won't be contributing much to the millions of water bottles that ends up on the landfill. After all, it is always being argued that tap water is as safe if not safer than the water you get from bottled water. Some of our household members find it hard to believe that argument. So enter the water filters. Now, everybody's happy....more info
  • Beware: Will NOT remove arsenic, which increases influenza A (H1N1) susceptibility
    Do a web search for this article: "Scientists link influenza A (H1N1) susceptibility to common levels of arsenic exposure"

    The gist:

    "The ability to mount an immune response to influenza A (H1N1) infection is significantly compromised by a low level of arsenic exposure that commonly occurs through drinking contaminated well water, scientists at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) and Dartmouth Medical School have found."

    From P&G's PUR website, Q & A, on 5/25/09:

    "Question: Do your filters remove Arsenic?

    Answer: We don't make a claim for arsenic reduction with PUR filters at this time. You might want to check our website from time to time to see if it's been added to the contaminant reduction list for our products."

    If you are on well water, arsenic can be a HUGE problem. I am, and I wish I had done more research before accumulating a PUR pitcher, two PUR countertop units, and a PUR water cooler!

    I was also quite dismayed to discover this (also from PUR's website):

    "Question: Do your filters reduce fluoride?

    Answer: Our household water filtration products leave the benefical fluoride in your drinking water, which may already be present."

    This is the latest edition to the hundreds of studies showing the adverse effects of fluoride.

    * Recently declassified documents,obtained under the U.S Freedom of Information legislation, show that central nervous system (CNS) effects caused by fluoride were known to, but concealed by, the US government during the l940s.

    * Fluoride is a cumulative, protoplasmic poison, more toxic than lead. It is being deliberately added to the drinking water of MILLIONS of people in the United States, whether they want it or not- for the stated reason that "it can reduce tooth decay in children."

    The Fluoride Deception...more info
  • good product, poor shipping
    good product, each filter lasts around a month.
    this time, the shipping was bad. it was shipped in a big envelope,
    the product box was damaged. But Amazon did send a replacement,
    hassle free....more info
  • Exactly as Advertised
    Unlike many people who have ordered this product, I got exactly what I wanted. It fits my large PUR DS-1800Z 2 Stage Water Dispenser perfectly. Though the dispenser is a bit large for my mini-fridge, it works perfectly. I recommend the large dispenser if you drink a lot of water and a refill source is not close at hand. These filters take even the most unappealing water and make it quite tasty. Definitely worth it....more info