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Acoustic Research AW822 900 Mhz Outdoor Wireless Speaker (Single, Brown)
List Price: $129.99

Our Price: $62.56

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Product Description

250' range / Omni directional sound / 7.5-Watt RMS internal amplifier / 2-way acoustic design / 2" dome tweeter / 5" woofer / ALC Automatic Level Control Automatic Level Control (ALC) avoids sudden volume blasts or valleys Dual power mode runs on optional batteries or the supplied AC adapter Channel select switch allows you to optimize your reception Left-Mono-Right switch provides the option for stereo operation with another AW822 2-Way Acoustic Design, 2 dome tweeter, 5 woofer 7.5-Watt RMS internal amplifier Frequency response - 40Hz - 15kHz

  • This individual wireless speaker can be used indoors or out and has up to 250 foot range
  • Water resistant design with built in carrying handle and tripod feet for ease of use and stability
  • Automatic level control avoids sudden changes in volume while 2 way acoustic design provides high quality omni directional sound
  • Convenient push button auto lock phase lock loop tuning locks onto transmitter signal and guarantees clear audio
  • Dual power mode with AC adapters supplied -batteries optional

Customer Reviews:

  • Acoustic Research AW822 900 Mhz Outdoor Wireless Speakers (Brown)
    Product works great, use 40 feet from TV (on kitchen counter), audio quality is great, volume range is great, unit is quite large so be sure to check dimensions for your counter, etc, if that is where you will use it, have not tried outdoors but the qualtiy of the case is good so it should withstand some abuse, would recommend to anyone...more info
  • Wireless Outdoor Speaker
    I did not pay for "enhanced" shipping and the delivery took a while but once it was here I am very happy with it. It worked great just out of the box. Auto-shutdown feature (during non-use) is good but one time I seemed to struggle to get the thing to "wake-up". Probably "operator error" however, as I have not seemed to have that problem again.

    We have XM on one of our "boomboxes" (in the kitchen) and all the wires and the antenna were a pain to move from room to room - we simply did not move them. The speaker is about 40 feet from the transmitter and works GREAT. In fact I almost believe that the "Old time radio" that I like to listen to is clearer on the remote speaker than on the boombox itself. Color me "Very Happy" with the purchase.

    Now. . . Do I want to buy a second one for stereo?? Have to think about that! Let's see, Old Time Radio is monoaural anyway, isn't it? hmmm. . .

    Next purchase - 8 rechargeable C batteries - the 110V power supply for the portable speaker will keep them charged when the thing is the in the home office (vast majority of the time) but we can also then just move the speaker itself to the patio or the workshop / garage. (Why didn't I test it in the workshop? It is closer to the base than the office!) The manual specifies that you should not have non-rechargeable batteries in it if you used the 110V power supply. You really don't need to read the manual (mostly intuitive) but it is so small you will finish it in one sitting in the "main reading room". Think about that last statement!!!...more info
  • Not happy with the sound quality of this product
    Unfortunately I had to return this product. The sound quality was too poor even for the backyard. I would give it less than one star....more info
  • great speaker
    I recently ordered a wireless speaker for my computer music. The speaker arrived in the mail very quickly and it works just great. I can now dance to the music anywhere in my home...thank you, Maxi MacFarlane...more info
  • Doesn't work
    Received the product in very good time. However I couldn't get it to work. The Speaker was fine but the transmitter would not transmit!!
    Wrote to the e-mail address in the instruction manual but haven't heard back yet. Aggravating to say the least. You buy a product and expext it to function. I guess that's asking too much....more info
  • great item!
    Great product. I am a Philadelphia Eagles Fan and I live in southwest florida. I can pick up the philly talk shows and I have a special interest in the sports talk shows during the season. I get the philly shows as well as a couple out of atlanta on my computer. I have my AW822 hooked up to my computer so now i can hear the shows while poolside or in the garage or fishing off of my dock, thanks to my AW822!!!

    Samuel T. Craft, Esq....more info
  • Great portable sound system
    The sound is quite good considering it's mono with only one speaker. I owned the previous version of this speaker and used it for several years before it stopped working properly.
    Plus's: The transmitter on this new version is smaller so it takes less room on my desk (I use my laptop as my "stereo" with a Rhapsody Unlimited music subscription--bought out from YahooMusic which was bought out from Musicmatch). The speaker is very light and portable so I bring my music wherever I go around the house and I like it better than an iPod because I don't have to purchase songs and download them to my iPod to listen. I simply setup a playlist in Rhapsody with any song I want (or my kids want) and I can just take my speaker with me so everyone can enjoy. It's a no-brainer to setup and use.
    Minus's: About a minute after the music stops and there is no sound being transmitted there is a very loud burst of "noise" from the speaker. It can startle you if you're not ready for it! The speaker also seems to occasionally lose the signal for about 1-5 seconds but then refinds it. For me it's a minor inconvenience.
    Overall: unless you're a real stickler for a high-def sound experience, this speaker is great (especially considering the price!). It's easy to setup, very portable, and the sound is generally very good....more info
  • Acoustic Research AW822 900 Outdoor WIreless Speaker
    My wife is hearing impaired so she had always had the T.V. turned-up so loud it is worrisome to me. She found wireless earphones uncomfortable so we purchased this wirelees speaker system as a substitute. It works perfectly for our needs as she can move it closer to her ear wherever she is located in the T.V. room. It is light weight and easily moved from room to room whenever we chose to do so. The sound quality is excellent,thus serving our needs perfectly in every way. ...more info
  • Great speakers for outdoor, wireless and great sound!
    I have used two as stereo speakers (one right and one left) on my deck several times this summer. They have great sound quality and range for such a reasonable price. I have also purchased C size NiMH Rechargeable batteries with 5000 mAh. They have played for three hours before I shut them off without recharge. Amazing! You plug the AC adapted in and they recharge automatically. The instructions don't address recharge time so I charged for 8 hours. I am very pleased....more info
    LOVE THIS SPEAKER!!!!! I've owned different wireless speakers for years and they finally needed replacing. I tried several different sets but was not pleased until I tried the Acoustic Research AW822. It sounds great with its 5" woofer, it has excellent range. Also very pleased with the styling as it blends into the landscape. Buy some rechargeable c cell batteries (they charge while installed by just plugging the speaker into ac power) and eliminate the cord altogether! (Note: AW822 is not sold as a set so you'll need to buy two for stereo)...more info
  • Acoustic Research know the how to
    This rugged outdoor speaker is perfect for listening to ball games while I'm working in my garage or for background music when I'm on the deck enjoying the pool/hot tub. The neighbors surely appreciate that I don't have to open my window and crank my stereo to get the sound to carry outside anymore. I love the fact that the wireless speaker stops the sound from coming out the main speakers, as the other reviewer points out. I find it to be an advantage, not everyone in the house wants to hear play-by-play sports commentary. Also, if you spend a couple bucks at the local Radio Shack, you could most likely get an adapter to jack into the stereo's speaker output. That is, if you're trying to add speakers to you system, rather than transmitting the signal to this wireless speaker, (which is how the product is designed to work). The setup is a cinch, I was out the box and rolling in 5 minutes flat. The auto tuner and frequency lock are great features; they really take care of the static, (900Mhz is a heavily used frequency). If these feature don't get rid of the static, completely, moving the transmitter around will. The sound quality is fair, but not astonishing. I optimized the sound quality by playing a bit with the levels on the stereo, transmitter, and the speaker itself and I'm quite satisfied with the results. Powering the speakers by batteries makes this speaker really versatile, but if your parties frequently last till three in the morning you can always plug the speaker directly into the wall, (take the batteries out first though, unless they're rechargeable). I'm thinking of adding another speaker to my arsenal, this spring, so I can party to omni directional sound in stereo. ...more info
  • Good for the money
    The sound quality was very good, even with only one speaker. There is a little static every once in a while when you have it near the outer edge of its range. I would recommend this product if you're looking for a portable speaker with multiple sources....more info
  • Very pleased with speaker
    I bought the speaker so that I could listen to televison news on the back patio. I had it working in about 30 minutes. The sound quality is much better than the speaker in the television. I've only owned it for about a month so I can't comment on reliability. But overall I'm very pleased....more info
  • It SUBSTITUTES a speaker for your stereo speaker, it doesn't ADD one.
    WARNING if you are trying to ADD a speaker to your STEREO!!
    I was trying to ADD a speaker so that I could hear in the kitchen music that was playing in the living room. Since I have a stereo in the living room, the instructions are to plug in the transmitter to the headphones jack (you CAN'T use the speaker output jacks in the back of the stereo). Once you plug anything into the headphone jacks of my stereo (I think this is true for most, if not all, stereos), the stereo speakers cut out. Thus, to get this speaker to broadcast music into my kitchen, I have to stop the music in my living room. Since I wanted to have music throughout my house for a party, this didn't work for me.
    ...more info
  • Good & Versatile Speakers
    Purchased two speakers, each came with a transmitter. Wired one transmitter to my AV receiver's tape output so the speaker's volume can be controlled independantly from the main speakers. Wired the second transmitter to my home PC's headphone output to listen to Pandora streaming radio. By using headphone outputs, the PC speakers are switched off automatically (just as if you were using headphones). Note, each tranmitter broadcasts in stereo so all you need to do is set one speaker on left and one on right. If you have more than one transmitter, the speakers will lock to whichever transmitter is broadcasting. Sound quality is good, but not great. Volume level is good. The speakers will occasionally pop and hiss when they encounter interferance. I use with rechargable batteries so it's very convenient to move the speakers around the patio, garage and yard while I'm working outside. Works fine in the 75 foot range that I've been using. Overall, I would buy again for the same price....more info
  • Works but I Have Issues
    This speaker basically fulfills my needs, but I have a couple of issues. First, the small black transmitter does not use batteries. I have to have it plugged into an outlet. Since I use the system with my laptop, I wanted a system that did not need to be plugged in at all on either end. I work from home and take my laptop outside with my kids. I wanted a nice wireless speaker outside so when I took time out to play I could continue to listen to the live-streaming radio. It sounds fine, but because I have to plug in the speaker (I'm scared about leaving batteries in it after reading the reviews) and have to plug in the transmitter, the system does not make life easier at all. I'll keep looking, but I'll use this until I find something that really meets my needs. Oh...also, for some reason, the power won't go off, so I have to unplug the speaker for it to stop. ...more info
  • Very good for the price
    For portability, there is a handle and the brown color makes the speaker unobtrusive. There is an A/Mono/B switch, on/off volume switch, and pilot light. This indoor-outdoor speaker takes 8 C Batteries or 8 rechargeable Cs with the built in recharger. But when an electric outlet is available it works on an AC Converter. The hook up is simple. I use the headphone jack outlet on my A/V stereo. But there are other options. You do need to turn the speaker off if the source is off or you get a shrill feedback. You will need two speakers for stereo. For the price this is a very good product and Acoustic Research is a quality company. ...more info
  • Amazing for the price
    I purchased these speakers for my husband's birthday based on the reviews I read here. Not difficult at all to set up and the sound is quite good. The receiver is not close to the speaker location, but there have been no problems with either cable or CD reception. A little more hassle to adjust sound, turn off, etc. than indoor sound system, but that is all run by remote. Recommended, especially for such a reasonable price....more info
  • AR AW822 900 Mhz Outdoor Wireless Speaker is a winner!
    The item was delivered promptly in 3 days and performs flawlessly. No drifting of signal and the quality of the speakers is very good for the cost and size. Be sure to read the instructions completely to avoid any problems, as you cannot use the transformer and plug if you are using regular or alkaline batteries. It will cost you about $32 for a set of NICads and much more for Nimh batteries, so the NiCads are ok and will recharge for many hundreds of cycles. I keep my unit on the charger inside the house and then use the batteries when the unit is used outside the house or in the garage. I have tried some other units on the market and find them cheaply made and mediocre in sound quality. By the way, if the light does not go out when the on/off button is pushed in, you just did not hold it long enough. Great product! ...more info
  • Speaker not Speakers
    Just wanted to let everyone know that even though it says SPEAKERS in the ad it is actually just one speaker. Other than the confusion over wording the speaker has worked fine. It was a snap to set-up. There is also an RCA adapter included, besides the headphone jack connector that will allow you to use it as an extra speaker with your system. I only have the speaker about 30 or 40 feet from the transmitter, so I don't how well it works at a distance.

    ...more info
  • not bad - but not great either
    The obvious advantage is the lack of wiring - but the sound is a bit fuzzy and you can get interference from dogs and people walking around. Takes a boat load of batteries - but found some generic ones that were not too expensive but plan on spending 25+ for rechargeable batteries per speaker. For causal listening to music and the news out on the deck these are fine. but overall sound quality is not great. ...more info
  • okay but transmitter is short lived
    We have had this system for a four years and in that time gone through two transmitters. The speakers continue to run fine, and the transmitters do not seem to be sold separately, which puts us in the odd position of continuing to add unneeded speakers to the system just to get a new transmitter. Our stone house seems to block some of the range but the sound quality is fine for us....more info
  • Can't beat it for the price
    I became interested in an indoor/outdoor wireless speaker when I went into Brookstone and noticed how they had their wireless speakers set up around the store. I like to play internet radio at home but grew tired of having to crank up the computer speakers so I could hear the music in my kitchen. I also wanted the speaker to be weatherproof so I could put it on my porch or deck. The Brookstone speaker was about 3 times more expensive, so I decided to give the Acoustic Research a try since I could buy more speakers for the same price. I have been very pleased. The unit was very easy to set up, is small and unobtrusive, and works as described. Although I am not an audiophile, I think the sound is very good. The music is clear, and the bass is adequate. It has a convenient, built-in handle. BUT this speaker does NOT work in addition to your other wired speakers when you plug it into your computer's headphone jack; the sound only comes out of this speaker, just like it would only come out of headphones. I bought it knowing this because some people had complained about this in their reviews. I believe you could use an audio splitter so you could play the wired and wireless speakers together, but I have not tried this yet. I will update this review if I decide to try to get all the speakers working together.

    March 6, 2009 update: I finally got around to getting a 2.5 mm stereo splitter from Radio Shack for about 3 bucks, and it worked perfectly. I plugged the splitter into one of the speaker plugs on the rear of my Dell and plugged both of the computer speakers into it. I then plugged the Accoustic Research transmitter into the other plug. Now I can play music over the computer speakers and the Acoustic Research wireless speaker at the same time....more info