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MAGLITE 3-D Cell LED Flashlight
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Product Description

Designed for professional and consumer use, the Maglite? 3 D-cell LED flashlight is built on the experience in craftsmanship, engineering, and advanced technology evident in all Mag? flashlights. The strong designed combines with MAG-LED? Technology to make the Maglite? LED flashlight a technologically advanced lighting instrument.

  • Requires 3 D cell batteries
  • Focuses simply by rotating the head
  • Balanced Optics? combine a highly refined reflector with a quality LED
  • Intelligent Energy Source Management (patent pending) balancing high brightness with extended battery life
  • Use either the installed LED module or the Krypton lamp (stored in the tailcap)

Customer Reviews:

  • Great LED flashlight
    I have 3 LED MAG lights, the 4D cell, 3D Cell and 2D cell. Of the three the 3D Cell gives the brightest light ... the other two have a similar brightness.

    Tried the 3D Cell LED by Newton ... doesn't even compare ... more of a novelty ... MAG lights are of very good quality. ...more info
  • For reliability and Peace of mind, this is it!
    My Mom is getting old and lives alone. We live in rural Maine, and the power goes out at least a few times each year. She's willing to spend about 99 cents on a flashlight, and then won't change batteries when the beam gets dim. Since I'm an active guy who loves cool stuff, I know the value of this $25 light beats those cheap junk ones. I bought this one for her so she'll be safer. With LED, the batteries last so long, she'll be able to see whenever she needs it. If she drops it, it will still work. AND the light is powerful white, so it will likely save her an accidental fall or two. What a simple way to lessen risk for an elderly parent on a budget. If you ever NEED a flashlight, you might as well have one that will last, be super bright, and save you money in batteries over its lifetime as well. Considering everything, the price is a great deal!...more info
  • Good Flashlight, Great blunt object
    Does the job. If you're looking for a flashlight that can also be used as a blunt object then Maglite's are for you. If not find a normal sized flashlight at a non-inflated price....more info
  • MAG Instruments still produce quality.
    I'm not a flashlight expert.

    I wouldn't claim to be quite as bright as any products MAG Instruments can produce, either.

    What I wanted was a flashlight that didn't cost $150, took standard batteries that didn't cost half as much as the flashlight, a bright LED bulb, and wouldn't break inherently or other silly things, like switches.

    MAG Instruments has been making flashlights that have been helping cops and security for years, doubling as a nice skull-cracker and eye-blinder. It's saved countless motorists, bikers and truckers from nights of dead car batteries and flat tires under the crappiest and cuss-induced conditions imaginable.

    It's the proper tool for the job, as far as I'm concerned. You can't beat a classic, that is, unless it's an improved classic with an unbelievably bright LED bulb.

    Well done, MAG.

    Oh and consider getting the 4D model for this reason: "D" sized batteries get sold in 4's. Makes sense, right?

    The 3D model is just easier to pocket and stash in the car without sacrificing too much balance and power capacity, if you ask me. Just some ideas, get the right tool for what you need, obviously.

    KW ...more info
  • Absolutely Perfect!
    I have been waiting for the LED versions of this line of flashlights for 10 years and now I have two. I have both a 3-D cell and 4-D cell version of these awesome lights.

    I love the blue/white color temperature of the beam. Tough and durable flashlights that should last decades....more info
  • Classic Light Leaves Much to Wish For

    The 3-D LED Maglite is indeed an improvement from the traditional krypton Maglites that were used by police in the past. Nowadays police prefer xenon or LED models, especially the Streamlight Stinger or Pelican 7060, especially after allegations that these lights were being used with excessive force.

    However, the LED Maglite left much to wish for, especially when compared to other LED lights.

    *Much brighter than the krypton Maglites
    *Has spare krypton bulb in the tailcap should you ever manage to break the LED module, something that rarely happens.
    *The focus ability of this light allow you to decide whether you want to use a lot of "sidespill" to light up the room, or to focus all the light into a tight beam to get a lot of "throw." Unfortunately the "throw" only allows you to see things up to 2-3 blocks away.
    *Solid construction, the flashlight looks nice in any color, and it is a good self-defense tool. You can either blind an aggressor and if that is not enough it is a nice impact weapon. You do not need the 4 cell, or 6 cell Maglite to defend yourself, a 6 inch light will do if you know how to use it.
    *Runs on 3 D cells, which are relatively cheap, and easy to find as opposed to CR123A's. The big batteries do add to the weight and strength of the light if you ever need to use it as an impact weapon.
    *You can purchase a separate "Bust A Cap" device to attach to the tailcap of the flashlight. This little device will allow you to break car windows in case you need to get yourself or anyone else out of a vehicle during an emergency. Without the device, you will struggle to break the window, and you might damage your flashlight.
    *The LED drains batteries slower than incandescent models.
    *The 3-D Cell Maglite IS the BEST of all the other Maglites (2-D cell, 4-D cell, 6-D cells, etc) because it is the brightest and lasts the longest time on a fresh set of batteries.
    *Momentary on, or constant on click-switch on the neck of the light. Some folks might prefer a "tactical switch" on the tailcap of their light, so if this is an issue, this light is not for you.

    Now that I reviewed the PROs you might be wondering why I only gave it 3 stars. Here is the why: I expected more out of this light now than it has been promoted to LED status, especially since it is a Maglite. However, it failed in the following areas:
    *POOR REFLECTOR. Maglite allows us to focus our light by rotating the head, but in doing so, it sacrifices the smooth beam that characterizes other LED flashlights. As a result you are left with "dark spots" and a "black hole" in the middle of the beam. These areas of darkness prevent you from seeing thins you need to see in the dark.
    *The LED itself is not as bright as you would expect. I've seen many more LED lights, and my cheap Dorcy 3AAA 80 lumen light valued at $17 is WAY brighter. I am being fair in using a Dorcy within the same price range, you can't say I'm comparing the Maglite to a Surefire or Pelican.
    *The LED has a "purplish" tint to it. Other LEDs offer a very white light. Others emit a somewhat bluish tint. This one emits a purple tint, and although it is bright, the weird tint is somewhat disturbing.
    *The flashlight DOES get a bit dimmer as the batteries die down. Then it suddenly dies on you. This means if you intend on using this light for emergency preparedness, you better have fresh batteries so you won't be left with a dead light.

    It's good that Maglite finally realized that LED is the future of flashlights, but they still have a lot to improve so that their products are high quality. The problem is not with the body of the light, all they need to fix is the reflector and the LED module. Police departments throughout the nation have seen these weaknesses in Maglite flashlights, so they have switched to Streamlight, Pelican, Inova, and Surefire. In order for Maglite to keep up, they need to work on their small blemishes.

    The only exception is the AA LED Maglite, which is perhaps the best light they've made. The LED is smooth, with no dark rings around it. ...more info
  • Maglite Flashlight Review
    Excellent Item. The engineering and construction attention-to-detail items are about as good as you could ask for. I recommend it highly....more info
  • Solid
    As expected from Mag. A solid performer, bright beam that travels far. Dropped many times and holds up great....more info
  • OK flashlight
    'Makes a nice club if you need one. The "spare" bulb is not an LED...just a regular incandescent bulb. 'Not sure how one would even
    install it on this flashlight. The beam is wide but poorly focused in the
    center. I have other LED flashlights that are brighter and better focused. Generally it's an OK flashlight, but I would probably grab one
    of my other slightly smaller ones if I were going to be storing it in
    a back pack. ...more info
  • Great light
    Hefty beefy good light source keep it mounted on closet wall nice adjustable light beam. Heavy enough for self protection if needed....more info
  • Perfect replacement for our bulb-style mini maglite
    Way brighter than our cheap chinese 3-bulb LED flashlight. Same size as our AA bulb-style maglite, but twice as bright.

    The best part is the focused beam. For working in tight spots, this is perfect!...more info
  • An excellent product!
    My husband loves his maglite! He's dropped it several times and it keeps on working great! ...more info
  • Great purchase
    Always had normal maglite before, switched to the led one and was more than impressed with the brightness. Would not go back!...more info
  • Great flashlight for a great price.
    We only had one flashlight at the house, so after some research I decided on this one. It works great and uses 3 of my D batteries I had laying around from an unused camping lantern.
    ...more info
  • Mag Instrument ST3D016 Maglite LED 3D Flashlight, Black
    Great flashlight, got my moneys worth. Only problem is the dark spot in the middle when focusing....more info
  • Great flashlight even under tough conditions
    I spent a week in the isolated Peruvian Tambopata rainforest using the Maglite LED 3D flashlight and absolutely loved this quality American-made product. The flashlight was rugged and provided super illumination during night hikes through total darkness and while slogging through thick mid-calf mud.

    The only problem I had was that my guide liked it so much I had to give it to him when I left. I now have to buy another one.
    ...more info
  • Nothing says versitility like a Maglite.
    Despite 36 reviews as of March 30, 2009 I feel obligated to post one more. I'm surprised that none of the reviewers adequately covered these topics. I'll follow the format that seems to have been established.


    Nice sturdy weight. Whether you're using the light to replace a blown fuse in the basement of an old house or crushing an intruder's skull, the heft of the MAGLITE lets you know it's there. Now it takes somewhere around 285 pounds to crush a human skull, so you'll have to generate some serious velocity while swinging the MAG, probably upwards of 80 - 90 miles an hour. Nothing says, "Get the H*ll out of my house!" like a fractured skull.

    The optional "Bust A Cap" (as mentioned by Menace915 in Tx) is excellent for both getting into and out of vehicles, but it has other uses as well. It is particularly useful in dislodging locked, interior house doors. For instance, if your teenage daughter is taking forever in the family's only bathroom with the door locked, NOW you have a solution!


    While it can be used as a bludgeoning tool, it should be noted that repeated use in this fashion will likely diminish its brightness. Sure you can "drop" it all you want, but I think if MAGLITE wants to get serious they need to really design this thing to be used as a cudgel. Speaking from personal experience, you can only ward off, at a maximum, four "intruders" before the frame is too dented to fit batteries into. The next generation MAGLITE should consider fixing this oversight.

    It may be tempting to use this device within the confines of a body cavity, let me recommend against it. The diameter is about 2.5 inches, but that's not the only concern - the patterned grip can cause some serious damage if you make it up that far. The adventurous should start with the smaller, MAGLITE SP2301H 3-AA Cell Mini LED Flashlight.

    All in all it is a wonderful product, for all uses.
    ...more info
  • Great Mag Lite quality, now with an LED

    This is the same high quality Mag Lite that has been around for so long, but with a 3 watt led to replace the incandescent bulb.

    One would expect a bright white or bluish led light, but a pleasant surprise is that Mag selected slightly yellow LEDs and so there is not an overly blue beam.
    The beam throws well, and is a bit brighter than the incandescent.
    The battery run time is 5 times as long than before, and while the incandescent gets to half brightness in 90 minutes, it takes 6 hours to 50 percent brightness with this flashlight, with the remainder of the life about 20 hours with usable brightness.
    The led is rated at 50,000 hours of life.

    Recently my 3 D Mag Lite slipped and fell on concrete head first, with no noticeable damage.
    This light is still focusable as before, via turning the head which contains the usual parabolic reflector.
    The 4 D Mag Lite seems a bit large and clumsy, but this 3 D is just right. And I have noticed, quite by accident, that no one seems to argue with me when I am holding this particular size light.

    To sum up, much longer batter life, brighter, durable, high Mag quality.
    A great light.
    Shop for price, it can vary from 20 dollars on up.
    ...more info
  • great for underground
    I've bought this flashlight for Paris Underground and for his low price compared to the expensive euro french price (near 90 USD).
    I'm waiting the shippment of the product to give my definitive opinion about it...more info
  • maglite
    great flashlight!!! Very bright. Gonna buy a small one now. Dont get me wrong, the original maglites are good but the LED maglite is way better....more info
  • Long Lasting
    I use this at work everyday and the batteries seem to last forever. Literally replace the battteries once in 3 months. And it is always bright. Finally goes dead all at once with little warning. I love it. Drop it on the concrete floor, get is greasy and oily, it always works. Never have had to replace the bulb....more info
  • Let there be "LED" light!
    I was very clear about 2 things - LED and Maglite. However, I took a while to decide on the right size 3D or 2D or even smaller. So, I bought 2 - one 2D and one 3D. I mean - it is MAGLITE, period. I've used it in several occasions since then. I am pretty happy with my purchase....more info