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The Ezekiel Option
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When Russia's richest oil baron is killed, Moscow suddenly teeters on the verge of political chaos. Tehran races to complete its nuclear arsenal. Washington finds herself dangerously divided from her European allies. A new evil looms on the horizon. A dictator is rising in Russia. Iran is feverishly building nuclear weapons. A new axis of evil is emerging, led by Moscow and Tehran. And Jon Bennett and Erin McCoy, two senior White House advisors, find themselves facing the most chilling question of their lives: is the world rushing to the brink of an apocalypse prophesied more than 2,500 years ago?

Customer Reviews:

  • End Times Prophecy
    If you enjoyed the Left Behind series by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, you'll love Joel C. Rosenbergs political thriller. You are right there beside him as you see the Biblical prophecy unfold on his pages....more info
  • A Thinly Disguised Religious Tract
    A Soviet airliner shot down during an attempt to obliterate the White House, a coup in the Kremlin bringing in virulent new leadership, and the resulting descent to the verge of the final war provide the backdrop for The Ezekiel Option.

    Unfortunately, this fascinating scenario is ruined by the author's increasingly frequent interventions, during which he exposits huge globs of Christian dogma as he attempts to sell the idea that GOD, being on the side of the good guys (us), will never permit the bad guys (the russians) to destroy us, even if it means a kind of "Immaculate Intervention" (my words), a concept expressed in the old testament book of Ezekiel and its precursor documents.

    The author paints the world into a truly nightmarish corner - a corner from which there can be no escape - and then reaches his hand into the story and makes all the bad guys disappear. A very big disappointment, and I feel foolish for having been suckered into reading what I now realize is really a thinly disguised work of a writer on an evangelical mission.

    I am not the kind of reviewer who casually trashes someone's work. I choose my reads carefully in the hopes I'll love the story. Unfortunately, that was not the case this time and I'm giving two stars. I won't be reading Mr. Rosenberg's work again. If you fool me once, shame on you. If you fool me twice, shame on me.

    Art Tirrell is the author of 2007's The Secret Ever Keeps
    ...more info
  • Among the Better Christian End of Days Fiction
    This book is the third in the series beginning with The Last Jihad. It drives me crazy they don't put that on the book cover and you can't figure what you should read when.

    In any case, this book is a great pick. Much better than the first two, it is more in-depth and contains so much information that it was a learning experience. There are parts of the book that are rather slow and bogged down so that if you are like me and aren't knowledgeable about international politics or geography, it can become quite tedious to read at times. These parts add to the background if you are interested, but are irrelevant to the story overall and make it difficult to follow. Also, sometimes the plot and the way the characters interact with each other, or the situations they find themselves in, can be a bit unbelievable.

    Nonetheless, I found the prophecy of Gog and Magog to be fascinating. Any work of fiction that you can also gain knowledge from is a positive thing to me. This book along with several others I have read lately is helping me to see my Bible, and particularly the Old Testament, as more of a living prophecy rather than a written history. It has also sparked my interest in the prophecy and other books that might give a commentary on it. The research and depth that Rosenberg has put into this book makes it worth reading. There were also a few more intimate moments in the book that made my heart ache and the book gives you a picture of what the end days could really look like. So overall, this book is definitely worth the read....more info
  • Foul! 10 Yard Penalty!
    Joel Rosenberg's third political thriller has me crying, "foul".

    Let's back up a bit; I really enjoyed his first two novels, The Last Jihad and The Last Days. These earlier books had a great story to them and were very engaging. However, by the end of The Last Days, Rosenberg added a little conversation that was a sneak-peak at what was to come.

    And what came was The Ezekiel Option.

    The story is about Rosenberg's main character, Jon Bennett, a senior White House adviser and his fiancee trying to stop a massive war in the middle east.

    There's a new czar in Russia and he knows how to play the political game. He calls on Israel to dismantle all of her nuclear weapons and help create a peaceful Middle East or face dire consequences. Remember America saying the same thing to Iraq? That is the plan for Israel. In this case, will America step up to protect Israel? Will there be a volley of nuclear warheads?

    The long and short of the book is right there.

    Now comes the part that I despised: This book has become another series in the Left Behind theology. There are pages upon pages of theology preaching by two characters. They even mention LaHaye and his books. Unbelievable.

    Can we please just have a cool political thriller without the religious gab? ...more info
  • Uncompelling and Unbiblical
    This book left me wondering whether Mr. Rosenberg had actually read the book of Ezekiel, or if he just super-imposed his weak plot over the Biblical prophecy in order to draw in the "left behind" crowd.

    If you actually read Ezekial 38, its a pretty different story than the one Mr. Rosenberg lays out. The invading army comes rolling in "all of them riding horses" and brandishing an assortment of primitive weapons, all of which haven't been in service with the Russian army for three or four hundred years.

    Symobolic, you say? Horses are actually tanks, and clubs are actually assault rifles? Well, read on. In the aftermath of the battle, Ezekiel 39 says that wild beasts gorge themselves on the flesh of the horses (v20) and the locals use the clubs, bows, arrows, and spears as firewood for the next 7 years (v9)! Sound like real horses and wood weapons to me.

    So this leaves 2 possibilities....either the Russians are going to digress to pre-16th century warfare (and ride all the way from Moscow to Tel-Aviv on horseback), or this is actually a past-tense battle. Mr. Rosenberg's story doesn't fit into either....more info
  • Entertaining and believable
    The book is exceptionally well-written, expanding on a basis of fact to a "what-if" scenario. A very good read....more info
  • Hard to Put It Down!
    I started Joel's series because I'd read Epicenter. This entire series rocks with focus, twists and turns, and incredible insight ~ both real from study, and imaginative "what if" scenarios. No matter what your belief system is ~ consider keeping up with Joel....more info
  • Sounds like today
    I finished the book this week. I'm visiting in the DC area. Almost daily I read an article in the Washington Post that makes me confirm whether I'm reading Joel's book or the paper. I have studied end time prophecy for many years and really enjoyed all of the Left Behind series. My next book will be The Last Jihed....more info
  • Great book, but VERY violent
    I am not exactly an avid reader, but I read this book in three days. The Ezekiel Option is like seeing next year's news headlines today. The plot is very good, and gives the reader insight into the psychology and ambitions of the current governments of the world. It is truly amazing how many events Mr. Rosenberg introduces in this novel as "fiction" which have since transpired. Surely, the coming of the Lord must be soon. This should open readers' eyes to the greatness of the Bible, as God has been so gracious to tell us what is about to happen and how to prepare. I would have given five stars, but as a christian, I am a little put off by all of the violence. I believe that Mr. Rosenberg is very talented and could have written an equally exciting book without so many blood stains....more info
  • An intriguing story very well told
    Joel Rosenberg is without question a gifted story teller. In telling this tale, he weaves an intricate tapestry of international intrigue, held together by the prospect of an impending cataclysm, while using his principal character's love story as his common thread. As one who reads very little fiction, I was surprised to find that this author has done his homework. His understanding of the inner workings of governments, particularly the United States Government, and of the interactions between governments is truly impressive and serves to make this work all the more believable, especially when coupled with his firm grasp of religious prophesy and of both current and recent events and their impact on nations. Stated differently, the author takes today's world and moves it seamlessly into the near future, based on recent world events and the prophesies of the past, in a frighteningly believable way.

    Having read the first eight "Left Behind" books before losing interest, I couldn't help but note the difference between the way in which the two authors approached the subject of Armageddon, and I couldn't help but wonder how this author would deal with the presumed ultimate conclusion. Of the earlier series and this book: I found the "Left Behind" books to be much more fascinating, at least in the beginning, but I found this book to have a much greater depth and broader scope, and to be much more in-line with what is happening in today's world.

    What did I like best about this book? I really liked the depth of knowledge the author displayed regard religious prophesies and the workings of government. I also liked the names he had chosen for his principle characters. They seemed to mirror the actual names of "real" people in past administrations, adding realism to his story. I also appreciated the manner in which his story relentlessly moved forward with the author being very careful to ensure that no loose ends were ever left sticking out -- a truly remarkable feat. What did I like the least? It seemed to me that when the plot had thickened and "Armageddon" had been set in motion, the storyline quickly evolved into the customary Hollywood "shoot `em up" chase scenario, as the hero strove to save his one true love in the face of insurmountable obstacles. I couldn't help but wonder how much better the book might have been without the love story. I did, however, find the conclusion of the book to be quite imaginative and quite surprising. Somehow, Rosenberg managed to pull off "Armageddon" in a more than convincing manner.

    Although I don't really care much for science fiction, and I kept asking myself `Why am I wasting my time by reading this?', I'll have to give this book five stars. After all, it is an intriguing story very well told.
    ...more info
  • The Ezekiel Option by Joel Rosenberg
    I have been reading Joel Rosenberg's series and I am slowly reading them because I don't want it to end.
    That is how good they are.
    Maggie ...more info
  • The Second Rise of the Soviets
    Rosenberg nails it. The Soviets, (the Russians) will rise again and will try to destroy the U.S. and Israel. It's not if, it's when.

    I love the situation Rosenberg puts Bennett in. I think it's so realistic and exciting. Bennett gets wounded in a coalition fight against rebels and the Kremlin's forces, and ends up in a hospital in Russia. His fiancee, Erin McCoy was with him during the gunfight, and was also wounded and put in a hospital. The newly-named Russian czar releases Bennett and keeps Erin and tortured her. I really enjoyed the climax buildup of how Bennett feels the mad rush to rescue her and get her back to the States.

    I strongly say that Joel C. Rosenberg it the ultimate best novelist today. His scenarios throw you into the action and keep you interested in what happens next. If you are a Rosenberg fan, a bookworm, a political guru, or just a plain old American, you need to read The Ezekiel Option. Long live Bennett and Rosenberg!...more info
  • Knocked me back in my chair!
    Yesterday I was about 3/4 of the way through this book, put it down & turned on my computer for a quick look at Drudge for my evening news brief before starting dinner, saw Drudge's flashing beacon (reserved for the most major breaking news) and read the huge headline under it.

    Stunned, I picked up the book again and turned back to hunt for something I'd read a few minutes earlier. I found it on pps. 271-2.

    (The first 2/3 of the book deals mainly with Russia's PR campaign to discredit America and establish itself as the world's premier power and only hope for "world peace". The American president is scheduled to deliver an address to the UN defending his country against the vicious Russian disinformation.)

    Hours before he is to speak, the Russian president (who seized power via a coup) holds a preemptive press conference to "make a stunning announcement in the name of world peace", i.e., that:

    "Under intense pressure from the Russian government, Iran had publicly announced that she had agreed to completely abandon her nuclear ambitions. Effective immediately, Tehran would begin dismantling all her nuclear reactors and research facilities and would account for--and promptly return to Russia--all of the uranium Iranian officials had been enriching since the late 1990s....[that Russia would] welcome international inspectors to both monitor and assist in the denuclearization of Iran."

    That was written in 2005. On the evening of Mar.2, 2009, I see this giant headline on Drudge:


    Joel Rosenberg's comprehension of the hidden currents that are shaping today's world events is nothing short of supernatural. (And that's the entire point he's trying to make.)...more info
  • good read
    Action packed novel much like Tom Clancy would write. The novel is an interesting line of thought on how things could unfold in the last days for Israel as an interpretation of bible prophecies. A fun read that is thought provoking....more info
  • A Great Read - Prophesy made easy
    I agree with the quotes on the book about it being a must read. Rosenberg, yet again, comes through with the a book that even when you evaluate it on the merits as a work of fiction, stands out. It pulls you in to a fast paced, yet not verbose, approach to telling a story. When you add to that the explainations of prophesy (even if you feel this is only one interpreation), it is well worth the time. Enjoy!...more info
  • The Ezekiel Option
    Another great read from this excellent series of books. Not a dull moment within these 400 plus pages. One of those books where you are sorry it ends. The author delivers an uplifting and thought provoking message within all the thrills and chills. Rosenberg once again evidences deep insight into both world events and the workings of our government. His main character development is well done, to the extent that you feel yourself caring about their safety. I hope Rosenberg continues to write these incredibly timely novels....more info
  • Suspenseful. Thrilling. Prophetic. Breathless.
    THE EZEKIEL OPTION is #3 in the political thriller series about the last days by Joel Rosenberg.

    This book finds our two favorite heroes, Jon Bennet and Erin McCoy working in Russia to move the peace and prosperity process for the Middle East along. Relations between the United States and Russia have been strained to the breaking point by the shooting down of the high-jacked airliner which threatened the White House. Jon and Erin try to help until a series of unexpected developments put them both in grave danger and the world in imminent peril.

    THE EZEKIEL OPTION relies much more on Biblical prophecies than the previous two books. As the name implies, this story line focuses on Israel, her friends and her enemies. Gog and Magog make their presence know as the world careens toward the final judgments.

    Christians will recognize many of the prophetic twists and turns while those unfamiliar with these future events will find it a fascinating read.

    Rosenberg is a skilled writer and keeps the reader on the edge of the seat as they burn through this suspenseful page-turner. I found myself having to remember to breathe during the tense cliff-hanger moments. The pace is truly frenetic and suspenseful.
    ...more info