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Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Director's Edition
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  • best star trek ever
    this is the best star trek from the movies or tv series. very intelligent movie. if you are looking for a star wars type action film this is not it. more along with 2001 space odessy. ...more info
  • Greatly Underrated Trek Epic
    STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE has been greatly underrated. This film is very close to capturing the spirit of the original TV series. The TV series was about almost limitless space travel into far off worlds searching out life forms and strong on deep character interactions of the crew based upon this trek into space. This film reverts back to the central theme of characters facing the unknown and is complimented by magnificent special effects giving the film a realistic quality not seen up to that time. Jerry Goldsmith's rich score enhanced the human drama as the crew came into contact with a vast life entity approaching earth. This film was brilliantly directed by Robert Wise but I still prefer the original version released to the theaters over this special edition. ...more info
  • wanted to complete my collection
    i used to be a HARDCORE trekker/trekkie now i don't watch as much as i used to but still watch sometimes so i wanted to complete my collection...more info
  • Finally on DVD
    I do not know why it took so long to release the first Star Trek movie on DVD. All other Star Trek Movies are already around on DVD for quite a while. I can only guess. Okay, there is not much action, but the story is compelling. I do not know why most of the people always think about galactic battles, when they think about a Sci-Fi Movie. The best Sci-Fi Stories are about People, Society and Mankind (like Arthur C. Clarkes's "2001:A Space Odyssey", "2010:The year we make contact", Wolfgang Petersons "Enemy Mine" and Carl Sagan's "Contact").

    I would have given the movie 5 stars, but the acting was a bit poor in some of the scenes. I think this movie is not just for Star Trek fans, "Trekkies or Trekkers". I think this movie is something for everyone, who is not a pure action freak and wants to think about a movie and its messages.

    (Original review January 1, 2002)...more info
  • Scifi/Space/Mystery!
    The first half of this movie is about connecting the dots from the end of the TV series to this first movie. The beginning also focuses on the main Star Trek Characters, Kirk, Spock, Scotty and Bones. It was a unique plot with a twist at the end. The last half of the movie is all mystery and special effects. What is ... and finding clue after clue trying to piece together the puzzle; which does not become clear until the end. If you like sci-fi/mystery in outer space this is the show for you!...more info
  • Not the best movie
    I am not too sure what they were thinking when they decided on the script for this movie, its just strange. Its an alright movie. I bought it simply because I wanted to complete my Star Trek collection, and it was the last movie I needed to purchase to do that....more info
  • The One that started it all

    Star Trek: The Motion Picture isn't perfect. Sure, it has all the cast from the TV Show. Sure, there are action scenes (albeit a few). But, the first of the Trek movies isn't that good. Don't get me wrong. I think the cast did a pretty good job. It's the story that is boring. Not to mention that 10-minute blackness of music at the beginning..I found that boring. This movie has been a mixed bag for Trekkies.
    This movie also stars Stephen Collins from "7th Heaven". ...more info
  • The first "Star Trek" film.
    When I first saw this as a little kid, I hated it. But that was just because I saw a very, and I mean very, heavily edited version on TV that cut out almost all of the good parts and a great deal of the important parts too, so I wasn't only bored, I was completely lost. Then I bought the DVD years latter, and I actually enjoyed it very much. The only let down to this movie is that it's almost an exact copy-cat of the original series' episode "The Changeling". You think the writers could have came up with something new instead of reusing old ideas. But other than that it was very good. And one thing that pisses me off about the DVD release is that it does not work right on all DVD players. Luckily I have three DVD players in my house, and two out of the three work for this DVD.

    As for the film itself, it's exciting, well made, great special effects, and it has a great ending without having the usual spaceship explosion in it. In all, this film shows what "Star Trek" is all about. It's not about having space battles with the enemy. It's about exploration and making peace with your enemies which this film does very well while still having an exciting (yes, exciting) and thought-provoking tale. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Still not my old TREK
    Everyone seems hyped up about the new f/x and such; but my issue with STTMP is that our most revered characters are relegated to second-tier status. The plot is an obvious rehash of "Where No Man Has Gone Before" with a misguided attempt to thrust new unknown characters into the lead roles. HUGE mistake.

    Thankfully WRATH OF KHAN corrected all that, and saved TREK from franchise oblivion.

    STTMP actually works better if you think of it as the LAST in the series, rather than the first.
    ...more info
  • An Epic Sci-Fi Film!!!
    I have owned this movie for years, but tonight I finally watched it all the way through after seeing the new Star Trek film! (That's another review for another time) I loved the great special effects and imagery. I still haven't seen the original series yet, but I may someday. After three Klingon ships are destroyed by an alien force, Starfleet asks the U.S.S. Enterprise to investigate it. They encounter an alien probe that takes Ilia and replaced by a robotic probe named V'ger. If you are a Trekkie, you'll love STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE!!!...more info
  • Missing Lines and Missing Sound
    I think this movie is old enough now that if you are buyng it, you know what you are getting. As an editorial review I find this version as close to the original as I have found with better effects. There were lines I remembered as a kid that I was starting to think I dreamt up since I never heard them again until this version.

    My real problem here was that there were lines that you could see belonged but the sound was absent. Most notably was the transporter accident where Kirk asks Starfleet if they got them. There is only dead air where the response line belongs then Kirk offers his condolenses. There are other instances I noticed and probably a few I did not but dead air on a DVD is just sloppy. I doubt it is just my DVD as they are all printed from the same files so I wonder who else out there has noticed. It really ruined a dramatic moment and took me out of the movie. I am returning my copy and will wait for the next attempt....more info
  • Trekkie sez:
    Original cast, slinkier uniforms. It's original Star Trek, so of course it gets an EXCELLENT rating. The grandeur of the immense enemy V'ger loses a little on the small screen....more info
  • A prequel to the next series of Films
    Star Trek the Motion Picture is fundamentally ok. I don't regard it as the great reprisal of Star Trek. There are a few areas where this film fails. First, it is has a feeling of being overally romantic, and second, the lavish production was better than the storyline and characters.

    Just as an example for the overly romanticism here, The Ship, although redesigned effectively here, is shot too many times. I agree that the Scotty and Kirk sequence around the ship was just entirely too long. When you put this in perspective that the series had been off the air 10-11 years at this point, perhaps this was to serve as it's re-incarnation, but it was shot too long. My Feeling on Roddenberry is that he was good with casting and with writing, but he was not a producer and never was. He produced this movie and it feels he tried to reach for something but never made it there.

    Spock's character is something un-recognizable when he returns. His familiarity seems gone. Kirk and McCoy's dialog is weak as well. I don't believe movie captured the relationship well betweek McCoy, Kirk and Spock at all. (They later came back to it in the Wrath of Kahn, and by That Time, Roddenberry was not involved except for exec producer. Harve Bennett saved the movie franchise from that point on along with direction from Nicholas Meyer and Leonard Nimoy).

    Star Trek the Motion Picture was lavish in production, short on storyline, but did re-introduce the crew back into the 80's so this movie is more historic than memorable. ...more info
  • ~ The Best of the Star Trek movies~
    The long awaited movie of the Star Trek crew did not disappoint. This is the best of the Star Trek movies in my opinion. Gene Roddenberry thought so too. Thrilling scenes of the Enterprise coming out of dry dock. This director's cut adds some superb effects that don't stray from the original film intent. The storyline is pure and in keeping with TOS (The Original Series) the humor is there but not campy and over the top like some of the following Star Trek movies. Highly recommend ....more info
  • "Director's Cut" Should Have Boldly Gone Further
    There's little argument that Robert Wise's belated "director's cut" of "Star Trek - The Motion Picture" is an improvement over the original 1979 release. However, this big-screen debut represents the weakest (and slowest) of the series, partially redeemed by some awe-inspiring visual effects and Jerry Goldsmith's classic score. The camaradarie between Kirk, Spock and McCoy is sadly lacking, while the remaining Enterprise players are overshadowed by the unnecessary addition of Captain Decker (a horrible performance from Stephen Collins). Luckily, you can hit the warp-speed button during the film's several "longeurs," which Wise should have pared down even further. Though flawed, "Star Trek - The Motion Picture" succeeds as a preview of better voyages to come. ...more info
  • From pajamas to epic sci-fi
    #1 The transfer is about B+, the film print needs some clean-up & restore in places. The 5.1 Soundtrack is awesome.

    #2 The special features disc was OK, but I would have prefered to be able to watch the movie in the 3 ways that it could've been done. One option for the theatrical version, another of the 1983 TV version & the final being the Director's Cut. The outtake footage was neat to see, but again I know this Memory Wall sequence was filmed & should have been included in the set along with the short cut of the bridge security guard being zapped by the energy light probe.

    It would've been cool to have the memory wall scene finished up with CG & another option to watch it within the director's cut in place of Spock's Solo journey into V'ger. Oh well maybe on the future HD-DVD release. I wouldn't have to think for even a second about buying another release of this movie if that could happen!

    The featurettes on the disc have very enjoyable stories about on this film came to be. The movie commentaries are also very good. The behind the scenes on the Director's Cut was also interesting in describing the way the new CG shots were carefully matched to the original film.

    #3 The Enterprise in the dry dock getting ready to leave is my favorite shot of the movie & the Kiligons attacking V'ger is also really wicked! I would have loved to see this on the big screen! Kirk is so serious, Spock so cold & Bones as cranky as ever! The alternate take of these characters is so fun to watch.

    Overall I think this set is excellent, but I have to subtract at least one star because of the missing scenes that I was hoping to see finally would be on this edition sadly weren't. I realize that the movie is very old, but it is not impossible to restore the picture to near perfect condition like the Star Wars Ep IV-VI. I think that this movie deserves the full deluxe treatment for the HD release!!! That goes for The Wrath of Khan movie too!!!

    ...more info
  • Bringing It All Back Home
    The first good thing about Star Trek I is the fact all of the actors are as close to the age that you remember them being in the original series as they can be. The Shat's rug might look a little obvious, but he looks like Jim Kirk should look at this point in his career. Nimoy and Kelly still look capable of saving the universe. Even Doohan is svelte in this one.

    The second good thing about Star Trek I is the Enterprise glamour shot. Scotty and Kirk's lengthy flight around the refitted and cooler looking NCC-1701 makes it worth owning this DVD.

    The third thing about this movie is that it resets the stage for further adventures. While not the best of the bunch, it wasn't the worst (that would be either III or V, depending on who you talk to). Though lacking in specifics about where they actually drifted off to after the five year mission, this one brings them back into the same room and gets the ball rolling for the rest of the movies. It's a rehashed original series episode, but like the old show, it tries to tell an interesting tale and make a few statements along the way.

    What's wrong with it? Nothing says lazy writing like the overlong special effects shots of the Enterprise flying through the unknown entity. And the dramatic conflict between the Enterprise's new, inexperienced Captain and Jim "I've saved the Universe a couple dozen times before you were born" Kirk that should have never occurred. I mean really, at this point in Starfleet history, Kirk and his crew would have been interstellar heroes and celebrities, legends in their own day. Captain Decker's whiney, insubordinate behavior is just there because this "G" rated movie didn't have enough dramatic conflict.

    Of the bunch, I'd say this is the fourth best of the films. Wrath of Khan is the most fun, Voyage Home the coolest and funniest, and Undiscovered Country the closest to what the original series was trying to do. But they wouldn't have been as good if it weren't for number one.
    ...more info
  • Solid! (Pros and Cons described below)
    Since at least 3 versions of this have now been seen, one would hope that the DVD medium would have allowed viewers to select their preferred version or to at least view a combined version of all finished footage from the previous releases. Instead, footage from previous versions (unless used in this re-edit) is packed onto disc 2, where it can't be easily viewed in conjunction with the feature itself. What a pain! The revised feature, accompanied by interesting commentaries, is solid, and does actually improve some elements of the story, as well as individual scenes. However, some tidbits of good dialogue are notably absent. One would have thought that this version would have enhanced character interaction by including more new dialogue, but that's to be found on disc 2. The 136 minutes includes an "overture" - 3 minutes of music before the opening titles or even the Paramount logo begin to run, and an additional minute of end credits for the "Director's Cut" which means that the film itself is still 132, just as the original has been listed in my film/video guides. Disc 2 analysis shows roughly 8 minutes of footage from the 1983 tv version left out of this new edition, and about 4 minutes of footage dropped from the original theatrical version, which suggests that those 4 minutes were replaced by selected scenes and takes from the 1983 version. The result plays quite decently, but for those of us who enjoyed the extra footage from different versions, we can no longer see that footage in place, and instead have to look in the disc 2 menus to find it. We must be grateful that it was included, however. Featurettes are also enjoyable, included on disc 2.

    The film itself plays as well as ever, and is very nice to go back to since the various Star Trek films and series have become increasingly dominated by villains and wars as plot devices. After just re-watching all original series episodes and the entire animated series, the Motion Picture stands clearly as the epic expansion of the series onto the big screen, but also makes clearer how *all* of the films in the series are just a small part of the entirety of Star Trek. People may debate which of the films are best, but The Motion Picture is a strong translation of Trek into a new medium (from small screen to large screen). Sure, elements of the story are derivative ("The Changeling" and "One of Our Planets is Missing" being key episodes to recall when watching) but after viewing the 101 episodes of Trek that precede the feature films, there is a clear pattern of derivation that crept into most of the Kirk-Trek products that followed the original three seasons. Numerous animated episodes are sequels to earlier shows, various themes continue to reappear throughout the series and it seems probable that the scripts for the feature films were more likely to be "green-lighted" if they resembled favored episodes from the past. One of the strengths of The Motion Picture, however, is its being true to Roddenberry's vision of the original series - encountering and learning about new lifeforms that in turn teach humans something about themselves in the process. Later feature films tended to become increasingly "villain-oriented" - which I would argue is not at all what the original series was trying to focus on. Only after Roddenberry's death did the various series (and feature films) become repeatedly concerned with the spectacles of ongoing warfare and and endless array of snarling, comic-bookish villains. Although Star Trek II, III, IV, VI, VII, and IX had their very strong points, only Star Trek IV avoided the cliche of the snarling villain. The original series was in fact notable for the complex nature of its characters - even antagonistic ones - and a weakness of the majority of the later movies is that they've too-often forgotten the original ideas of Trek and have instead become "action-combat" spectacles. The Motion Picture is a spectacle, but is not combat oriented. Its focus is on the exploration of the unknown - the very point of the original series. The film can be neatly divided into three sections of roughly equal length. The first involves the return (after a 10 year absence from filmed live-action production) of the Star Trek characters and the introduction of the re-vamped big-screen Starship Enterprise. Once Spock gets on board, the introductory "episode" is over and the adventure itself is underway (including the familiar "Captain's Log" entry) and the remainder of the film can be seen as a long (two-part) episode; the first half with the encountering of the V-Ger cloud and probe, and the second half (starting with Spock in sickbay) the resolution as learning and negotiations proceed. This is not at all a sub-par production by any means, when compared to the original (and animated) series - which was all that existed on film at the time of release in 1979. In addition, the Motion Picture was a superior film for film audiences of its day - especially for those who weren't so well-acquainted with the tv series and thus couldn't know that various themes and plot elements had already been presented there. (In any case, as the featurettes and commentary and contemporaneous writings on the subject make clear, the Motion Picture story would have been used in the pilot episode of the Star Trek - Phase II tv series if it had actually materialized in the late 1970s.) Robert Wise was one of the most accomplished directors of his era (The Day the Earth Stood Still, West Side Story, The Haunting, The Sound of Music, The Andromeda Strain) and it's too bad that science fiction films of today don't retain more of the thoughtful approach of past films (as well as retaining the sense of wonder about the discoveries and explorations that do and will take place!)
    The basic fact is that each film can tell only so much story and will only be produced every few years, and in this way is a different medium from television and will show limitations in the amount and variety of themes and stories that can be shown, when compared with a weekly television series. The running times of all the Star Trek motion pictures, plus the entire animated series as well, barely amount to the total running time of a single season of the original tv series. The Motion Picture was a strong entry in the history of Star Trek, and is an impressive, entertaining, and even thought-inspiring work, and should be recognized as such....more info
  • Thankfully it didn't kill the entire franchise
    The Star Trek motion picture series should have began with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. They should have never put out this disaster of a movie. I can't really think of any redeeming quality this film has except the fact it reunited the old Star Trek crew.

    It appears they just put together a lot of special effects, and then somewhere towards the end decided, "Hey, we probably need to have a story, too." I'm surprised this bomb of a film didn't kill off the entire franchise.

    The worst thing about The Motion Picture is the wait for such in anticlimactic ending. The grandiose music, the long, overblown introduction of the Enterprise, the overall epic feel of the film, all add up to a climax that falls flat on its face. You keep waiting for something interesting to happen and it just doesn't.

    I actually enjoyed Star Trek V more than this one, even though Star Trek V is widely considered the weakest entry overall it at least has some interesting character development and moves a lot more briskly than this plodding piece does.

    Overall, unless you're purchasing this movie as part of the box set that includes all ten Star Trek movies, do yourself a favor and skip this one. As I said earlier, the movie releases should have began with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan....more info
  • On the fence...
    I thought the DVD release was good for what it is... i was pleased with the improved visual effects and scenes but was not happy with the fact that we don't have the option of viewing the extended VHS version with the original audio and visual effects. pleased with the finished products all in all... especially the Starfleet Headquarters shots, the Wormhole sequence and the Enterprise's first encounter with V'ger. as i said i would hope that Paramount releases the original extended cut on DVD for all the star trek purists....more info
  • This one should have been called "Slow Trek"
    This movie is slow, slow, slow and very plotless, and yet every once in a while, I am drawn to watching it again. If you're a fan of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (and I am, big time!), then the special effects here are probably enough to keep you interested. Jerry Goldsmith's score is new, original and exciting (and later used for "The Next Generation").

    Because this is not my favor TREK film, taping it off of HBO at a slow speed was good enough for me. I cannot comment on the DVD edition, although I've often found these director's editions to be a waste of space. There's a reason many of these lost scenes don't make it to the final print in the first place.

    By the way, Scotty has been officially "beamed up". We'll miss him. Aye.
    ...more info
  • Star Trek: The Almost-No-Motion Picture
    This one will only really satisfy the real fans, if even them. The story used here comes from a script that they had worked out for "Star Trek Phase II", the sequel series that Paramount considered producing in the seventies. As an episode in a long running series, it would have worked. In fact, it largely resembles the basic story for the original series episode "The Changeling" from the sixties.

    The bad thing, though, is that, in order to take a story from an episode and make it a 2hr+ movie, they added several long scenes of people waiting and looking at ... something. It's never clearly explained, though it's easier to understand the geometry of V'ger's ship in this Director's Cut, with better special effects. It doesn't help the slow plotting, but it eliminates a bit of the confusion.

    In the end, there are some classic Trek moments here and there, but you have to wade through this plodding movie to get to them. Basically, the best thing to come out of this movie is that it proved that people still had a desire for more Trek. It did monster business when it came out, but people soon realized it wasn't all they'd hoped. The studios wised up before making the next one, but they could see that there was a market.

    More specific to this DVD release, the special features are quite interesting if you like understanding how movies are made.

    Just remember, this movie is really best viewed by those who already love the series and can forgive a misstep here and there....more info