NEW VGA to TV CONVERTER S-VIDEO+RCA OUT CABLE ADAPTER (only for graphic card have TV Out function)
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Product Description


This converter is guaranteed to produce a color picture!!! You can use this converter with your Computers, Laptops to TVs and Projectors.


* 5-inch cable length
* Standard Sub-D VGA Input
* RCA TV-output and 4-pin S-video output cable.
* Molded strain relief at both ends
* This cable has a VGA connector on one end and both RCA Jack Video (TV) Out and S-Video Out connectors on the other end.
* It will work with laptops and desktops with VGA cards that has TV-Out function capability through the VGA connector.
* Please, check your PC & Video Card manual or manufacturer to make sure that your VGA card has TV-Out function capability through the VGA connector to ensure this cable will work for you!
* Connector: D-Sub High Density 15 pin Male to S-Video Mini Din 4 pin Female and RCA
* Jack Cable: UL 2919 Coaxial Low Voltage Computer Cable.

  • Please, check your PC & Video Card manual or manufacturer to make sure that your VGA card has TV-Out function capability through the VGA connector
  • Note:the adapter work with above G400 and NV6 serires graphic card which have TV out function
  • Connector: D-Sub High Density 15 pin Male to S-Video Mini Din 4 pin Female and RCA
  • ack Cable: UL 2919 Coaxial Low Voltage Computer Cable.
  • Molded strain relief at both ends,5-inch cable length; Standard Sub-D VGA Input; RCA TV-output and 4-pin S-video output cable.

Customer Reviews:

  • Absolutely worthless - Does not work. DO NOT BUY
    This product does not work. Do not buy this product. Many folks have mentioned that this works if it has a TV out. My PC does have a TV out, and I had verified this with my manual and the manufacturer (nVidia), and still does not work. I have tried with three different TVs and no luck. The worst part is majority of the charge is on shipping ($6 for a USPS first class mail. What a rip off), and returning this product would probably cost most that what I would eventually get. I just trashed this product, got a new video card for $30 (PNY with VGA, S-Video, and DVI), and works like a charm. Save yourself some money, time and frustration. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

    Albert...more info
  • Do NOT use with new Macbook
    I got this product to use with my new macbook. Sadly, it does not work. This is the setup:
    Macbook with miniDisplay Port to VGA +
    VGA to RCA (seen on this page)
    RCA cable to TV

    I am not signal savvy, but apparently the signal from the mac is digital and the TV is looking for analog. Not sure if that is correct or not, but the bottom line is that it DOES NOT WORK WITH LATE 2008 MACBOOK. Just wanted to get that out there....more info
  • let's be clear
    Not to be too technical, but actually the first sentence of the product description is something like "VGA to TV Converter adapter," not "your computer must have" blah blah blah, "which is rare," as has been suggested.

    It is the most obvious thing in the world that a customer might want to hook up a computer to a tv screen, and if you buy a mac, even an older one, and an adapter, (usually comes with it), it simply does that.

    All the several macs I have here hook up to any tv with a little adapter, like this one, but smaller, handier, without the clunky vga end with it's pins, without reading any specs, without any questions or concerns, or unsolicited e-mails containing arguments blaming me for having bought the so-called adapter without doing my homework. And with one more striking difference: it works.

    The only thing I could make out on my screen, even with a new pc laptop, was the word "Microsoft" scrolling sideways in darkness and noise. It's cute that it's TRYING to work.

    Microsoft. There's the problem, right there. It is the most obvious thing in the world that any number of users, say, teachers in schools, would like to display content on any screens they have, via any computers they have, via an adapter. Instead of providing this capability, pcs want to draw you into smarmy tech caveat emptor and neverending little hassles.

    I was going to use this to connect an old pc I've been using as a doorstop to the tv. It's back to being a doorstop. Neither of two MS pc laptops I tried work either--one of them brand-new. Is it rare, or unexpected that most customers want this capability? No. Of course not. It's that Microsoft wants you to buy other things, like the xbox with it's shoddy standards, its red ring of death, and so on. I don't think I will.

    Forget it. I can hook perfectly good computers up to perfectly good tvs without this runaround. ...more info
    Please be sure you know the difference between "CONVERTER" and "ADAPTER." This cord is simply an "ADAPTER." A VGA to S-VIDEO "CONVERTER" will run you about $50.00 to $100.00... Take the time to pay attention and learn... VGA (used for your PC Monitor) is NOT a TV Video signal. Although they are both analog, do not be confused, VGA is very different than TV "video."...more info
  • Didn't work.
    I bought this product to convert my laptop signal into an S-video signal. It didn't work.
    ...more info
  • Nope
    Sucks, dont waste your time. Pick up either a VGA converter box or check to see if your TV has a VGA IN option. If it does, just get a VGA M2M and you should be fine....more info
  • Don't know how this can be useful to anybody.
    I don't think this will be of any use until you purchase a Converter box along with it. The description of the Product doesn't mention this at all....more info
  • Did not work. Money was fefunded.
    Item did not work. Vendor refunded purchase price. Return of item was not required.

    Satisfied but wish it would have worked
    ...more info
  • Lame
    This product just didn't work. But what can you expect from something less than $2?...more info
  • Don't bother!
    Don't bother with this does not work with Dell Inspiron E1705's or ANY other computer I tested. Get an s-video to rca instead such as RiteAV - Svideo Male to Composite Female Adapter Not worth sending back at the price I got it for thought....more info
  • Let people know how it works.
    If you are not going to explain in further detail how this product works then don't sell it. This cable works in conjuction with another $60+ adapter which I have not found yet. I was trying to get my grandson's computer on tv....more info
  • Didn't work
    Didn't work on my wife's thinkpad. Couldn't get the picture to display on our 2yr old Panasonic plasma TV. I knew it was a gamble, if I could do it again I pay more for a better product (hopefully)...more info
  • Do not buy!
    This product does not work! Buy a new monitor or tv! New ones have better resolution!...more info
  • Don't work for the Eee PC
    I bought this adapter, so I can use it to see videos that I downloaded in my Eee PC on my TV. But I didn't worked. You only see gray lines on the TV. I think the product description should include a list of compatibility with video cards. So the GMA 950 won't work for this kind of adapter....more info
  • Product Works Great - If you Read Before you Buy Something
    First off, this cable DOES NOT convert your video signal. In the reviews below, no one (except one) knew what they were doing. TVs in America are NTSC, not VGA. If you plug the cable into a PC that doesn't output an NTSC signal this isn't going to work on your TV. Its like trying to get a 1080p HD signal on a SD TV from 1983; it simply isn't going to work.

    Also, if your trying to connect your Xbox to a computer monitor, get the VGA output for the Xbox. It works like a charm. Same example as above except vice-versa. The Xbox is putting out an NTSC signal when you use the component cable but the monitor wants a VGA signal.
    ...more info