Archos 605 Wi-Fi Portable Media Player (80 GB)
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Product Description

Featuring the highest quality screen resolution, highest quality video, touch screen, WiFi capabilities for streaming content to the device or a TV, the ARCHOS 605 WiFi is the top product in the line-up for flexibility, portability, features and price.

The Archos 605 generation 5 portable media player comes with a convenient WiFi feature, an attribute that offers the fastest and easiest way to access digital entertainment. You can use the built-in Wi-Fi capabilities of the Archos to download online media content from the Archos content portal: All you need is a usable Wi-Fi connection, and you're good to start downloading (fees may apply). With the Archos in hand, for the first time you can download favorite movies, TV shows, and music wherever you are, without being tied to the PC or Mac. Other great features include a full-color 4.3-inch touchscreen that crams in an amazing 800 x 480 picture resolution for superior picture quality and 80 GB of built-in memory.

The Archos 605 features a touch screen, high quality screen resolution, and WiFi capabilities. View larger View bottom - View side.

Download your favorite movies, TV shows, and music, and bring it with you.

With full Internet access, the player's Opera browser plug-in offers Adobe Flash support, which lets you access and enjoy YouTube and other Web video sites on your Archos device. By using the player, you can view and post YouTube videos wherever you are with an active wireless connection. In addition to downloading media straight from the Archos content portal, you can stream and watch videos from your home PC or laptop. For added video playback versatility, the player is compatible with MPEG4, AVI, and WMV video files. The player features robust music playback features, too. On-board music file playback capabilities support MP3, CBR, VBR, WMA, protected WMA, and WAV files.

To help round out the player's multimedia superiority, the Archos even comes with photo viewing capabilities. JPEG, BMP, and PNG files are 100 percent compatible with the player, and the player can pull up PDFs for portable review -- an ideal means to take bigger documents or e-books in PDF format on the road with you. Because of the Archos's USB 2.0 compatibility, files can be quickly transferred to the device in the absence of a Wi-Fi network connection. Charging the device can also be accomplished with an active USB connection. An AC adapter is sold separately for additional charging options. Other great features include mass storage capabilities, automatic firmware downloads, and a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack. With an advanced Li-Poly battery, the player supports up to 17 hours of continuous music playback and 5.5 hours of continuous video playback. Weighing in at a scant 9.17 ounces, the Archos generation 5 605 measures 4.8 by 3.2 by 0.6 inches.

New widgets for the Archos 605 include a calculator, currency converter, unit converter, news, and weather (above) as well as a note writer and data vault (below).

New Free Widget Pack
Archos has launched a new widget pack that is free for the 605. A widget is a piece of software that adds new features to your player. It gives you fun, quick, and easy access to hundreds of tools, right on the device. The package contains seven widgets, including a calculator, a currency converter, a unit converter, news, weather, a note writer, and a data vault.

To be able to use the widgets, you need to purchase the Web Browser plug-in (about $30). Then, you can download the free widget pack via

New Dish Network plug-in for the Archos 605.

New Dish Network Plug-in
With a new plug-in, you can transfer recorded movies and TV shows from your Dish Network set-top box directly to your Archos 605. Play back Dish Network-recorded movies and TV shows on the go or on TV--in DVD quality.

Multi-language is supported. The plug-in is compatible only with Dish Network STB models 622 and 722.

What's in the Box
Archos 605 Wi-Fi portable media player, headphones, USB cable, DVR Station Gen 5 adapter, protective pouch, quick start guide, and legal/safety notice.

The device comes with photo viewing capabilities, supporting JPEG, BMP, and PNG files.

Play any content that resides in the Windows Media Player library of your home PC or laptop.

Most Advanced PMP
Featuring the highest quality screen resolution, highest quality video, touch screen, Wi-Fi capabilities for streaming content to the device or a TV, the Archos 605 Wi-Fi is the top product in the line-up for flexibility, portability, features and price.

Touch screen

The Archos 605 Wi-Fi features the highest resolution screen (800 X 480) and highest quality screen in a PMP. Use the touch screen to easily operate the device with your finger or stylus.

Personalize your Archos

Make it yours: personalize your Archos 605 Wi-Fi to fit your unique lifestyle. Abundant plug-ins and accessories are available to customize your device to work the way you do: Go online for full Web surfing, video your friends and family in action, record your favorite TV shows and movies, and share your photos.


- Download content wirelessly and directly to your Archos 605 WiFi via the Archos Content Portal and our partners' online stores.
- You can also stream movies, TV shows and music that are stored on your computer.
- Your device is Internet ready! With the optional Web browser plug-in, you can surf the Web and enjoy videos from online videos sites like DailyMotion and YouTube.

Your movies, your videos

- Store and play up to 40 movies1
- Play the most popular video formats: MPEG-4, WMV, protected WMV, MPEG-2*, VOB*, and H.264* (*with optional plug-ins).
- Play the movies you shot on your camcorder.

Your photos

- Transfer your photos from a PC or most mass storage devices via the USB 2.0 high speed interface.
- Store and view up to 300,000 photos1 (JPEG, PNG and BMP formats).
- Display slideshows with music and transition effects.
- Manage your files and folders directly on the device for a better mobility.

Your TV

- Record your favorite TV shows or series directly on your Archos 605 Wi-Fi with the optional DVR Station Gen 5.
- Easy programming with the TV Program Guide.
- Record the most video sources such as satellite/cable box, VCR, DVD player in MPEG-4 format.

Your music

- Store and listen up to 15,000 songs1
- Play the most popular music files such as MP3, WAV, WMA and protected WMA.
- Easily organize songs with the enhanced ARCLibrary.
- Customize your view by artist, album, type of music, and title, and create your playlist on the go.

Easy navigation

Through the home WiFi connection, you can enjoy the entire shared digital media library of your home PC in your living room, not just in your office.

(1)On average; based on 3.5 mins/song & 64 kbits/s WMA, on 1000 kbits/s MPEG-4 audio/video encoding and 1h30/movie (for near DVD Quality), on JPEG, VGA

  • The 80 GB Archos 605 Wi-Fi bridges the gap between the PC and the TV; for the first time, you can stream content from the PC or the Internet to the TV or PMP--all through a wireless home network, the Archos 605, and the DVR Station
  • Play all your digital entertainment: movies, TV shows, photos and music
  • Record your favorite TV shows
  • Stream and watch videos from your PC
  • Download movies and music directly on your PMP using the Archos Content Portal

Customer Reviews:

  • It's A Keeper
    I bought this unit from B&H Photo in December for $225.00. I have owned this player for 3 months now and waited till now to write a review. At first I was not sure if I was going to keep it. But after owning it for 3 months now I have decided it is a keeper. For whats available on the market today for this size screen it is one of the best, my other choice would have been the Cowon A2 or A3. One of the reasons I chose the Archos 605 was it had both touch screen and buttons for navigation, which turned out to really be a great feature. I don't use the WI-FI so I can't comment on it. Picture quality is pretty good but becuse it is touch screen the sharpness is not as good as the Cowon. Some of the CON's - Battery life is not very good, does not last as long as Archos states, the built in speaker is terrible, amplitude on the volume could be better, charging time through USB is 8 hours or more (buy the mini dock), there are a lot of add on's you may or may not need to buy, depending on your needs, but these add on's can easily add an additional $100,00 or more to the initial cost, but I think many people will be happy with the unit as it comes and will not need any of the add on's, the mini dock is worth the $25.00 tho. Archos needs to update the firmware to take care of some of the small quirks, they have not had an update since May 2008. Better support would be nice. Some of the pro's are, large display screen, easy to navigate the menu (having both the touch screen and buttons is really nice), supports ID3 tags, easy to connect to your PC to transfer files, can store and play some flash games, has thumbnails and other neat features in the photo display, shows tiny video icons on the video menu screen.
    Having this unit for 3 months now, I've decided it's a keeper, it's not perfect but I'm pleased with it.
    ...more info
  • Archos 605 Wifi
    I'm now on my second Archos 605. The first one got mauled by my dog, but fortunately I bought the accidental damage plan on that one and it was covered. It's true that the Archos is prone to malfunction and you can really only count on them to last a couple years. But, for the time it lasts, you can't find a better pmp on the market. When I was reimbursed for the cost of my last one, instead of purchasing the new version of the Archos, I bought another 605. Now that I know what to avoid with this model, I feel like it will last much longer. Namely, don't leave it turned on for an extended period of time while it is on the DVR station. This RUINS the battery. Make sure, instead, that you use it for the designed purpose. Use it on battery power at least every few days for an hour or so. This prevents the battery from running down, as using it and then recharging it actually increases the life span of the battery. Also, despite being labeled as portable, this unit is better suited as something that sits on your lap while you're in a car, bus, etc. Even though it is well put together, I wouldn't suggest walking around with it in your pocket. It really isn't set up for that. Last, make sure to clear the temporary system files and cache every once in a while. It doesn't sound like much, but it makes the OS run much smoother and prevents freeze ups and issues with format when playing back videos. If you know the dos and donts of the Archos 605 it really does not get much better, especially with a price in the mid $200's for the 160gb model....more info
  • Its great, if you dont plan on using it for more than a year.
    Well, as many of the previous reviewers had said, its a decent product but has it quirks. That was the case with me. Until a week after the warranty expired. The hard drive is failing and none of the fixes work. The company wants 200 to fix it. 200 to replace a $40 hd? You cant replace the hard drive yourself because they locked the hard drive to the unit. You used to be able to change but they quickly fixed that loophole with a firmware upgrade. The customer service sucks. Avoid this product. Buy an ipod touch. You will be happier by far. Never again will I buy anything from Archos....more info
  • Amazing potential, bothersome limitations
    I bought two of these already--they are that good. The main reason is because there is not anything else out there that can do what these things do.

    The main problem is that the Archos 605 does not give you much value for the money you pay. This item is all over the refurb reseller web sites apparently because of returns. After you buy it you find out that you need to buy the H.264 AAC Web TV and Podcast plugin not just to watch Youtube but to watch anything downloadable in MPEG 4 AVC H.264 format. Then you need to buy another plugin to browse the web using Opera, and then another plugin to listen to Internet Radio stations. It charges very slowly from the USB port so the device even asks you to buy a charging dock the first time you plug it in.

    The exciting features is that the screen is fantastic. You can watch videos from your UPNP DLNA server, such as Windows Media Center or FUPPES via WiFi. If you have a DISH Network VIP receiver it acts just like the PocketDish so you can copy your DVR programs to the Archos. Speaking of DVR, there is a DVR adapter that lets you watch this on your TV and record off the TV with a nifty remote.

    This item is not for hobbyist hackers. This device runs Linux but it's really difficult to hack. This item is for people who want to watch movies and television shows on a huge screen anywhere.
    ...more info
  • blank screen
    Based on the reviews I was afraid this will be a "hit" or "miss". Unfortunately it was a "miss". Received the couple of days ago. After charging for 18 hours, the unit did not indicate a full charge but I tried to turn it on anyway. The unit powers up (can hear it working) but the screen is blank. Tried resetting several times but no luck.
    Returning the item now....more info
  • Good, but with drawbacks
    Overall, it's a pretty good buy. With that being said, one thing to take into consideration is the extra money you will need to spend to get it to the optimal working status. Consider how much you want it to do, because out-of-the-box condition is very basic (really only plays music, videos, and stores files). Once you add on the web browser ($30 U.S.) and others (generally around $20) it could cost a pretty penny, but will work exactly how you want it to. In my experience, customer service wasn't all that bad. I bought mine on Amazon, a button on the side broke a couple months later and it wouldn't turn on. I called in, they gave me the shipping information and I sent it to their repair place. No word for about 2 1/2 weeks and then one day it shows up at my doorstep as good as new, and no charge or fee....more info
  • iPod Touch, Their coming for you !
    I had been on the lookout for a mp3/video/wifi player with a good picture.The Archos 605 WiFi will do it all and then some.Yes you have to by pluggins and all that but Id do it again for the way they make this unit work.You get great web video,great web radio and I can watch it or listen on my AV system.(Boom RIGHT THERE ON MY BIG TV!!)The web TV pluggin is just hours and hours of fun from all over the world.If you have Winamp Remote,You Tube or other services on your pc or network, they work very well with this unit. A 80G hard drive is lots of space for the road ,but at home i have all my network drives from any of my pc's at the touch of a screen.

    Now if you want to use Hulu, Slingbox or other TV network sights you can't as of now.(anyone know otherwise get the word as to how) I hope Archos and or Opera is working with these sights you read this.The Archos Content Portal great to find other sights for music, movies and TV(CHECK IT OUT)

    As you can see I love my player but it's not without some draw back. The ones I stated above kind of are but not deal breakers. There is a noise issue that I have yet to get and answer from Archos or anywhere on. It happens on some but not all videos from the web. It happen on some but not all videos on the 605's hard disc. I saw this issue in another review so I again wiil call out to Archos, fix this otherwise great player. Is it firmware fixable? then crank out the firmware or whaterver.(just let the us know)Archos needs to work on their support lines and product descriptions. Be more to the point about what you will need for this to work with this and what you will need for that to work with this.Their web sight has great videos that you can play or download for most help you my need.

    I say to you all , do your homework,read up before you make the call. As for me , no iPod or iTouch needed, I love my Archos 605 WiFI.If or when it dies, I know where my moneys going(Archos)...more info
  • You can do much better.
    The video playback is good. The music player could be a lot more streamlined. Too many clicks to switch from shuffle to normal play, etc.

    The WI-FI is probably not worth the extra money. The browser isn't capable of much, and the touchscreen keyboard is a pain.

    Support from the manufacturer is pretty weak. I need to replace the screen. Pricing starts at $162.50. That's more than this mediocre player costs. The customer service guy acted like I was wasting his valuable time as he asked for my information.

    I would not recommend this unless you get it for a really, really low price. Not worth the trouble....more info
  • Avoid Archos products
    This review will seem harsh but it is not a knee jerk reaction to some minor problems I'm experiencing with the device. I have spent hours reading the user guide and blogs on Archos devices and here are my findings.

    Bear in mind that I'm an experienced IT guy who sometimes has to repair laptops and other computer systems for a living so if I can't manage to get this thing working, how is a regular consumer ever supposed to use this thing?

    It's an Archos 605 Wifi (30GB) I bought while in Holland at a Media Markt. (Sadly I can't return it.)

    Here is a list of the problems I've had and AM HAVING with the device:
    (Even today it hung on synch and would not restart properly. After about 5 attempts to boot the thing it finally came up.)

    1. Even with the latest firmware operating system you can download from, it simply does not work like it should:
    - If the system locks up and you reset it, it may never reboot properly which would require yet another reinstallation of the firmware.

    2. Working with Windows Media player to manage play lists and installing movies onto the device is relatively painless except for the extreme slowness with converting movies to the Archos format and then Synching them into the Archos.
    - It takes a good hour to synch (USB 2.0) a 20 minute show to the device above and beyond the long time it takes to convert a show into the Archos format. (It took 20 hours to convert one season of scrubs into the Archos compatible format.)
    - You have to purchase aftermarket software to convert media to the Archos format, whatever that is. (I sadly use WMV)
    - Fortunately the synch cable also recharges the device so it doesn't run out of power while you synch content.
    - The box claims to support MAC but it doesn't work. In fact, the Archos crashed while connect to my Apple MacBook Pro never to reboot and I had to reinstall the firmware. (Which isn't too difficult to do.)

    3. Once you do get a stable firmware install you can't do anything with it until you let it connect to the internet to download a more recent (stable) firmware update. That would be reasonably fast but I'm in Afghanistan on a satellite link that is slow so it cost me to pay for internet access to let the thing connect.

    4. Even with the latest firmware the device is still flakey.
    - It locked up despite repeated hard resets.
    - If it doesn't boot properly you may have to format the drive and reinstall the firmware, then connect to the internet to get the latest firmware THEN copy again all the content I want to see which takes hours on hours to do.
    - We're talking hours just to get back to where I want to be AND you'd better hope it doesn't crash again.

    In the end, avoid these devices until Archos spends money on QA and further testing to work out the bugs.
    I have worked extensively in QA testing and I am, honestly, surprised at how a company could release a product with so many obvious bugs to the general public. (US Army Special Forces guys use these devices and even they have problems with them. (I worked at Fort Bragg with them for a bit when these were fielded to them a few years ago.))

    To make matters worse, I tried to register the product at only to find that my product ID had already been registered to someone else preventing me from getting support for the device AND they refuse to answer mails for support.

    AND! To add insult to injury, RIGHT after I bought The 605, I saw the newer model available for only 30 dollars more.

    Who knows what Archos is thinking but I'm done with their products until I see them improve.

    Finally, in the defense of Archos, when the device does work the video is quite nice, audio is good but it locks up whenever I view videos as thumbnails which necessitates a hard reset. This can make the device fail to ever boot again requiring a total rebuild.

    PS Here are some other bugs:
    - It crashes (Locks up) when I disable wireless.
    - It JUST stopped letting me connect to any computers' USB port to sync files into it so can now not add anything to it to watch. It simply is not recognized by the computers I hook it to AND when I disconnect it, it locks up and I have to hard reset it.

    The hits keep coming.
    I hate this thing.
    ...more info
  • Good Choice
    I would recommend this product to anyone, I especially like the Wifi feature, so many places have Wifi capabilities now, and this device is much more convenient than a laptop, with a quicker startup, you're surfing the internet in no time...more info
  • Better than an ipod
    Great product and fast delivery! Very easy to use and such a great package. We plan on buying an additional one. ...more info
  • Broke, sent it in, got it back, already have to send it back in
    I got this thinking it would replace my iTouch which broke supposedly from water damage. It didn't. It worked well for about a week, but after that it started having a lot of problems. It would freeze, delete all my stuff (music, videos, etc.), and more. It broke to the point I could not use it at all so I sent it in after about 3 months of use. I sent it in to get it repaired (luckily it comes with a one year warranty) Unlike other companies, you have to pay for shipping. I shipped it in and waited for a month. I finally got it back, excited that I could listen to my music again. I couldn't. I turned it on and it was fine, but i tried connecting it to my computer and my computer said "there is a malfunction with this device". I called Archos and I was on hold for 10 minutes. Finally someone answered and they tried to help me. They didn't. They set me up to send it in again, but I didn't want to pay to ship it again since it should have already been fixed the first time I sent it in. They put me on hold for another 20 minutes and another person answered. They told me they would e-mail me a shipping label. So I have to send it in again, but luckily free this time. So I would stick with Apple for mp3 players. ...more info
  • Works great in Iraq
    I bought 605 80G about 7 months ago. My review will be simple. Do not buy if you want an MP3 player. It is not made to carry around and listen to music. I also got the DVR station and I use it to listen to music in my house with it hooked up to my TV and surround sound and it is great. The plug-ins can get exspensive but not out of control. The battery life is not as advertised but i can live with it. Lasts about 4 hours watching video, which is what i use it most for. The off brand battery extenders will push the battery to 6 or 7 hours. Fantastic for airplane rides! Volume is not great in noisy situations, but some cheap noise cancelling headphones fixed that for me. Basiclly what I use it for is to carry around a ton of movies and TV shows to watch on the go. Also I am currentlly in Iraq so I watch alot of movies on my bunk. It has stood up to 5 months in Iraq and 1 month of desert training in Califonia. I also bought the helmet cam great little device just was not durable and I trashed on my tank the first time I used it. The DVR station rocks I use it to watch movies and what not on my TV and it works great, even browsed the internet a little on my TV. The Wi-fi is pretty slow though. I love mine though, not as portable as an Itouch, but at least i do not have to deal with Itunes! Great replacment for a Portable DVD player and great for travelers. I love mine. Stores a ton of pictures also. ...more info
  • Good product, bad software/support
    Archos has always had great products, but they have always had incompetent support people and software designers. The item should be easy to use, but their software kills it. Their Archoslink (to interface with computer) is a joke. Also, to make it useful, you have to use "add-ons"--read "lots of additional money." If they would put any effort into this part of their products they would destroy Apple and everyone else, but they haven't for at least 7 years and probably never will. If they would resolve this it would get 5 stars, but as it is, I wish I could give it a 0. They can't even give a functional web site. ...more info
  • Fantastic device!
    This device is a superior alternative to the ipod for portable media viewing. I upgraded from the Archos 604 (also a great device). Wi-fi browser is a bit slow, but does work. I wish there were an e-mail client for this device, or current Flash supported plug-in. Hopefully this will be fixed soon....more info
  • Good product, the worst customer service
    Best Media Player..Worst Customer Service/ Support in any business

    I bought the archos 605 wi-fi, when it worked it rocked... and after about 7 months the battery has died on me. I sent it for repair, after getting no response for 15 days, I sent an email asking for info about my product. I get an email with $65 repair costs..this was on dec 10th, I have been trying to contact someone at customer service or any other number to authorize them for repair and to get my $300 worth player back.

    No response so or phone...bottom line..stay away from this company...this was the worst purchase experience ever for me...unbelievable...I just want my unit back...

    ...more info
  • The archos 605, 80GB media player
    I like all the capabilities of the 605 player, but you have to pay for all the different wifi programs on it, not like the Ipod....more info
  • Plug ins are expensive
    Yes, the 605wifi can connect to your network, but the plug-in needed for the web browser is another $30. Other plug-ins are even more expensive....more info
  • First one - Useless; second one - somewhat useful
    The device couldn't be recognized by my computer. I tried changing the device USB mode as described by the great many people in various forums who have also run into this problem but it didn't work. (An all to common occurrence from the on-line comments.) I wonder if Archos is passing off reconditioned units as new via their Amazon sales.

    I'm waiting for the replacement from Amazon and will update the review if there is any difference.

    While waiting I decided to see what else was wrong with the first unit - only a couple "minor" things, it would not connect to any wireless networks and the battery didn't register an appreciable charge even after being connected to a charger for 24 hours.

    UPDATE - the second unit arrives. This one appears better. It was immediately recognized when connected via USB to a PC. The battery charged "better" but didn't register a full charge even after a day. The wireless was problematic... It wouldn't connect until I tried about 20 times. I guess we need to redefine the definition of insanity.

    What is bothersome is the inconsistency between the two units and the erratic nature of even the one that so far appears to work. One (hopefully) final problem is their customer service... there isn't any. I've been on the phone for about an hour listening to admittedly pleasant jazz, interspersed with the monotone recording others have mentioned saying how important my call is. Perhaps you'll have better luck with your questions and can give them a try at their published support number; 1-877-300-8879.

    What I have is fine for me... I only bought the thing to be a backup for CF cards while I'm in the field. If it happens to play music and videos that's a plus but then again, that's what an iPhone if for.

    My thanks to Amazon for exchanging the first piece of useless junk. I tried to upgrade the rating to two stars but that part seems locked in. Doesn't matter, only get this thing if it's on sale (again, thank you Amazon) and you don't need it to do too much....more info
  • So far, Not easy!
    If this product could do what it SAYS it could do, then I'd have no problems. I consider myself semi-savvy with technical gadgets; the problem is NO instructions!!! The instructions included are sketchy at best. Tech support??? Forget it. I was on hold for almost 1/2 hour, and a woman finally answered that rushed me off the phone. She spoke really fast and said that the agents were busy, but one of them would call me right back. 5 hours later, I'm writing this, and I still don't have a phone call back. Their recording warns people not to call on Monday or Friday because its their busiest days; I'm calling on a Wednesday night and can't get anyone. And the monotone recording of a man who continues to tell me how important my call is to Archos gets wildly annoying after 45 minutes. There's really no excuse for that.

    I purchased this because I record a lot of things on my Dish network DVR, and Archos and Dish network have a partnership with this gadget - when you use the dvr to record your shows, you can download it "easily" to the Archos device. Problem is, there are NO instructions - you literally have to search them out on your own, scouring tech sites to put all the pieces together. They brag about their excellent customer service, but we consumers know better.

    Finally, after reading countless forums, I was able to get it to work (on my own). I will update everyone after I am (finally) able to use the product, but like I said, I'm SO not impressed right now. User-friendly guides would be a great improvement. And a live chat feature would be handy as well - come on!!! Get into the new millenium!!!!! ...more info
  • Good music player
    When I compare this to my Gen 5 Apple ipod that recently died, I really like archos 605 a lot better. The touch screen works well with fingers or stylus and the operation is intuitive and easy to figure out. The money I saved from Amazon was staggering. On Jan 1 it was a deal of the day at $150. This is good because that $50 I saved will be used to buy the rest of the apps I need to do anything else other than music.
    This thing has a lot of promise....after you buy a 30 Euro web browser and a 19 Euro set of movie codecs. There are the docking stations and chargers etc. It seems that archos wants your money and are willing to pretty much con you into buying something that can do a lot of things AFTER you finish paying for those things. I wouldn't have paid $200 plus for this as is. It will be worth $200 maybe after I have full functionality. Might also mention that the apps are only available from the Archos store. They don't take paypal or Amex. The 49.97 Euro charge for the two apps converted to $68.37 USD. ...more info
  • Beleive the negative reviews on service
    I purchased the 80Gb 605 in Feb. of 2008 despite the reviews complaining of service/support after the purchase. This is a good unit..until it breaks. I sent my 605 in for a simple battery replacement Dec 10th,2008,was informed it would take 10 to 15 days to complete the repair and waited.The automated response to an RMA inquiry on the 29th of December indicated that although my RMA number was valid, my unit was not in the warehouse nor in shipping.Two calls to support and one email has left me with a promise to send tracking such info as of Jan 7,2009. Just a warning to all, the complaints of poor service are true. ...more info
  • too bad it will break on you
    This could have been the best video player out there, but the product will break on you within a year. I already went through 2 of then, and I will no longer be an Archos customer after my experience. Until they improve their customer service and quality of products, stay away...far far away......more info
    I bought the 605 wifi gps system which arrived only the next day. I tried to load up the DVD for the GPS only to realize that the 13 character map code was invalid. I called customer support to resolve the problem. After being on hold for 48 minutes a lady came on and promised to send me a new code within 24 hrs. Today is day 5 and I still cant get through to support/ customer service. On day 6 I was put on hold for 1 hr 17 minutes only to be cut off at the end. since then I have sent 7 e-mails but no reply. I have requested a return merchandise number but no reply and this is day 2. now i have the device but no gps and no ending solution to my problem. I would strongly advice people to stay away from this product (gps attachment) because there are too many unanswered questions which customer service/ support services are unwilling or unable to resolve. ...more info
  • Great product
    I don't understand the 1 and 2 star ratings on this device. although it has been replaced with the Archos 5 - same device in a sleeker, smaller package - the 605 is a great PMP at this price. I have mine for 2 years now and it works flawlessly. If you want a proprietary system that you are locked in to buy someone's media, then don't by an Archos. If you want an open system that looks like a hard drive to your computer and you can transfer ANY file to, then Archos is for you. In fact if you have DISH Network, Archos provides free software on their site to transfer movies (non-HD) from your DVR to your Archos. Overall, Archos is a great PMP and I highly recommend it for ALL your media requirements....more info
  • Versatile player that one-upped the ARCHOS 504
    I used the ARCHOS 504 for one-and-a-half years before I had to switch. One of the things about the 504 that really annoyed me was that static discharge would easily cause it to freeze up.

    Now about the 160GB ARCHOS 605 Wifi. It's got music, video, pictures, data storage, a PDF reader, flash capability, Internet capability, and capability for downloadable programs called "widgets."

    Music: Good sound quality, nice that playlists automatically save to "playlists" section (unlike on the 504), and easy to rearrange tracks in a playlist. One of my two complaints are that if you turn it off and then turn it back on, it will not resume from the song you were on (though the playlist will be queued up). Another complaint is that my version is touchy so that I can no longer update the files, so I have to browse for music in the "hard drive" mode. (Normally I should be able to browse by artist, album, title, genre, year, or rating.)

    Video: Nice 800x480 resolution, I love the SRT subtitle support, you can sort by folders (unlike with the 504), and bookmarks for returning to the same part of a video. I don't have any complaints.

    Pictures: I haven't used this feature that much, but I don't have any complaints so far.
    PDF reader: It seems a little faster than with the 504, though people still understandably criticize it for slowness.
    Flash: It is unfortunate that most flash games I have put from the Internet onto the ARCHOS don't work. (ARCHOS does sell five-game upgrades, but I have not bought any.) The arrow keys are supposed to work but not every game works with them.
    Internet: I've only tried it once and recall it seeming slow.
    Widgets: I haven't tried these at all.
    Other: One complaint is that the battery seems to drain fast, ~10 hours of music or ~3 hours of video (the 504 probably lasted a few hours longer from a full charge). Another complaint is that the device came with a flimsy "protector" that doesn't even allow easy stylus storage; I recommend buying a different one for the device (the one I bought is by Noreve).

    Overall, I definitely recommend this device to ARCHOS enthusiasts. There are a few things that they could have done to have made it better. Maybe these problems have been fixed with the newer models, I'm not sure....more info
  • My Archos 605 purchase
    I am really enjoying this product. It is easy to use. It will bookmark
    movies, audio books etc. How great is that? The Wifi with the Opera plugin is a great asset. Opera also has many plugin for free. I am glad that I purchased this item and have recently bought one for my husband.
    The ipod touch cost more for less disk space and it doesn't bookmark. Archos provides a cable to attach to your computer and becomes a disk drive so you can copy files to the Archos. ipod touch requires special software. Archos is a much better deal....more info
  • Functional, but the WiFi is a waste
    If you don't realize from the product description (and you could easily miss it) that some functionality like the web browser and widget support have an extra cost, you could easily end up disappointed. But the reason the price on this is so great is because you're not paying for those things up front. This is a good thing: you only pay for the ones you actually want and will use. But it can feel like being nickel-and-dimed to death. And the device's near-constant reminders while it offers to let you buy everything are very annoying.

    Once you get over that, this is a really solid device. The image quality is fantastic and every time I show it to someone they're amazed at the resolution and the smoothness of the video. The interface is easy to use and functional. The engineering is great, with a nice balance in the hand. The kickstand is one of those simple brilliances that makes you realize every device like this should have one.

    But I've found the device very disappointing in one regard. The WiFi support is dodgy at best. No matter what settings I tweak my server's UPnP software with, sometimes audio tracks pop and skip and sometimes they just stop, grinding my entire playlist to a halt. What I really wanted was something light and easily portable which could stream music from my server; why bother lugging around a copy of your music when your music is on a server on your wireless network? But the wireless streaming is not up to the challenge, and it's not hardware or network problems. Heck, this thing is better at streaming video (which takes far more bandwidth) than music. The software just needs an update. It needs better error handling and better caching, and then it would work perfectly. But I doubt we'll see those things upgraded in firmware.

    In the end, though I got this for the WiFi, I end up synching my whole music library onto it and carrying it around in my pocket, which has a lot of good gee-whiz and certainly makes this more useful to lug on vacation with me, but really isn't what I was after. In the end, I don't even use its WiFi, and I could have done just as well with any of a hundred other PMPs.

    And that's the Achilles heel here. Who is the ideal customer for this device? If you can't use the WiFi for multimedia streaming on this device, what can you use it for? Web browsing? There are better, cheaper, and smaller devices for that. Ultimately you'll probably be just as well to have a device like this but without the WiFi....more info
  • error 102
    Got it on 1/1/09 and i got error code 102 May 2. wont work and the worst part about it is I never use it do to it being so big, battery life being so short. Then you got the proprietary charger! Accessories are expensive. Just all around sucks. I wanted to like it but it was just a waste of money. Oh and customer service had me fill out a RMA but that was last I herd from them....more info
  • Great Capabilities!! Great Screen!!
    The first piece I purchased turned out to be defective but when I contacted J&R (3rd party vendor that I got it from through Amazon), they were VERY helpful in the return process and getting a new one out to me. So, have had the new one for a little over a week now and I really love it. The space on the unit is mind boggling! I have about 10 movies on it and a TON of music and I still haven't gotten even CLOSE to filling it up!

    Yeah, it's a little bulky and not cool enough for my 14 year old to carry around but honestly, it does it all!! Most times, I listen to music with it sitting at my desk at work so don't have to worry too much about the bulkiness. The screen is awesome! The features are really nice. I can't truly rate it all the way around yet since i haven't played with it enough.

    One thing I do really love is their pocketDish feature. If you have Dishnetwork, you can download your non-HD recorded shows onto the Archos (and the cool thing is, the plug in for it is free, and you don't need to buy any additional gadgets to do this!). It's really nice because I can toss movies i record, shows the kids like, etc. onto the piece. Just so you know though, Archos does not have a very friendly website and out of the two times I called them for tech support, one the guys had no clue what he was talking about and was basically just trying to get me off the phone the whole time. (a little annoying!)

    I think I will truly appreciate how great this thing is when we take our first trip and then I can come back and update you! All in all, I do really like it. It does charge really slow with the USB but once charged, the charge carries you a while before having to re-charge it. I just ordered the mini-dock for it and will let you know how that works. is supposed to charge quicker plus I am supposed to be able to connect the archos to the tv and such! So, more stuff to play with!! will keep you posted.
    ...more info
  • Good player, better support and it would easily be an IPOD killer
    I purchased the archos 605 wifi after running out of room on my 16 gig creative zen for my music library. The great thing is the archos holds 160 gbs and has a beautiful touch screen which means you can bring tons of music, movies, and photos anywhere you go. It's a little on the big side for a portable gadget but still in size tolerance for portable. I do have some complaints that prevent me from rating 5 stars though. 1: The's as bad as everyone says. I bought the GPS attachment and the map codes just did not work. All the customer service needs to do to remedy this is to generate new map codes for me but nooo they prefer just to ignore my e-mails. The archos website makes it seem like you're going to get great support with the interactive support design but then no one ever gets back to you! How does a company make such a great device and then just ignore customer service?! 2: I haven't seen anyone else mention this but it pisses me off, there is no search ability in the music player. I have a lot of music and a keyword search like my zen has would be GREAT. 3: The battery life, enough has been said on it but all and all that would be my least complaint about the device. I find it gets about 9 hours music playing and about 4 hours video.
    Anyway, Archos has made a great product here with the capabilities to bury the IPOD touch if they would but any effort into pleasing their customers after the initial sale....more info
  • Disappointed - my own fault
    Read the reviews and bought it anyway.

    OK, the good news is it does, for an extra [...] bucks, play videos. It doesn't remember where you stopped. But it does play them

    As for the browser. Archos doesn't out right lie, "with Flash support". So while Flash 10+ is now out, I go to to view videos and am told I need at least version 9. So whatever version that you can buy bundeled with the browser, for an extra [...] bucks, is less than 9.

    The browser is clunky, you can't scroll down w/o clicking some link. Zooming the browser works, for me, haphazardly at best.

    Bottom line, for [...] bucks, it plays videos w/o conversion. As for buying any other add on, give your money to a charity. You will get more for it.

    For surfing and every other thing else I do, I will have to stick with my iPhone.
    ...more info
  • Major Hassle
    Got this product yesterday. Had to fully charge the battery before operating. Spent two hours trying to buy the Opera web browser so I could surf the internet. The thing froze up on me several times. I think I finally got my credit card info in it but no web browser was downloaded. I think I need to register it for that to happen maybe. That requires going to a separate menu item and writing down the 14 digit product code plus the serial number on the back of the device. I did that and input it several times. No luck, no registration and no web browser. It's 1:30 am and no luck with this thing. Things better get better tomorrow or it's going back. Oh, also, I dragged a movie clip on it and it wouldn't play, needed a $19.95 plug in for the format....more info
  • A Good Player Hampered

    +Great sound quality and the music browser does both folder indexed browsing or tage based very well.

    +Good Support as external HDD (until my USB port failed)

    +UPnP worked VERY well surprisingly.

    +massive support at for this and all archos products. any questions you just want answered; this is an amaxzing resource before AND after you buy. for a real review peruse the forums. ie, what are the hacking limitations etc; what games are actually worth downloading for free and where?


    -Size: only a few pair of pants fit this guy comfortably. i have resorted to expanding my collection of jackets so that they all have breast pockets.

    -Tasking: as with most multi-function PMPs, remember, you cant listen to music and do all of the other things you might want to do... like surf the internet.

    -PDF support: raw PDF works, if its password protected (ie bought) or has other advanced features then it wont work.

    final note on experience:

    this player makes for a great media experience overall. the keyboard is more natural than the iPhone imho. however, i had to send my unit away after about two weeks because the USB port failed. i am honestly unsure if it was my fault or if it was some kind of lemon because i dont know what went wrong, the port just went bad. ANYWAY, after receiving the unit 2/20 (according to fedex tracking), i was told they didnt receive it until 2/27. then the repair center moved. and my unit had to be "received" again, and not until 3/12. so it takes an average of "10 business days" for the repair to get done, but it's now 3/26 and i haven't heard anything from Archos telling me its on its way.

    their service reps are very nice and apologetic, and promptly reply to emails. but their service department needs to get their act in order.

    also, based on comments here and there, archos is done with firmware updates for the 605. so if it doesnt have some feature now, it most likely never will. or maybe they will release a firmware update so i dont lose my song ratings and personal settings when i reset the unit.
    ...more info
  • Not quiet the iPod Touch replacement... but an awesome product!
    I bought the 605 WiFi to replace my 5th Gen iPod as i wanted a music player with good Video capabilities and which wouldnt be restricted to playing certain formats.
    the 605 doesnt dissappoint. It plays pretty much plays all common formats.. and i use only AVI files. The larger screen is a joy to use and it really gives the movie experience with the bigger screen ... unlike the 5th Gen 2.5" screen.Battery life is decent... gets me through 2 movies of 2 hours.. and then i can watch some music videos.
    But when i started using it, i realised with its bigger harddrive and size it isnt pocket friendly. SO i got the iPod touch as well, which obviously sits well.

    So now i use my Archos on long flights. Its an integral part of my travel backpack. But i use it exclusively for video..

    Great product.. if you travel a lot.. and want a portable media player to watch movies. But i have heard of it being touted as the iPod Touch killer... and being better. But i disagree.. the whole experience is nowhere close to the smooth iTouch feel. I wouldnt even put them in the same category. On the flipside.. i don't consider iPod touch to be a better video player than the 605. ...And if i watch movies on the iTouch.. i wouldnt be left with much juice for my music...

    great product overall.....more info
  • Archos has the worst customer service
    This was a great product for the first day I owned it. Accidentally dropped it while in the case on the second day and cracked the screen rendering it useless.
    That's when I learned that ARCHOS HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE OF ANY COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. Each step was an arduous task. Took several calls and emails to get a return authorization for service. Finally got it and sent it in for service. Took over a week for them to give me options. I initially decided to pay for repair ($160) and was told to call their 800 number to give my credit card #. Spent a total of over 3 hours on hold over 2 days. Finally got through to an attendant, who transferred me to "customer service" at which point a 5 second message informed me they were closed and they promptly disconnected. Tried emailing, asking them to call me to get paid and no response for a week now.
  • cool device, but nickle and dime you for add ons
    The archos is a really cool gaget with a great screen but they do nickle and dime you to death for all of the add-on's you need to make it really incredible. I got it for half off, and brand new, and if it came up again, I'd buy it again. Just be aware that the browser costs money, the DVR function cost money, etc, etc, etc....more info
  • Very Crude compared to an iTouch
    I was comparing an iTouch and the archos 605 and ended up buying an Archos for a pretty neat deal;

    But I wasn't truly fascinated by either its interfaces of the way it feels in your palm; It is a neat toy but sure needs a ton of aestitic improvements;Without a querty mini key pad this can be rather painful to type or browse;

    The movies don't work well, I threw a couple of FLV's and the Archos started restarting every time I played it; Some WMV's don't work, that's pretty annoying; (I have the latest firmware); It plays you tube (flash support) thats cool;

    The photos and music is okay, but I don't believe they differentiate the product. Also the support and the website sucks.. I can't believe a company of this stature has such a cheap website. Also when I tried accessing the Archos shopping site to download the browser (willing to pay 30$) never worked, it said under construction, ridiculous...

    Overall it's not a bad toy but I haven't started liking it yet, maybe the DVR attachment may change my mind, but I am skeptical right now.

    ...more info
  • Archos 605WiFi
    Archos 605WiFi
    Great product maybe too pricey to be called a Gadget but when you grab one up on Amazons "Deal of The Day" you can't not just beat the price or help but to buy one,but at that low price you can call it a Gadget or anything else you want for that matter. First of all this baby has WiFi, an 80g drive and has a touch screen. It isn't just a media player like all the others out there. This little fella can also work as a portable hard drive and even a back-up drive. It's terrific, it not only records movies direct from your T.V.,satelite network or cable box but you can rip/copy dvd movies direct to the Archos ( even if they are copy protected, although if they are copy protected they will not playback on your T.V./monitor. However you can still watch them on the Archos screen itself.) You can copy music, video, photos and text files from your computor to the Archos. And because of the virtual keyboard you can work on documents downloaded from your computor. You can listen to your favorite music or take a break and watch a movie or play games. With the web availability you can surf the web, watch internet T.V. or listen to internet radio,access your email and you can even access your Dish Network DVR recordings without having to wait until you get back home or if you just can't wait to watch that episode of your favorite I dont have to carry my laptop around,i just drop it into my pocket and go. The only down-side i found is that in order for some features to work you have to purchase the plug-in's. Also the dvr is sold seperate unless you buy the bundle. But as an overall.. this really is a great product which by the way, my second Archos. Not because the first broke or died on me, but because of the great quallities, features and that infamouse "Deal of the day"...more info
  • Fun Gadget
    I use my Archos mostly for videos and web browsing. I bought the additional $30 web browser plugin from Archos. I watch a daily bible study show that comes in wmv format, so I like the fact that the Archos plays it natively....more info