Grisoft AVG Internet Security - 2 Year Subscription
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Product Description


  • Complete security protection from serious Internet threats
  • Defends against viruses, worms, trojans, and spam
  • Prevents spyware and adware; protects against hackers
  • Automatic firewall profile switching for improved security
  • Easy to use--install and forget; free 24/7 technical support

Customer Reviews:

  • Ummm....
    Of course, I'm really happy with my AVG purchase, but I thought I was buying 2 years (24 months) of protection. However, it turns out I only have protection until September 2010. Since I bought this in April, that means I will have to renew my protection in only 17 months, instead of 24. That was a little disappointing to me....more info
  • Not as good as advertised
    Grisoft AVG Internet Security - 2 Year Subscription

    They advertise that it is quick and doesn't slow down your computer. The updates are fine, but if you follow their recommendation to run it every 4 hours, you will find that your computer will slow way down. Further, on a computer that doesn't have much on it, the scan takes 2.5 hours each time, meaning that your computer is constantly being slowed down. It has caused my computer to 'freeze', not only when surfing the Internet but also when trying to do something locally.

    I would not buy this product again unless AVG finds a way to speed up the scans and only scans programs that have been accessed since the last scan, minimizing the opportunity for the computer to slow down.

    Try their free download first and then run your computer while the scan is happening and when it is not, doing the same tasks (your normal functions) before buying....more info
  • Bad product, the CD is corrupted and I havent gotten the refund
    This CD is corrupted, can someone help me with the refund of this item. I have written so many times on that this CD cannot be used, i want my money back. Please someone read this email and contact me.

    Sandeep Trivedi
    1 617 504 5834 cell phone...more info
  • The truth about the new release 8.5 Internet Security
    I am reviewing this product because it is worthless. If I could give it no stars, I would.

    I had been using the free edition of AVG Antivirus for years and thought that the new 8.5 Internet Security would be even better with the addition of several more components and it also includes ID theft protection. This has been the biggest mistake of my life.

    I downloaded the software 3 times and each time I installed it different problems occurred. The biggest problem was on reboot. There were error messages that indicated dll's were missing. In addition, several of the antivirus components would be missing, making the product unusable. It slowed my PC down to a crawl. I paid $65.94 for the software and disk through PAY-PAL.

    Finally, I had to call the AVG outsourced maintenance support company named (Support.Com). Actually, this is a very good support company, which offers support for many other products including AVG's. They tried for 5 hours to fix the problem and finally advised it just would not work. In fact, they normally charge for their support but had to refund my money because they could not fix the product. They further advised that the company(AVG)kept updating the software trying to fix the holes in it and they (Support.Com) could not keep up the builds being sent out to the field. The tech advised me that he has seen similiar problems as least 4 times during the week I called but my problems were producing additional wrinkles.

    AVG is in the process of refunding my money. However, I do not want others to have to go through this mess. This product has cost me hours of work to restore my computer, which was functioning perfectly before I installed the new software. By the way, the new software installed over the old so I ended up with nothing after by bout with the support group.

    I located new antivirus software by Microsoft called (Windows Live One Care). I installed it on a 90-day trial. As you can see, I learned my lesson. The message here is do not; I repeat do not install anyone's software unless you get it on a trial basis. The steps I have had to go through to get my money back has been nothing short of hell. You would have thought I created the problem. I actually give this product 00000 stars because it does not work.
    ...more info
  • Powerful, easy to use computer protection
    I purchased this software for my home computer because it was pre-loaded on a laptop provided by my employer, and the IT folks gave it rave reviews. It is easy to install, very easy to use and is extremely fast in conducting scans and updates. I have used both Norton and McAfee in the past, and this is both less expensive and much faster, with all the same features. For those who want to give it a try, the manufacturer offers a free 30 day trial which can be downloaded from their web site. Give it a try!...more info
  • Not what I expected.
    This product requires removal of the original software. Most upgrades do not. It is an inconveient requirement....more info
  • Sometimes IE can't connect to web site
    I use AVG IS on 2 PCs, both have the same problem, SOMETIMES a newly opened IE window can't connect to web site(even localhost) while ping and other web applications working fine. I did a lot of seach on internet, try to find out the problem and did some changes on my PC, finally found out it's because of AVG. After uninstall AVG, they are back to normal. So I'm only using AVG Anti-Virus part now. And my PC got much faster....more info
  • Slows your PC to Turtle Speed
    This AVG Internet Security Product seems to do its job, however it does so at the expense of your computers resources. It slowed every aspect of my 3 computers to a snails pace. PC: 1GM or 2GB Ram, 2.1Ghz Pentium II. Opening documents SLOW, accessing the internet SLOW, opening Outlook SLOW, booting up SLOW. I did every speed trick I could find out about and it was still slow; used a program to clean and delete unused files (.tmp, etc). Cleaned out all non-critical start up programs, I made sure there was plenty of free space on my hard disk. I used a registry cleaner (ccleaner [free]) to clean up my registry. I defragged the drive, still SLOW, SLOW, SLOW. I then removed AVG and WOW it is like a new PC, fast again. By the way last years Norton 360 had similar effects.

    MY NEW SECURITY PLAN: Use windows firewall (included in windows), my ISP also has a firewall, use Mozilla Firefox (free & better) not IE. Use a spam program Mailwasher. This has been working, no viruses and a fast computer again. Four friends have done the same with successful results. If you feel comfortable with more than this than I would try just Anti-spyware & Antivirus and not a complete suite. I'm not an computer expert, just a much happier user now that I have my PC back. ...more info
  • Doesn't work as expected
    This software is full of features that work, but not in the manner that is expected. Customer service and tech support are NON-EXISTANT! Found viruses are NOT deleted by a button that is supposed to delete them. Found tracking cookies are likewise not deleted, nor are they blocked by the firewall! There is no way to heal a virus infected file. An option to scan one folder does not work -- it scans many folders.

    This is version 8 of this package? I sure would hate to see version 7! By now, you'd think this product would work as expected. It does not! It does do most of the jobs, but not by the methods provided. You have to jump through hoops to figure out how to get it done!

    I have opened two tech support tickets. In two weeks time, neither have been replied to. This company's online FAQ is also very lacking. Very little information is provided. These people are either very lazy or very stupid or crooks. Choose not one! They are all three!

    Bottom line -- Don't buy this! DO NOT BUY THIS! This is sloppy-ware! Support for it is non-existent though their site says there is 24/7 tech support, which is false advertising.

    Frankly, I want my money back, but there is no way to reach them!

    ...more info
  • Worst Customer Service Ever
    I purchased AVG internet security last year with a 2 years contract.
    In the beginning of this year I got a worm from MSN that had me questioned AVG ability to protect my computer. I than was forced to reformat my computer, which lead me to having to reinstall my AVG again.
    The only problem is that my old password did not work anymore, but I have already purchased the 2 years license for 1 computer!
    I tried checking AVG website and could not find the correct answer that addresses my issue.
    I than emailed AVG customer service twice.... that was over one month ago. Until today there has been no answer at all other than the automated answer: "Thank you for your email,...".
    Thank you AVG, you have given me a new direction in life.
    I will never, ever buy your useless product again.
    And oh,.. not only useless product, also fake customer service.
    ...more info
  • Works perfectly, every time, every install, on all of my computers.
    I read the other reviews and am baffled by what they are complaining about. I have never had any of those problems when installing this program. I have installed in on over 20 different computers, from a Pentium 3 to a Core 2 Duo and an AMD X2. It has worked for me every time, on every install.

    The program requires a respectable amount of system resources; not too much for what it is doing for me. I have even run it on an old Dell Latitude C510 laptop with a Pentium 3 and only 512mb of RAM and had no problem. If you are planning on running this program on anything less/older than this, you will probably have problems.

    Killing viruses? Never had it ask more than once. I recommend you look through the setup and configure it to your liking. Mine is set to annoy me at every little change, and has the firewall shut down near-completely, asking me for every little action to pass through it. You don't have to get so extreme and this thing will run smoothly, and efficiently without you knowing it is there.

    Go through the setup and fine tune it to your liking. There are forums out there to help you configure it. Lastly, I'd question the other reviewers that had so many problems. Read the IT blogs and forums and you will see that AVG is one of the most popular on their personal machines, if not THE most popular. Kinda says something, doesn't it?...more info
    DO NOT BUY THIS SOFTWARE!! I was recommended that I use AVG by a friend however, I have found the software to be extremely disappointing. Here's why:

    First and foremost the software did not fix the virus that was on my computer. It has however compounded my problem severely and made my computer's performance much worse by absorbing a large amount of system memory. Furthermore, it repeatedly inquires if I want to send the same virus to the vault. Keep in mind - this program never actually removes the virus it simply ASKS you if you would like to remove it. E.g. Do you want to send _____ virus to the "vault"? If you click yes it will ask you the same question again every 30 seconds for the rest of your life.

    Secondly, When I downloaded a copy for my home computer. Once it was downloaded I then shut the computer down and went to bed. When I tried to start the computer in the morning it wouldn't even start! It simply shows the windows startup screen, then the logo of the computer manufacturer, then restarts itself and goes through the same process over and over again!

    The virus I originally had didn't cause nearly the damage to my computer that this stupid AVG software has! It simply hijaked my browser and took me to some obscure search engine. The second computer didn't even have a virus at all! This software has possibly destroyed two computers and produced one very very angry customer!

    Beware! this software it is diabolical! You could not design a worse piece of software if you tried (and I think maybe they are).
    ...more info
  • Satisfied
    I downloaded the trial version of this software and used it for a month before purchasing. I found that it did not slow down the PC like my past security software did (Norton and Zone Alarm). I actually prefered the e-mail scanning from Zone Alarm because of the way it treated SPAM. But this is a very good product overall and it has a great price for a two year subscription. Buy it!...more info
  • to slow
    this has slown down the speed of my computer so much when ever i turn it on...more info
  • Computer Invasion !
    You're better off with a virus than this POS. Two days after loading this tumor it was doing an update and froze my computer like a two week old penguin turd. The TWO days it was alive were really annoying. Way too busy, not allowing you the use of your own computer. Had to run a recovery on my system. Still not done restoring. Worst product ever !
    AVG>> YOU OWE ME MONEY ! Click this !...more info
  • Best protection with least system impact
    Best protection with least system impact
    I have been using AVG for a few months now with excellent results. There is much less impact on system performance than with Norton Internet Security. Norton requires manual downloads of software updates (not virus definitions) that require a system reboot. AVG updates their software and virus definitions and rarely requires a reboot.
    A friend was having problems with his computer and was running Norton Internet Security 2007 with up-to-date definitions. I pulled the disk and hooked it up to my system to scan it with AVG. It found and cleaned the bugs that got through Norton.
    To sum it all up AVG has less overhead, requires fewer reboots, offers better protection and with the 2 year license costs less to own. It runs on XP and Vista.
    ...more info
  • Too Busy
    The AVG is not for me. It is too busy & takes over my computer. It has slowed it down and stopped it completely. First off at installation it said that the installation cd was out of date, so go to the website. At the website there was no new installation without another sale. The license # wouldn't be accepted. After about 12 times, it took it. I couldn't talk to anyone until the license had been accepted. It was a huge hassel & I am really thinking of uninstalling it. I am not a fan of this anti-virus program. ...more info
    I have been through the lot! THIS IS THE BEST COMPREHENSIVE SECURITY SUITE I EVER HAD! And I had them all...(well, almost)

    For years I sweared by NORTON - until two years ago it got so heavy and demanding it slowed my computer to a crawl. Then I gave McAFEE Internet Security a try which, although lighter, pestered me with pop-up messages. When that license expired I gave KASPERSKY Internet Security a try: real secure feeling and detailed settings control; however, a number of internet applications, although given full internet access, were slowed to a trickle.

    About a month ago I downloaded the AVG INTERNET SECURITY as a 30-day trial. Not two weeks had passed and I decided that THIS IS THE ONE!

    Light, heuristically effective (it even found a malware that KASPESKY failed to locate - and KASPERSKY has the best reputation on cleaning out everything!), no conflicts, email integration (although not with ThunderBird yet, a minor glitch), excellent AI and quiet.
    This Suite contains the legendary AntiVirus that blew the whistle on BIOSHOCK's RootKit.

    It may seem a bit pricey, yet keep in mind that it comes with a 2 YEAR license, not the usual 12 months that most other Security applications come with.


    UPDATE [April 26, 2008]: AVG offered the FREE option to upgrade to v8.0 for the remainder of the license to every customer that had bought v7.5. Now, THIS is a company that knows how to built customer loyalty!...more info
  • Best PC Security Suite I've Used ... No Performance Impact!!
    I like AVG for many reasons but all that aside, I noticed a performance improvement on my PCs as soon as I installed this. I've used Norton and Kaspersky for years and without incident but I guess I got used to the overhead or performance hit I got.

    I'm pleased with this product all around and here's why:

    - Integrated Package: firewall/anti-virus/anti-spyware/anti-spam protection in a simple to train and integrated package. I downloaded it and had it up and running in just a few minutes.

    - Performance: AVG doesn't cause a performance impact on my PCs; I noticed the difference immediately - wow! Also, the easiest Firewall Training process I've seen.

    - Cost: AVG deserves my money since I've used their free virus software for so many years. But, seriously, they're an award winning vendor year after year and typically only $60-70 for a 2-year license - that's tough to beat and more than fair. All products can be downloaded from their site and you can easily install and try them for free for 30-days.

    Trying not to sound too preachy: I like that Grisoft and ZoneAlarm offer free and excellent product versions to the general public so that folks who need this software can get it even if they can't afford it - it's in everyone's best interest really so that problems don't spread across the Net like a wildfire - but few companies take the route of giving away something for free to attract customers - giving away something of value that is.

    I highly recommend to friends and clients.

    Edit: I've had problems with BitTorrent working - firewall is too tight - I just could not tweak the firewall to get it to work. I exchanged about 5 emails with the tech support at GriSoft and they were extremely responsive and helpful. They gave me a number of settings to try.

    They confirmed after some testing that BitTorrent just doesn't work so they suggested switching to uTorrent because it's more flexible - and voila, they were right and all is good now. I'm very impressed with the support I received. Keep in mind all this help and troubleshooting from Grisoft came while I was using the "trial" version and hadn't even bought it yet. Wow. How's that for customer support - I'm amazed. I've been a customer of other products like Packet8, to name one, for over two years and when I submit a technical issue through their website the response takes weeks!!!!! I'm not sure why I still use Packet8 now that I think of it.
    ...more info