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AVG Anti-Virus V8.5 - 2 Year Subscription
List Price: $39.99

Our Price: $28.38

You Save: $11.61 (29%)


Product Description


  • Easy to download, install and use
  • Protection against viruses, spyware, adware, worms and trojans
  • Real-time security while you surf and chat online
  • Top-quality protection that does not slow your system down
  • Free support and service around the clock and across the globe

Customer Reviews:

  • AVG 7.5
    I had used Norton SystemWorks for several year until it became too burdensome for both the computer and renew/update process. I then tried the AVG free version for several years and I like it so well that I wanted to help support their effort so I am buying a copy of their Anti-Virus and Spy-Ware software. If you are not sure, try the free version and it will sell itself. I strongly recommend this program.
    Al;...more info
  • AVG not avg at all
    Fast and prompt service. Instally and validated by AVG. Do not know why the USP bar code was cot off but it all worked out well....more info
    I have been through the lot! THIS IS THE BEST ANTI-VIRUS I HAVE EVER HAD - and it comes with THE MOST EFFECTIVE ANTI-SPYWARE today!

    For years I sweared by NORTON - until two years ago it got so heavy and demanding it slowed my computer to a crawl. Then I gave McAFEE a try which, although lighter, pestered me with pop-up messages. When that license expired I gave KASPERSKY Internet Security a try: real secure feeling and detailed settings control; however, a number of internet applications, although given full internet access, were slowed to a trickle.

    A couple of months ago I downloaded the AVG AV & ANTI-SPYWARE as a 30-day trial. I liked it so much, I gave their INTERNET SECURITY a try too!

    Light, heuristically effective (it even found a malware that KASPESKY failed to locate - and KASPERSKY has the best reputation on cleaning out everything!), no conflicts, email integration (although not with ThunderBird yet, a minor glitch), excellent AI and quiet.
    This is legendary AntiVirus that blew the whistle on BIOSHOCK's RootKit!

    It may seem a bit pricey, yet keep in mind that it comes with a 2 YEAR license, not the usual 12 months that most other Security applications come with.

    If you already have a Firewall solution (no, I don't mean the one Windows comes with, that is a joke - the best free one is ZONE ALARM) THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED. If, however, you want a comprehensive Security solution, try AVG INTERNET SECURITY instead.


    UPDATE [April 26, 2008]: AVG offered the FREE option to upgrade to v8.0 for the remainder of the license to every customer that had bought v7.5. Now, THIS is a company that knows how to built customer loyalty!...more info
  • Astounding customer service & stunning spyware protection
    I had Norton Antivirus 2005, which I'd renewed yearly every January. Was perfectly happy with it, until around October 2007 when I had a sneaking suspicion that I'd been infected with spyware that Norton hadn't intercepted because whenever I was online my computer just seemed to crawl more sluggishly than before. So after several hours of research for better Virus/Spyware packages, scrolling relentlessly thru customer & tech reviews on Amazon, CNet, etc (and feeling so frustrated in finding no anti-virus solution that met with resounding acclaim) I finally selected this software and purchased it through Amazon.

    Before installing this, I uninstalled Norton. (Scary moments there, feeling a little naked!)

    But after installing this and booting up, it found 77 pieces of spyware, and I knew I'd done a smart thing by choosing this software, and every interaction with AVG has proved that.

    I had a problem initially because I installed it in late January 2008 but the software license was telling me it would expire in October 2009 (2 years after I purchased it, instead of 2 years after I installed it). But I emailed their support and got an answer the very next day, apologizing for the mistake, and giving me a new code which was ridiculously simple to install, following the instructions they gave me.

    After I installed, I was perturbed that it would run a full system scan every time I booted up...which slowed my 5-year-old laptop to a near standstill. I emailed them with a "please help!" message and again had an answer the very next day, with a solution that worked.

    Since that time, I've been very happy with AVG. It takes about 10 minutes to download & install the latest virus updates every time I connect my ancient laptop to my wireless DSL, but then it runs quietly in the background.

    Granted, Norton had good customer service too. But successive versions (2006, 2007) of Norton got decreasingly good expert & consumer reviews. So AVG, for the price, is the better solution...especially since it eliminates spyware.

    My laptop specs:
    Dell Inspiron 2650
    Intel Celeron 1.6 GHz
    384 MB RAM
    Windows XP Home...more info
    DO NOT BUY THIS SOFTWARE!! I was recommended that I use AVG by a friend however, I have found the software to be extremely disappointing. Here's why:

    First and foremost the software did not fix the virus that was on my computer. It has however compounded my problem severely and made my computer's performance much worse by absorbing a large amount of system memory. Furthermore, it repeatedly inquires if I want to send the same virus to the vault. Keep in mind - this program never actually removes the virus it simply ASKS you if you would like to remove it. E.g. Do you want to send _____ virus to the "vault"? If you click yes it will ask you the same question again every 30 seconds for the rest of your life.

    Secondly, When I downloaded a copy for my home computer. Once it was downloaded I then shut the computer down and went to bed. When I tried to start the computer in the morning it wouldn't even start! It simply shows the windows startup screen, then the logo of the computer manufacturer, then restarts itself and goes through the same process over and over again!

    The virus I originally had didn't cause nearly the damage to my computer that this stupid AVG software has! It simply hijaked my browser and took me to some obscure search engine. The second computer didn't even have a virus at all! This software has possibly destroyed two computers and produced onevery very angry customer!

    Beware! this software it is diabolical! You could not design a worse piece of software if you tried (and I think maybe they are).
    ...more info
  • AVG Virus & Spy software
    I found this product to be excellent. I replaced this with Microtrend because it wasn't getting all the viruses. The spyware works very well....more info
  • Horrible
    I have the fastest DSL offered from AT&T and AVG program slowed it down to a stop. Everytime I got on the internet, AVG started to download something and I had to wait about 20 minutes before I could do anything on the internet or on my computer. I ended up having to uninstall it and buy something else. So my advise is to skip this offer, now I know why you get a 2 year subscription for the price of 1 year....more info
  • best anti virus ever
    I bought an avg anti virus and i really like it it has and anti Rootkits so you can scan for Rootkits and anti virus also web shield plus anti spyware link scanner email scanner update manager so you can keep you anti virus up to date resident shield and that,s it but overall it is a wonderful anti virus i keep mine up to date thanks info
  • AVG is a great product
    I recently had a problem with my computer shutting down from being attacked by virus and spyware problems. I never thought much about computer security because I have DSL through a large telephone company and I figured all the bases were covered. WRONG! I had so many Trojan loaders, Trojans, worms, and all sorts of other stuff. Long story short, I finally downloaded AVG free version of anti-virus and it found everything that the others missed. I liked it so much I purchased the paid version through Amazon. My 5 year old system is running perfectly now with the combination anti-virus and anti-spyware. AVG doesn't use much system resource and does everything without my intervention. I also use with Online Armor firewall and no conflicts. AVG doesn't conflict with anything that I know of or read about. I have downloaded (legal) software programs, using AVG and no conflicts at all. For two years and a low price your getting one of the top products on the market today.

    If you want to test this out go to AVG website and download the free software. Its not exactly the same as if you purchased but once you try you will want all the spyware updates included in this product.

    12/28/08 Update- AVG now has version 8.0. I upgraded for free using this product license. Has more features and works well. I tried different firewalls also. AVG works with everything so far. I used with Online Armour, Comondo, and Zone Alarm firewalls. I was having some problems with connecting to internet sites I switched back to 7.5 and changed firewalls. I will put back to AVG 8.0 in the future.

    The main point is since I started using AVG I have had no problems. My 19 year old nephew told me that he uses AVG because he thinks its the best. Since he does all kinds of screwball stuff that 19 year olds do I figure I'm on the right track. ...more info
  • Best of those I looked at
    AVG works great on my PC. I used Norton forever, but got tired of my PC crawling (I was also upset that over time my Norton Utilities just wouldn't run anymore in spite of using Liveupdate). Norton SW would use CPU cycles frequently. For a while, when the CPU delays were too annoying, I disabled the services Norton Event Manager and one related one. (Side note: even with Norton Internet Security gone, to keep my system fast, I still need to disable my Norton Ghost service until I can research a good replacement for Ghost).

    I tried ESET but it used as much or more system resources than Norton, and the scan screen would indicate scan in progress but the stop scan button would be greyed out & I couldn't stop ESET from scanning.

    With AVG my PC is fast again and it will buy me a year or so until the economy picks up (and after Vista is replaced) before looking for a new PC. As an added benefit, Norton Utilities programs that would not run while I had Norton Internet Security loaded began working again!

    The anti-spam doesn't work well, although I have not trained it, I guess I'm spoiled on Norton's. But Norton's didn't do me any good, since it stopped filtering spam for no reason at all about 6 months ago. But I'm still giving AVG 5 stars since my PC's performance is so much better....more info