First Alert SD Card Recording Unit with Color Wired Camera and 100-Foot Cable #575
List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $134.95

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  • Records directly to SD cards (up to 2 GB)
  • 100 Feet of cable included
  • Record up to 9 hours of video
  • Motion Activated Recording
  • Weather Proof
Customer Reviews:
  • Poor video, overly sensitive motion detection
    Picture quality is poor. Even at 20-30 feet in daylight it is not possible to recognize faces or read car licenses. At night all you see is headlights. The IR LED's only work a few feet from the camera.
    The other problem is that motion detection is too sensitive. If there is a sensitivity adjustment I have not found it. It stores anywhere from a few dozen to hundreds of pics per day; usually the only motion is shadows moving during the day.
    OK here's the good points: A 1 GB SD card will store thousands of pictures due to the low resolution. And when the card is full, the recorder automatically erases the oldest images to make room for more. So it is really never necessary to review and delete old photos.
    It also records video but I haven't tried that feature. Also I don't know if a better quality camera would work with this recorder. I assume it only records one resolution....more info
  • Good budget system
    This is a relatively inexpensive starter system. The camera is the weak link though the daytime pictures aren't terrible. You can only hook up 2 cameras to this system and only one can be recorded at a time. I plan on replacing the camera, or adding a better one in the more critical areas I want to monitor. For the money, (about 150 bucks) it's not too bad to start with. If you want to spend 500 bucks or more you can get a much better system. Night time lighting either using motion sensors or yard spotlights will improve the night photos....more info
  • Crappy but Better Than Nothing
    The camera is better used indoors. Even though it's mounted under an eve, the sun and heat cause the camera's picture to change colors (mostly red) and clouds can mess up the brightness, making the picture look dark during the day. The night vision is only good at close range, about 5 feet. So it's better to mount the camera in a place with a motion activated light. The only good thing about the camera is that it's small and compact. You can hide it pretty well, which I recommend doing. It's made of plastic and can be easily broken. You can only see clearly about 10-15 feet away, on a good day. The 100 feet of cable is a lot longer than I expected, plenty to go around the house.

    The recorder is the best thing about this kit. The motion senor works most, almost all, of the time. It depends on how far a moving object is or where the camera is pointed and if it's too dark. The recorder captures an amazing amount of pictures or video on a 2 gb SD memory card, sold seperatly. It also sorts the captures into date labeled directories for easy reference. The controls take a bit of time to get use to but it is extremely easy to use and setup.

    INSTALL NOTE: You have to have 2 outlets to plug into, one for the camera and one for the recorder. Make sure, wherever it's going, that there is 2 oulets.

    I recommend getting this system and then eventually getting a better camera. The recorder is awesome but the camera is crappy. However, it's better than not having anything at all....more info