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Belkin Neoprene Notebook Sleeve for 15.4-Inch Laptop (F8N048-RL)
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $21.42

You Save: $8.57 (29%)


Product Description

Designed to fit and complement your notebook, this sleeve offers plush-line fabric notebook compartment to keep your notebook secure and free from scratching. Its unique, asymmetrical zipper design makes it ideal for easy access to your notebook from the top or the side. You can use the sleeve inside another bag for easy carrying or on its own for on-site use.

  • Available in three sizes (14", 15.4", 17")
  • Available in 4 colors: Jet/Cabernet, Chocolate/Tourmaline, Dove/Peony, Dove/Tarragan
  • Asymmetrical zipper gives you access to your notebook horizontally or vertically.

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice, but too tall
    This neoprene sleeve is nice, but the top of it stands about 2 inches higher than the top of my laptop when it's inside of it. I bought this along with the matching messenger bag, and it's almost too big to zip inside of the bag....more info
  • Be Cooler
    I didn't want to buy a new bag for my laptop, having just purchased an effective and aesthetically pleasing messenger bag from GAP, so I searched through the available options on AMAZON and found this little gem. My Sony VAIO laptop fits neatly in the slipcover, which then fits perfectly in my bag. I love the color of the slipcover as well, and am going to purchase the matching mouse cover. (Yes, I use a mini-mouse with my laptop - doesn't everyone?)...more info
  • Travel Ease
    Smart travel case for 15" laptop. Great for carry on security on a flight. Zips easily for inspection and gives you that extra cushion to provide protection in the overhead bin. I find it indispensable when making that short trip and you don't want to bring your whole office in a roll on....more info
  • Great product!
    Perfect protection for your 15.4" laptop. I definitely recommend this item. Made of soft and durable materials that don't get dirty easily. A must for anyone who owns a laptop....more info
  • Exactly as advertised
    Since I usually travel with a satchel as a carry on, I really did not want yet another specifically for my recently acquired laptop. This little number is perfect to protect the finish of the laptop in the satchel and has a little padding to help protect against the bumps it might get going through security and under the "seat in front of you". The zipper seems sturdy enough and the contrasting color makes it attractive...more info
  • Excellent Laptop Sleeve
    Neat Laptop Sleeve--fits my 15.4 laptop perfectly-- even with the little Nano minature receiver attached into the USB port. Plan on carrying it inside my carryon suitcase....more info
  • Excellent Product
    [...] It fits in my wife's handbag, and she can carry her laptop around, without announcing she is carrying one. She just seems carrying her (rather big) handbag.

    The zipper is behaving good so far, and the fabric promises to be washable, though not tried that yet.

    All in all, would recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • Lovin' it for my Laptop
    I purchased this neoprene sleeve for my Dell Latitude D830. It is a perfect fit. I wanted something that I could keep in my unstructured backpack. I don't have a lot of room in my backpack and this sleeve is cushy but slim. It made it very easy to slip my notebook in and out of without pulling the whole sleeve out of my bag. I think the best feature is that the zipper can open from the top or side. The neoprene was a bit stinky initially, but the smell finally went away. There were several great color combinations to choose from, but this scheme fit my fashion needs. The red color is just as the picture shows. I'm very happy with my purchase. I would recommend this product to anyone with a 15.4" notebook....more info
  • Computer Sleeve
    This laptop sleeve is great!! It has enough padding to protect it on the go. I'm currently deployed and we have to walk about a block to the rec center to get Wi-Fi internet, so instead of lugging it around in a huge case or risking carrying it around without anything, this is a great alternative. When the weather is nasty it keeps it from the elements as well as keeping it protected from any bumps. I bought it mainly to slip into my back pack to and from places I travel to and with the side zip option you can just unzip the part at the opening of your backpack for airport security, etc and quickly replace it for easy access. Great product, and the price was very reasonable!...more info
  • It works.
    it fits my macbook pro 15" with some slide room probably 1 inch left where you open it. other than that. it's a good deal....more info
  • This one is mandatory for kids with laptops!
    I bought this for my niece along with her pink Dell 1525. It is such a compact, well-made sleeve that I bought it for my own pink Dell. Yes, it is also pink. Anything pink lately is not only 'in' for girls it's in the good cause of breast cancer. The pink bag I bought to carry the laptop in just didn't have enough padding when putting it in the hands of a 14 year old; this sleeve did the trick....more info
  • Protective case for Dell Laptop
    Fits my Dell Inspiron E1505 perfectly. Only wish there was some sort of strap or handle...more info
  • Fits and is practical
    Fits my 15.4 inch sony viao FZ-4000 with bigger battery snugly but not to tight, the perfect tightness. you also have the choice to put it in from the side or the top of the case. its nice because you can place and remove your computer from your bag without removing the case! the neoprene allows the case to stick to your bag, and the material on the inside allows the comp to slide right out. the case also has as good protection as any of the other cases in this class....more info
  • good product
    i bought this product for my daughter's laptop. it fit perfectly for what she needed....more info
  • Modern, hip, functional and simply good!
    First this is a simple thin sleeve made of neoprene, it is sponge like, soft, durable with a light amount of padding and will fit the majority of 15.4 thinner laptops very easily with a little room to spare. I know it will fit all the Sony, HP, and Gateway 15.4 standard laptops.

    I ordered the red and black and really like the color combo over the otehr few choices and this will show the least amount of dirt over time being it is black on the outside. This neoprene is easy to dust/wipe off from time to time as needed.

    Pay attn when ordering as they have a 14.1, 15.4 and 17 inch sleeves in the same color choices but it is easy to get them confused with the exact sku number and or using the drop down to select color. It seems that the price varies a little depending on the color.

    In my case I bought this for a Sony 15.4 notebook and it fits very well with some room to spare. I bought it to keep the dust off the laptop when turned off and not being used and for when I do carry it in my back pack. This sleeve will allow me to put things in the same pocket in the backpack, messenger bag, or for a woman with a large purse.

    I would NOT suggest just carrying the laptop around in the sleeve by itself as it has no handles and it is only very lightly padded so drop protection is minimal at best.

    If you are a student and have a lighter weight laptop and are just going class to class on campus with a book or two you probably could carry it under you arm with your books but again you risk the chance of dropping it or someone knocking it out of your grasp.

    I would recommend this product more as a dust cover and scratch deterent especially when carrying your laptop in other bags (backpack, messenger, purse) with various loose items.

    Simple too, order it, try it, and it if doesn't fit or you don't like it, return it via Amazon with no issues as they will provide you with the return label and postage as they do with virtually any product you order from them. ...more info
  • Perfect size
    This holds my Toshiba 15.4 laptop with little room to spare. Wish it had a hanlde, but you can't have everything. Only gripe, the smell of the Neoprene. I'm sure that will disapate with time....more info
  • good slip case
    I thougth i needed this a little more, but my computer (15") is too big to be inside this slip and inside a bag, it's too bulky and i only use it when i left my laptop outside the laptop bag, right on the table on weekends....more info
  • Just what I needed!
    I had second thoughts about ordering this after reading a couple negative reviews. But I am so glad I did! I needed padding around the laptop in a nylon canvas briefcase (the briefcase was a special gift I was given at Christmas, special monogramming and all, but no padding). Fits like it was custon made for it. Very pleased....more info
  • Not compatible with Apple laptops
    This is a square sleeve.

    All Apple Macintosh laptops feature modern, widescreen displays 16:9 or thereabouts

    Therefore, this sleeve is only suitable for older-style, Windows-based laptops with squarish screens.

    Do not buy this if you have an up-to-date wide-screen display on your laptop....more info
  • Great Product
    The product fit perfectly around my 15-inch apple macbook pro notebook. I am a flight attendant so I am constantly pulling my laptop out to go thru security. The Belkin Neoprene Notebook Sleeve is a great product to protect your laptop from scratches and light damage....more info
  • Good Sleeve for the money
    I have used the notebook sleeve for a little over a month now, and it has done its job well. My computer fits nicely inside, and the soft lining has not scratched the computer. The overall feel of the sleeve is plush, and I feel that it would protect from scratches, but would not be much of a protector if you dropped the laptop in this sleeve. My only regret is the fact that there is not place to put my power cord and mouse, but I purchased the sleeve so that I could put the laptop directly into my bookbag - I didn't want to lug around a "laptop bag," so I will be on the lookout for a small "accessory" bag to complement. ...more info
  • Safety for my laptop without having to commit to one of the laptop bags.
    What I love the most is that I can protect my laptop without having to sacrifice my love for bags. I can switch them up like I always do and not have to worry about how my laptop is doing during transport.
    A little bulky-obviously the padding is for protection, but not too bad.

    ...more info