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Find it fast, find it first! Pictureka is the exciting game of visual hide and seek. Players compete to collect the most mission cards to win the game. Great for the whole family, and kids as young as six can play with older kids and parents. No batteries required.

  • Exciting games of visual hide and seek
  • 100 different mission cards in 3 categories
  • Includes 9 two-sided gameboard tiles, 108 cards, dice, timer and instructions
  • For 2 or more people

Customer Reviews:

  • pictureka
    I would like to change my review of the seller. I had a complaint about the pricing of this product, and the seller did match a competitive price for me which I appreciate totally. Actually I was surprised and I respect the seller for wanting to make me happy... please change my original feedback, and add this comment to it... thank you Christine...more info
  • Pictureka review
    Although I had problem upgrading to faster delivery (couldnt upgrade on site), the game came fast, with no email being sent that it was coming....more info
  • fun for pre-readers
    This game is a lot of fun for younger kids because they can compete with adults and older kids. There's not much reading so you don't have to let the kids win, they can beat you fair and square. ...more info
  • Believe the hype
    If you like the hidden pictures found in Highlights magazine or I Spy Books, you will LOVE Pictureka. We play as a family and have a great time trying to search for the hidden pictures....more info
  • Fun challenging game for all ages
    Our family loves this game. It is challenging and good for brains of all ages. I learned a lot about my abilities to quickly find pictures. Brain training is its fun theme. Have fun if you buy it. Price is great also....more info
  • Quick,easy and fun
    I purchased the game for my 8 yr old grandson. He loves mazes and we have been playing "I Spy" since he could communicate. It was a hit and that isn't easy with all of the video items. The whole family played on and off all during the holidays..either by teams or individually with him. Everyone liked it because it could be played quickly, little set-up, easy rules, and age didn't seem to influence the winner. Our grandson dominated the winner's circle....more info
  • Good game at a bad price
    We got this game for my older daughter. The suggested retail price at Parker Brothers website is $22.99 but we were able to get it for $15 at a local discount store and I'm sure I could have bought it for under $20 at another store in town as well. It's disappointing that the prices here are so high right now! The website for the store where I bought it is selling it for $15 so I wonder why Amazon can't get a vendor with a more reasonable price on this item! I love Amazon and they are my go-to site for toys I can't find anywhere in town but sometimes the prices for the secondary vendors are outrageous!...more info
  • Pictureka
    We went to play it and the directions were so complicated we ended up putting it back in the box and playing WII...more info
  • Great Family Fun
    I purchased this game for my 7 year old granddaughter for Christmas.
    As is our custom after a family holiday dinner, some of us play board games. This game had 9 people playing. In addition to the 7 yr. old, there were three young adults in their 20's, several in their 40's, one senior, and one teenager. It was a big hit with all ages! The rules, and variety of pictures made it equally challenging for all. I would highly recommend this game for families! ...more info
  • A fun Game to play with friends and family of all ages!
    We played Pictureka with friends over Thanksgiving and had a lot of fun. Our age range was from 11 to 54 and we all had a laugh playing it.
    I highly recommend it as an simple game to play for all ages....more info
    This is a great game and my grandchildren really are enjoying it. I think it is good for their brain to try to find the items so quickly....more info
  • board game
    this is a lot of fun for the whole family. the more that play the more fun it is! it's great for team building, memory and laughs!...more info
  • Works for our whole family
    My 7 year old son got this for his birthday and we love playing it as a family. It works well for the 7 year old and with a few simplifications his 4 year old brother can play as well. The illustrations are clever and just a bit strange. Be aware that some of the pictures include "poop" and what my son calls "the tooting horse" which fits a 7 year old mentality perfectly. This game is clever enough to hold an adult interest while giving kids an almost even chance to compete. ...more info
  • Fun for everyone
    I bought this for my 5 year old neice. She is so good at this game. Her parents, myself, everybody loves to play this game. It also helps my neice to learn new words for things like "transportation" and we explain the meaning of all the new words to her. She's learning great words. It's a really great game and the best part, my neice loves it....more info
  • Great fun for the whole family!
    I purchased this game for my children ages 10, 7, and 4 and they all have a ball playing it! It was the big hit at Christmas. We have played it dozens of times. The only problem is that we are learning the locations of items. Even my 4 year old has memorized some locations. It is still entertaining, but just not as challenging. ...more info
  • fun game for all
    I bought this game for my 8 year old. We love it.My 4 year old can play it and really enjoy it. It is great for family game night...more info
  • All consuming
    Our whole family played this game for three straight nights over the Thanksgiving holidays. We had 6 to 9 players at different times from age 7 through their parents and the grandparents. Everyone enjoyed all aspects of the game. It becomes very engrossing and competitive. Even the
    spectators enjoyed the excitement vicariously, especdally when everyone is looking for one item at once.I highly reccomend this game for all ages.
    It really encourages your powers of observation. It is so cleverly drawn
    that is is fun to just look at all the items and people on the boards....more info
  • Fun for the whole family
    This was a Christmas gift for my Brothers family.
    We started playing it Christmas night and had so much
    fun and laughs, it really makes you think and use
    your brain. We had a blast....more info
  • Not that great....
    Gave this toy to my 7 year old grandson as we had been to a movie together and saw it advertised on the big screen and thought it would be fun. It was ok, not a wowee game. The pictures were mostly in black and white and some were a bit hard to distinguish from one another on the board. It kinda lost his attention....more info
    This game is AWESOME, FUN with a capital F and something that brings everyone together and gets you laughing! Excellent memory type game, easy to play for younger children, say as young as 6 and great for those cold winter "Mom I am bored" moments. Bring the Pictureka and BRING THE FUN!...more info
  • It's fun - but not the funnest game I've ever played with my kids!
    It's more of a modern-day "where's waldo" type game. My girls (ages 7 & 10) really enjoy it!...more info